Differences are Beauty- Not Flaws

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Tia Silvers is a wolf trying to get through life without listening to her demons. She has been through a lot and she hinds it well from her family. She wants to get a new start but to get there she has to get through hell first. To do that she has to make sure her demons do not catch her. Will she get through or will she need help to do so?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I wake up to my alarm going off at 6 am. I open my eyes and turn the alarm off. As I lay there, I think if I really have to go to school today. I know I have to go but I hate it a lot. As I am rolling myself out of bed, I hear my mom yell up the stairs to make sure I am awake. I just holler back to her to let her know that I am. I get up, take a big stretch and get my clothes ready to go. I quickly go to the bathroom to do my business and get a shower to wake me up and get cleaned up. My wolf and I had a nice, long jog last nice. Once, done in the shower I get dried off and get dress, brush my hair, and my teeth. Once, I get downstairs I see that my mom made a plate of breakfast for me. She has to leave before I do to get to work.

Before we get walking to school, let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Tia Silvers. I am a senior in high school, and I am 18 years old. I am a werewolf with what I call flaws. I have a grey with white coat, but I am a bit on the "thicker" side than a normal werewolf. Every woman in my family is that way. Usually, werewolves are thin and athletic, but the woman in my family are not. The most athletic thing we can do is jog and jump over things. I try my best to stick to myself. I do have two friends that have been with me since the beginning. Their names are Danny and Joliet. They are both seniors as well, but they are both athletic like the rest of the pack. We live in the Blue Moon Pack. My mom, Danny, and Joliot all say that I am beautiful inside and out, but the thing is that everyone else does not see it that way.
As I was walking into the hell that is called school, I walk straight to my locker without looking at anyone. Usually, the name calling does not start till about first period. I am the number one target for this school to bully me because of my body size. Danny and Joliet both try to stop most of it, but they can't stop all of it. I have been getting verbally bullied but the same people since I gained the weight which was like third grade. I hate myself the way I look, but everything that I have tried to lose the weight did not work. I have tried pills, my body burns them off, working out- my heart and lungs can't take it, and dieting is just not the answer because we need our nutrition. Every day I go home with a smile on my face, just to make sure I don't bring the drama from school to home. My mom has enough on her plate with being a single mom. My dad disappeared when I was younger.
As I am putting stuff into my locker, I hear both of my good friends coming up the hall from the door entrance. I look up and smile at them as they come towards me.

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