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Not everyone can be a Princess. Some have to clap and cheer in the sides.

“Where were you?”

“Did you guys - ”

“Oh my god!”

“You sneaky little-”

“NO. WE DID NOT.” I yelled, shutting all of them up. “We went to get me a pair of shoes, okay?!” I huffed, pulling out the box which I had kept hidden in the car so that I could come up with an excuse later.

“What?! Shoes, really?!” Chris acted hurt, which was also part of the plan.

“She wanted a pair of them with her special dress.” Roman snorted, going along with the act as Stephen chuckled, shaking his head.

“Girls.” Ryder and Adrian commented in unison as Rihanna half ran to me.

“SHOW ME.” Her eyes and mouth immediately demanded.

“Nope. Later.” I muttered as she nodded, with a smirk.

“I can’t wait to glam up!” She smiled, clapping her hands as she sat next to Adrian, maintaining her distance.

But what happened next shocked all of us, even though we tried our best not to not show it.

Adrian scooted over to her, wrapping one of his arm around her shoulder and kept the other one on her stomach. Rihanna immediately blushed a deep red as Ryder saw them with amused eyes whereas I grinned at both of them like a Cheshire Cat. It seems like my talk really worked out.

“Ryan.” I whispered, my throat thick with the emotions which had appeared after seeing both of them cozy together, as Adrian’s head suddenly shot up to mine.

“What did you just say?” Roman asked, confused, as I saw Adrian’s eyes moisture up.

“She called him her nickname for him.” Rihanna piped in, now grinning at both of us.

“Scar.” Adrian muttered, getting up from the couch and immediately wrapping me into a hug. “You have no idea how much I have missed that name.” He added, as his arms almost crushed my ribs in the hug. “I promise to be Ryan to you, okay?” He whispered, holding my face in his hands.

“Thank you, Ryan. You have no idea how long I have waited for us to be good enough so that I could call you that again.” I chuckled as a tear escaped my eyes. Oh my god, where are all these emotions coming out from, girl? You cannot afford to be this emotional, not now.

“I-i need to use the washroom.” I said, wanting to get out of his grasp as soon as possible but Adrian didn’t see my uneasiness as he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“It’s so good to have you back, Scar.” He muttered before I pulled away and half ran to the washroom in my room. I gently closed the door behind me, not locking it as I stared into the mirror in front of me and splashed water on my face to wipe the emotions.

I looked right in my eyes again, still seeing the stupid emotional girl who loves everyone around her as I growled at myself, “What the hell, Scarlet?!” I growled. “Since when did you become this emotional?! Ryan, seriously?! Can we please concentrate on what we have at hand-”

“Not necessarily.” I turned back immediately, to see Stephen standing by the doorframe.

“Huh?” I questioned.

“It’s not necessary that you don’t have to have emotions, Scar.” He commented, sitting on the toilet seat after he closed the bathroom door.

“Emotions make you weak. That’s what you taught me.” I argued, opening the taps so that no one could hear us and then sat on the edge of the tub.

“Yes. But not in all the cases.” Contradicting his own teachings, huh? “Let me give you an example.”

“Okay. Go ahead.” I urged him to continue, utterly confused at what he was implying.

“Remember when you cried in our house because you wanted to keep Rihanna safe? Your emotions got the better of you and that was negative. Yes, you cannot afford to breakdown but it’s okay to, once in a while.” He began. “But, your emotions have also given you another reason to kill Jason and destroy his gang. Now, you will not only fight for your family but also to keep that child and its mother safe.”

How did I miss this? Keeping Rihanna safe was also my motive now. The determination and anger I had after I met her for whoever Ryder was communicating with, was nothing compared to that I had when I left Seattle.

“Same way, you need to protect Adrian as well. He is also in danger if Ryder is a part of this, Scar. The whole family is.” Stephen continued, getting up and walking to me. “We may not know them enough, but I will not let Jason destroy a whole family of three of them.” He grumbled, leaving me alone in the bathroom. As he left, I closed the bathroom door and sat for a while before deciding it was time to take a shower as I kept on thinking about Rihanna, Adrian and their unborn baby. Ryder has no idea what kind of danger he is putting his twin into, but I do. A part of me still prayed that Ryder wasn’t a part of this, because then, killing him along with the gang would be painful for Rihanna, as well as Adrian.


“Omg, you’re not wearing that.” Roman snapped, disgusted by all the clothes that where piled on him.

“Why not?” I raised my eyebrows challenging him.

“Because I said not.” He snorted, looking away.

“Is someone jealous?” Rihanna grinned, throwing my dress at him as a warm blush spread on his face.

Roman blushes?! What the hell?!

“No, I am not.” He snapped again as I chuckled at him, and did my best to hide my surprise. Roman never blushed, he didn’t even know how to blush.

“Sure thing, you jealous ass.” I commented, with a wink as Roman rolled his eyes.

“Okay, Mr. Jealous Boyfriend. Please get out of the room. The girls need to dress up.” Rihanna snapped at him as she pulled him up from his arm and dragged him out and he snorted on his way.

“Sure, he’s not jealous.” She snorted at me. “The guy is madly in love with you, girl.” I stiffened at her comment almost immediately.

Roman? Love Me? No way. He may like me, but love, please.

“N-no, he doesn’t.” I shrugged as she gave me a are-you-for-real look.

“Shut up and get ready.” She chuckled, opening the two dress bags which we had secretly hidden from the boys. Except the shoes, which Roman had seen because of the little excuse we made to get out. After two hours, of pulling my hair, brushing them, straightening a few strands and tying Rihanna’s shoes and using a hell lot of make-up, we were done as Rihanna, finally, nodded her head before we left to go downstairs.

She wore a white ruffled top, along with a black pencil skirt and shoes with little heels. Her hair, which she had recently cut were straightened in a few places. Her make-up, which I did, consisted of a light coat of black liner and a light pink lipstick along with a little blush. She looked nothing like the Rihanna who would cake her whole face with make-up and dress in the shortest clothes for something as simple as school. This Rihanna looked sophisticated and business like with her baby bump showing a little, as I wanted her to look. She looked like she was responsible enough to be a mother and proud of that. Adrian on the other hand had selected a black suit for himself with a white collared shirt inside and his tag hung on his pocket. I, on the other hand had been dressed in my most priced dress, a blue ombre one with the back higher than the lower skirt. The heels Roman had seen and I had got, were the same color going from blue to white. My make-up consisted of a dark shade of blue as a liner and a dark pink lipstick. Rihanna had done something on my cheeks as well which showed my cheekbones more.

“Scarlet.” I heard Roman call me, as soon as Ryder entered the hallway from the other side. The twins were nowhere to be seen.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Can we talk before you leave?” He asked in a low voice.

“Sure.” I nodded, following him to his room before I gave a quick glance to Ryder who was eyeing me with pure lust. A shiver passed through me under his intense glare as I stepped towards Roman faster who was glaring at Ryder.

For a single moment that all of us were there,

Ryder stared at me.

Roman stared at Ryder.

Adrian and Rihanna couldn’t get eyes off each other.

AND I, vowed not to turn around and kill Ryder.

“Roman, I can’t do this.” I whispered as soon as we were out of their reach. He said nothing, just held my hand with a blank emotion on his face.

“Scarlet. You have to.” He said with gritted teeth as he closed his bedroom door after I entered. He left my hand for a moment and then walked ahead of me, with his back turned to me. “I don’t want you to do this too. But I know how much you have wanted to go back.” He turned to me, eyeing me as I stood by the door. He kept on coming closer as I gulped with every step he took towards me, until I was sandwiched between him and the door, his arms on either side of me, and his lips- Oh my god, his whole perfect face was an inch away from mine. Literally, an inch away. I gulped loudly as he closed the distance between us, our chests meeting as I squirmed under his intense glare and blushed profusely.

“So, Scarlet Taylor does blush, huh?” He chuckled, mesmerizing me with that voice of his. This man, I swear, is a freaking angel in disguise. How can someone be this- As I was absorbed in my thoughts, thinking of a reply to that comment of his, his head dipped immediately, silencing my thoughts and practically my whole body functions as our lips met. My hand clutched his chest before I would faint from this collision of our lips. His hands left the wall and wrapped themselves around me, none of us caring about my make-up as I stood on my tip toes to clutch his neck harder in my grasp. His hands traced my spine, sending a shiver across me as a moan left my lips, giving his tongue access to what we wanted. By the time we broke, I stood there panting, my head plastered against his collarbone, enjoying the closeness and warmth that came with being with him. This man, you all, took my first kiss, my first hug and he’s my first boyfriend.

“You need to be my every first, don’t you?” I whispered as I felt him chuckle while he held me.

“Oh yea, I remember when you told me I was the first guy to properly hug you.” He let out a laugh which soon died as he pulled away. “But I am glad that I was your first kiss.” He cooed, kissing my lips once again.

“I am glad I waited 18 and a half years for that.” I commented as someone knocked on the door.

“If you two are done talking. We have somewhere to be.” Ryder snapped as Roman’s hold on me tightened.

“I am just a call away. Take care, please.” He whispered before I silenced him with a kiss.

“Okay, boyfriend.” I giggled, letting him go as I stepped out to face an expressionless Ryder.

“Finally done making babies?!” He snapped at me, which made me grit my teeth at him.

“How does that matter to you?” I questioned bitterly, not holding back the venom in my voice, walking away from him, leaving him in front of Roman’s room. As I came out, Adrian had already started the car with Rihanna in the shotgun, I sat behind them and Ryder joined us a few seconds later.

“Sorry.” He muttered under his breath, looking ahead as Adrian began to drive.

“It’s okay.” No, it’s not okay. You’re not okay. Why are you even alive?! I replied in my mind while accepting his apology for show.

After that, we just sat in the car, like a group of mute kids with our hearts beating loudly in our chests. Well, at least mine and Rihanna’s.

“You all, it’s bitch o’clock.” Rihanna announced as I finally looked around where we were and no matter how enthusiastic she tried to sound, we both knew it was killing her.


High School.


A wave of memories hit me as I stepped out in front of the white building with Gymnasium written in bold black letters on its top where I had spent time being bullied or hit by my peers with huge basketball balls. The place where my personal hell was stationed and the only class I loved, and was allowed to miss, thanks to the understanding teacher who always thought I was PMSing.

“Scared?” Ryder asked, straightening his black suit as he stood beside me, Rihanna and Adrian walking ahead of us.

“Nope.” I shook my head, not looking at him even for a second.

“You shouldn’t be. I am there for you.” He smiled, grabbing my hand in his as his mouth dipped down to my ears, startling me. Helplessly, I looked ahead as Adrian and Rihanna entered the Gym, too absorbed in each other as Ryder closed the distance between us, his breath fanning on my right ears as a shiver of disgust passed through me.

“He might get the privilege to call you his girl. But mark my words, Scarlet James Winters, you’re mine to keep.”

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