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He isn’t my blood brother, but he was definitely more brotherly than the blood related one.

Welcome to Miami.

The welcome board greeted us after a nine hour long journey from Summerville to Miami and Scarlet and I shifted to driving in between. Home ground. Finally. But I couldn’t forget that if this was home to me, it was also home to Ryder Hunt. Last night, as Meredith broke the news to us that Ryder’s father is someone very close to Jason, Scarlet and I were beyond furious as we suppressed the urge to murder him in his sleep right at that moment. Not only was he related to her parent’s killer, but he was also passing our information every day to them through his private, secure number.

In Miami, Scarlet and Rihanna both could get the protection they would need, if Jason or Ryder tried anything. More than anything, I was worried about Rihanna who had no idea what kind of dirty work her brother was doing. True, we were related to a gang as well but the fact that Ryder was helping Jason Carter, the ruthless killer machine, was filthier to imagine. Now that we are here in Miami, I don’t find any reason why my girlfriend should act friendly with him. Our task of getting him here is over and we have determined that he’s a part of this.

“Rome.” I heard her whisper as I turned to her. Her black, short hair were spread all across her face as she wiped it, the heat of Miami burning her up. I had been so absorbed in my thoughts that I forgot how Miami really was. Miami, is second home to me as before Scarlet, I spent half of my time here during vacations. Miami is the only place after Seattle where I feel safe and homely. Also, Miami is the only place that will keep my violent Scarlet safe.

“Hmm?” I questioned as I took a turn towards our street which was blocked by traffic lights.

“Nothing.” She shook her head with a smile but I knew there was a lot on her mind right now.

Last night, she laid beside me after we got to know about Ryder’s communication and took a deep breath. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t talk about it, she didn’t even mention a word as she blankly stared up at the ceiling but I knew her enough to know that her sharp mind was racing with questions which she wanted answered. Void of any emotions, she slept in my arms, as I stared at her all night, not uttering a word. Last night, I realized that all this was too much for her. She may say that she could kill Jason and destroy every member of his gang, but she couldn’t kill that many people. That simply wasn’t Scarlet. The Scarlet I knew, would think hundred times before shooting a person but when she did, she did it right and ruthlessly.

“I just wanted you to know that Ryder and the twins have reached the house.” She continued as I nodded at her in acknowledgement. We were still a good twenty minutes behind, as a major traffic light awaited for us and because Rihanna and Adrian were in our car, we stopped a lot.

“So?” Adrian suddenly questioned as I raised my eyebrows at him.

“So what?” Scarlet immediately answered.

“Scarlet.” Rihanna muttered, straightening up from her seat and then turned to me. “Roman.” What is it with pregnant women and danger looks? “You both need to tell us something.”

“We would seriously appreciate an honest answer, you know?” Adrian added as Scarlet and I stared at each other in confusion.

Need to tell them what?

“Please don’t say anything to Ryder about this.” Rihanna pleaded with seriousness in our eyes as I felt Scarlet panic a little. Did they want to know about what Ryder is doing? We couldn’t possibly tell her that, she wouldn’t take it well nor would Adrian. Scarlet immediately mouthed a no to me as she shook her head slowly, her eyes more panicked than ever before.

“So, we both talked and we think..” Adrian began, stopping in between as a wide grin spread across both of them.

What? For a second, Scarlet and I shifted our heads from Adrian and Rihanna to each other, confused at what was going on here.

“WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THE GODPARENTS OF OUR CHILD?!” Rihanna yelled, Adrian chuckling at her as she giggled and asked us with expectation filled eyes.

“I-if that okay, with you.” Scarlet whispered after a few seconds of remaining in shock and that is when I noticed that she was not only shocked but also a little sadness filled her eyes which began to moisten a little.

“Of course it is! We would love it.” Adrian added, all smiles without noticing his cousin sister stiffen at Rihanna’s words.

“Then we don’t mind. It would he our pleasure.” I answered before Scarlet could with a smile as the traffic began to move.

Scarlet gave them a nod, trying her best to look pleased with this but I knew she was cringing at it as she turned to face forward with a blank expression on her face. I began to drive silently as Rihanna kept the baby talk on with Adrian. For once I would say, I am happy with Adrian ever since Scarlet said she talked to him and he is a changed man. Even though I don’t know him much, I knew he couldn’t be the ruthless bully he was before, now. He just wasn’t like that. I saw an intelligent man who was going to be a proud father in him, not a stick up teenager. As I pulled into the black iron gates of our house; ours because it belongs to the Jonathans and Winters family, both, a gasp left Rihanna’s lips and Adrian muttered an, unbelievable, shaking his head.

“Home.” Scarlet sighed as she read the Jonathans and Winters name plate on the gate. Almost every summer and winter vacation of ours had been spent here, in this house as our best men trained Scarlet and I, both. Every time we left, we wanted to come back for more, to fight and train more. Scarlet and I even had our own, adjacent rooms here which were joined by the washroom, same as the one in New York.

“T-this is more than beautiful.” Rihanna mumbled as the car stopped in the driveway.

It, in fact, is more than beautiful. When you think gangs, you think a modern house, not well maintained and dawned with black suited men all around the place, quite unlike our house here.
The house is divided into three wings. First being Mason’s office, his bedroom and the library, which has a Basement to keep and torture people. Second phase, is the bedrooms which has two rooms, Scarlet and mine, facing our pool and garden and the other three rooms facing the beach, which is across the street. Third phase is the seating area and kitchen area which is an extension to the whole building, overlooking the beach, as well as the pool. The house is dawned with white tiles and glass windows. It also has an outhouse on the other end where the housekeeping stays, consistent of two women and three men. Mason, for now, stays alone in this house but is visited by our family frequently.

So, where do the men stay? That’s the catch. All the houses around this mansion, which are a little smaller in size, consist of our men, guarding the house, as well as the area around it. About four houses with forty men are stationed around the mansion.

“Wow, man. This is beautiful. What do you guys even do to earn this much?” Adrian commented, looking around.

I stiffened as he asked us with a wink, probably not even serious about his question but, damn, that was close.

“Mason loves to work and work and work.” Scarlet answered with a laugh.

“Mason?” Adrian asked, confused, forgetting that we had told him about him, but soon realization hit him as Rihanna mouthed brother. “Oh, yeah. Sorry. Your brother and the guy who runs the business in Miami.” He added, nodding his head.

“Don’t worry. I am sure he’ll love to talk business with him all day.” Rihanna snickered as Adrian rolled his eyes.

Adrian and I, picked our bags, as two of the housekeeping staff welcomed us and carried Rihanna and Scarlet’s Bag upstairs, after we sat in the living room, along with Stephen, Chris and the devil himself, Ryder.

“He’s busy with a conference call.” Stephen told us as we waited in the posh cream living room which my mother, along with Scarlet’s had initially designed. Little things have changed, here and there but the photographs on the walls remain the same. The corridors are dawned with our portraits from our childhood, Mason, Maddie, Scarlet and I, all in paintings on these walls. While Rihanna and Scarlet commented on the pictures along the whole living room, Rihanna awing after every few seconds, I sat right in front of Ryder, watching him as he looked around, his eyes studying every detail around the house.

“Where’s his office?” Ryder asked.

“Why? You want to visit him there?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at him as I felt his eyes burn with anger for a second.

“No, just wanted to know.” He replied with a pathetic excuse.

“Whatever.” I grunted as he tried to look at me with his best confusion filled eyes but anyone could make out the anger behind his made up face.

Either he has never been trained by his father, or he’s a pathetic excuse for gangster’s son.

“What’s your problem?” He snapped, not even flinching a bit as if showing he didn’t care but both of us knew we could get up any moment in order to punch each other in the face.

“You.” I spat as I felt Mason enter the hall.

“Now now, brother. Don’t insult the guest like that.” He smiled, greeting me as I rolled my eyes him. “Hello, I am Mason, a brother figure to both of these idiots but sadly related to the wrong one.” He added as I let out a snort.

“MASE!” I heard Scarlet yell and soon she was all over him, as he wrapped her into a bear hug. Trust me, they look more siblingish than Mason and I.

“There there, you.” He laughed.

“I missed you so much, little sister.” He chuckled, hugging her as if she was his toy. Sometimes, I feel pity on Scarlet because of these hugs which almost chock her or that are what it appears like even though she doesn’t complain.

“How are you even breathing after his hug?” I asked her as she stepped away so that Stephen and Chris could greet him.

“It doesn’t hurt!” She chuckled, hitting my arm playfully. “In fact, it seems like I am being hugged by a giant teddy bear!” She squealed, making me shake my head in amusement.

“You two, in my office.” Mason instructed us as he turned to one of the housekeepers. “Melissa! Show these kids their rooms, please.” He then turned to all of us. “Roman and Scarlet have their own joined rooms here, so they won’t give that to anyone. That’s why I have decided that Adrian and Rihanna can take one guest room.” I shifted to see that surprisingly, Rihanna was blushing and Adrian said nothing against it. The man was smiling down at her blush. “Ryder, you can have your own room and the twins don’t mind sharing.” He shrugged as I caught Ryder looking at Scarlet, without her knowledge. I wanted to run to him and punch him right in the face as I saw him staring at her, taking every piece of her and capturing it. His stare almost challenged me, silently saying that look at me, I am looking at her and soon I will take her from you while you, you will be nothing in front of me. He looked at me, as if he could outrun me, not realizing that there was no race here. Scarlet is and will always be mine. The amount of hate that flashed in her eyes every time she looked at him, today, confirmed this. I knew if anyone wanted Rihanna out of this, so that they could kill Ryder in cold blood, it was Scarlet.

“Roman.” As Mason called me, I skipped back to reality as he continued to talk to Rihanna and Adrian now, being the perfect host to the only innocent people in this room. He pointed at the hallway as Scarlet took her hand in mine, Ryder’s eyes burning holes into our back as we walked back.

“Roman, we can’t be their child’s godparents.” She declared as soon as we entered the black paneled and grey designed office. “How can we? I am not even sure of we will get back to New York is one piece and she’s asking so much out of us. Godparents are supposed to be the guardians of the child when their parents die but, we just might be dead even before the child is born. I can’t- I silenced her. I silenced as she continued to ramble in a panic state, unleashing the negativity which she fostered in her body. The kiss wasn’t like any of ours before. Sure, it started with a sweet and passion filled collision of ours lips but this time I was hungrier for her pink ones as I bit them, wanting to clutch her to me, forever this way. Her arms wrapped around mine almost immediately as we broke away for a second.

“Shut up, woman. Don’t you mumble a lot?” I asked, as her eyes twinkled with mischief now. She stood up on my toes as I mentally thanked her for not wearing heels tonight because after she told me about what she did with that girl, Stacy, I wouldn’t mind giving extra protection to my shoes and feet skin.

“Never. I like it when you kiss me to shut me-” I kisses her again, before she could finish the sentence. She, on the other hand chuckled into the kiss as-


We immediately broke away, as Scarlet’s eyes filled with panic.

Let’s just it’s one of those situations where the parents catch you making out with your girlfriend.

Only that, Mason is far worse than a parent.

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