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The Devil once whispered in my ears, “The storm is coming for you and it’ll destroy you.”

Now, I whisper in his ears, “The storm is me.”


“Language!” Cara screamed from the other end of the kitchen.

“Oh hell, I care! If he isn’t out of his room by the next few seconds, I am going to leave him alone here!” Mason stamped his feet like a little stubborn kid.

“Same. I am like, really late, you know?” Maddie snorted, throwing her long blonde hair back.

“I mean, why I have to carry these idiots with me-”

I got up, leaving Mason, Maddie and Momma dear to handle their issues, walking up the staircase, humming while jumping a few stairs up. I knew better than them that all this screaming won’t get Roman out of his room. He probably wasn’t even listening. ”Every night when I get home
The monkey’s on the table, Take a stick and knock it off, Pop! Goes the weasel." I began to sing under my breath as I slowly opened the door to Roman’s room.

“Good Morning, Scar.” He mumbled, sitting on the edge of his bed, tying his laces. He placed his headphones on the bed, switching off the song which was playing on it before.

See, told ya.

“Good Morning, Rome. Aren’t you a tad bit late?” I asked him, taking a bite of the apple which I had carried up with me.

“Well, I don’t sleep less like you!” He said, getting up and coming to my height. He walked up to me and kissed my forehead before taking out his own car keys, as if it was the most usual thing to do. Which, yes, it has become usual for us in the past three years.

“I didn’t ask you to sneak out with me.” I laughed in reply, hitting his arm playfully.

Last night, I, along with Roman had finally sneaked out to check out what was going on with our neighbors. Strange voices loomed that gloomy mansion every other night and it had been killing me from the past few months, ever since they had moved in. Turn out, the couple loves to dress up in gloomy clothes and dance on gloomy songs.

Money does make you crazy sometimes.

“It was the last thing I expected to happen in that mansion, to be honest.” Roman shuddered from the creepy memory, as we left his room.

“Honey, they left already. I can’t believe this! I thought I made myself clear when I said all our children will step out of this house together in the morning after saying a proper goodbye!” Cara explained Marcus, who was busy sipping his morning coffee while reading the national daily.

“Love, it’s okay. They are grown-ups now. Plus, two of them will leave very soon.” He replied, his eyes looking painfully at both of us.

“Good Morning, Dad.” We both hummed as I hugged Marcus.

Godfather, Dad, same thing, yea?

“Good Morning, my favorites. What’s the plan for today?” He asked, looking nothing like the most powerful gang leader in the states.

“Stop for a good coffee, roam around a little, finish last minute packing.” Roman shrugged.

“Be back soon, okay?” Mom/Cara told us as we left the house from the back door, yelling an okay, each.

“Our place?” Roman asked, holding my hand in his.

“Our place.” I nodded, smiling.

As Roman started his car, I slumped down the memory lane.

Yes, it’s been almost three years ever since I moved in with the Jonathans after running away from my personal hell. I spent the following year being home schooled along with Roman and Maddie. It gave me the right time to settle down and gain myself back and boy; I changed so much in that one year. I was surprised at myself, to be honest. It seemed like an unbelievable transformation to me. So yea, a year later we showed up at the local High School, as I turned 17 and began my junior year along with Roman. First day was terrifying for me, almost as if I had made this phobia in my head with High School and the students. I could almost hear them snickering at me as I entered the corridors but Roman assured me that it was all in my head and that no one was actually judging me. It took me three to four days to actually take that fear out. Students in a town like Port Angeles have hardly ever had a new student so I wasn’t something weird or eww for them. They loved me because they were curious about who Roman and I were. Some had seen us in the city, some said we were dating, some said we were going to beat the present, perfect couple. My answer to all the petty rumors?

Whatever helps you sleep at night?

The junior year saw us a low lying couple. Sure, we had friends but we kept to ourselves with the activities and everything because by the end of the day, Roman and I just wanted to get over with this. Senior year marked my two years with the Jonathans and people started realizing I wasn’t actually dating Roman ever. We are just *best friends who live together*. They made weird assumptions to why I don’t live with my parents and why the Jonathans but the day someone tracked our house down and read Jonathans and Taylors (Yes, the board has changed) they left their assumptions and left us alone.

See, you don’t react, nothing happens. People move on and forget!

I have finished three years here in this small town, that means I have to go to college now and because my case is long closed, I can have my name back and I am soon to be 19 so hey, even if my aunt or cousin find me,

1. They won’t recognize me because I have changed a lot, okay? I have this badass body, thanks to the whole training thing and hitting real guys and blah. I have cut my hair to shoulder length and I have learned to dress better and apply make-up.

2. Hello? I am 18! You cannot take my money or accuse me of leaving the house because lets be honest, the case was closed long time back and I look healthy now! I wasn’t kidnapped or killed or anything.

3. My name’s Scarlett Taylor. Not Winters, so you’re mistaken there. There is no Scarlet Winters, never was according to any records.

Boo. Got ya-

“Scar? Are you coming or not?” I looked up to see Roman holding my door along with my coffee.

Wait. When did he stop for this?

How does that matter, girl? The coffee awaits ♥

I grabbed the coffee and smelt it as we began to walk to the edge. I wore a plain pair of blue jeans with a black sweatshirt and black combat boots for this because the first time I was here, walking in flats became painful, okay?

We sat on our favourite rock, next to the cliff, watching it for awhile as we sipped our morning coffee in complete silence. The rustling of the pines was the only thing that could be heard.

“Are you okay? You zoned put for a while...” Roman asked pointing back to his car.

“I’m fine. It’s just that.. I realized it’s been three years.” I giggled, shaking my head.

“Unbelievable, isn’t it?” He mused. “I remember as if it was the other day when you showed up at our place. All battered up and everything. You won’t trust any of us, you would eye the food all the time as if it was poisoned.” He mused, a small smile spreading through his face.

“I remember how much you would beg me to trust you all.” I laughed, remembering his stupid outbursts and frustration filled lectures.

“I remember that morning when I pulled you away from the road before you would hit that car-”

“And I said I would always trust you with my life as long as you are honest with me.” I finished the sentence for him. His eyes gleamed as he recalled the day, I almost died. We were coming out of a mall and as stubborn as we were, we refused to take more than one guard with us to Seattle. Two men came out of nowhere, hitting the guard in the jaw and fighting with Roman. I stood there in the end, screaming for help because I was so scared that something might happen to him. Until one of them, caught me and pushed me on the road, in between the traffic, thinking that would be my death.

But Roman pulled us both away. One more second and he won’t have been able to pull him away and died in my place. That day, I knew I had to trust him. I just had to. He was the last person to hurt me, which he never intended to.

“Are you ready for another big step?” He asked in a low voice.

“Oh come on, it’s just college.” I snorted.

“Yes, but in New York.” Roman added carefully. “Scarlet, are you ready to leave this all behind and go back to where it all happened? Where your parents died?”

“Roman, I am. I really am. I want to make it my strength, you know?” I slipped down my rock and walked up to him. “I know it’ll be uncomfortable for me at first, but I asked Marcus for this, yea?”

“I realize that, Scar. But the same house? You do realize someone has brought that house now and it isn’t the house where your parents died anymore.” He tried to reason for he hundredth time that we shouldn’t live in the same house where my parents had died.
But no, I want to do this. I want to rent that house, spend four years there of college and then come back. I am doing this and I don’t care about how much uncomfortable I’ll be with that. This is one thing I need to let go. I need to sleep in the room where my parents put me to bed every night. I want to eat and cook in the kitchen where they were killed. I want to sit in the living room where we sat every night, watching tv. I want to get past this and be able to forgive them for leaving me as if it never happened. I don’t want them to affect me anymore.

“You know I explained this to Dad and I am not backing down, okay?” I told him.

“But dad also said that there are three other rooms there. The property dealer said that we can only have two rooms-”

“I know. I heard Marcus talk to you about it. I realize that and hey, it’s okay, Rome. I don’t mind sharing that house.” I told him, patting his shoulders. “Moreover, more the people, more our rivals will think before hurting us. It’ll show how... Normal we are, okay?”

“What if is three boys?” Roman asked, pouting.

“What if its three girls?” I asked him, winking at him.

“Damn. I am going to have a really great time then.” He laughed, throwing his hands behind his head and lying on the rock.

“Well, if it’s three guys, I am going to have an amazing time as well.” I smirked towards him. He growled a little, getting up.

“No-uh-no, Ma’am! I am having a background check done on that guy before you even think about talking to him, Scarlet Taylors!” I giggled, getting up and walking to the car. “You come back here, girl! We are having a boy talk-”

“Blah. Blah. Blah.” I laughed, jumping on the driver seat. The car started below my hands as Roman came running towards it. I swiftly turned it around as taught in driving classes and drove it towards him.

“Oh, man! The tires are all dirty now!” He shouted. “Scarlet, get out of the car, now!” He yelled as I laughed at his pissed off face. I opened the shotgun for him while he gave me a snide look, stepping in. “I’ll need something in exchange for this..”

“What can I do for you, love?” I said in a fake British accent.

“You, woman.” He said, leaning in. Okay, I know he’s just a friend but I get super clumsy when he suddenly comes so near because I am a girl, okay? And this boy is screaming hot! “Will help me get over with my packing before you finish yours.”

I packed my toiletries, leaving space for the last two dresses I had bought a few days back and the clothes I wore right now. I looked around the room I had been calling my own from the past three years.

To say I would miss this is an understatement but I have learnt not to let these mushy emotions bother me anymore. I just need to make peace with the fact that I would be back here anytime I wanted to. There was no reason to be emotional about it. I picked up the last photograph I had left behind and packed it in before looking at it for one last time in Port Angeles. There were many pictures up on my wall which would remain here, pictures from school and childhood, but this was needed to be in New York. It was picture of six of us. Roman, Maddie, Mason, Marcus, Cara and I on my first winter holiday in Seattle. We posed on a quite dinner table in a hotel, hugging each other and having a family time. I remember it was the first time I had actually gone out with them as a family and how less I missed having my own that time.

They were my family from that day.

I packed everything else and laid down on my bed for a while. As the emotions started pouring in, I knew I had to stop thinking. My flight would leave in four hours, meaning I should change and be ready before Roman and I leave.

“I hope you’re getting ready.” Roman screamed on my door before running away to his own in a hurry. I knew he wasn’t even done dressing up, yet.

I got up, screaming a yes, and shoved my present clothes away. New York would be warm right now, especially the old country side where the university and my old house is. I have faint memories of that house, a little bungalow and a cute little garden on the outskirts of the bustling city but I want to be there right now. I want to see it for myself. I changed into black leggings after throwing away the thoughts, keeping my black combat boots on and slipped in a white sleeveless top, pairing it with a black cardigan for now, which I would remove later.

“I’m ready!” I yelled. Two men came around in their jet black suits. One of them adjusted their gun, which all of them carried and then picked my bag up. I am not only used to the guns now, but I can even shoot one better than half of the men in this mansion. Yes, the training turned me into a cold, heartless bitch. But trust me, that is what helped me survive as well.

I looked around the now empty room, mentally thanking Cara and Marcus for setting up our stuff in our new, New York house last weekend. I only carried my clothes and essentials with me for the flight.

“Let’s go.” Roman said with a little smile. He hugged me a little before kissing my forehead. “We’ll come back here as soon as you feel-”

“Roman. I’ll be fine.” I smiled at him. “As long as you’re there.” I kissed his cheek before running down to Cara’s waiting arms who was awiwng at us, along with Maddie.

“There, honey.” She laughed as I booed Roman for hugging her first. “Be safe, okay? Although nothing will happen, I want you both to call us every morning-”

“And eat well.” Roman said.

“And party responsibly.” I added.

“And not let Roman inside the kitchen.” He shrugged.

“And meet Mason for every holiday in Miami.” I added, smirking at Mason.


“Yeah, okay, you good little kids.” Marcus laughed, pulling both of us into a hug.

“Girl, get me some nice dresses, okay?” Maddie said, hugging me. Her strong girly perfume hit my nose so hard that I almost sneezed. But I knew better, never sneeze on her dresses or she’ll K I L L you!

“Will do, sister.” I replied to her, hugging my favorite, Mason. Okay, no, second favorite but nobody needs to tell him that, okay?

“You, Be safe. If a guy eyes you, you kick him there, okay? Doesn’t matter how innocent he looks. No one is innocent-”

“I got it, big brother.” I told him, kissing his cheeks before turning to the car.

“It’s goodbye for a while then.” I told them, smiling a little at Cara who was on the verge of having a breakdown.

“For a while.” Roman added again. “Goodbye Mum, Dad, Maddie and Mason.” He said, formally, clearly ready to get out of here.

“Goodbye, my babies. Take care? Call-” I slipped into the car, blocking Cara’s goodbyes but yelled a bye at her either way.

As the car began to speed away, I noticed how even Mason had moist eyes by the time we were out of there.

Three years ago, the family I left wasn’t mine.

Three years later, the family I left, is and will always be mine.

“Let’s kick college’s ass and be kickass writer and manager!”

Yes, writer for me, manager for him. I am so geared up for sharing a house with three strangers and Roman Jonathan. I am so geared up for working out very morning with him and then attending lectures on writers and their works. I so geared up for partying in a real Club, not some small little town drinking area.

Can’t wait, at all

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