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When Talon, the president of The Sinners MC, sees Nicole working in the new strip club he just bought, he knows she has to be his. Nicole is a stripper just trying to make money and keep her head low. On the run from her abusive ex, Nicole thinks she is safe in California, that is until he finds her.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1:

"Lexi, you're up next!" Jade yelled from behind the curtain. I checked my makeup once more in the vanity and stood, steadying myself on my massive heels. I walked to the curtains at the back of the stage. It was another busy Friday night at the club and I'm more than ready to make my rent and go home.

I walked to the curtains and grabbed each side of them. Quickly ripping them open I stared out into the crowd, being sure to make slow sensual contact with each one of the sex hungry men. Slowly I stepped out onto the stage and gripped the pole as I slid down to the floor. "Sweet dreams" by Marilyn Manson boomed, making me feel powerful as I watched the men stare and beg for me to show me.

I climbed to the top of the pole and flipped myself, so I was now hanging upside down rubbing my chest. I gripped my straps and pulled my small top off, throwing it into the crowd. As I slid down the pole still upside down, I caught eyes with a man watching me intently. He was fucking gorgeous! He was wearing a black fitted t shirt and blue jeans. His eyes were a bright blue, but his hair was almost jet black. His tattoos covered every inch of his body from what I could tell besides his face, but even that had a small tattoo above his eyebrow and a scar that ran through his other one.

We continued eye contact as I danced, grinding my body against the pole and running my hands from my neck to my pussy and then back up to my chest. His eyes never left mine or my body as he watched me dance and for a moment, I forgot we weren't the only ones in the club.

The song came to an end, bending over to gather my money from the floor I looked up one more time to the beautiful man I just shared a moment with, but he was gone. I felt sad, but I know what my job was, and customers were off limits for me. I slowly walked off the stage giving the crowd one more view of my ass and ducked behind the curtains to the dressing room as I heard the men cat calling and whistling my way.

By the time the night was over, I ended up with $1,600.00 which means that rent would be paid for this month. I got dressed and walked into the lobby, making sure to tip the DJ as I left the club. I looked at my phone as I walked out of the club to check the time. It was now almost 4 am and I was beyond ready to be home and in my warm cozy bed. I rounded the corner to the parking lot to find my truck, my baby, my 1990 Ford Bronco. My first paycheck from the club went to the down payment for her, and I've spent the last 4 years adding to her beauty. Everything black and purple from the roof to the wheels. I smiled as I reached up to unlock the door and threw my bag inside.

Just as I was about to jump up into the vehicle I felt strong hands grip my waste. I was ripped to the ground with a man behind me, wrestling to get on top of me. When he got on top of me and my back was sternly pushed into the ground, I got to look at his face. He was one of the customers I saw tonight in the crowd, a rough man with a beer gut, whisky and cigarettes lingering on his breath as he spoke to me. "I like the way you dance baby" he slurred taking one of his hands from my wrists and rubbing my face. I quickly moved my face and starting thrashing, attempting to get the large man off of me but it was no use. He was probably 260 lbs. and I was 135. I started to scream but his free hand quickly covered my mouth while his other hand now held both of my wrists above my head. I could feel my eyes starting to water as I thought about what his plan was with me. Before I knew it his hand over my mouth was replaced with fabric and his hand was now unbuttoning my pants. I tried to scream again but it was muffled. Fighting wasn't working and I was becoming tired. "Fight all you want darlin, no one's gonna come save a whore" the man told me. His voice making me sick to hear. I was close to giving up as I closed my eyes but then his weight and hands were gone, and I heard a loud thud. I laid still listening and hearing nothing and then he spoke...
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