Ice Queen CEO's Baby Daddy

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Chapter 5 - A Spark

The girls gasped, frozen in fear, as Avery stepped out of the cubicle. She splashed some cold water onto her face and chest, hoping to ease the nausea, and turned to face them.

The four women looked at each other, but none of them said anything.

“Walk,” Avery said as she made her way to the door.

They followed her, and she knew they had absolutely no idea what they had gotten themselves into. She led them all the way to Tristan’s desk, and she slapped his shoulder so he could move.

Tristan looked up at her and saw the four women behind her. He instantly turned his chair around and moved to the side.

Avery’s tight skirt pulled up her beautifully tanned thighs as she took a seat on his desk. The skirt inched up a little more as she crossed one leg over the other and wrapped her fingers over her knee.

She leaned forward and looked each woman in the eye, intimidating them beyond belief.

Tristan swallowed hard as his eyes roamed over Avery, who was every bit the sexy boss. The way she was seated gave him an instant hard-on.

The way she was acting made him want to bend her over his desk so he could slam into her from behind. He was bewitched by her powerful beauty and at that moment, nothing else existed.

“Can any of you tell me about the project that’s going on in the marketing department right now? Ashley, you work in marketing, so you should know,” Avery said, loud enough for the entire office to hear.

Suddenly, Tristan’s desk was surrounded by coworkers who made no effort to hide the fact that they were eavesdropping. Avery wanted to smile as her plan fell into place, but she kept up her icy facade.

“Uhm… I don’t know anything about the project,” Ashley said, and averted her gaze.

Avery nodded. “What about the issue in finance? Jennifer, you should know about that one.”

Jennifer also looked away and mumbled, “I don’t know about the issue in finance.”

Tristan placed his hand in front of his mouth, attempting to hide the smile he couldn’t hold back. He had no idea what had happened to rile Avery up like this, but he was loving the fact that she was tearing the girls down.

She didn’t do anything like this on a regular basis, but when she did it, she did it with a bang.

Nobody would fuck with her after being publicly embarrassed, and it usually took a lot to get her to that point. But when she reached it, she would go all out. It was one of the reasons she was both admired and feared.

“What about the new marketing campaign that’s coming up? Nately or Rebecca?”

“No idea, ma’am,” Nately said as she fiddled with her shirt.

Rebecca stared at her feet and whispered, “I don’t know anything about the campaign.”

“Tristan?” Avery asked as she enthralled him with her gaze.

He turned his chair to face her, and he was smiling like an idiot.

“The marketing for the new perfume is near completion and a product release was scheduled for next Wednesday. The issue in the finance department was resolved a week ago. And the marketing campaign for our five new fragrances has been kicked up a gear with the introduction of tv ads.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, give the man who’s apparently keeping his job by fucking me a hand,” Avery said.

“The reason for Tristan keeping his job for as long as he has is because he actually does it instead of gossiping the day away. Let that be a lesson for you to work a little harder and to gossip a little less.”

Avery got up and straightened her skirt before turning to Tristan. He was smiling from ear to ear, and Avery raised her eyebrows at the sight of his childlike behavior.

Avery was about to ask for the paperwork she needed for her next meeting when Tristan grabbed the files from his desk and handed them to her. Once again, he was one step ahead of her, but this time she couldn’t hide the fact that she was impressed.

“Thank you,” she said and cleared her throat. “Please call HR and ask them to issue each of these ladies with a disciplinary hearing for non-performance.”

Avery lightly tapped Tristan on the back with her files and made her way to her office.

She tried to focus on her work, but thoughts of Tristan distracted her.

Glancing over to his desk, she noticed the way he was consumed by his tasks. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. The way he chewed his pen when he was deep in thought, the tension in his chiseled jaw…

He was drawn from his delicious position when the courier arrived with two big boxes. The intrusion irritated Avery, but her irritation didn’t last long.

A gust of air slipped past her parted lips as his muscles bulged when he picked both boxes up together and took them to her office.

Her pussy juices pooled between her legs as she imagined what it would look like if he were shirtless.

“Special delivery.” Tristan put the boxes down on her desk and took a seat next to them.

Avery was enthralled as her eyes roamed over his chest, following the lines of his abs that showed through his tight-fitting shirt.

She wasn’t sure if her madness was pregnancy hormones or not. Was that even possible?

But there was something she couldn’t deny–her fake fiancé was drop-dead gorgeous.

“Hey, beautiful. How are you holding up?” he asked, and he pulled her chair closer.

Avery swallowed, but she couldn’t escape her desire. “I’m okay, thanks. Just a little pissed off after the encounter I had earlier.”

“That was so fucking hot, by the way.” Tristan closed his eyes and threw his head back as he ran his fingers along his chest. “My fiancé definitely doesn’t disappoint in looks or badassery.”

“Are you flirting with me?” Avery lightly slapped his knee, trying to conceal how hot and bothered she was.

Tristan shrugged and gave her a dazzling smile that was hot enough to melt her panties.

As she tried to pull her hand away, he captured it and rested it on his thigh. He spread his legs and pulled her chair even closer, positioning her between them.

She was wrapped up in the moment and didn’t realize that her hand was moving further up his thigh the closer she got. She also didn’t realize that she was biting her lip as she was staring up at him.

But none of it slipped past him. Tristan leaned down and brushed her hair aside, letting the chemistry between them build even more.

“The new samples just arrived,” Tristan whispered, sending a delicious thrill down her spine. “Do you mind if I hang around while you try them?”

Avery’s heart was racing and she could barely breathe. “I don’t think I can handle that right now. Why don’t we try them out a bit later? When my hormones aren’t acting up.”

“Are you feeling sick again?” Tristan gently took her face in both hands, concerned, as he looked down at her.

Avery cleared her throat as she tried to control her urges. “Just a little flustered.”

Tristan got Avery a glass of cold water and he picked up the boxes of samples.

“I’ll just put these in storage for now.” He winked at her and walked out of her office without saying another word but her gaze was tracking his every movement.

“Let me help you with that,” Samantha said as she ran up to him.

She took the box before he could protest and the action mildly irritated him. Tristan had picked up on the fact that she was flirting with him since the beginning and he always tried to turn her down politely. Unfortunately, for him though she didn’t seem to be getting the point.

The more he turned her down, the harder she would try. In the beginning, he thought it was kind of amusing but as time progressed it became irritating. He finally stood a chance with Avery and he wasn’t going to let Samantha screw it up.

“I’m meeting a few of the other girls for drinks tonight and I was wondering if you would like to join us?” Samantha asked and she brushed up against him.

“Unfortunately, I can’t.” That time Tristan wasn’t even trying to be polite.

They finally reached the storeroom, and he opened the door. He walked in and put the box down on the sample shelf before taking the box that Samantha was carrying.

“Oh crap!” Samantha said as the door flung shut.

Tristan ran to the door and turned the knob.

“Shit, it’s locked,” he said, turning to Samantha.

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