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Only those who care about you and genuinely love you,

Will be able to hear you when you speak nothing.

“You know what?!”


“I am done with you!”

“Of course! This is because of last night, isn’t it?!”


“Because, brother, you won’t wake up.” Stephen shrugged coolly.

“You do realize what I missed, don’t you?!” Chris shouted from the other end of their new living room as I shook my head at both of them, holding a box full of their files.

I placed the files in their new office/library as they continued to bicker outside, in the living room while trying to set up the TV. The house is fully furnished and all we had to do was move in their television, books, clothes and other stuff.

We plan to meet up with Rihanna, Ryder and Adrian at a restaurant near the beach so that they can meet the twins and can know them good enough to travel with them to Miami, which is hardly ten days away, now. Its Sunday today, so everybody is free, anyway, and Roman and I are helping them move in as we are free from any sort of classes, thank god. While I was leaving after finally placing the files, a blue file caught my eye which was kept under my hands. I picked it up and opened it-

“GUYS! I have got a your Netflix subscription updated.” Roman said as I heard him enter from the kitchen door.



“Roman!” I yelled, running to him, the file long forgotten but by the time I reached him, the damage was already done.

Unexpectedly, the whole house remained silent as I stood on the kitchen door, with Roman looking horrified on the other end, as if he had just seen a ghost. “Where are they?” I asked him in a low voice.

“I don’t know..” He whispered, slowly coming closer to me. “But we better find them before-”

“Living room.” I cut him in, slowly removing my shoes as Roman did the same. We, silently walked to the living room, looking around every corner to find the twins.

These are difficult and dangerous times, you see.

A little black head caught my eye near the two couches so we slowly got down and began to crawl towards it. When Roman and I reached the end, we came towards the corner of the couch and slowly looked at what was happening between the two devils. Chris and Stephen sat cross legged, opposite each other with Stephen’s back facing us. They had a paper in between, but talked nothing, not even whispers, which is really unreal for them.

“Let’s get up.” Roman whispered in my ears as I slowly got up, trying to see what had kept them quite. When I tip toed to them, I found a white paper along with two pencils and the remote kept in front of them.

“Come here, Scar. You’ll be the referee.” I jumped as I heard Stephen call me. How did he know I was behind him? Can the twins really have the power of Telepathy?!

Are they metahumans? Will I get to meet FLASH?!

*Heart Thumps.*

“Oh.. O-okay.” I shrugged, grabbing Roman along with me.

We sat on the couch, in front of them, cautiously seeing what was happening. They could -

1. Stab each other with that pencil?

2. Mark how many times they won in a punching game?

3. Or-

“Let the game of XO decide your fate, Stephen Rochester.” Chris snickered, making me burst into a laugh.

All of this for a game?!

Tic Tac Toe?!

“Oh man!” Roman grunted, expecting a good fist fight to take place between them, not a game!

“Come on, guys! Let’s just randomly decide what to watch!” I asked of them.

“But.. I missed Spongebob yesterday!” Chris wailed. “Just because he.. He won’t wake me up!”

“I wanted to watch Arrow, okay?!” Stephen argued. “Unlike you, I am past cartoons and mature enough to understand what Arrow says!” He said with a grunt.

“You’re mistaken, brother! No one is too old to watch cartoons-”

“Guys, why don’t we watch.. Umm.. MasterChef?!” Roman squealed.

That’s Roman for you.

“No.” We all shut him up at once.

“SpongeBob.” Chris said, with determination burning in his eyes.

“Legends of Tomorrow.” Stephen growled.





“Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
SpongeBob Square Pants!” Chris chanted as I sank back in my seat. Stephen had his hands on his ears, mumbling incoherent things at his brother whereas Roman was trying to tell them again and again how watching cooking shows helps increase your knowledge and blah blah.

Time to use the master word, I guess.

“GUYS!” I yelled with all my might which forced them all to shut up and look at me. “How about..” I grinned, getting their full attention. “F. R. I. E. N. D. S?”

“Oh my god! Yes!”

“Of course! Its been such a long time!”

Divided by shows, united by F. R. I. E. N. D. S

“But.. But.. But.. MasterChef?”


I yawned loudly, stretching on the couch I had fallen asleep on, while watching F. R. I. E. N. D. S with the guys. It was always funny to watch them, watching a particular show, together with their mouths half open and popcorn falling from it as they spent hours eyeing the T.V and laughing at the numerous jokes like mad dogs.

For once, we all didn’t look like children of killers and gangsters but genuine people who were hanging out and having fun, forgetting what problems lay ahead of us. Who could say Stephen and Chris were ruthless killers who had killed all our local enemies without a second thought? Right now, no one-

“Good Morning, sleepyhead.” I whipped my head below the couch where Chris lay, watching me.

“Good Afternoon, to you too.” I greeted him with a low smile, my voice hoarse from all the sleeping.
“Evening, darling.” Stephen added from the other end, showing me his watch which said five.

“Oh God. I have an hour to get ready!” I squealed, getting up, but something pulled me back down to the cushion.

I realised I had been sleeping on Roman’s chest all this while with his hands wrapped tightly around my waist. I gently turned to him and tried to shake him a little, mentally praying he would wake up ASAP because, hey, a girl needs her sweet time to dress up, okay? Plus, the restaurant wasn’t the only thing we were doing tonight!
The twins promised me that they would invite them to this nice Club for late night drinks, just to know them better and better.

Keep Rihanna away from drinks. I mentally told myself, yet again.

“Hmm.” Roman mumbled in his sleep, pulling me closer. “Don’t go, Scarlet.” He buried his head in my hair as I faced the twins, who were sweetly grinning at us.

“Can you guys help? I really got to get ready or we’ll be late.” I pleaded but Stephen just simply chuckled as Chris wiped a fake tear.

“No one can do.” Stephen said in a sweet, sick voice.

“My my. Young, blind love.” Chris whispered.

“What?” I asked in a monotone.

“Don’t you see, little bear? The boy is in love.” He said dreamingly, pointing at us. “With you .” He added, smiling at me.

“Whatever.” I snickered, as this wasn’t the first time someone had told me this. But, hello! Roman Jonathan doesn’t love me! I am sure he doesn’t even like me that way!

But you do. *wink* *wink*

No, I don’t.

Yes, you do.

No, I don’t.

Accept it.


Oh you will.

Get lost.

For now.

Stupid voice in my head.

Heard that!

You were meant to!

Oh god, you know I’m a part of you, right-

“What’s the time?” Roman asked, finally removing his hands to block the yawn coming out of his mouth.

Mommy taught you some good manners, boy.

“Five.” I told him as his eyes became wide. “We better get home.”

“Yea. Yea.” He mumbled, getting up and wearing his vans as we said Goodbye to the twins and asked them to come home by an hour. We then, walked home in silence which was basically because Roman won’t talk much and just answer my questions in a simple yes and no, as if he wasn’t there with me. When I reached home, I told him I’ll meet him later on and headed to my room to grab my outfit for the night which Rihanna and I had bought from one of our shopping trips, almost a week back or something because Rihanna said I needed a few “bold” clothes.

I headed to her room, as she promised she would help me with the makeup if I helped her with picking out a dress.

Girl time, yay.

After spending some time with her, I have realized forgiving her was the right thing to do. Sure, she was bitchy as hell during high school but now, I don’t care. The fact that she has changed enough to show her friendly side to everyone, is good enough for me.

And also, a thing which every girl who has grown up with boys or in my case, trained three years with them, will know that no matter how understanding the boys are, you always need a girlfriend by your side. Someone of the same gender who will know your emotional problems more than the guys, always.

I knocked on her door, after having pushed my thoughts back in my mind. “Hey.” She squealed, almost immediately opening the door.

“Time to get ready!” I said, with the same enthusiasm, entering her room.

“Just give me five minutes to take a shower and then we can pick me a dress!” She added as she left for the bathroom. I looked around her room, which used to be a huge spare room where nothing but old things were kept and stocked. But now, it’s the typical cream and pink, girly room which suits Rihanna the best with cream walls and pink bed covers. I had been to this room before when I noticed the picture wall she had made above her bed. I didn’t know before that, that she was into photography, as well and pretty good at it. She also had pictures of all of us hung in her room, Pictures which showed me laughing and Adrian carefree, something we only got to see when my Aunt was at home.

“Here. I am done.” Rihanna called out. “Help me here!” I walked to her closet where she sat in her underwear on the dressing stool, looking around her wardrobe. Her baby bump was now a little visible without me trying to feel her belly. It was like.. A pop out?

“I was thinking about this pink dress.” She said, pulling a simple, v neck, light pink dress out while pointing at her pink flats.

“Uhm.. This is nice but what are the other options?” I asked her, so she opened the door of the wardrobe wider, making me look at a while row of dresses, ranging from white, brown, black to Violets and creams.

But then I saw the compete, correct outfit for her, right in front of my eyes. It was a small dress, but not small enough to be called slutty or anything. I swiftly picked it up, and lay it in front of her.

It was a light dull, violet flowy dress with a pair of dull cream flats that I picked up.

“Oh my God! This will totally go with my golden bracelet and diamond drops. You’re a genius, Scarlet!” She squealed, taking the dress from me and rushing in. “Go, wear your dress. I’ll be put in a minute to do our make-up.” She yelled from the door. I chuckled, shaking my head as I grabbed my outfit, doubting whether it was any good or not. Am I not being too bold with this? Like, is this even correct?? I eyed the pink skirt and black sweetheart necked and sleeveless top with a silver zip once again, taking a deep breath before slipping into it and my black pumps. About forty minutes and a hell lot of make-up and girly squealing later, Rihanna decided we both were ready for our first, real night out together. She kept the makeup on herself and I, natural with a little nude lipstick for her and light pink for me with a little pink blush and mascara for both of us after she straightened our hair.

I swear the boys will kill me with their laughter.

Sure, I had gone out with them for night outs to clubs and everything but never had I worn heels, even though I am okay with them. It was always a black dress, with sleeves and a leather jacket cause Washington is cold, okay? Whenever they would talk about me dolling up, they would end up laughing at each other for assuming something that was impossible and here I stood, in anything but a leather jacket and combat boots with thick eyeliner, something they always saw me in.

“Come on! They’re here.” Rihanna told me as the doorbell rang, signaling that the twins were here. We both came down, as I adjusted my skirt, trying to pull it a little down but Rihanna assured me it was okay. Sure, it is. I mumbled to myself as I heard Adrian and Ryder meeting the twins. From a distance I saw them doing man hugs and asking each other’s names and everything.

“It’s good to meet you, man.” Chris said, shaking Ryder’s hands. Sure, I grunted at his sweet lie.

“Done with the introductions, you all?” I asked, tapping my heel, a little nervous by how they would react. All the ten eyes locked with mine as Ryder and Roman shamelessly eyed me from head to the, making a little blush creep through my cheeks. Adrian was merely shocked at how different I was now whereas Chris and Stephen were busy mumbling how much their baby had grown.

“Little bear, look at you.” Stephen cooed, being the first one to hug me as Chris joined him later.

“My little baby has grown within a few minutes of being left alone.” Chris cooed, as well, kissing my forehead.

“Yeah, okay whatever.” I mumbled, pulling away from them. “Chris, Stephen. This is Rihanna. And Rihanna these are my two best friends.” I told her as she said a simple hello to them with a genuine smile.

The Rihanna Hunt I knew three years ago would swoon over these guys and probably sleep with one of them by the end of the night, but no, the one standing beside me was genuinely happy to meet them, making me realize how honest she was about changing herself. You could say I am proud of the amazing woman she has become. “Scarlet won’t shut up about you guys.” She added which caused the boys to aww at me and pulls my cheeks. I turned to the other three boys who were still dumbstruck in a corner.

“Hello. We are late!” I told them, waving my hand.

“Uh.. Umm. Yea.” Adrian and Ryder nodded while Ryder still eyed me while he mumbled. I walked up to them, standing directly in front of him but he still couldn’t stop staring at me.


“Done checking me out?” I asked him sweetly.

“W-what? Oh.. Yea..” He stammered but soon realized what he had just said so shook his head violently. “No. I mean... I wasn’t checking you out or-”

“Save it.” Adrian growled. “Don’t you dare eye her in the wrong way.” He added, pulling me away from him.

Someone’s being possessive about their sister.

“Let’s leave..” Roman added, a little dazed. Who knew I could drive Roman Jonathan speechless? The Roman Jonathan who never even eyed the most beautiful girls in our school?

What did you even do to me, Rihanna? Magic Makeup? I grabbed my black clutch, as everyone moved out, giving way to Adrian to lock the door. He slipped the spare key under a pot and kept another one with Rihanna, who was probably the only one beside Stephen who wasn’t getting drunk. Yes, Stephen Rochester has given up on drinking. I don’t know how we split ourselves but Ryder and Roman ended up driving with me, in my car. Rihanna and Adrian went along with Stephen and Chris in Chris’s brand new BMW which Adrian kept on asking him about. Criminals do have good amount of bank balance, I would say.

Look at my bank account-

“Scarlet.” Ryder said, as he sat on the shot gun beside me. His eyes looked at me in a very serious and intimidating way which made my inside turn so I concentrated on the car, not the blueish gray eyes of Ryder Hunt.

“Yea?” I asked in a low voice, starting the car.

“You look really different.. In a good way, I mean.” He whispered in my ears as I jumped a little at our closeness and his warm breath which passed my ears. “Beautiful, In fact.” He hummed as I sat up, gulping with nervousness because man, he is intimidating, okay?

“T-thank you.” I muttered, still a little shaken at how close he was to me.

Don’t trust him. He may be lying. Don’t. “Don’t thank me, sweetheart.” He chuckled as I heard the car door behind me open. Ryder was swift enough to come closer and peck on my cheeks, which shocked me as my cheek began to tingle. When I turned to him, he was suddenly thrown back, gently, by Roman, who switched on the radio.

“Sorry to interrupt.” Roman spat, in annoyance as he slipped back into his seat after putting on a few old songs.

Roman hates old songs.

But he loves you..

What the hell? You’re back?!

Hello, girl. Look at how jealous our boy is.

Shut up.

You saw what happened just now..

“Whatever.” I mumbled, throwing myself back.

“Huh?” Ryder and Roman asked together, obviously confused as I said that out loud.

“Nothing.” I mumbled, following Chris’s car and blocking them to think a little on my own.

Was Roman really jealous?

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