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An Unlikely Romance

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Summer Paxton is a college freshman. After working hard, she was accepted to the school of her dreams on a full ride scholarship. Everything was starting to look up until she runs into Ryan Scott. Everything about him screams to stay away, but she can't. Will she lose herself and everything she has worked for?

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Chapter 1

Summer stood looking at herself in the mirror. Wearing her favorite jeans and a pink tank top, she almost didn’t recognize herself. She had pulled her auburn hair into a low ponytail and put on some light makeup. Not one to normally use any, she looked out of place. Her roommate, Olivia, walked into the room.

“Dang girl,” she whistled “You sure do clean up nice.”

Blushing, Summer grabbed her jacket and put it on, hiding the bare skin on her shoulders. “I just don’t want to look like a country bumpkin.” Grabbing her bag, she slung it on and headed for the door. She didn’t want to be late on her first day of class. “Will I see you at lunch,” she asked Olivia.

“Absolutely,” Olivia winked back at her. “Knock ’em dead gorgeous!” Shaking her head, Summer headed out the door.

Summer had been lucky. She had busted her butt to study hard and get the Ben Franklin Endowed Scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Her grandfather had offered to pay for her college fees, but only if she attended the little community college back home. She loved her grandparents, raising her from the time she was six, but she needed to make her own way.

Walking down the busy street to campus, the buildings loomed over her. She was still in awe of the architecture and history of the campus. Proud she made this decision, she walked towards her first class.

Hearing commotion behind her, she turned to see others playing catch in the grass, laughing as someone missed. This distraction caused her to collide into another body.

Falling to the ground, Summer felt the wind be knocked out of her. Embarrassed, she looked up at the body that she ran into, and could feel the heat rise in her cheeks. Standing before her was a Greek God.

“Need some help?” he asked as he held out his hand.

Not trusting herself to speak, she nodded and took his hand. He pulled her effortlessly to her feet, and stared at her.

“Geez Ryan,” the guy standing next to him said. “With the size of those glasses, you would think she could actually see something.” The black haired demon sneered at her. “Maybe you should go get that checked out.”

Summer stared at the two of them as they walked away. Feeling defeated, she walked to her first class, but she couldn’t get Ryan’s eyes out of her head.

At lunch, she found Olivia in the picnic area. She sat down and pulled out her lunch. “Brown bag special,” she smirked.

“So, how was your first day?” Olivia asked.

Shrugging, Summer said “It’s the first day. Not much to expect except lots of talking about expectations.”

“True. Did you hear about the commotion this morning? Apparently some freshman ran into Ryan Scott! He is like the most eligible senior! Not to mention his looks!” Olivia got lost in her version of what happened.

Summer just listened, not believing that the story had gotten that out of hand. She hadn’t cried or pleaded for his forgiveness. She hadn’t said anything.

“Hey!” Olivia exclaimed. “You got to campus early enough this morning, did you witness it?”

Turning red, Summer lied, “It must have happened after I got to class. I didn’t see anything.”

“Dang,” Olivia muttered. “Would have been nice to hear a first hand account. Everyone has a different story. Oh well.” Olivia opened up the salad she had gotten from the café.

They sat and ate in silence. The last few months have been fun getting to know each other. When Summer was getting ready to move from her small town, she had found an ad looking for a roommate. It was instinct that she replied, and they have pretty much been inseparable since.

“Oh my God. There he is,” Olivia squealed.

Turning her head, Summer looked in the direction that Olivia was staring. There was Ryan, standing with another God. He turned and made eye contact with Summer.

Turning quickly, Summer tried to busy herself and pretend that she didn’t see him. She prayed that he hadn’t noticed her, and that she was overreacting. It was probably some other girl he had noticed.

Picking up her trash, she mumbled, “I have to go.” And rushed off before Ryan made it to her.

Seeking refuge in the library, Summer wandered the aisles looking for a quick read. She still had an hour before her next class, and she was pretty sure a guy like Ryan wouldn’t grace himself in the library.

Picking up a small romance novel she settled into a plush chair. She pulled her phone out and sent a quick apology text to Olivia and set an alarm. She didn’t want to be late to her next class. She had fought hard to get in that one. And she didn’t want to miss it.

Immersing herself in the book, she almost didn’t hear her alarm go off. Jumping up, she checked the book out and headed to her next class.

When she got to the classroom, it was already pretty full. She found an empty seat near the back of the room and pulled out her notebook and pencil. She started writing notes at the top of the page when she heard someone take the seat next to her.

“So, we meet again.”

Summer froze. She had spent the last hour trying to get him out of her head, only to find him sitting next to her. She could feel her face burning with embarrassment. Finally, she gained enough courage to look up at him.

He really did remind her of a Greek God, but she couldn’t put her finger on which one. His blue eyes twinkled with humor at her, and his smirk made her heart thump hard in her chest.

Finding her voice she said, “Looks like it.”

He held out his hand, “Ryan Scott.”

“Hi,” she replied.

Grinning at her, he said, “This is typically when you tell me your name.”

Blushing, she said, “Summer. Summer Paxton.”

“Nice to meet you Summer.” He slouched back in his chair, but never took his eyes off her.

“I’m sorry I ran into you earlier,” Summer mumbled.

He shook his head, “No harm done. You weren’t hurt right?”


“Then everything is alright.”

Summer breathed a sigh of relief when the professor walked in and started talking. She tried to tune out the big male body that was in the desk next to her and focus on the professor, but every few minutes, he would move and distract her. She turned to glare at him, but forgot why she was mad when she looked at his profile.

Distracted, she didn’t notice the papers that were being waved in front of her. Grabbing the papers, she quickly grabbed the ones for her and passed the rest back. She caught Ryan chuckling at her.

Flustered, she tried to push him from her thoughts. It took every ounce of energy to focus on the professor instead of Ryan.

As the professor finished the lecture, Summer packed up her stuff quickly and ran from the room.

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