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The rumors hurt a lot, until I realized that they were all true and I was the only one lying in denial here.

“God help me.” I muttered under my breath, settling in the back of car and stretching my legs for one last time.

The boot of the car was where I sat - uh - stuffed myself in, as Chris locked its door and walked out of the garage. If everything was going to go the way they said it would, Ryder should be out any minute and drive this car to Jason’s house.

Yes, I am going to Jason’s house and no, I am not backing out. You can call me crazy because I bet, Roman will kill me with his bare hands if I tell him about this but I was born this stubborn. If there was anyone who was going to fit in this boot and make sense of everything there, it was only I and no one else. As much as I hated to put myself in this danger and get myself hurt, only to hurt Roman when we came back, I am desperate for the truth. I need to know who this man is, whom Ryder is meeting because according to the sources, Jason is not even in the same continent as he drives to his place. Whom could he be meeting then? His father? It could only be JC Hunt. He was the only with whom Ryder had a connection and would meet there. His father is very close to Jason, and I need to know why. Above all, I need to know why his father wanted Rihanna and Ryder to make my life hell and why Ryder disagreed to something like this, knowing his father would hurt him if he didn’t.

What made his father hate me so much?

“Oh shit. I am so freaking late.” I heard a man mutter, whom I recognized as Ryder as the door to the driver’s seat opened. I took a deep breath, squirming and adjusting myself for the last time because he was too busy with starting the car. The engine roared beneath my body while Ryder pulled the car swiftly out of the garage, making me hit my head in that process. I cursed under my breath, but too careful to not be very loud so that he won’t hear me.

One whisper, one small sound and he would know I was here. Then, he won’t spare me for a second.

“Scarlet?” The microphone in my ears blurted out Chris’s voice.

“She can hear us.” Stephen confirmed, I don’t know how.

“Okay then, cool. Scar, he’s driving exactly towards Jason’s house and you should be there in about fifteen minutes. Lay low, don’t breathe too hard and don’t move your legs, no matter how uncomfortable you are.” Chris instructed. “Also, you will be reaching a police check point in a minute. Don’t sweat, they will check the boot and know you’re there. The man to your right will ask you whether you can hear us or not, answer to him.” Almost immediately, Ryder began to slow down the car, as I predicted we were in a cue by now.

“Sir, can you open the boot of the car for a check?” A man, who I predicted was supposed to check on me, asked.

I heard Ryder mutter an okay, and the boot popped open, but that is not what scared me. Ryder’s car door opened along with the boot door and THAT is what freaked me out immediately. Why the hell does he want to get out of his car?!

“Sir, we’ll check it.” The man assured him.

“I can see it along with you, can’t I?” Ryder countered.

“Are you afraid of something being found there?” The cop asked, and I could almost imagine that smirk on his face. Somehow, I recognized his voice a little as he walked back to the boot. When he leaned down, not looking at me for a second, I knew this was going according to the plan. Damon, Meredith’s partner and then man we had met in that safe house was here, acting as a normal cop while he checked his boot. For a second, just a second, he looked at me and touched my ear. I, immediately gave him a thumbs up with a small smirk which he returned, but to Ryder who I suspected was looking at him from the back mirror. He closed the boot, giving me one last look as I tried my best to give him a convincing smile but both of us knew, right now, I wasn’t all smiles. Heck, no one would be.

“Thank you, Sir.” Damon told Ryder who grunted at him, before closing his door and starting the engine, once again. After that, the ride was short and without any stops as Ryder hit the gas, and we were speeding away through the highway.

“Two minutes if he keeps on driving like a maniac.” Chris said, in my ears through the devil, totally describing his driving right. Ryder was driving like a freaking maniac.

“Okay, you’re there.” Stephen told me, a few minutes later as the car slowed down. “If they check the boot, you know what to do.” Take put my gun, shoot the guards, run west, towards the woods and find a car waiting for me there. Yes, I know.

But unexpectedly, the car only slowed down, never stopped. Ryder was given easy access through the gates, which would mean they knew who he was and he was important enough to not be checked on by them. The car descended downwards, and I knew we were entering the Basement parking of the house.

Immediately, the area darkened for a while, and then artificial lights came up above me. The car stopped in a while, Ryder swiftly opening his door and looking the car. I heard him run away, before moving a little and pressing the button on my ears.

“Scarlet, you’re good to speak.” Chris said, nonchalantly.

“Thank god.” I muttered, shaking my head a bit.

“Okay, grab the key and get out of there. We have got the camera frozen for half an hour.”

“Genius, aren’t you?”

“Nah. To be honest, their security system, minus the macho men, is shitty.” Stephen smirked, as I took out the keys from my back pocket and did my little magic with the lock.

*Pop* The boot popped open as soon as I removed my hands from the lock after chanting Abracadabra!

“Done.” I informed the boys, stepping out and stretching a bit.

“Now, run left. And be fast. You just have half an hour before you’re required to sit back in the boot.”

“Doneee.” I giggled, running towards the left side where a door was there. “Do I open it?” I asked.

“Yea, there is no man visible for the next two corridors.” Chris assured me as I clicked the door open.

“God, this is a cakewalk.” I whispered, walking towards another door. I didn’t get much time to admire the decor of the house as it was just a plain white house, with a lot of mirrors and sophisticated furniture. Nothing less, nothing more. Just simple modern architecture as if it was some hotel and not a house, unlike ours in Seattle, which was full of creams and reds, giving it a warm, homely look.

This didn’t feel like a home, at all. It screamed business. Rich, dirty, business.

“Take a right, you’ll have to take down a guy there.” My instincts kicked in immediately, as I stopped in my tracks. I got my gun out, taking slow steps as the man’s shadow came on my tracks. He came closer to the the corridor, as I prayed he won’t turn and see me. The silencer on my gun was ready to shoot him, but then he turned, walking back into the corridor. I took out a tranquilizer from my back pocket, aiming it at the six feet tall man whose back was against me. I took the aim and shot him on his neck, as his mouth opened in a shout, but I ran to him and closed it before he could shout in pain.

“What to do with him now?” I asked.

“There is a closet beside you, Scarlet.” Stephen chuckled, shaking his head and I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, okay. I missed that.” I grunted, throwing his body there. He would be out for good few hours while others try to find him.
“Take a left and run to the last room.” Chris instructed as I was already running, that room in my sight.

“Scarlet, get in. There is a man entering the corridor.” Stephen half shouted in my ears as I closed the door behind me. “SHIT. Get Into the bathroom or something. Hide!” He yelled, as I ran towards the door to the closet and opened it, jumping into the clothes and closing the door, the same time the door to the room opened.

“Is someone in here?” A man asked, as I heard footsteps nearing me. Adrenaline pumped in my blood, my heartbeat shooting up so fast that it felt as if there was a helicopter in my chest. I grabbed the sleeve of a sweatshirt, in my hands, pressing it against my mouth to shut myself up as slowly the footsteps were very close to me.

I took out my gun, ready to shoot this man if he found me and dump him here as the closet door clicked open, he slid the door as I pressed my back against the clothes on this shelf.

“Gabe. Come on, man. What are you doing in this room?” I heard someone ask, as a breath escaped my lips.

“Yeah, man. Coming.” He called out, closing the door as I sighed cautiously.

I looked up at the sweatshirt and my heart skipped a beat at the name written on it. Hunt, it said and it was the sweatshirt we all got after passing out from high school. I never got mine, now that I remember, but keeping that aside, what was Ryder’s sweatshirt doing here?

That’s because he lives here, you retard. I reminded myself as I looked around the clothes, all Ryder’s size and a few jerseys with his name on them. This, really was Ryder’s closet. This was his room.

“All good?” Chris asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded furiously as I heard the door close, and opened my own, stepping out.

“Okay then. Enter the bathroom.” Stephen instructed as I walked to the bathroom, not bothering yo take in the dark decor of his room.
Before I could enter his bathroom, something clicked, a faint vision bothered me as I stepped back before opening the door.

“Wait.” I told them, opening the closet door again. I frantically moved the clothes away searching for the knob I had seen here while sitting on the other end. What was a door knob doing in a closet?!

And there it was, a silver door knob, waiting for me to open it. I gulped, pressing the switch on my ear piece.

“Guys. Is there something on the other side of the closet in this room?” I asked.

“UH. Wait.” Chris told me, as I heard papers being thrown. “No. Nothing. There is just.. Wait.. Wall? No.. It can’t be a concrete filled room.” He mumbled, as I clicked the door open, revising the plan for my exit, if something wrong happened.

The door opened, shocking me, as it revealed a small entrance to a room.

“I am going in.” I told them.

“Scarlet, don’t-”

The connection was cut, as soon as I entered the metal walled room, my breath hitching in my throat. The square room was full of pictures. Framed, digital pictures, all around its wall from top to bottom. A big television and console was the only thing except all of the framed pictures in the room. This wasn’t beautiful.. This was creepy and scary as hell for me. Because the pictures were mine. All of them were pictures of mine from different ages. I could see black white pictures of me from the time I was even five, with my parents. I could see pictures of mine from the night I disappeared but what shocked me the most were pictures of mine from Seattle. Going to high school, having coffee with Roman, everything was here. EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, there is a 90% chance that my personal pictures were here too.

Ryder Hunt, is obsessed with me. He doesn’t like me or anything, he’s simply obsessed with me to have so many pictures of mine. This is so not good- Never press a red button. The voice in my head reminded me as my eyes landed on the console on the middle of this torturous room. Before I knew, my curiosity had pressed it. The screen in front of me, popped open, showing different cameras and their recordings live.

“What the hell?” I muttered as I pressed on the one where I saw Ryder and it maximized.

“Dad!” I heard him yell as he got up and hugged a man. I simply stood there, trying to get a look of the man he had hugged.

“There.” The man laughed, giving Ryder a look as he walked past him and sat on one of the couches, his face still not visible until he looked up, making my heart pop out and bile to form in my throat. I wanted to puke, I wanted to cry out like a mad woman, I even wanted to scratch their eyes out because this man, this man, looked exactly like Jason. He was Jason, in fact. I almost fell down, trying to handle myself as I gripped the table with all my might. Jason, Ryder’s father, my parent’s murderer?

He killed my parents? And Ryder knew all this long?

JC Hunt. Jason Carter Hunt, of course. How the hell did any of us miss something so important?! It was right in front of us, and we refused to believe it?


I refuse to believe that his father is Jason. Because firstly, the man I had met was not even named Jason, but names do change. But, apart from that, Jason is supposed to be in Brazil. He isn’t even here then, who is this man, or who is that man in Brazil?

“How’s uncle Jase doing?” Ryder asked, sitting in front of him.

“He’s good. In Brazil, for now but he really wanted to meet his favorite nephew.” The man chuckled, lighting a cigarette in his mouth.

Nephew. Ryder is not Jason’s son. In fact, this man is Jason’s brother. That would explain it all. This man is something J Carter Hunt and he must be Jason’s twin because they look so identical. I sighed, remembering that he was the one handling his company for him, and Ryder wasn’t his immediate son but either way, they were related.

“What about the girl?” His father asked him as Ryder smiled a little.

“She doesn’t know I am Jeremy Carter’s son.” He shrugged, and the man in front of him now had a name.

“Had you told me that you like that girl, I wouldn’t have asked you to hit her, son.” He countered.

“Firstly, dad, I love her.” Little bitch. “Secondly, you and I, we both know that it was Uncle Jason who asked that of me. But, she’s so much changed now, Dad. It’s like, she’s not that bullied girl anymore. I have always admired her willingness to fight, Dad.” He said dreamingly as I snorted in disgust at him. Thank you, but no thank you for your sickly sweet words. I just might be diabetic now.

“You must remember who she is, Ryder. She is a Winters. They are the worst, I swear.” Yes, bitch. That’s right. The worst.

“We’ll be fine, Dad.” He smiled in reply as I half shouted that there was no *we* here. It was only him, and his stupid obsession. “I’ll leave now, got to meet Christian by the Port too.”

“Your friend misses you.” I guess, I’ll be stuck in that boot for longer. Okay then. Okay.

“Scarlet!” A voice shouted in my ears.

“Ow, shit. What?!” I whisper-yelled.

“Get out of there, you have five minutes.” Chris shouted.

“Wow, couldn’t you tell me this before?!” Moron, I muttered to myself, jumping out of the room, and checking before swiftly running through the corridor and running to the car.


The countdown begins and this boot won’t open.




“2!” Chris yelled into my ears as I jumped in.

As soon as the door clipped closed, they yelled 1, together. “Ryder’s entered the basement.” They told me, as the door of the car opened. The car started, as I switched the device off, taking small breaths as I laid down, recapturing everything while he drove like a maniac again. After ten minutes of almost breaking down into a hysteria after images of that room flashed in my mind, the car stopped, almost making me hit against the car, but hey, I saved myself or else I am sure he would have heard me. His door opened, as I prepared myself for a good sleep in the boot, because meeting an old friend would take time, right? Or I could just ask Chris if the area was clear and move out-


Wait. The boot wasn’t supposed to pop open right now. What the hell-

“Comfortable there, aren’t we?” Ryder asked with a smirk.



R Y D E R.

You didn’t really except this to be that simple, did you? Before I could answer, the similar tranquilizer gun which I had been shot with in New York was in his hands as pain enveloped me again. I stayed conscious long enough to mutter a “It was you.” as he picked me up, and switch the microphone back on.

My last thought, was of me, begging Roman to forgive me for this

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