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You and I,

We will always be unfinished business,
For we taught each other how to live.



“Huh?” I looked frantically from Ryder to Roman, who were both staring at me as if I had grown another head. No, darling. You’re still normal. The voice in my single head assured me as I sighed.

“What happened?” I asked the boys who gulped, shrugging in a lie.

“Y-you.. Nothing.” Roman stuttered before getting out of the car, followed by Ryder. I got out as well, not realizing that I had driven up to the beach without a second thought, just following Chris’s car.

I zoned out. Oh yea, I don’t even remember the way back! Its like, I was so immersed in my thoughts, that I blindly followed Chris without a thought.

You should really try to block me.

For the sake of my own safety, I just might.

I shook my head in a haste, running to catch up with the others in my high heels. I may not like heels, but hey, I can run in them alright, okay?

“Are you okay?” A voice whispered behind me as I was nearing Rihanna.

“Uh-huh. I am fine.” I quickly replied to Ryder who stood, must I say, very close to me. What’s got into him all of a sudden?

“Okay. Just wanted to know.” He shrugged, putting his hand on my waist without asking my permission.

Hey, not your property. I wanted to snap at him but then again, I can’t spoil my relation with him or else he may disagree to come with us to Miami, which is really important. I don’t care if he’s involved in some rival gang or not, I don’t care if he’s a threat to me or Roman, because I know we’ll handle him. I do care about Rihanna, though. I am sure she doesn’t know anything about us or Roman contacting anyone. The last time I saw Rihanna seeing a gun, she almost fainted, so no, she couldn’t be a part of this. I do care about Ryder’s safety, though. I know we may have not been friends but he was always there, silently looking after me like a shadow. That morning, in class, when I was my weakest, he was there to hold and help me. I think we know each other enough to know each other’s reality, no matter how dark it is. A part of me still refuses to believe that he may know who Jason is and he may be helping him or his gang member. But I don’t think I could ever blame Ryder for that too. Ryder doesn’t know anything about Roman and I because if he did, he would have tried to take out information, which he hasn’t-

Girl, there’s no proof yet. Chill.

Right. There’s no proof yet of him being involved. I am seeing it too much.

“Here.” I came back from Dreamland as a young man, in his early twenties showed us our table. I realized that the only seat left for me was between Ryder and Roman.


Chris sat in front of me, wiggling his eyebrows while pointing at Roman. I quickly ignored him, turning to face Roman who was eyeing both of us. When he saw me, he shrugged and went back to eyeing the menu.

“What?” I asked, punching his arm playfully.

“What, what?” He replied, his eyes still glued to the menu.

“You have been distant for a while and you’re looking at their Chinese menu. You hate Chinese, Rome.” I muttered, turning away.

“I haven’t been ignoring you.” He said, turning to me, his eyes lying completely.

“Sure.” I snorted with a smirk.

“Whatever.” He snapped, rolling his eyes at me.

“I hope your eyes find a brain back there with all that rolling.” I snorted, followed by OH’s from all the others while Roman continued to not look at me, knowing I would know when he lied from his eyes.

“Feisty, aren’t you?” Ryder said, chuckling in my ears. I, again behind the clumsy little thing I am around intimidating bad boys, froze at his words and our closeness.

“Uh.. Y-yea.” I nodded, followed my Rihanna’s laugh at a joke that Chris had cracked. Adrian and Stephen on the other hand were discussing about.. Wait. Business? Oh yeah, I forgot. Adrian is also doing his major in management along with Ryder and Stephen is the business genius of our gang because he topped his course and blah.

“So, Chris and Stephen. Where are you guys coming from?” Ryder asked.

“We live next to Scarlet and Roman’s house back in Port Angeles. But, our boss, Roman’s dad wanted us to handle his business in New York, so we were glad to shift next to them.” Stephen replied in a low, professional voice.

“I never asked this but what business does your father do, Roman?” Ryder asked, turning to him.

It’s completely natural for a guy to ask about their other housemate’s father’s business, right?

“My Father owns an export and import company. Scarlet’s father was his business partner but now my brother handles his share.” Roman replied.

“Oh. What’s the company’s name?” Adrian asked as I froze.

Sure, we could tell him the name but if Ryder really knew Jason or his gang member, he may know that our company is also involved in illegal business and not only that but he would also know that we are related to The Jonathans and Winters who are responsible for the downfall of many gangs.

“Sir, are you all ready to order now?” Phew, saved by the waiter.

“I’ll have the best cheesy, lasagna you have.” I told him because screw gym, yeah, looking up at the waiter. For a minute, I was frozen in my spot as time seemed to stop for both of us. It seems like Matt Preston was the last person I was expecting here, in New York of all the places, standing right in front of my eyes after promising not to meet again.

I wrapped the black bandage on my knuckles, in order to hide the recent bruises which I had received from the training and straightened my black leather jacket once again, before jumping from the window of my room and walking to the woods which started behind the house. I usually do this, you know? Going out for late night walks on my own here in Port Angeles. I don’t mind Roman tagging along but he’s one hell of a crazy, lazy ass. I had been walking for about half an hour into the woods when I heard someone approaching me so I fastened my steps. Sure, I have been training from the past one year but hey, I am scared of wild animals who may eat me alive, okay?

“There you go.” A voice laughed at me, making me freeze in my steps.

“W-whose there?” I asked, turning around to come face to face with a boy who was smirking down at me.

As expected I was shocked as he had frightened me and began to shout, only to be pressed against a tree by him. “Easy there, tiger.” He chuckled, still eyeing me.

“Please.” I pleaded, his hand pressed against my mouth firmly. Was this the end for me? I thought as a lone tear escaped my eyes. I didn’t want to die just now.

“Hey hey. Don’t cry, tiger. I won’t hurt you.” He said in a normal voice, no threatening, nothing. “I’ll remove my hand, okay? Just don’t shout, please.” I nodded at him as he slowly took a step away from me and let his hand go.

“W-who are you?” I asked, carefully looking at him. He seemed a little familiar to me, but somehow I couldn’t place it. He had dark brown hair with piercing eyes as blue as the Mediterranean Sea which smiled into mine.

“I am Matt Preston.” He said with a small smile and that is when I realized who he was.

Matt Preston, according to Maddie is the most popular senior of the local school here. He is the ultimate trophy boy of his parents and the whole town. Good thing, he doesn’t whore around because of his popularity and is one of those cute, easy going, friendly nerd whom everyone wants to date.

“I am-”

“Scarlet Taylor, I know.” He nodded, sitting on a rock in front of me.

“How do you know my name?” I asked him, sitting in front of him as well.

“Your friend, Maddie is quite a bubbly junior of mine. I met her last week during a workshop and she won’t shut up about you. She showed me your picture as well.” He said with a shrug and a genuine smile.

“Oh.” I nodded. “What are you doing here?” I asked him just to see a sad smile dawn over his lips. “Are you.. Running?” I know it was the most stupid thing for me to ask because why would he have a reason to run away? His life was basically perfect but when he nodded and pointed at his bag, I knew that the impossible was happening.

“Yea. I am running.” He said with a low nod.

“But why?” I blurted out. He shook his head in a low, emotionless chuckle but then silence for a while as if debating whether it was okay to tell me or not. “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. But.. I know sometimes you require a person to talk to. I could listen to you and trust me, I won’t tell anyone.” I don’t know why I asked him to trust me and talk to me, maybe because I craved for a person to talk to as well right now.

“Screw it.” He muttered before getting up and walking to me. “Let’s make a deal for tonight, Scarlet because I know by dawn, you and I will go our own separate way and never meet.”

“What’s the deal?” I asked.

“Why don’t we talk, like complete strangers and you tell me everything about you and in return, I will tell you everything about me. As in, we’ll be completely honest with each other till dawn.”

Without a second thought, I got up and nodded. “You have a deal, Preston.”

That night, Matt Preston and I told each other everything we knew about ourselves. He told me how his parents were expecting too much from him and not allowing him to be a doctor and were forcing him to join their family business by becoming a lawyer, which he had no interest in. That night, I told Matt Preston about how jeopardized my life was, not caring about any secrets or faults. Yes, he was taken aback by all my secrets but he also made me understand that until and unless the gang was helping the police, I was in the right place and doing good. Because sometimes to take out the bad, you need to be bad. That night, in those woods, I made a deal and a best friend who left me by the dawn, not only with a little sadness but also a thousand memories. That night, I developed a little crush on a stranger as he hugged me goodbye, promising that my secret was safe with the stranger who won’t ever meet me again, on the lonely highway.

“Scarlet Taylor?” I heard him call me out, his voice as shocked as his eyes, his words coming out without him believing them.

“Matt Preston!!” I squealed in delight, jumping from my seat to hug him. Before I could reach him, he picked me up in his arms, twirling me, but still holding me with all his might, the promise about never meeting me again, long forgotten.

“Oh my god. I never thought we would meet again! How are you, tiger? And what are you doing here?” He laughed, putting me down but his arms didn’t leave mine.

“I live in New York now. I mean, I go to college here.. But.. How are you?” I asked, still a little surprised.

“I am on a rollercoaster that only goes up, tiger.” He smirked, quoting Augutus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars. “But.. You. My god, you. What is up with you!” He laughed, looking at me.

“It’s been two years.” I shrugged, a huge grin spreading across my face.

Still like him?

I don’t know..

Girl, you got a lot of guys in your life.

Whatever. But.. I don’t think I still like him.

You better not. You’ll only make it hard for Roman. *Smirk*

Leave, ew.

“I’m terribly sorry but I am actually working right now.” He said with a sad smile. “How long will you be here?”

“Half an hour, I guess.” I told him.

“Great. I get off after half an hour. I’ll meet you then.” He nodded. “I mean.. If its okay.”

“No No. It’s completely fine! Why don’t you join us later? We are heading to the Vault after this.” I asked him.

“I would love to!” He smiled as I sat back down in my seat and he took the orders of the others and left.

“Who is he?” I was asked almost immediately by everyone. Literally, all of them!

Rihanna looked at me with curiosity and a gossip kind of way, exactly, how Maddie would have asked me.

Adrian and Stephen on the other hand asked in that “big, bully brother” kind of way.

Roman and Ryder on the other hand had a whole different possessive / annoyed way of asking me.

Chris on the other hand could really use a hand to wipe that smirk off his face.

“He’s an old friend.” I said with a shrug.

“You said two years. I don’t remember you meeting the school’s trophy boy before he reportedly ran away.” Roman asked, folding his hands across his chest with an annoying expression plastered on his face.

What’s his problem?

He likes you..

Shut up, already.

“I met him along with Maddie a few times before he left.” I answered as our food came. Soon, Matt’s topic was pushed away by Rihanna and Chris’s jokes and comebacks as they gladly took the topic away after Rihanna mouthed a *I need to know.* to me.

After we were done and out of our place, I saw Matt waiting for us outside in a simple pair of black leggings and a black leather jacket along with black vans. Seems like he already had a plan of partying after this.

“Hey.” I smiled as he hugged me, yet again.

“Scarlet! Lets go.” I heard a very very.. Jealous? Roman yell at us.

“Coming!” I shouted, as Matt caught my hand and pulled me back.

“Loverboy is jealous, I see.” He smirked mischievously.


“Tiger, he likes you a lot. Don’t be stupid enough to deny me now.”

“Y-you think?” I asked, biting my lips slowly.

“Oh yeah, I see both of them equally jealous at the moment.” He smirked.

“Matt. I didn’t ask you how much jealous. I asked you whether he is jealous or not.” I snapped as he grinned.

“Girl, from what I can see, you have two boys mad behind you, two brotherly figures who will soon kill me and a nice friend like me, who will help your eyes open.” He said, dreamily.

“What are you saying?” I asked, frustrated.

“I am saying. Let’s make a deal, again.” He grinned and he knew I was going to accept it either way.

“What deal?” I asked with fake surprise, which he noticed immediately.

“Why don’t I help you make them jealous and show you how much both the boys like you and in turn, you set me a date with your blonde, hot friend.” He said, shocking me.

“T-there is something you need to know about Rihanna, Matt.” I told him and realisation hit him.

“Oh my god. She’s that Rihanna!?” When I said we got to know each other completely that night, I mean completely. Not even leaving a detail.

“Yes. But the good thing is, she has completely changed now but.. She’s pregnant with Adrian’s baby and Adrian and I are okay now.” I said in a breath, closing my eyes.

“Wait. Is Adrian that brotherly guy who isn’t one of the twins and was giving me dirty looks?”

“Y-yeah.” I nodded.

“Damn, not messing up with Daddy dear but.. Because you’re supposed to do something as a part of the deal, why don’t you come on a date with me sometime else? Like.. A friendly thing.” He stammered, rubbing the back of his neck.

I am adding another name to our boy list.

Girl, shut up.







Watch me :).

“You have a deal, Preston.”

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