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He would shoot me right in the head .

But his obsession saved and destroyed my life at the same time.


Not the kind you get when a rival player hits you. Not the kind of pain that gets to you when a bully at school kicks you with his or her leg. Not the kind of pain thirteen year olds feel after getting their heart broken over a loser. Definitely, not the kind of pain you feel after fracturing yourself or being caught up in an accident.

This, this pain which is hollowing my chest is the correct mixture of emotional and physical pain, along with the feeling of being kept on a boiler. This is the pain I am destined to after being caught like an idiot.

Now that I look back, I ask myself, what the hell was I even thinking? Would it really be that easy? No. Never. But somehow I had underestimated Ryder and his father, Jeremy. But Jason? How could I have underestimated Jason of all the people and broke into his house-uh-mansion.

True, he isn’t in the country right now, but that man didn’t shoot up to be the most brutal gang leader without experience and just because of this impatient stubborn voice inside me, I sit here in this room, totally being back fired. I was so desperate to get over with it, that I didn’t even think it through at least once.

Chris and Stephen? How could they let this crazy idea of mine go wrong and ask me to give it a try when they knew it would backfire. But then I remembered they want revenge on Jason as much as I do. Their father was killed by a member of his gang, and ever since then, I knew they would be the first ones to understand this situation. But like complete morons we let our vengeance get in our way of seeing the situation at hand. We thought it out and nothing could go wrong. But here I sit, wondering if everything was taken care of, how did I get caught? The cameras had stopped, the man checked on me, I never moved in the car, everything went fine. Yet, I am tied in this room. Blindfolded, too.

I don’t even know if this is a room or I sit outside in a garden. The air is almost the same, humid like in Miami, just purer and I can smell flowers, a lot of them, somewhere near me. There is a warm, tropical breeze, unlike the one in Florida going around my body, confusing me about my location because I have been blindfolded and tied on something which feels like a wooden chair but I don’t feel the sun on me, nor do I feel being out.

Perhaps, I am dead and my details and being registered outside the gates of hell while I wait. These must be the warm winds from Tartarus and Persephone, that flower loving wife of Hades, must have a garden somewhere near here. But no. I felt myself come alive as my fingers twitched, feeling the burning sensation reside from them. I had been given the same drug I had been shot with in New York, which I suspect was given by Ryder, The Bitch itself.

Ryder. Ryder Hunt would die very soon. As soon as I got a tiny permission from his sister and Adrian, I would kill that little scoundrel with my bare hands, should he try anything else.

“Urghhh.” I screamed through the velvety cloth which covered my mouth. It wasn’t even tight, just uncomfortable.

“Easy there, love.” I heard someone chuckle beside me. Not near, this man was a little far away from me, but his voice was familiar. Too familiar as I tried to place it, but somehow he wasn’t the one I suspected him to be. This wasn’t Ryder, neither was this person his father, Jeremy.

Could this be..

“Jason, is the name. But I suspect that you ready know that since you broke into my house.” Oh god. This is really him.

After everything that I thought I would do to him for causing me so much pain, I end up here, in the opposite position. He should be the one tied down here, not me. He should be the one paying for killing my parents, right before I would see them die. He should be the one here, not me. I wanted to kick him right in his shin and rescue myself, not before beating the shot out this little shit bag.

“I am going to remove the cloth from your mouth now. But not from your eyes, okay? I hope you know there’s no point shouting because you’re not in Miami anymore where anyone can come to save you.” He briefed me, slowly untying the knot from the back of my head. For a ruthless man, he was being highly gentle and I knew something was wrong here. “Be a good girl, and listen to me if you need answers.” He instructed, his voice void of any emotions, reminding me how Ryder used to speak to me back in high school. Emotionless.

“What explanation do you have for me?” I spat, not raising my voice because I knew I wasn’t anywhere in Miami. They weren’t stupid enough to keep me in the United States anymore. “I should be the one explaining to you, because I have been kidnapped.” I continued, not at all scared at the moment, even though an average person would shit their pants.

He doesn’t scare me. Though, the fact that once he kills me, and my body is sent back to my family, does. I can imagine Roman’s face when he would see me, alive no more and my heart breaks for that. Would he kiss my dead, cold lips one last time? Or would he run away, puking because his body won’t accept the situation at hand. Would Rihanna survive the news or would she faint? Will that affect her baby? No. I can’t let her feel anything that would affect her baby.

But I will send them a note begging them to forgive me and no one to blame each other or themselves. Maybe Jason will allow me something he never allowed my parents. Maybe I will get to tell Roman one last time that I love him with all my heart and maybe, just maybe I will apologise to Rihanna and Adrian for not being the godmother I was meant to be.

“Well. If that’s what you want to start with, then go ahead. Tell me why you broke into my house with the help of my nephew’s car.” He said, as I grunted. That punk already knew everything and yet he was trying to show off how intelligent he was.

“Look, if you want to throw shitty comebacks, I don’t have time for that. Either shoot me, or explain our past to me.” I growled, losing my patience. Dying can kick itself aside for now, I want nothing from this man but an answer to my question.

“You came all the way to my house, just to ask me why I killed your parents, fourteen years back?” He asked, shocked and then let out a chuckle. “Let me tell you a story, yeah?”

“Whatever.” I snapped, turning my face away from him.

“I had a sister, Skylar or Sky, about five years younger to me. She was everything to Jeremy and I, after our father and mother passed away.”

“Why are you narrating me the story of your sister-” I was stopped in between as a hand pressed on my thigh, and the other pulled my hair, making me scream in pain at the sudden sting which passed my body. It didn’t make me cry in tears but my throat wailed as I felt my scalp hurting a little too much for my liking.

“Because, I feel you should know what your parents did, which led to your death, before Ryder has his way with you.” He growled, right into my face as I felt his hands tremble in anger. “Shut up and listen, you little wretched being.” He commented, removing his hands, but the anger in his voice never left me. I am not scared of him, but somehow I am reminding myself to be scared in order to survive.

“My sister, Sky studied in New York University, while my brother handled our mother’s business and I took over my father.” He continued after a few seconds, even though his voice had a little anger in it, as if this memory affected him. “We all lived in different places. She, in New York, my brother in Miami and I, all the way in Brazil. One day, I got a call from my sister, saying she was getting married. I was taken aback, because the girl I had left in college to study, was getting married all of a sudden, to a man I had never met. I called up my brother, Jeremy and asked him what was going on because he would visit her once in a while in every few months. You know what my brother told me?” I slowly shook my head, even though I could see nothing, not his expression and definitely not where this story was going and how it was related to me being tied up here.

Isn’t this man a little weird?

Isn’t this situation a little weird?

I mean, you get kidnapped by this boy whom you knew since high school and he is obsessed with you and all, but after God knows how long, you’re strapped into a chair while his uncle, the guy who killed your parents tells you his sob story about his sister? What the heck is even going on in my life right now? I take up a stupid mission, I break into a gang leader’s house and then I end up here? Where the hell is even this “here”?

“He told me that he had met this boy twice and that he was decent. He asked me to come back to the states and attend their marriage. I came, Scarlet. I came to their wedding, promising not to shoot this boy to steal my sister. All of us, the whole Carter family joined each other, after years of being separated to see our sister getting married to the man who had wooed her into his love trap. This man, was your father.” My throat hitched in a breath, as he mentioned my father. The world swirled as I reminded myself not to believe him at all. This couldn’t be, my father would not to such a thing. He won’t have ever married a rival’s sister because he loved my mother. He loved her with all her heart.

I was there when they kissed very morning while making my breakfast, I was there to hear him say I love you to her every morning before dropping me to play school. I was there during all of it and this man was a liar for accusing my father of something he would never, ever do.

I lost my family, I saw them take their last breath as the blood fell on our floor. I saw it all again and again, blaming this man for it, because he took something which was supposed to be mine till the end. My parents and I were a team, and even today I hear myself running near my mother who would giggle. Even today, she laughs in my thoughts and my father throws me over his shoulder in my dreams. Their dead bodies are still fresh in my mind as my little hands reach out to them, but fail. There is still a void in my chest after I have reminded myself of that afternoon and my mother’s blood curling scream, so many times. It seems like, I have hollowed myself with all the memories and now, nothing remains in me. But here, this man blames my father for it.

“Everyone of us showed up, except your father.” He snarled as I let out a sigh. So, my father didn’t marry that woman. It felt as if a huge rock was removed from my shoulders at the satisfaction of my knowing that he never broke our family’s trust. “What are you sighing for?” He chuckled, evilly. “That move of his led to his death, sweetheart.” He grunted as I growled.

“You killed them because my father didn’t show up to a wedding?!” I growled, moving my body vigorously in a chair, ready to snap this old hag’s neck.

“I DIDN’T!” He yelled into my face, getting up again. I knew this time, if he pulled my hair, I won’t feel any pain, because the anger has kept all the other emotions away.

“AHH!” I screamed as a blood curling scream left my mouth. I didn’t whimper this time, neither did I beg him to leave me, because I thought nothing else except the burning pain which was spreading my body.

He had stabbed a knife in my thigh.

The pain shot through me immediately, shocking me, as I continued to scream and plead to stop the pain and kept on hitting my head on the chair, but he only twisted the knife more and more.


The pain was more than anything I had ever felt and now it wrecked my body. I cried and cried loudly until my face was washed with tears and my throat was dry with all that shouting. It was as if I was being stabbed again and again and again, until my nerves had busted with blood, even though he removed the knife. The ropes which tied me had now managed to cut my wrists and I could feel blood being soaked in them. My thigh throbbed, as the cells rushed to repair the wound, but this would hurt so so so much more later.

“PLEASE.” I wailed, trying to squirm away from him.

“I didn’t kill your father that day. I didn’t.” He said, slowly, with no emotions in his voice. It didn’t seem like this man had just stabbed me and I whimpered in pain, in front of him. “No matter how much I wanted to, I didn’t. It seemed like he had left my sister a note, saying they couldn’t get married because after seeing my brother, he had realised who she really was. Jason Carter’s sister. His rival’s sister and Winter’s biggest enemy from all these years. In a way, both my brother and I were satisfied that we hadn’t married our sister off, and that he had run away before unknowingly we would join our families. Years passed, my sister started to work at a law firm in New York even though ever since he left her at the alter, she wasn’t herself and we heard that your father had left for Seattle and now, stayed there. Perhaps, I was wrong here and I should have gone to your grandfather and asked him to marry my sister to your father and end this rivalry. But no, my pride didn’t allow me that.”

“I am glad that you didn’t. No one would ever want our bloods to be joined.” I muttered, through my closely jammed teeth, in order to keep myself from screaming.

“Right. That is why I didn’t. But about six years later, when my sister was at the top, doing her work the best way she could, she met your aunt, your father’s sister. Now, have you ever wondered why your aunt doesn’t stay in Seattle?” He asked, as I threw my head up.


My aunt never stayed in Seattle. She’s a Winter, and she never mentioned Seattle. She belongs to the gang as well, so does Adrian. But.. Summerville? What got her all the way there?

“How?” I asked him.

“Your aunt married a man from my gang.” Oh Shoot. “But her husband died in a car crash. My brother, Jeremy, her late husband’s best friend, dated her after that, ever since today. Your aunt wanted Adrian to hit you because she hated your brother with a passion. She was elder, she should have got everything, but she was thrown out of the house. She knew my sister really well and a few days later, after meeting her, they saw your father.”

“My father?” Of course, he would be in New York with Mum and I by then.

“Yes. At the grocery store. Out of a the places that they could have met, she saw him there and crumbled, next to your aunt who had been living with her for a few days. It seemed liked I never realized how much the wedding had affected her. She fainted as she saw him, you, a perfect copy of him trailing behind him. She saw it all, Scarlet, right before she fainted. She saw you walking behind him, she saw your mother kissing the man, my sister had loved for all these years as soon as he stepped out.

I didn’t realise she would take it that bad, but my sister owed an explanation. She wanted to know why it was your mother, also the daughter of a gang leader and not her. She waited for him, outside your house but when your father saw her, he didn’t even acknowledge her and moved away. Do you realize how much that hurt her? My sister didn’t want to hurt his family. She just needed an explanation, that’s all.” By the time he finished, he sounded defeated. He didn’t sound like the man who had killed, but the man who wanted to bring his sister back, but from where?

“What happened then?” I asked in a low voice as a tear drop left my eyes. I cried for her, and maybe for the pain that throbbed in my body.

“She killed herself.” Why was that reply so expected but still unexpected because it twitched my heart? A blob in my throat formed, as another tear escaped and escaped from my eyes. “She tried to talk to your father again and again but he wouldn’t even acknowledge her. As if, he didn’t know her. Finally, when it got too much for her, she stopped him and screamed at him for an answer but then your mother butted in and told her to go away. Your mother was one fiery thing and both of them were protective of you. She asked my sister, Sky to leave them alone and that she wasn’t needed anymore. Your father, stood there, not even defending Sky. She killed herself because she loved him, and saw the love of his life not even knowing her.”

I remained silent as a faint memory played itself in my mind. I remembered this, a little. I remembered getting out of my house for school and a woman screaming at my father. That was the first day I saw my mother scream at another person, and she was furious. This was a few days before my parents had died, but the memory remained too fast to hold.

“Let me tell you something, Scarlet.” Jason said, and I noticed that he was far away from me now and a door knob buckled. “It hurts a lot when someone you love doesn’t even remember you. Your father died because he remembered my sister, and yet refused to explain everything to her and say sorry. But no, I won’t kill you because it’s not your fault. I might hate you and your blood, but I am not allowed to kill you because my nephew cannot be disappointed in me.” He said, in a low voice. “I couldn’t give my sister the person he loved because of my pride. But I will give my nephew the one he loves. I am sorry for Jonathan and you, but this is what is best for my family.” The door closed, not before I felt another dart on my shoulders, sending the drug through my body once again.


Roman won’t be pleased at all, and for him, I needed to escape before they would keep me here for a really long time.

I need to do what I do the best.


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