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Passion is a positive obsession.

Obsession is a negative passion.

~Paul Carvel


“Yes, baby?”

“I am not your baby.” I snapped as he caught my hand again. “I am not your anything.” I added with a growl, snatching my hand away and walking away from him.

I don’t care if I show up alone, I don’t care if anyone recognises me. I am just going to get over with this night and leave as soon as possible. Ryder can go burn in hell for all I care for claiming me as his.

I stepped into the empty hallway which led to the gigantic sport facility on its other end behind two doors. As we were a little too late, there was no one standing outside in the corridor or in the parking lot. The door closed ahead of me, as Rihanna and Adrian entered while I was still on the other end. I could almost hear the gasps that left people as they began to walk and my knees buckled for a second. I planned to wait for awhile and skip to the washroom which was on the other end of the corridor till then.

“Scarlet Winters?” I looked up to see Stacy standing by the washroom door. “Wow, it’s really you. I heard about your makeover as well.” She chuckled as I took her appearance in.

She wore a pink, halter neck with a hell lot of make up and her hair were tied in different colors to make them look more blonde, which was typically expected of her.

“Surprise Surprise.” I snorted, ignoring her as I walked in the washroom, a group of girls leaving us alone before whispering and pointing at me before leaving the washroom in a haste.

Yes, bitches. I am alive. Happy?

A little pain shot through my arms as Stacy’s nails dug into them, pulling me back to face her as the girls now ran away from the corridor. She stared into my eyes for a second before speaking, “Just because your appearance has changed and that pregnant hag is on your side, doesn’t mean we are over. You’re still that little nerd who swoons over her own cousin brother. You’re nothing but a-”

Gritting my teeth, it took everything in me not to snap at her and twist her other, unprotected arm. But no, I would give her more, much more pain than that because she deserved it all. I looked up at her, giving her a sweet smile before I stepped on the exposed skin of her electric pink pumps. She squealed at first, removing her hands from my arm and then whimpered as I dug the heel into her bone cavity.

“Listen to me, you little bitch.” I spat, my hand circling around her neck as I effortlessly slammed her against the wall, slightly lifting her up as rage took over my eyes. I literally saw red. A small tear left her eyes as she whimpered at me with a terrified and shocked expression. “I don’t want your slutty hands on me, ever again, okay? As for the pregnant hag, she is much better than your whole family’s goodness combined.” I added, growling into her face as she cried more and more, making me smirk at her as she begged for mercy. Not interested in torturing her anymore, I threw her on the floor as she immediately tried to squirm away from there. “You. Disgust. Me.” I spat every word carefully, as she began to shiver with fear, her back pressed against the wall. “Next time, you or your minion, Drew, are even seen a few meters from Rihanna or me, I will kill you. I will seriously kill you.” I spoke with sincerity in my voice and a smirk. “You don’t want to die, do you?” I cooed as I lifted my skirt up to show her the gun. She let out another whimper of fear, the scream caught in her throat. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you until and unless you’re a good girl to me and the pregnant girl, okay?” I said with a smile.

“I-i won’t. Please.” She begged as I smiled in satisfaction.

“You better not.” I said, getting up and preparing to leave the washroom but was stopped by a figure which stood by the washroom door.

“You have a gun.” Ryder said in disbelief, not at all scared.

“So?” I questioned, not giving my nervous look as Stacy ran beside us to the hall.

“Why do you have a gun?” He asked, catching my shoulders to face me, not even a single soul in the corridor.

“I have a license, so I have a gun.” I answered, looking him straight in the eye. Within a second he caught my hand, painfully hard and dragged me to one of the stalls. He closed the door behind him, turning to me with a static expression.

“Uh-huh?” He questioned, raising his eyebrows at me as he stepped towards me so that I was trapped between the toilet seat and him, with nowhere to go.

“Don’t you dare take another step towards me.” I snapped as he closed the distance between us. Scarlet what are you doing in this position with a man whose not Roman?!

Kick him, step on his feet, bite his hand, hit him in his jewels or knee him in the stomach. Come on, you can even hit his head back and he would bleed has he would hit the door.


So many options, so much training, so many moves, I pulled off nothing in front of his intense glare. He stared down at me, not moving an inch as his minty breath spread across my face. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t react to any of this, as if he had this invisible hold on me.

Same thing happens with Roman all the time. I can’t move when he stares down at me, neither can I react to his actions when he’s this close to me. The only major difference remains that I want to kiss Roman or blush like an idiot when he looks at me this way. While on the other hand, I feel disgusted and used when Ryder holds me and controls me this way.

“An innocent girl like you, shouldn’t have a gun with her.” He smiled, as a cold hand touched my knees. My eyes immediately shot up to his lust filled ones. “You have changed so beautifully, Scarlet. Now I know, it was right of me to let you go that night.” He spoke in a low voice as his hands travelled up my thigh, sending a shiver of disgust through my body. I wanted to kick him right now, but I did nothing. I remained frozen and weak under his stare. He got back the Scarlet I had hated for years and who had thrown away three years back. Here she was again, powerless in his intense glare. His hands finally reached my gun as I gulped loudly. He removed it from its strap, smirking at me. “I never took you for the badass girl with a gun.” He chuckled lowly as I felt the gun on being traced up my body now. I closed my eyes, waiting for him to pull the trigger of the loaded gun but that never happened. “A girl like you shouldn’t use dangerous weapons.” He whispered before his head dipped in my collarbone. He pressed a feathery kiss on it, shocking me with the disgust that spread across my body at our close contact. Finally, my sense kicked in after everything had gone bad, as I pressed my hands on his rock hard chest. A bomb of anger bursted in my chest as I closed my eyes, inhaling for a second as Ryder continued to kiss my collarbone, not even flinching because of my arms.

I mustered all my strength as I pushed him to the door, my heels digging into his shoes as I caught him by surprise and strapped my gun back into its place after snatching it from his hands. As soon as he was still in shock, I caught both of his hands and pressed them to his chest, a method by which he won’t move an inch. From my unused hand, pulled out the steel dagger on my other thigh and pressed it to his throat.

“One movement and I will cut your nerve.” I whispered as his eyes smiled into mine with a little shock and amusement in them.

“You never fail to amuse me, love.” He chuckled dryly, not moving a bit.

“Touch me one more time and I will cut your jewels and shove them up your ass.” I spat, gently cutting a little skin of his throat, enough to make his smile drop but not blood. “Now, when we get out, you’ll say you were waiting for me outside the washroom. Leave the rest to me.” I told him as he silently moved away, his face void of any emotions as he nodded.

“I will make sure you pay for this.” I caught him whispering to himself before leaving.

“We’ll see, weakling.” I spat before we both exited the washroom and walked towards the hall. As the doors opened in front of us, I immediately saw teenagers in hundreds, dressed in their best dresses as they drank the drinks which were being served. It looked like prom, reminding me when back in Seattle, Roman and I had shown up to one as I dressed in a plain black gown with my newly cut hair styled in a messy bun and the least amount of make-up. I never liked proms. Not even a bit and here I was, dressed up in my best dress, wearing heels, less than a year since our high school ended.

What the hell am I doing in this stupid reunion again?

Oh yeah, the whole batch wanted to meet because they loveee each other. *Snort.* A group of about ten boys and girls caught us entering first and began to comment loudly as we walked in, not even holding our hands. Soon, whispered began everywhere we went, getting louder and louder with every second.

Is that really her?!

She looks familiar!

That’s Scarlet Winter! Wasn’t she dead?

She ran away and now she’s back!

What is she doing with Ryder Hunt?!

Are they like, together?! What the hell.

I narrowed my eyes at the bearer or the last comment, Jennifer Roberts, the editor of our batch who knew every gossip going around. To be honest, half of it was made up by her. Chase Thomson, another nerd who refused to be associated with me and now a student of Howard gasped as I passed him, questioning whether it was really me while winking my way, flashing his ugly braces.

Whispers and comments increased until a few girls actually came up to see and asked me who I was.

“Are you really Scarlet?” A blonde one whom I faintly remembered as one of the gossip girls who sat on the back seat, asked me.


“Are you dating Ryder?” She asked as I felt Ryder smirk.

“No.” I simply answered her. “I have a boyfriend, who isn’t from this school.” I added, ignoring the way Ryder rolled his eyes and snorted.

“So, where did you go?” Another one asked me.

“I simply ran to my godparents house.” I answered with a shrug as another one was ready with her questions.

“So, you didn’t die?” She asked me as I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Do I look dead to you?” I countered with a blank expression.

“You’re looking really pretty!” Ryder and I turned as we heard Rihanna squeal. I grinned in surprise as I saw her bitch mode on with Drew in front of her and my brother holding Rihanna’s waist, chuckling into her shoulder from behind.

“Oh, thank you!” An older version of Drew smiled with a chuckle, actually buying that. She, unlike Stacy was dressed in a black showy dress with a dangerously high slit which screamed WHORE. The best part, there was a huge white print on her bum and a group of guys who had been a part of the football team, snickering while pointing at her.

“Oh wait, you actually think you’re looking pretty with a big white cake imprint on your butt?” Rihanna gasped as loud roars of laughter followed us, the girls who had questioned me, moving away.

“Drew!” I heard Stacy yell from the other end. “Don’t.” She pleaded running to her.

“What?!” Drew shrieked, finally turning to me. “You did this, didn’t you? Pathetic little Nerd. Makeover doesn’t change your-” She charged at me, crossing my brother and Rihanna to get to me as I waited for her, planning which move I would play on her. Would I grab her right hand which she would slap me with and twist that or duck and make her fall because of my leg. Both seemed absolutely fine to me. But before she could reach me, her gown tore, to my utter disappointment.

I mean, tore. Literally in half. When I looked at Rihanna she had her heels pressed against the slit, making Drew tumble down and tearing the slit off her.

“NO!” She shouted as Stacy helped her up and dragged her outside while people snickered at her.

Let me tell you two things now.

1. Stacy and Drew never, ever back stab each other. They are the real bitch queen pair. Anyone would call them lesbians if they weren’t first cousins.

2. The football team hated and still hates them with a passion because Drew is known to have slept with almost every member of their rival team.

“Pregnancy is so overrated.” Rihanna commented shaking her head.

“Badass Momma.”

“I am sorry that you have to bear this.” Roman said as I laid down beside him, his fingers playing with mine. “But I can’t do anything nor can you.” He shook his head, while his voice was thick with emotions.

“It’s not your fault that every time we watch The Fault in Our Stars, Augustus dies.” I muttered, cuddling into his chest as the clock struck one beside our bedside table. Rihanna had immediately slept when we returned around ten in the night, bored of the questions being asked again and again.

“Leave Gus for now. Did..Did Ryder talk to you after that?” Roman asked cautiously.

“He won’t dare.” I spat as Roman placed a kiss on my forehead.

“I swear, I will be the happiest person if he’s a part of this. I would love to kill that guy. How dare he touch you and call you his?!” Roman growled, squeezing me to his chest like a child with a teddy bear.

“It took everything in me not to kill him, to be honest but we have to think about Rihanna too. She doesn’t have any idea about this, Rome.” I whispered, playing my hand on his chest as I felt his heart beat loudly against my palm.

“The reason why I am silent is her, Scar. It is almost the third month of her pregnancy and the chances of miscarriage are very high until the sixth month. If there was any way we could have permanently kept her out of this, I would have opted for that but.. ” He trailed as I placed my head on his.

“She has no idea what kind of danger her brother is putting her in. All her fears of him being a monster like his father are becoming true-”

Before I could finish the sentence, a phone buzzed near us which turned out to be Roman’s.

“Whose calling at this time?” I asked, picking the phone up to see a call coming from a private number.

“Must be Mason.” Roman said, as I picked up the call.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Is this Mr Jonathan’s number?” asked a familiar female voice.


“Can I talk to him please?” I recognized Meredith, the FBI official who was helping us.

“Meredith. You’re talking to Roman and I. Speak.” I told putting the phone on speaker as Roman closed the door.

“Hello Scarlet. Sorry to disturb at this moment but I don’t think you had been sleeping.” She commented and then continued, “I found the information you needed on Ryder Hunt and his father JC Hunt.” She said.


“When I looked at their record file, I suspected something too as most of it is hidden or erased. But when I asked our officials to track their communication, I learned that.. ” She paused as if searching papers. We might have tracked the general area of their calls down, but without their system’s help, not even our best hackers, could find the exact location of where the calls were being placed from Ryder’s phone.

“He has been contacting his father as the sim to which the calls are going are registered in that name. Before I tell you the address, I want you to know about JC Hunt, Scarlet.” She continued as I waited to be briefed on his father.

“Continue, please.” Roman urged.

“According to our sources, Jason’s gang also has a profit based company but nothing illegal is done there. That company, is Hunt enterprises and in the name of some Jeremy C Hunt. This man, is nowhere related to Jason in paper but he handles the company which is everywhere, where his gang is. There is no proof that Jason is related to Ryder’s father, the CEO of the company until I tracked the address of the communication.”

“Which is?!” I half yelled, Roman and I both desperate for the answer as we sat, not taking our eyes of the phone, wanting to know if his father was a part of the gang or not. Right now, that yes or no was the only thing I needed to determine that as she said Jason was nowhere related to the company. If this man, Ryder’s father, Jeremy lives in one of the houses owned by Jason, that would not only mean that Hunt Enterprises in Jason’s doing but also, that Ryder and his father are involved in this. They weren’t the same person, I had established that so who-

“His address is similar to Jason’s, Scarlet. Ryder’s father lives inside that main mansion, with Jason.”

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