Mafia Wife (Book #2 - Mafia Series)

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Chapter 10

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Something was wrong.

He could tell without seeing anything.

Maybe it was the door of his office that had been left ajar. Maybe it was the breathing sound coming from inside. Regardless, he knew someone was waiting inside. Niccolo did not think that one of the Mancini would be this careless but…

One could never be too careful.

He used his index finger to push the door open, revealing his chair turned away from him. Someone was sitting there. He took the first step in, making sure that whoever was sitting there knew he was in the room.

And it worked.

The chair turned, revealing Gabriella sitting there, gripping the armrests with tight hands. She was smiling but he could tell she was anything but happy.

“The nursing home called.”

Ah fuck.

“She told me that my grandpa was much calmer now. And that if my husband wanted to come back soon, it would be okay.”

Yeah fuck.

“Anything you wanna tell me?”

“Seems to me like you know what you need to know.”

It was his fault really - he should have known the nurse could have blabbed.

Gabriella quirked an eyebrow. “Seriously?” She huffed, smacking her hands down on the desk. “Why did you go see him?”

“He’s family,” he replied with a smile.

“Niccolo, do not bullshit me.”

“Aren’t we…” he leaned in, “married?” he finished in a whisper.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

It was rich of her to talk about keeping secrets when she was doing the exact same thing. Did she even have the right to feel insulted? “Guess our marriage is based on keeping secrets, wifey.”

He watched her still, the corners of her mouth dropping downwards. She was scared that he knew, scared to reveal something he might not know. He would not give her the satisfaction. She could squirm a little.

Plus, it wasn’t like he would have thought the visit would be a secret forever. He had wanted to lay down some groundwork first. Her presence wouldn’t have helped. She cared about her grandfather. He needed to push him. It would be inconvenient if she was there.

He had needed that first visit alone. Plus, he would have told her.

Man, he was distracted. He wouldn’t have been sloppy like this in the past. He would have taken the proper step. Why didn’t he?

“I guess you’re a good teacher,” she finally said before flicking her tongue against the back of her teeth.

“Anything else you wanna say? Or was this the peak of your highly anticipated confrontation?”

Sure, she was pissed, that was easy to tell, but did she wait for him here for this? That was the whole showdown? It was a little bit of a letdown.

Why do you need to talk to my grandpa?” She popped her lips. “You could have put him in danger.”

He rolled his eyes. “Trust me, sweetheart. Anyone who wants to know where he is - they already know. That includes your little family here.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that if no one has hurt him yet, they’re not planning on it. Not until they know what he has that made him so confident he could restart his life and be safe.”

And another jab at whatever she was keeping hidden. It had to be it. The key to why he thought he could walk away.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you know.”

“I don’t.”

Yeah, that answer came a little too fast.

“Well, I was trying to see if he knew. And if you were right. About… things.”


“Too soon to tell.”

“I don’t want you seeing my grandpa.”

“Last I checked I don’t need your permission, princess. I got in just fine, didn’t I? Would you rather I was a bit more forceful?”

“I don’t want him involved in this.”

“I hate to break it to you but he kinda started this whole thing.”

He didn’t know the story - at this rate, he didn’t know if anyone alive remembered it. Her grandfather might get a few flashbacks, but who knew if that was enough. Still, there was reason to believe that he knew what he was getting into when he decided to marry Isabella.

Hopefully. Unless Isabella took him for a chump.

“Yeah, well, now he’s a sick old man and I want you to keep him out of it.”

“Is that a threat?”

Gabriella pressed her palms down on the desk, using her newfound grip to lift herself from the chair. “Yes.”

Most of the time, she was in over her head - yet he admired the confidence she displayed. She was going to need it with the Mancini lurking around.


He had no intention of stopping but - he did always get a kick out of riling her up. Though it did throw a wrench in his plan since he had planned on using her to find out more information. There was no plan in telling her right now. She was too riled up and she would tell him he was only saying that because she found out.

It was all screwed up.

She didn’t seem satisfied with his answer - even though he agreed with her - but she straightened herself anyways. She slowly walked around his desk, keeping her eyes on him. He knew she felt victorious when she was about to walk past him, but he wouldn’t make it that easy on her.

He grabbed her arm, stopping her in her tracks. “You plan on telling me what you’re keeping to yourself?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He could remove himself from this situation. This was her mess. This danger wasn’t a necessity for him. Sure, he could gain from it… but he didn’t have to do this. Yet he was doing it. The more he found out, the more he should figure out that it was the worst idea.

Though then again, if the goal was to gift her to the Devil… keeping her from him… that was personal satisfaction. Yet it wasn’t much of a justification was it?

She looked into his eyes, challenging him. He could tell her that he heard but he didn’t want to do that. Niccolo wanted Gabriella to tell him. He needed her to do it. He wouldn’t change anything about how he got the information he needed but - no. He wanted her to come clean.

“G’night then.”


He watched the tremble of her bottom lip as she snapped her head away from him, tugging her arm. This time, he let her leave.

She left the door open behind her and he let out a breath.

He couldn’t win. He would have told her but she found out before. Now, she was mad.

He couldn’t need her.

Because she didn’t want to be needed.

And he didn’t want to need anyone.

He had to get out of here and distract himself from this bullshit.


“You need friends.”

Niccolo chuckled as he gulped down the honey-colored whiskey swirling at the bottom of his glass. He wasn’t wrong. But he didn’t need friends. Well, no he did. He needed friends. Allies. People who could help him keep what he fought so hard to get.

“Why, I got you.”

“Yeah, if you got all the way down to me, you must be desperate. Especially to come here.”

Angelo’s shack. The place where he had Gabriella trained. He wanted somewhere far away from the vermin that had overtaken his life. Somewhere where nobody else was. He wasn’t a complete idiot. He had a few of his men constantly patrolling around them but…

This was the best place.

He was on constant watch and he couldn’t afford to give the location of any safe houses. This place, even if they found out, he didn’t give a shit.

“Hard to know who to trust these days.”

He trusted Lucas. Not enough to tell him everything. Especially since anyone could hear, and he couldn’t let the current situation be known. If Gabriella was right… they couldn’t let anyone know they were aware.

This was the only advantage they seemed to have left. They couldn’t afford to lose it.

“Any other reason you brought enough alcohol to get an elephant drunk?”

“Are you a lightweight or something?”

He had spent the last months on guard, on edge, always needing to be one step ahead. He could feel that there was a shit show coming and for a second - he needed to let loose. Before everything came falling apart.

One time.

And he couldn’t do that around her. He didn’t want to be around her, not right now. Not when he felt weird. She was everywhere. In every aspect of his life. He thought of a plan, and there was a voice in the back of his head telling him how to include her.


When the fuck did she get everywhere? When did she get under his skin? When did his whole life start including her?

How the fuck did he get so tangled up?

“Please, I started drinking I was ten.”

A sad reality, but it was his. There were a lot of things Lucas started doing at a young age.

Niccolo began sipping his third glass, knowing he would have to refill it soon. The last time he had been here, his life had been much different, less complicated. He had always had one goal in mind. Secure his position.

When had he lost track of his own damn goal?

“Did you ever… did you ever stop and ask yourself if that was the life you wanted?”

Lucas′ question pulled him out of his thoughts in a startling way. Had he begun to read minds or some shit?

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he asked, swinging back another drink. Why wouldn’t this be the life he wanted? His whole life, his mother had said he should have it. That he should be the one to take over for his father. No one believe in him, but it never mattered.

He showed them it was his. He took it all.

No one but him.

Lucas shrugged, bringing his bottle to his lips. “When you found me, you asked me to think about what I wanted. You gave me a choice. Did you ever give yourself a choice?”

Of course, he didn’t.

There were no other choices. This was the only option.

If he had the power, the money, the control - then no one could get in his way. No one could take anything from him. That was the point. Why would he want another type of life, why would he want a life where he had to answer to someone else?

As for a normal life - he could never have that.

Not after everything he did.

“This is my choice.”

“I thought so too, for a long time.”

“What makes you think I’m not happy?”

Lucas chuckled. “Well, something’s gotta you drinking with me. If it’s not this bullshit life, then is it a girl?”

He scoffed. “A girl, what is this, high school?”

“You know, at first… I thought you were bored. Then I thought it was because she kept saying no.”

Lucas had it right, so Niccolo wasn’t sure why he was trying to find another explanation.

“And now?”

Lucas turned to look at him, a grin on his face. “You tell me.”

“She’s convenient. Right now.”

Immediately, Lucas threw his head back, laughter bubbling out of him. It took him a few seconds before he straightened up, clearing his throat. What the fuck was so funny?

“Convenient? The girl being chased down by the Devil? The stubborn girl who pushes you away at every turn, who doesn’t bring anything? That girl.” He took a sip. “Sure, Nic, Sure.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“I owe you a lot, and that’s why I’m always honest with you. I don’t think she’s convenient. I think she got under your skin.”

“She didn’t.”

“So, keeping her around is beneficial for you?”

“It’ll get me what I need.”

“Come on, Niccolo. If you wanted the handouts that came with her names, you woulda done the whole wedding bullshit a lot earlier.”

That wasn’t wrong.

“Though, you’re probably right. It’s nothing. You screwed that up way too much to ever fix it up.”


But it was not any of Lucas′ fucking business and this shit wasn’t something he wanted to talk about. Considering the fact that he was being disrespected in his own home daily lately… this was the last thing he needed.

Being mocked.

“Ya know, I came here to get a fucking break from her. Not to talk about her.”

“Let’s get trashed then.”

“Now you’re talking.”



Knock. Knock.

“Got a delivery.”

That was Tony’s voice, there was no mistake about it. However, she had no clue why in the world he would have a delivery for her. At midnight. She grabbed a t-shirt off the bed, slipping it on over her blue camisole. She tugged at her shorts a little, bringing them down, and then she headed for the door.

Gabriella creaked it open, enough to see the package waiting for her. Niccolo.

Except - he was not exactly his usual self. He was hanging off - and that was being generous - Tony’s shoulder, his head dipped forward. Her nose twitched, and that was enough for the scent of alcohol to assault her nostrils.

“What happened to him?”

“I’m fine,” Niccolo answered with a slur, his head barely tilting up.

Yeah, sure. He was fine. Her eyes fluttered as she resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“I thought he’d be better here,Tony replied, his eyes bulging ever so slightly.

Right. Here. Away from her wonderful family. He wasn’t wrong. They could take advantage of this and she couldn’t let that happen. Blame an accident. Take him out while he was weak. She knew they could do it. They were capable of anything.

“Yeah, just…” She sighed, her shoulders slumping forward as she turned to look at the bedroom. Not many spots. “Dump him on the bed,” she resigned to answer as she waved towards the messy bed.

Tony gave her a nod before coming inside. She moved out of the way as he dragged Niccolo inside. He was mumbling under his breath, but she couldn’t catch anything he was saying. It was impossible for him to be upset about their conversation earlier, so this was something else.

What else was he not telling her? What was she missing?

Also, who the fuck had gotten him this drunk?

There was a loud thud as Tony dropped him on the bed, Niccolo rolling to his back.

“I’ll be keeping a watch out there…” he began, glancing sideways at Niccolo. “If you need anything.”

She nodded. “Thanks, Tony.”

Tony walked out, closing the door behind him. Gabriella turned around to look at Niccolo and she sighed before pressing her index finger to the side of her head. She really didn’t need this right now. Plus she was still pissed at him for going behind her back.

“Who the hell got you this drunk?” she whispered to herself.

She heard him snort, forcing her to quirk an eyebrow.




How in the hell had he ended up seeing Lucas? Nope. None of her business. He was drunk and he would probably end up being very annoying and she didn’t want any part of it. Her anger would be wasted anyway.

“Don’t tell me things.”

“What?” Had the alcohol gone and melted his brain? Niccolo always wanted to know everything, and control everything while keeping everything to himself.

Maybe Lucas had hit him. That was plausible.

“If you- if you don’t wanna tell me something, don’t.”

She wasn’t planning on it.


“I shoulda said something.”

“Excuse me?”

“About that fucking peeping tom,” he added, bringing his hand to his face to rub his temples.

She had to blink, the words sinking in. Wait a damn minute. Was this… was this Niccolo trying to apologize? No, no. Impossible. Maybe his drunken state had passed on to her or something because there was no way in hell he would do that. He was never wrong - according to him.

If he thought that was enough, he had another thing coming. “Yeah, you should have. But you didn’t.”

“I didn’t know he was there until it was too fucking late. Thought it’d be better if you didn’t know.”

“I told you - I get to decide that, not you.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

No rebuttals? No more arguing? No other quick snappy comment to take the place away from himself? Alright. Someone had switched Niccolo and replaced him with someone else. There was no other explanation.

“So - why didn’t you?”

“I don’t fucking know. I don’t, alright.”

That was honest at least.

“I’m madder at him than you, so. Whatever.”

She was. He lied about who he was, he spied on that private moment. Granted, they shouldn’t have been having such a private moment in public, but that was another story entirely.

Gabriella knew most of this was only because he was fucking wasted, but it was nice to get a peak at all the shit going on in his head. At least there was more than bullshit going on up there…

“Go to bed, you’re drunk.”

He did not move.

Fine. She would go to bed then.

Gabriella walked to the light switch, turning it off. She’d deal with him in the morning. She walked to her side of the bed, slipping under the cover and turning away from him. It didn’t take long before she heard him shuffling.

Part of her hoped he would slip under the blanket and pass out, and yet part of her knew better. She was proven right when she felt his hands on her hips as he pressed his body flush to hers.

No matter what bullshit came out of his mouth, he was still Niccolo.

Come on,” she whispered.

His hands stilled as though he was about to listen, but that couldn’t be. Niccolo didn’t listen - he only did as he pleased. He confirmed that when he shifted his body, sloppily, to be on top of her, forcing her on her back.

Really? She had to fend off a drunk Niccolo now?

Maybe it was payback for what she did to him last time. Though, in her defense, he deserved it.

He lowered his face, pressing his nose to hers. His lips were hovering over hers, but never touching them. He moved his hands away from her hips, and instead, made contact with her arms, gliding across the exposed skin.

Something was different.

His actions were always demanding, his touch controlling. Not this time. His fingertips were like a whisper on her flesh, leaving a trail of warmth behind. His eyes were on her, never leaving her face, never looking anywhere else.

Even if she wanted to look away, she couldn’t. He was keeping her locked in. His blue orbs were glimmering, sucking her in, taking her breath away. She swallowed hard, her throat bobbing as goosebumps covered her skin. It felt like having his hands on her for the very first time.

He never looked away, even when he gripped her shorts, sliding them down, dragging her underwear with them. He’d been insistent and forceful in the past, but that wasn’t it. Gabriella felt like if she stopped him, he would let her.

Maybe she should. He was hella drunk. And very different. Except, she was struggling to find her breath, struggling to process the gentle touch he was bestowing on her skin.

Niccolo finally looked away as he dipped his head forward. She thought he might stop, but he didn’t. Instead, he pressed his lips to her neck. He peppered the length of her throat with kisses, forcing her toes to curl.

Each kiss was slow as he dragged his lips down to the next stop. Warmth puddled in her core and she took a shaky breath.

A moment ago, she had been wondering how to get him off, and now, there was a fire inside of her. She clenched her core, her legs stiffening as he opened his mouth, lowering himself to her collarbone.

Why was such a gentle touch turning her on?

One of his hands trailed inside her shirt, fingers inching up to one of her breasts. He drew slow circles, her nipple hardening. She took shallow breaths, her body buzzing under the ministrations. It was like a soft veil enveloping her whole body.

She felt his other hand shuffle, and after a moment, she understood. He lined himself up with her wet entrance. He pulled away from her neck so that he could look at her once again. He wasn’t speaking but it felt like he was asking her for permission.

Her heart was racing, her chest feeling light despite the adrenaline rushing. He usually took control. Sometimes, she managed to take it from him… but he’d never so willingly ask. She raised a hand, cupping his cheeks as she looked into his eyes.

Did she miss something?

Were they doomed or something?

Were they about to be murdered?

She offered him the smallest of nods before he slipped inside, forcing her lips open as he stretched her. Last time she had taken what she needed from him, and to be honest, this was not how she expected the next time.

No payback, no roughness. Even his strokes were gentle, his hips meeting hers as he adjusted his angle. The teasing was slowly and torturous and as she brought a hand to his chest, she could feel his heart racing beneath her touch.

His forehead was pressed to hers as he keep sliding in and out of her, his rhythm steady. Never too fast, never too slow; just right. Her nails came up to his back, digging in as the momentum built up.

She was panting while his warm breath fawned over her. She couldn’t speak and he was remaining silent. Sometimes, he would close his eyes for more than a beat, but he would always open them again, staring down at her.

Her heart swelled in her chest, suffocating her.

Another thrust.

And another.

One of his hands slid down, his thumb finding her clit. She buckled under his touch, a moan tearing from her lips. She arched into him, their chests pressed together.

Not a word.

Just moans.

Her peak built up, her legs lifting to wrap around his waist. He picked up the pace, his strokes more demanding, but the rhythm remained gentle. It was not enough that he had to look away.

His eyes were half-closed, the skin bunching at the corner with each thrust of the hips. She sunk her teeth into her bottom lip, feeling the sweat dripping down the back of her neck. A little more.

He knew the spot, he didn’t have to look for it. He’d pull away a tiny bit and then, push back into it. Her toes were curling, her heels digging into his back as she felt it take over. She moaned her orgasm against his lips, feeling the tip of his tongue.

Oh god.

She was flooded with warmth, the fluttering in her chest even bringing her pain. Good pain. Her fingers were aching, her mouth moist as she was unable to steady her breathing despite her best efforts.

He remained there for a moment, their noses touching, him panting on top of her, the sweat dripping from the side of his face. But not a word. After a few minutes, he peeled himself away from her, slipping out of her warmth.

Niccolo collapsed next to her, his eyes closed.

Her chest was heaving in and out, the soft buzzing of pleasure still overtaking her whole body.

Okay, what was that?

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