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Flap your wings, now you can’t stay.

Take those dreams and make them all come true.

Butterfly Fly Away.

~Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana The Movie.

“What is going on here?!”


“DON’T YOU NOTHING ME.” Mason roared, charging at Roman and pushing him off me. “How dare you kiss her?!” He growled, putting his hands around my arms in a protective cage, while Roman pouted at me.

I simply smirked at my boyfriend, telling him that I wasn’t going to help him a bit out of this mess. “You’re on your own.” I mouthed as he placed his hand on his heart with a hurt expression.

“Explain, moron. And eyes on me.” Mason snapped, bringing Roman’s attention to himself while Roman simply shrugged and got up. “Apologize for kissing her!” He yelled, but Roman remained unaffected, holding my free hand and effortlessly pulling me out of Mason’s grasp who was too busy being shocked to hold me back.

Roman wrapped his arms around me, carefully eyeing his brother from the corner of his eyes as he lifted my hands and placed them on his own shoulder. “Apologize for what?” He asked, not leaving my gaze as his head dipped down for another kiss. I laughed into it, knowing that Roman was loving this because we both could hear Mason gasp at both of us, completely stunned.

Mission Complete.

“I didn’t know that you had to apologize for kissing your own girlfriend, Mase.” I asked after we broke from the simple effortless kiss, with mock confusion, trying my best to imitate Mason’s present facial expression.

Roman and I stood there, wrapped in each other’s arms as we witnessed the sudden change of expression in Mason’s features. “Y-you guys are together?” He stammered, his mouth open in shock as I debated whether it was okay for me to leave Roman for a second to close it.

He looked completely hilarious. More than that, actually. Unimaginably hilarious as if he had just seen Roman and I get married and have kids.

Like, we just started dating. No biggie.

“H-how? I mean, why would you date this asshole?!” He countered while Roman sighed at him. Mason took a few deep breaths before composing himself and straightening his suit jacket. “Sit.” was all he muttered.

“Oops.” I whispered, before Roman and I took our seats in his office.

“Okay.” Mason took another of his deep breaths, folding his hands on the table and eyeing both of us carefully. “Now, I have been waiting for this... Maddie and I both, I mean.” He began as I buried a giggle in my throat which was building up because of his serious expressions. “There are a few rules I want both of you to know and abide by if you’re living under my roof-”

“Our roof.” Roman and I said in unison.

“I am the elder one, shut up.” He snapped, making us close our lips. “Firstly, you.” He looked straight at Roman. “When I narrate you your rules, you’re no brother of mine. I am a good elder brother to this princess here. Okay?”

“Okay.” Roman nodded.

“First. Don’t you dare kiss her In front of me another time. Do that behind the doors, I don’t care. I can’t see your mouth on hers and not kill-”

“Yea, okay. Next.” I grumbled.

“Second.” He began with a smirk. “If I hear a little noise coming from your bedroom-”

“NEXT!” Roman and I both yelled, shutting our ears.

“Third. If I see you eyeing another girl, I will punch you right there.” Mason sneered as Roman quickly nodded at him.

“Never.” He shook his head violently.

“Now. You.” Mason turned to me with a huge grin. “Just one thing, take care of this idiot here.” He swiftly got up. “Oh man, I have wanted to do this since forever.” He yippeed as I let out the chuckle which had been suppressed in my throat for so long.

“WHAT?!” Roman cried, getting up. “Three rules for me and none for her?”

“You’re the one who needs to be taken care of, love.” I cooed, patting his head as he growled at me.

“I am going to go and watch MasterChef. Have your sibling time.” He snapped as Mason and I both let out a laugh. Roman got up and walked to me, wrapping his arms around me from the back. “Come up fast.” He whispered, sending a shiver through my body and placed a kiss on my collarbone.

“Get Out!”

Mason, you all.


“Blue or Black?”


“Scarlet or Maroon.”

“Scarlet.” I sighed, turning to Mason. “Are you done with these stupid questions?” I asked, as my watch showed it was half an hour left to twelve, Roman’s birthday.

“Kind of. Silver or Golden?”

“Golden.” I answered immediately.

“Red or black?”

“Red.” I answered again.

“Whom do you want to kill?” He asked and now I knew why he was asking me such questions. A faint memory played itself as I remembered him asking me these questions back in Port Angeles about two years ago. He said whenever I would choose Red out of black after thirty questions on colors, that would mean I need to kill someone. That day I had chosen red and killed the first alive person, myself.

“Ryder.” I answered, as I settled on the rooftop next to him. Roman knew that he won’t be in his right mind to disturb us here after we had had dinner. The roof was right on top of the pool, as sometimes we would jump from here into the water below. It was here where I lost my fear of heights, all thanks to Mason and Roman, the one who pushed me.

“He is involved, I heard.” Mason nodded, scratching his chin. “What now?” He asked, knowing that there was a plan budding in my mind.

“He is involved but.. I have been thinking and I have a new plan for us.” I immediately told him. “And I need you to trust me.”

“What now, Scarlet?” He seemed interested with this, exactly how I wanted.

“I need you to take Roman on a business trip, or that is what you’ll say.” I explained.

“And what do you plan to do during this time?” He asked, knowing I was upto something here.

“I will follow Ryder, everywhere he goes.” There was a possibility that Mason won’t allow me to do this but he was the only one who would also understand why I wanted to do this alone, without Roman’s help for once.

“Only if you trust me and tell me the whole plan.”



“That’s it..” I finished without being stopped mid-sentence even once. I told him everything that I planned on doing a day after tomorrow, right after Roman’s birthday party. I wanted him to leave immediately so that I could put my plan to work which won’t be possible if Mason disagreed to it now.

“Okay. I’ll help.” He agreed, shocking me. I really expected him to disagree to this and call me an idiot or even push me off this roof to the pool and tell me how crazy I am. But all he said was.. An okay?

“W-what? Aren’t you doing to stop me?” I asked as he shook his head.
“No matter how much I will try to stop you, I know you enough to know that you won’t be stopped by me or Roman.” He explained as I chuckled because he was right. I would have found a way to do it myself too. “According to the Code, all the authority that your father and mother had in this gang were passed to you, Scar. I cannot disagree to you because both of us stand on the same level. You have as much authority as I have but you just refuse to abide by our ways.” He was right at that moment. Even though I disagreed to be a part of this gang and work all my life for them, I was bound to it by generations. So when my parents died, authority was passed to me. I could order anyone from our gang or company and they were obliged to take my orders as much as they were bound by Mason’s words. I may not be a part of this, but they still heard me.

“Gather the men you need. Chris and Stephen will love to help you as well.” He said, getting up. “But please, if anything happens to you, I will not be able to explain myself or Roman. Leave a letter.” His tone signaled that he was ready to break down but I got up and hugged him.

“I know what I am doing, Mase. I will be fine. You will find me back home by the time you guys get back. I promise you that.” I told him, holding his sigh filled face in my hands. “Ryder can go die in hell, okay? He got nothing on me.”

“My little angel doing her own thing. How Scarletty is that...” He mocked but I knew the sadness behind his voice. “Jump now?” He didn’t have to ask twice as I removed my dress, already wearing my beach suit below it. I knew we were doing this, at least tonight. The water felt warm as I gave it to look, 20 feet above it.

“Ready, sister?” Mase asked, taking his shirt off as I gulped. “Throw that scared look off your face, you lunatic.” He laughed.

“It’s scary.” I gulped again, eyeing the huge scar which crossed his collar bone and went till the middle of his chest. “Does it hurt-”

“Nope.” He laughed, tracing it with his finger. “It doesn’t, at all.” He confirmed, catching my hand. “On three?”

“On three.” I nodded, a grin spreading on my face as we stood on the edge.

“No matter what happens, Scar. Please don’t leave my brother. He loves you.” Mase sighed, telling me that he cared for Roman, as much as he cared for me. But love? Have I ever thought about loving Roman?

I want to stay with him all my life but, is that feeling called love?

“One.” Mason had already begun the countdown, as I threw my clothes behind with my hand. “Two.” I gulped, closing my eyes and stretching my toe nails. 20 feet is a lot, okay? “THREE!” He yelled as felt myself being lifted by air. I immediately opened my eyes as the water hit my toe nails and soon was all around me. Mason’s hand left mine as I saw his body a feet away from mine. I enjoyed the warmth of the water, my feet making me stand on the pool floor for a second as I wrapped my arms around my body and sat down, remaining me how Percy Jackson had done it. Unfortunately, I am not a daughter of Poseidon and I can’t hold my breath for that long in water. I soon pushed myself up, surfacing on the water above me, exactly 50 seconds later.

“Are you mad, woman?” Adrian’s voice filled my ears as soon as I came up. I saw him standing on the edge, looking down at me with a stern expression, Ryder and Rihanna behind him.

Rihanna grinned at me, mouthing a cool because she wasn’t affected a bit, thank god. Such surprises aren’t good for pregnant women and yes, I have been reading a lot on pregnancy precautions because of her. Ryder on the other hand was smirking at me who I didn’t realize until I noticed I was wearing a nice bikini and his eyes were literally on me.

“I am okay, brother.” I laughed, answering to Adrian while my gaze burned holes in Ryder’s eyes.

I swam to the ladder, just to be greeted by Roman, holding a towel with a smile.

“Men like Ryder are so gentlemanly, I swear.” Roman snorted as I got out. His hands were swift to wrap the towel around my body, as I felt Ryder’s stare burn into my body. “Women wear bikini and show 90% of their body but Ryder only sees the covered parts.” He grunted as I bursted into a laugh at his joke.

His jealousy bubble broke as he shook his own head in a chuckle. “How was the jump?” He asked.

“Amazing!” I chirped, holding his hands as we walked back to our room, leaving Adrian to talk to Mason.

As we entered the familiar room, the towel was pulled out of my body as Roman enveloped me in his arms instead.

“Happy Birthday.” I whispered as a small beep came up on my watch, getting on my tip toes to peck him on his lips but man, he needed more. Our hands clutched with each other’s body as I was pressed to the closed door, my fingers getting lost in his hair. “Easy there.” I commented as he bit my ear, sending a shiver through me with his gentle lips.

“That’s a little difficult with you, you know?” He spoke against my ears, his hot breath dancing on my skin as we pulled away.

“You’re 19, person.” I mused, as the clock showed 12:04 now. “Wait here.” I told him, locking the door and running to my own room, as Roman followed me. “STAY THERE!”

He froze in his place, not moving a bit, as if we were really playing statue dance. I ran to my bag, opened the box I had wanted to take out and took out the cylindrical violet box out, which had been hidden by Chris there, in the back.

I walked back to Roman, and placed a kiss on his cheeks before handing it to him. “I planned another date for you after this though. But this is-” I mumbled, nervous whether he would like it or not.

“I love it, already.” He silenced me, kissing my lips for a second as he opened the box.

The metal necklace I had got him was a replacement to the one he had broken about a few months back while training. A metal chain, similar to the one my parents had left for him before they were murdered, was now in his hands as I had tried my best to replica it. It would reach the middle of his chest, right beside his heart and in place of one blade, I had got two, rectangular blames added, with our names on it. The one he wore before had only his name on it. Roman’s eyes twinkled as he swiftly wore it, grinning at me like a small child. For a second, I debated whether he liked having my name also on it or not.


What. The. Hell.

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