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It’s hard to wake up from a Nightmare,

When you aren’t even asleep.

Her eyes frantically moved from mine to the door to her room. Her palms were visibly sweaty in my hands as a drop of sweat rolled down from her forehead.

Had Adrian really scared her this much?

Had he really hurt Scar so much?

Anger boiled in me as more questions came up in my mind. In these three long years, I have never seen Scarlet this helpless in front of me, since she vowed to change herself that day. I wanted to punch that asshole in the face since the very day my father had told me about the abuse. I was always coming up with either different ways to kill him or save Scarlet from him. I was annoyed, furious, angered by his actions that night when she came to us. All those emotions had successfully come back to me again. It took everything in me not to run down and pin him to the wall and beat the shit out of his existence.

But I knew the girl sitting in front of me was the same girl who came up to our door, running away from her Aunt and cousin and here she was, back again. She begged us not to hurt them because she didn’t want them to know how much they had hurt her. She was desperate to let it go and that is why today, those two bastards are possibly our housemates.

“Scarlet. You’re losing it.” I whispered. Realization hit her a few seconds later after I had said that. “We knew this was going to happen someday or the other. You would have to face him or Ryder someday because let’s face it, it’s a small world.”

She looked into my eyes, fear slowly dripping away from them. She found a new determination as she answered back to me. “You’re right. We’re not moving away. This is my freakin’ house, if they want to leave, they can. I am not going.” She spat, getting up. “Rome, I want you to act like we don’t know them. If he says he knows me, we say we don’t. Or that he is mistaken me for someone else.” I nodded, getting up from the floor. In a few seconds, I knew the same Scarlet who loved kicking asses was back.

“We are going to go and kick some asses, darling.” I told her with a smirk.

“Oh we definitely are, love.” She evilly giggled in response, closing the closet door behind her.

Wait. Wrong door..!

“Scar. Why would you get into the closet?”

“I’m taking a shower.” She yelled back.

“What?! Why?!” I yelled back.

“My life, my-”

“Yeah, okay, Fine.” I yelled back, closing the door behind me. “I am going down.” I told her before climbing down the stairs to meet the two others. “Be good.” I told myself again and again as I entered the kitchen.

“Hey. You’re our housemate?” A guy asked me as soon as I entered. He had piercing grey eyes with jet black hair falling over his forehead but he was an inch or two shorter than me. He smiled my way, forwarding his hand to shake with mine.

“Yea. I am Roman Jonathan.” I said, shaking his hand. It took everything in me not to flip it off and hit him in the neck but hey, I am cool right now.

“I’m Ryder Hunt. And this is my best friend, Adrian. He, along with my twin sister, Rihanna will be staying with you.” I looked behind him at the two couple.

The girl looked like an absolute slut and I knew she was the same Rihanna Hunt, who made Scar’s life miserable in high school. The boy beside her though, could really use a few punches as his judgmental eyes looked at me.

Adrian F**king Winters.

“Hey, man.” He greeted me, giving me a side hug. “So there are a few rules we would like to discuss. Because, of course, we three have known each other for a longer time-”

“Where’s the fifth housemate? Is it your friend.. Or..” Rihanna said, cutting him in between. I could see the lust in her eyes, as she sat on her boyfriend’s lap, eyeing me.

“So sorry, but it’s a girl.” I told her with a fake smile. She scowled at me in response as I continued. “We had a long flight yesterday so she’s changing right now. We thought we could go and look around the neighborhood before Uni starts in a week.” I told them.

“We’ll wait-”

“No need.” I heard Scarlet, as she cut whatever Ryder was saying. She entered the kitchen, making everyone shift their eyes to her. She wore her short hair down with a new pair of blue jeans and and a black crop top which said, Get Out.

Scar and her clothes.

Her bright eyes were dawned by black eyeliner and her lips were colored in a light pink lip balm. She wore her favorite combat boots below her, similar to the ones I was wearing right now. To be completely honest, there wasn’t a single day i didn’t find Scarlet attractive. She was always this pretty, even that night when she had worn Maddie’s top which showed all her scars. “Hi, I am Scarlett Taylor. Nice to meet you two.” She smiled but anyone could tell it was all fake. My eyes drifted to Adrian, who, being the pervert he was, was eyeing her from tip to toe with no idea that she was. Rihanna eyes her with a scowl, ready to claw her clothes out of her. Ryder on the other hand was eyeing Scarlet and I, very carefully. His eyes held hers for a few seconds before Rihanna spoke up.

“Three, you mean?”

“Oh. You will be stay here as well?” Scarlet asked, with mock confusion.

“Yeah.. Why wouldn’t I?” She snapped.

“I really thought you were some..” She shrugged, angering Rihanna while the other guys continued to look at her. “Sorry, my bad.”

“Whatever, you-”

“Now, now. If we have to stay together, it’s better to make some rules, alright?” I suggested as they all nodded, sitting down.

“So, yea. Simple rules from my side.” Ryder began. “Nobody enters my room without my permission or calls me out for meals.” Egotistical asshole.

“I was thinking we could divide meal duties. Who all cook here?” I asked. I knew Scarlet could, I couldn’t.

“I can.” Ryder and Scar said in unison.

“What about you?” I asked Adrian.

“Can’t. Neither can she.” He shrugged as Rihanna gave me a small smile.

“Okay then. Scar and Ryder can make food alternately. We’ll take turns washing dishes-”

“Eww. I won’t wash-”

“I am sorry if you’re staying here, you got to help.” I snapped, cutting Rihanna in between. She simply nodded with a look.

“I don’t want three of you upstairs without permission.” Scarlet added in a low tone.

“Okay. Cool.” Adrian shrugged. “So. Let’s get to know each other a little, Yeah?”

“Sure.” Scarlet, snickered as we all walked to the living room. Scarlet walked ahead of me, but before I could talk to her, Ryder came beside her.

“I am sorry but have I seen you before?” I heard him ask her. She froze for a second but then recovered with a smile.

“Probably. I don’t think I have seen you.”

“Oh. You look like a girl I think I knew. Her name was Scarlet, as well.”

“Oh. Good for you.” Scar chuckled, sitting down on the couch. I took the seat beside her as the other three sat in front of us.

“So, are you guys from New York?” I asked.

“We aren’t from the city, no. We’re all from Summerville.” Adrian answered. Of course you all are. “What about both of you?”

“We’re a long way from home. Port Angeles, Washington.” Scarlet answered.

“Oh! Have you been to Forks, the place where the whole Twilight story took-”

“Yes.” Scarlet said, groaning.

She isn’t a big fan of Twilight, you see.

“Born and brought up there?” Ryder asked. I knew that moment he was doubting Scarlet and that somewhere he was recognizing her.


“Are you both dating?” I asked as I saw Adrian kissing Rihanna.

“Oh yes. We have been in a relationship since forever!” Rihanna said with a giggle slapping Adrian’s chest as she half sat on it.

“Good for you.” I said with a cold shrug. Was Rihanna always this... Horny? She was practically all over him. I made a mental note to keep myself and Scar away from her.

“What about both of you?” She asked.

“We have been best friends since we were born. Family friends, you see.”

“Of course. You look more like the good boy and” She turned to Scarlet but soon gulped. Scarlet was staring at her with a cold expression as if daring her to go on. “Let’s just say the last Scarlet I knew was quite different...” She added.

“Well, I am not that Scarlet. So, don’t compare.” Scar said with a smile.

“Sure.” Rihanna squirmed into Adrian’s shoulder. He also looked a little terrified of the cold stare she was giving three of them whereas Ryder simply eyed her.

“We’ll make a move. Got stuff to deal with.” Scarlet said, getting up. I held her hand as we picked up the keys and left the house. She let out a breath as we waited for the cab I had booked a few seconds back. Our cars won’t be here until tonight so cab was our only hope.

“I don’t know how long I am going to be able to control this anger.” I told her.

“You’re doing well.” She said, gulping.

“Are you scared?” I asked her. “Because if you are, then let me tell you, you did great back there. They were the ones who looked scared, baby girl. Not you.”

“You think so?” She asked nervously to which I nodded. “Great. This is just the start, Roman. I am not going down without a fight. I am here to stay and you know what?” She said, turning to me. “It doesn’t matter if they come to know I am the real Scarlet. It really doesn’t. Let them try to hit me. It doesn’t matter.”

“That’s exactly what I want you to be able to say, Scar. You’re not the girl who’s scared of her brother or gets thrown away. You’re the girl who can punch established, well trained gangsters right in the face without another thought. If you can beat those bulky guys up, these three are nothing.” I told her with complete honesty.

“They can punch me all they want, Rome. They can hit me as hard as they want to. They can even try to slap me in the face but you know what? I am going to show them that I am not going to bear all of it.” Her eyes burned with determination as she answered to me, turning back and facing me.

“What are you implying?”

“I am saying if they try to hurt me again, I won’t back down. I don’t care about University; I will kick these bastards in their face so that they can’t even walk out of this house. I will make them feel all the pain I had felt. I don’t care if I have to use Marcus’s men’s help and kidnap them to torture them. I will do that. They don’t know Scarlet Taylor.” I nodded at her, hugging her for a few seconds before the cab pulled in.

“It’ll be fine, Scar. Nobody is going to hurt you. Actually, nobody can.”

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