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A real woman avoids drama.

She knows her time is precious and she’s not wasting it on unimportant things.

“Why are you here in New York?”

“I am going to college here.”

“For what?”

“To become a doctor.”

“Why did you leave Port Angeles?”

“Tired of being a trophy boy to my parents.” Matt shrugged in reply as I gulped, while taking a right turn. Just fifteen more minutes and this torture would be over for both of us.

“Scarlet. When did you meet him for the first time?” Roman asked from the back as Ryder raised his eyebrows at me.

“Tell them the truth.” Matt said in a whisper from the shotgun as I drove.

“We.. Uh..” I stammered, looking at the questioning, yet, fierce look both of them were giving me from the back of the car.

“What truth?” Roman sneered.

“What are you hiding Scarlet James Winters?” Ryder snarled as I froze in place.

“That’s not my name anymore.” I snapped at him, taking a sharp left turn which made them turn a little in surprise from the jerk.

“You cannot change your identity by changing your last name, Scarlet.” Ryder whispered, turning away to look outside. I was always recognized by my last name, Winters, back in Port Angeles. For all our rivals, allies and fellow members I was Scarlet Richard Winters, the daughter of Richard Christian Winters who had married Amelia John Taylor, the daughter of James Taylor, the head of the biggest and most feared gang in England. My grandfather, James Taylor was the reason why our gang was now spread across England and America, making us stronger but this marriage also bought many problems, one of them being Jason.

If Ryder was involved in all of this, he would already recognize me as he knew my name before I changed it to Scarlet Taylor. In other words, I was their target but if they were intelligent enough, they won’t dare to attack me right now with everyone to witness and blame Jason. I knew the kind of death Jonathans and winters got was cold, brutal and tortures, but trust me, that doesn’t scare me. If they ever planned to kill me, they would not be able to hold me down enough before Marcus and Mason got to them. No one would dare mess up with us, except Jason. Only Jason could have the power to-

“We met the night before I ran away.” Matt said, bringing me back from my thoughts. “I was walking through the woods, in order to avoid the cameras on the street which my parents could use to track me, when I stumbled on her late night walking path.” He chuckled. I quickly turned back to see that Roman had this weird, interested expression, as he leaned in. I knew he wasn’t amused by the fact that I was out, walking at night, all alone. Ryder, on the other hand had an annoyed, frustrated expression spread across his face but he was still interested in the conversation now.

What has crawled up their asses?

“He scared the shit out of me but then assured me that he wasn’t going to hurt me.” I continued, still looking ahead. “So, he told me that he was running away because he was sick of being the perfect boy to his parents, who weren’t allowing him to be a doctor.”

“Scarlet and I made a deal that night.” Matt said, before I could, a little smile spreading across his face as he looked straight into my eyes from the mirror. But no, we were joined by a two pairs of annoyed eyes who weren’t happy with our dreamy expressions at all.

“What deal?” Both of them snapped together.

“Because we weren’t expecting to meet each other ever again-”

“Which you probably shouldn’t have.” I heard Roman mutter. Wait, he sounds totally jealous right now. What the hell?!

“The deal was simply to know everything about each other, lover boy.” Matt chuckled as Ryder and Roman froze behind us. “We spent about five hours, until dawn, telling each other, everything about each other.”

“E-everything?” Roman stammered while Ryder remained quiet in the back. I nodded, slowly, at both of them as they remained quiet after that for the whole drive.

“Someone has trust issues.” Matt said in a low voice, only for me to hear and thank the good lord, no one else did. We reached the Vault about a minute after that, as I parked my car beside Chris’s, whose car was filled with laughs and jokes as soon as they got out. I wish, these idiots could try and be normal for once.

“Come on.” I looked beside me to see Matt standing, while opening the door for me. Roman had already walked ahead, with his back facing us as he half ran to the club entrance while talking to Stephen, in what I must say, a very serious manner. Was it because I had told everything to Matt? I mean, yeah, it was stupid of me but-

“Let’s go?” Matt asked and I crept down the car after locking it.

Ryder on the other hand, stood behind the car, talking to someone on his phone but as soon as he saw us, he cut the call and walked towards the club, completely ignoring us.

What’s wrong with both of them?

“Jealousy is a very strong emotion, my love.” Matt grinned, linking our arms together as we began to walk towards the club ourselves. “But sadly, it is not seen easily by the person whom the other person is jealous for. And certainly, not easy for the one whose experiencing it to accept it.” He continued, throwing his hands on my shoulders as the bouncer took our names and told us to enter.

My God. No waiting? This is new for New York.

The music began to fill my ears as we entered and my heart started beating out loud due to it. The air inside the club changed, as the smell of alcohol began to fill in, inviting me to the bar. Hey, I drink, okay? We pushed our way through the crowd, as bodies collided with us and pushed us here and there. Somewhere in between, Matt’s hands left my shoulders and when I turned, he was nowhere to be seen. For a minute, I thought I saw him leave out of the door we had come through but then someone enveloped their hand over my waist. Perhaps he had an important call to attend?

“What all did you tell him?” I heard Roman whisper in my ears as the music softened and I realized we were slowly dancing by then, with my back pressed against his chest.

“Nothing important. He does know about the gang and my real name, though.” I told him back to which he nodded, placing his chin on my head. He took a deep breath, as if smelling my hair or something. We remained quiet for a few seconds, just dancing on the song in our silence as all those dancing around us began to move slowly as well. “I miss you, Scar.” I heard him whisper after a while as I turned to him. When I looked up into his eyes, I knew something had changed. Something, wasn’t right with him or the emotions he now had were different. A part of me was agreeing with Matt that he may like me, as I stared into his eyes, trying to interpret the emotions his eyes were screaming. But, the other part knew that he has missed me as we had been distant from the past few days. I had missed him too, because let’s face it, when Stephen and Chris were busy working throughout the hour and Maddie wasn’t old enough to talk to me, I only had Roman to talk with. He remained awake during late nights when I would be down with fever, even though we would ensure him that I would be fine on my own. He did so much, without a second thought and here I was, doing this extra jealousy drama just to know if he liked me or not. Even if he does, I know he’ll be the last person to hurt me or even confess anything. Right now, we had an important business ahead of us not drama.

“I miss you a lot too, Rome. I don’t know why but.. We have been distant.” I muttered, resting my head on his chest as he hugged me back, as if afraid to let me go.

“I was afraid of this, you know?” I looked up at him, as he frowned. “That we would grow distant-”

“Rome.” I stopped him, cupping his cheeks. “You know that will never happen, don’t you?” His blue eyes smiled a little at me as he caught my hand, dragging me to the bar.

“We need shots.” He laughed at me, as Stephen, Chris, Adrian and Ryder joined us.

They all began to order shots as I talked to Roman about our Miami trip for the next week.

“Hey guys, why don’t you all join us as well? We have a few days off for Autumn Break so we could have a nice road trip.” I asked, while taking down a shot and asking for another one.

“Yeah, I don’t mind. It’ll be nice for you guys to join us as well.” Stephen and Chris shrugged inviting Aiden and Ryder too.

Uh-huh. We would have dragged you either way.

“I don’t have any problems, if it’s okay with you guys. We could really use a road trip, I mean.” Ryder answered as I mentally high fived with the other guys who were smirking in their mind while looking at Ryder from their side eye.

“I would be fine, as well. I don’t know about Rihanna-”

“Oh no!” I panicked almost immediately as Roman’s hand left my waist in surprise. “Where’s she?” I asked, just to receive blank expressions from all the others.

No. No. No. No. No.

“DO YOU GUYS REALISE SHE IS FREAKING TWO MONTHS PREGNANT?!” I shouted at them as realization hit their eyes.

“I thought she was with Matt.” Roman said, a little surprised by now.

“We are going to go and find her. Oh my god.” I yelled. “Ryder, Adrian, try her phone and check outside for them. I’ll forward you Matt’s number-”

“I saw him leave to take a call. She’s not with him.” Ryder mumbled, already calling his twin sister. Adrian was soon out to check on Rihanna while frantically calling her again and again. Chris and Stephen planned to check the sitting areas in the corners while Roman and I planned to check upstairs in the private sitting area and washrooms. I ran up, opening the stalls of the washroom, trying to search for her while shouting her name. I was going hyper, yes, but I needed to find her before she would get hurt. Her baby bump wasn’t even visible in the dress so guys won’t keep away. I needed to help her if she wasn’t keeping well.

“Rihanna, where are you?” I whispered, sitting on a couch outside the washroom. Soon it dipped, as Roman joined me, wrapping his arms around me.

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have left her alone, Rome.” I whimpered, clutching his shirt in my small hands, while smelling his cologne which was much better than the smell of alcohol around here.

“It is not only your fault, Scar. We all should have-”

“HELP!!” I heard someone shout in a blood curling scream which made me shoot up in my seat, as I tried to follow it but it only fainted with distance. Roman searched on the other end, frantically looking for her.

“RYDER! ADRIAN!” I heard Rihanna shout yet again. “SCAR-” It seemed like her screams were stopped by someone and now sounded muffled.

“No. No. No. Rihanna!” I shouted, looking in every room for her until I finally opened the service door, just to see her pushed to the wall by a man in a black suit, with his face covered. There was light in the end which was flickering lightly, not giving me a good vision but was bright enough go show me the gun presses against her chest.

The man snickered, loading his gun, not even facing to look at me but I knew he would shoot as soon as he shot her as his foot would slightly turn to my side. I looked up at Rihanna’s helpless eyes, who begged me to leave as she mouthed a go at me. But tears crept down her cheeks because she was scared for her child. I knew she wasn’t ready to give up just yet. As her eyes begged me to go, I knew I had to stay and save her before the trigger was pulled. So I did what I had to, to not save one life, but three. Rihanna’s, her baby’s and Adrian’s. My brother was broken once before, he didn’t have to go through that once again with his best friend and child. I pulled my skirt up, exposing the small pocket gun I stuffed in a band on my thigh for immediate use. I pulled it out without another thought, took my aim, and shot the man right in the head. All the memories of shooting targets and then dead bodies came back to me. But what also came back to me was the first alive man I ever killed, three days after Matt left.

Yes, I wasn’t supposed to kill alive people but I volunteered for it to kill the man who had tried to rape Maddie after raping and killing sixteen other girls. When it came to self-defense and saving innocence, I don’t find any problem in pulling my gun out and killing him in cold blood. The man lay dead in front of me, but I didn’t waste my time on all the “Oh I killed a man.” drama. I was way over it after all these years. I helped a very shocked Rihanna up and helped her sit on the couch outside after giving a small message to Carter, our man for any clean up in New York and sent him our location. The man who attacked her would be long gone and disappeared from the records.

“Are you okay?” Roman asked, panting from all the running.

“A man was trying to rape her. I shot him and called Carter.” I whispered to him and he soon left.
“Rihanna.” I said, sitting on couch beside her. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” She nodded, taking a deep breath and then I noticed she was back to normal. “I am fine.” She said with a smile.

“Why.. Why was that man trying to kill you?” I asked, surprised how composed she was.

“Because.” She said, getting up and turning to me. “My Father probably destroyed his life too.”

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