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The best thing to hold on is life, is each other.

~Audrey Hepburn



“Turquoise looked better.” Chris added, shrugging at Rihanna and I.

“I don’t agree with you.” Rihanna snapped at him, throwing the red dress at him.

Way to piss off a pregnant woman..

“As much as I hate to say this, seeing that I told that you totally need lighter clothes, I really think you should wear a black dress.” Rihanna muttered, closing her eyes in defeat.

“Come again.” I asked her, frantically, throwing the blood red, sparkling blue and plain turquoise dress away at Chris’s half asleep form.

“Oi! You looked sexy enough in the red one!” Chris snapped as I got up from the still I had been stationed on.

“I am so getting a black one, right now.” I sighed, walking to the changing room to change into my leggings and t-shirt, pulling away the rob.

Enough of this different color shit. Black is back. After throwing on my clothes, I came out just to find Chris and Rihanna going over every outfit which this salesgirl had got for them. Literally, three hours and these morons couldn’t find me a perfect “Colorful” dress and right now, they’re back on black. I have spent three hours, running around this mall, just to end up here, with the red, blue and turquoise dress thrown away and these idiots finding a black one.

Great work, you all.

“I GOT IT.” Chris and I sprung a little as Rihanna half ran to the other side of the store. The salesgirl was really scared by now because of Rihanna’s reactions.

“She’s pregnant.” I whispered to her to which she nodded with, a little O forming in her mouth.

“Here, here, here.” She chirped, coming towards us with what looked like a black material folded in her hands.

“This?” Chris pointed at it. “Open it and show it-”

“No!” She snapped as she pulled my arm. “I know this is perfect. Just... Buy this.” She pleaded, pouting at me with puppy eyes.

“Buy this? Okay, but let me try it on.” I tod her, trying to take the dress from her but she snatched it away.

“No! Don’t, please.” She shook her head. “Trust me, this is perfectly your size and buy it. I want to dress you up in this and do your make-up!!” She squealed to which I gave in.

“Okay. I am trusting you with this.” I eyed her right in the eyes while dragging it to the billing counter. The dress, which I didn’t get to see could turn out to be a disaster, yes, but, always have a backup, yea? I had about thirteen, nice, party dresses stashed in the bag I had never opened.

Told you, it’s my emergency Bag. When I paid for the dress, surprisingly it was a little too costly than I had thought but then, money wasn’t an issue here because for once, I had to dress better for this.. Date.

Oh my god.




Ever since he had asked me in the morning, I was trying to get my emotions, as well as, Rihanna’s in control. I tried to block him and his words from the morning and how changed his touch felt today, but no. Like, this annoying memory which keeps on playing itself while you’re moving on with your daily work, it kept on playing, only, it was far from annoying. It made me smile, while I washed dishes or took a shower or wore my clothes. It made me smile as I went around with my daily work, and later in the afternoon, during my classes. It didn’t matter if Ryder wasn’t there at home the whole day, it didn’t matter if Rihanna nudged me or Chris smirked every time I smiled to myself. It really didn’t matter if the lecturer almost caught me smiling to myself and gave me a weird look.

All that mattered was that I, Scarlet James Taylor was asked out by Roman Jonathan, finally and I wasn’t weirded out. For once, I was happy that he finally did as if I had been silently and unknowingly waiting for this all my life.





“Okay.” Rihanna breathed out, still covering my eyes as Chris put on my shoes without letting me take a glance.

“Can you guys shut up with the Okay Okay? You’re giving me solid TFIOS vibes.” I grinned to which I could hear them both snort.

“Whatever.” Chris muttered as Rihanna opened my eyes, after turning my stool around.

“Okay. Now, I want you to get up and turn.” She squealed, clapping her hands.

“Damn, girl. Rihanna is your fairy godmother.” Chris hooted, royally shocked at my appearance. I better am looking good. I chanted as I got up from the stool, adjusting better in my heels which were more than four inches. As soon as I got up, the stool was removed by Chris as I slowly turned, closing my eyes. Oh my god, what am I doing?! I have never, ever been out on a date, let alone with Roman. What am I going to do? Do I even look good enough?

What if I snort? What if I giggle too much? What if I eat too much?! Don’t you always do that while you eat with him? That. That thought kept me sane, because, it’s just Roman, right? Nothing’s changed except the fact that this won’t be just a dinner, it would be a date. Yea, nothing’s changed. As I slowly opened my eyes again, facing the full length mirror, I saw a familiar girl, who really wasn’t me. Like, no. That cannot be. I don’t look that good, it’s just not me. But as I touched the mirror in surprise, I knew Rihanna had done wonders on me. The girl, who now became me had her short hair pulled up in a messy way, with each hair in its perfect place with delicate makeup around her face, almost none. When my eyes shifted to the little dress, I wore, a small gasp left me as I touched the ruffled skirt of the dress, not even imagining as Rihanna forcefully made me buy it and wear it that it would look this beautiful. The halter neck black dress ended between my thighs, a little short for my liking but, I am breaking all rules tonight to amaze that man.

He better appreciate this.

Along with that divine piece of dress, I was made it wear plain black earrings which fell to my collars, along with a pair of black heels which Chris had strapped before and a furry black clutch waited for me on the table.

“This.. This is beautiful, Ri.” I whispered, a little shocked at how amazingly she had changed me within two hours.

“You like it?” She asked, biting her lips as I stared at her in shock.

“I love it, silly! ” I squealed, hugging the life out of her as she giggled at me.

“How time flies...” I heard Stephen mutter as I turned to see him looking at us from the closet door where Chris stood beside him, wiping fake tears with a scarf that hung on my closet door.

“Don’t I look amazing!?” I squealed, turning around in the dress like a little princess would. Hey, I feel and look beautiful, okay?

“Come down soon. I am driving you.” Stephen called out as they both left the room.

“I’ll leave you if you want to go to the washroom or something.” Rihanna went squealing away with them. What’s it with girls having squealing problems? As she said, I used the washroom one last time as I grabbed my clutch, stuffing in my phone and emergency money into it and then slowly closed the closet door, pulling out the small gun I had kept in my purse and strapped it to my thigh. Jason has the capability to spoil my best days if he comes to know about this date of ours. He lives to destroy every happiness I have left in this little world of mine. After taking one last look at the girl who no longer looked drop dead badass in black, but elegant and mesmerizing in it, I opened the door and climbed downstairs, knowing Roman wasn’t anywhere around here because when we had come here from shopping, Ryder was finally home, drinking juice on the kitchen counter while he told us that Stephen and Roman were nowhere here ever since we had left.

What is he up to? First, he doesn’t show up all day after asking me out. Secondly, he doesn’t even tell me where we are going and just tells me to dress good. Thirdly, he want Stephen to drive me! Like, excuse me, you’re the one whose supposed to drive me.

“We are late, tiger.” Stephen called out from the door as Rihanna hugged me one last time and Chris patted my back.

“Get that boy.” Chris hooted as I threw him a look while leaving.

“We’re so so so late.” Stephen kept on muttering as I sat in his car.

“Why couldn’t he drive me?” I grunted.

“Because he couldn’t. Shut up now.” He said, throwing a grunt, pulling the car out of the driveway and speeding towards the highway in a haste. It took us a twenty minutes worth, weird, silent and nervousness filled ride to reach what seemed, and smelt like the beach side but because of the trees, nothing was visible to me.

Why am I wearing heels, again?

“You’re on your own now. Get out of the car.” Stephen said, with a sweet smile as I got out with my clutch.

“But. Where am I supposed to-” Before I could ask him the directions, he left me in the dark woods, with the voice of insects and waves beside me as I stood on the wooden plank all alone. “-Do now that you have left me all alone here..”

“Let’s see. You could enjoy a date with me, or you could just stand here while I look at you.” I smiled softly at the voice which came from behind me. “I would be fine with both. Can’t say the same for you.” He silently shrugged behind me as I felt his cold breath on my shoulder, making me shudder in surprise.

“Rome.” I whispered, turning around to face him in his black button down shirt and black leggings and boots with his hair disheveled in a attractive way as he smiled down at me. His blue eyes were as shocked as mine when I locked my eyes with him.

“Beautiful.” He muttered, placing his hand on my cheek as his warm touch spread across my face and then my whole body. A warm blush spread across my cheeks as Roman silently chuckled, as I wrapped a strand of hair around his finger as his other hand touched my thigh. “Still the Scarlet with a gun.” He chuckled as he felt the gun.

“Stop it.” I mumbled as he caught my other hand.

“Let’s get this date started.” He chuckled at an unknown joke.

“What’s funny?” I asked him as we continued to walk on the wooden plank.

“You’ll see.” He told me as his thumbs rubbed my hands.



“Why are we on a date?” I asked him as he turned to me, confusion spread across his face. As he stared at me, suddenly realization hit him and he left my hand.

“SHIT. Shit. Shit.” He whined, burying his face in his hands. “I knew I should have formally asked you first but I really wanted to ask you out..” he continued to mumble as I stood on my tip toes and placed a kiss on his cheeks, silencing him.

“I just want you to know that I am happy about this.” I blushed as he grinned at me, hugging me as he picked me up from the wooden pathway.

“Thank the lord. Oh my god, I thought you wouldn’t like this.” To be honest, I have never seen Roman this happy. He’s usually the happy go lucky guy who doesn’t hesitate to kill when he wants to but, this, this is a whole new level of his happiness and I don’t think I have been this content in my life as much as I am, seeing him happy. “There.” He said, putting me down. I looked at him confused but turned in the direction he was pointing at. I turned to look at the most beautiful I had ever seen in my life. I don’t think training and killing people changes you because I knew I was still a little girl, with hundreds of emotions building up in me as a tear slipped down my eyes because what lay ahead of me was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever done for me. A shed lay ahead of us, about a few yards away, dawned by fairy lights and little lamps, along with a small table with a candle and cushions around it. No one, I mean no one, not even my godparents and Mason and Maddie had altogether made me this content. “This... This i-is the most beautiful thing... Anyone has ever done for me, Rome.” I muttered as his hands wrapped around my waist.

“All for you, Scar. I want you to know that I am not doing all of this to make you happy because you’re always so sad and focused and because I have seen you change from a fear filled girl to an emotionless, dangerous woman who can take care of herself but is always working.” He said after turning me around. “I am doing this because I know I have waited three years to do this and now, like an idiot I know that we are a week away from the most dangerous thing we have ever come across.” He slipped down on his knees almost immediately. “I don’t want us to be just friends, Scarlet. We are far from that. God forbid if something happens to us later, I don’t want to regret not asking you out ever.” He whispered as he caught my hand, my pulse thumping so loud that I was afraid it would tear my nerves. “Scarlet James Winters.” He pronounced my real, full name slowly as my heart began to beat against my ribs so painfully that it hurt.

Get yourself in control, moron.

Why don’t you balance the emotions?!

You think I can?!


I always told you that you liked him...

“Will you be my-”

“YES YES YES YES. OMFG. YES.” I shouted as he threw his head back, laughing. “Oh god, yes, Rome.” I mumbled slowly getting down to hug the life out of him as we both fell down on the sand.

“Easy there, you.” He laughed, as we got up and walked to the Hut. “I could have asked you to marry me.. But then.. You were okay with girlfriend.” He shrugged as my heart took a flip. M-marry?

“Haha.” I chuckled nervously as Roman laughed, along with another voice behind us.

I turned around to look at Chris, in a black button down with a white bow around his neck, which made me laugh out loud immediately. Tears left my eyes as I clutched my stomach while Chris grunted in annoyance.

“Not another word from both of you idiots.” He snapped, pulling out the tray filled with food. “I was made to do this, okay?!” He whined.

“” I laughed, punching Roman lightly as we sat down after I opened my shoes.

“I became a waiter just to make your night better. You better be happy, girl.” He grunted.

I slowly removed Roman’s hand from my waist as I got up, just to find the bottle of water kept on his table, empty. “Idiot.” I muttered, straightening my tank top and the shorts I wore after the date.

“Hmmm..” He mumbled in his sleep as I got up to leave.

“I am going to go and get water.” I told him as he opened his eyes for a short time and then smiled in his sleep.

I went down, opened the fridge after checking on Rihanna who was sound asleep and had had her medicines. I closed her laptop which she had slept without closing and then headed to the kitchen. The whole house was as silent as it was when we had returned, around 12 at night after spending our time on the beach side and being served by a very annoyed Chris- “Good Morning.” I quickly turned to come face to face with Ryder who stood very close to me, with only the bottle in my hand making some distance between us. His aura screamed danger as his chest pressed to the bottle, while he continued to look down at me. No one, I mean not even those dangerous guys with big guns back in Seattle have left me this frozen and intimated as he has right now. I don’t know but I just stood like a moron under his heavy stare, as if it held me in place.

“G-good-” I went on to greet him but he stopped me as his face dipped down to my neck. I felt him breathe out on my collarbone and his cold lips brush on it.

“I don’t like his smell on you, Scarlet.” He whispered, shocking me as I couldn’t move anymore. “Good night.” He muttered, leaving me alone in the kitchen while I stood there clutching the bottle to my chest and sweating profusely.

What just happened?

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