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Perfection? What’s that?

“Rihanna.” I said softly, as I knocked on her door, knowing this was the only time we would get to talk alone as the boys were sleeping from a terrible hangover.

“Scarlet?” She asked, lightly opening the door.

“Hey, can I come in?” I asked her and she nodded slightly, opening the door for me. Rihanna might have acted all brave in front of the other, going along with my story of being held by a guy whom Roman punched, forcing him to run away, but I knew she was still shocked from that. I made sure she and Roman were in my car as I told the others, we would be going to get some ice cream, but went to the hospital to check on the baby. Thankfully, the stress and shock hadn’t affected the baby or her, much and a couple of tablets would keep her fine.

“Are you okay? Is there anything you want to talk about-”

“A lot.” Rihanna nodded with a small smile, as she made me sit on the edge of the bed before walking to the door. “Wait here. I’ll be back in a minute.” She told me as she went out. I got up and walked to the photo wall above her study table again, admiring the pictures she had put up there but mainly, the way I had smiled in all of them.

Who could say we weren’t ever best friends or even friends after seeing that picture?

It fascinated me how they threw their masks when they were allowed to, and acted natural around me whereas all these years I thought they had faked it, but seeing these pictures I knew how genuinely happy they were with me. Even, Ryder, the guy who never even showed me any emotion stood beside me, smiling in these pictures. As I was turning away, my eyes landed on the same letter I had left at Ryder’s place, the one from some J. C Hunt. What was it doing here? I mused but then I realized if Ryder was related to him, so was Rihanna.

Before I could see the address once again, the door opened behind me. “That’s from my father.” Rihanna said, as I walked up to her.

So, J. C Hunt is their dad.

“I love those pictures.” I said, pointing at the wall, trying to divert the topic. “We all are really smiling in it.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, for once I didn’t have to snicker or smirk like a total bitch. God, that shit hurts my cheeks.” Rihanna laughed, in an emotionless chuckle.

“What did you want to talk about? I have whole night, if you’re not sleepy.” I shrugged as she handed me a tub of chocolate dough ice cream.

God, I officially want her as my best friend.

“I don’t have any best friend, right now.” She started, sitting in front of me. “And I have realised, I never actually had one.” She laughed, bitterly.

“No..” I said confusingly. “You had friends all through elementary and High School.” I told her, taking a bite when I did. “Stacy McAdams and Drew King.” I reminded her of her two best friends who had also made my life hell, going along with her pranks. Stacy McAdams was that tall, athletic, brunette bitch who could go on a nutritional diet for her whole life. In elementary, she had muscles forming on her body and by the first year of High School, she had abs around her stomach. She could easily scare me with her intimidating attitude back then, but today, I would beat her ass anytime. Drew King was the town Mayor’s rebellious daughter. She was the ultimate, stereotyped, bad girl who dated Ryder for a very short time. I remember she had pushed me off the stairs once and glued my hair together a million times. She scared me the most out of both of them. Despite all of that, she managed to score higher than most of us, which was weird but then, she was the Mayor’s daughter.

“Scarlet, you only believed what you saw.” She chuckled, shaking her head at me. “That’s what you, and everyone else in school saw. But we hid secrets and masks really well. Stacy was never my best friend, neither was Drew.” She said in a low voice.

“W-what? I mean-”

“You might have changed yourself beautifully, Scar, but back then you were a part of everyone else. Stacy, Drew, Adrian, Ryder and I, why do you think we stayed together, acting like a group?” She asked as I furrowed by eyebrows at her.

“Social Hierarchy?” I asked.

“Exactly. We were the perfect medley of the most popular girl.” She said, referring to herself. “The football captain.” Adrian. “The Bad Boy.” Ryder. “The Bad girl.” Drew. “And the athletic, yet intelligently beautiful girl.” Stacy.

“So you all stuck together to maintain your images?”

“It’s good to be in a group, rather than individually reign over the school, right?” She shrugged as I nodded. “But that didn’t mean we were perfect friends. Ryder hated Drew ever since she cheated on him with some guy from our rival school. Adrian and I started dating just because we were already the most shipped couple. Stacy got Adrian drunk enough to make him sleep with her and I,” She took a deep breath. “I slept with most of the guys to take out my frustration with Adrian and my supposed best friend.” She spat.

“That’s.. I mean, that was unexpected.” I said, gulping the ice cream down my throat.

And here I was thinking I am the better actor out of all of them.

“I know.” She smiled. “But it’s in the past, now, isn’t it?” She said, taking a few bites before continuing. “That’s what I wanted to tell you, Scarlet. No one is perfect. We might put up a facade of being these.. Pink, girly, perfect, Barbie doll, but no one’s perfect.”

I nodded at her, but then realized what I really needed to ask her,” What about your father?” I asked her, cautiously.

“Yea, I was coming to that.” She nodded. “I can’t tell you all of it, Scarlet. But.. I will tell you how much I know because I know you won’t ever judge me.”

“Okay..whatever you’re comfortable with.” I shrugged.

“My mom died soon after Ryder and I were born, maybe three of four months later, so after her death, my father threw himself in work, just aiming to earn money and money while he travelled to South America all the time. He sent us to Summerville, my mother’s old house and sent us money monthly, leaving us in care of caretakers. He would sometimes take Ryder along with him, but never me, as if he didn’t want me anymore. He would visit us once a month, for sure but spend most of his time with Adrian’s mother.” She said, in a low voice as we lay down on her bed, keeping the ice cream beside us.

“Why did you say he has destroyed lives?” I asked her.

“Because when I was thirteen, staying with my father in Miami, I saw him shoot a man.” She whimpered, breaking into a sob. “My Father is a dangerous man, Scar, but I am scared he will drag Ryder into this business too.” She sobbed and sobbed on my shoulder until she fell asleep.

I got up from her bed, throwing a blanket over her, while I adjusted her pillow.

“I won’t let anything happen to you or the baby, Rihanna.” I whispered, before leaving her room and climbing the stairs.

I softly knocked on his door, getting no reply. When he didn’t answer after a minute, I gently opened the door to see him sleeping soundly. As I climbed the bed, laying beside him, he steered a little and then turned to me.

“Mhmm..” He muttered, hugging me as he continued to sleep. “Did you talk to her?” He asked, after I turned around, allowing him to clutch my waist.

“We need to protect Rihanna and Adrian, Roman. They aren’t lying about not knowing anything.” I told him, while playing with his fingers.

“Scar, trust me, I won’t let Ryder hurt her or anyone else.” He told me, turning me towards him. “Chris said the communications have got stronger. He is using a very private and secure number, something like Mason’s, that is why it is impossible to track it down.”

“Tell him to find something on J. C Hunt.” I said, remembering their father’s name.

“Their father?” He asked, as I nodded.

“Rihanna told me she saw him kill a man once and I told you, the guy attacking her was an enemy of her father.” I added, as Roman seemed a little shocked.

“She’s being honest?”

“Yes. The pregnancy is helping her emotions elevate.” I shrugged as sleep came over me.

“I need to tell you something, but that can wait till morning. Sleep now, Scar.” He muttered as I began to drift. The last thing I remembered was Roman kissing my forehead, and a tingling sensation passing through me.

“I really think I need to try something except Java Chip now.”

“Finally!” Roman laughed, as we entered the house with our shakes in hand and an Oreo shake for Rihanna.

Yes, it’s one in the afternoon, my lecture just ended, so did Roman’s and Rihanna is staring her online courses from tomorrow. But right now, the two and a half month pregnant woman is craving oreo like a devil.

“Mine.” She snapped, snatching it from Ryder’s hands before he could take a sip.

“Told you, don’t hand it to me.” He shrugged at Roman who had, by mistake, handed Rihanna’s drink to Ryder.

“Now, coming to the travel plan. Get here, you all.” I heard Stephen shout from the living room.

As I entered the living room, a map was laid on the coffee table, with a marked route and a few brochures.

“Okay, so as planned, we have two weeks of Autumn Break.” Stephen continued. “And we are taking a road trip.”

“Road Trip.” Chris, Roman and Adrian hooted as the rest of us scowled at them.

“Shut up.” Stephen added, annoyed, “Now, it’s a two day travel, as we leave at six in the morning for Summerville.”

“STOP RIGHT THERE.” I yelled. “SUMMERVILLE?!” I asked, frantically looking at everyone present in this room who had confused expression on their face except Roman.

Roman Jonathan was guilty. He was freaking guilty because he was supposed to tell me, but, being the little shit he is, he didn’t.
“Explain.” I spat, as everyone gulped around me, except Roman who walked to me carefully.

“Scarlet.” He said cautiously. “I.. I was supposed to tell you yesterday but, baby girl, the thing is...”

“That we have a class reunion coming up because almost everyone is there right now, and they all want to meet.” Rihanna blabbered, breaking my heart in the process.

“A FREAKING CLASS REUNION AND NO ONE TOLD ME?” I asked, pointing at Roman specifically.

“Scar, come on. Don’t you want to show up, all changed and help me beat Drew and Stacy’s ass?” Rihanna pouted, as I thought about it again.

Hey, I could totally do that, I smirked mentally, even though I acted a little surprised on the outside. You see, I have waited a very long time to return and show up again in school, my own old school but then, I wasn’t letting this chance go. I mentally high fived Roman, knowing he hadn’t told me before to be the perfect reaction out of me so that our possible enemy, Ryder was convinced because, if he was anyhow related to Jason or his gang members, I would do everything in my power to keep him away from all of us. Jason was paying this Autumn break and so was Ryder if he was involved.

“I.. Can Roman come?” I asked but they simply shook their head. “But.. How will I go then?!” I asked frantically.

“I’ll take you.” Ryder shrugged. “I mean, Adrian will go with Rihanna, you can come with me. If anyone tries anything, I’ll be there.” Sure, that’s what I want, I smirked.

“Oh my god, thank you so much, Ryder.” I yelled, pulling him into a hug. He stiffened at the contact and first but soon wrapped his arms around me, chuckling at me.
That one second of stiffness gave you in, idiot. You are hugging your worst enemy.

“Now, back to the plan.” Roman, jealous Roman snapped, pulling me away. He placed his hands over my waist, urging Stephen to go on.

Look at that.


Date already.

If he asks.


Why not? I think.. I like him too. I blushed at that thought a little but hey, I can’t deny stuff anymore. Stephen continued with the plan but I blocked him, as that plan was only a mask. What we were really doing was imprinted in my mind from the past few months.

“Listen.” Roman whispered.


“I was thinking if we could go out for dinner tonight?”


“A.. As in a date?” I gulped, mentally slapping me.

“You could say that.” He laughed, sending shivers through my spine.

“But.. I mean, we haven’t been on a date.. I mean, I would love to but..” I blabbered.

“Let’s just I have realized a few feelings.” He said, pressing me to his chest while Rihanna stared at us with a dropped jaw, which was so insane that I mentally laughed at her, nodding at her as she approached me. “Dress fancy or.. Not.” Roman chuckled, leaving me and walking to Chris.

As I saw Rihanna walking towards me, my peripheral vision also caught Ryder leaving the house in haste.

I guess his jealousy is the key to finding more about him. I thought and as if reading my mind, Stephen nodded at me, pointing at him. I smirked at him, already making a plan in my mind for the reunion night. I was going to take out every secret of Ryder Hunt, sweetly, taking my own time.

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