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Chapter 2:

I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the gross man now unconscious on the ground next to me. Blood was pouring from his head. My breath hitched in my chest, and I stumbled to get up when another pair of arms grabbed my arms gently and helped me to my feet. Startled I turned around and was met with the stunning blue eyes I stared into earlier in the night.

"I'm sorry" he said as he backed away, knowing he had scared me. "I saw him attacking you, so I knocked him out" he spoke, his voice deep and gruff. "Thank you, thank you so much" I spoke still in shock. "Are you okay?" he asked, sincerity in his voice. "Yeah I-I think so" I stuttered checking my legs and arms for any cuts or bruises. My wrists now starting to bruise. The man noticed me looking at my wrists and gently picked them up in his hands, "you should probably go to the doctor, just to be looked at" he stated, more concern in his face. "I'm okay, I'd like to just get home" I told him gently pulling my hands away from his. The man stared at me for a moment and nodded his head silently. I'm sure he could see the exhaustion on my face. "I'm Talon, he broke the silence, reaching his hand out for me to shake." "Alexis" I shook his hand in return. Talon gave me a funny look with his eyebrow raised and a slight smile. "What's your real name, Alexis?" He said with humor in his voice. I smiled, "Nicole" I said quietly. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Nicole" he said letting my name linger on his tongue. "Nice to meet you as well" I smiled back at him. "You should get home Nicole; I'll take care of him" Talon shifted his gaze to the still unconscious man on the ground. I nodded and picked my keys up from the ground. "See you soon" Talon said. I gave a quick bye and got into my truck.

I watched Talon walk towards the man just as a bunch of bikes pulled up, men all wearing the same cut as Talon. I sped off towards my house, ready to wash the filth from that man off and go to bed.

I unlocked my door and walked into my dim quiet apartment. Slipping my shoes off I set my bags down and headed directly to my bathroom for a hot shower. I turned the water as hot as I could stand and stripped my clothes off. Stepping into the hot water I let all of the tension and filth leave my body from this evening. My mind kept wandering to the man who saved me thankfully instead of the man who attempted to rape me. His eyes were mesmerizing. He really was a beautiful human, and his words played on repeat in my head, "see you soon." I'm not sure if he meant it but God do I hope so.

Once I felt clean, I stepped out of the shower, drying myself off with a towel and heading into my bedroom for some pajamas. I settled on my silky shorts and tank top set from Victoria Secret. Climbing into bed I set my alarms on my phone, plugged it in, and turned on an episode of the office although I fell asleep within the first 5 minutes.

I woke up to my bed dipping next to me and a hand softly rubbing my shoulder and neck. I opened my sleepy eyes and looked into those gorgeous blue ones that Talon has. I smiled at him feeling completely calm with him so close. "I couldn't wait to see you again" he whispered to me leaning down and kissing my shoulder and slowly making his way to my neck just below my ear. "I couldn't get you out of my head, the way your body moves and those beautiful gray eyes, you've had my mind so busy thinking of all of the things I could do to you" he whispered into my ear, and then kissing it. "Me too I moan whispered" loving the feeling of him kissing every inch of my neck. His hand moved from my arm, then my stomach, slowly making his way to my chest but staying above the soft material. His kisses trailed from my neck to my chin and then hung above my mouth. His eyes were a darker blue as he stared into mine, asking permission and teasing my lips with his. I couldn't take it anymore and kissed him, hard. Our lips moving in sync, our breaths getting harsher, both of us refusing to stop for air. He licked my bottom lip, then bit it, rough but soft at the same time. I opened my mouth to grant him access which he quickly took. Our tongues danced together. The kiss was passionate, and he tasted like mint. I couldn't get enough. His hand played with my breast and his fingertips teased my nipples. I sat up and lifted my shirt over my head giving him a full view of my full breasts. His mouth quickly found my nipple and he began licking and kissing them. I arched my back and moaned at the feeling. I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled a little when he bit gently on my nipple. His hands slid down from my breast, over my belly, and then he was slowly pulling at my silk shorts. I laid back and let him remove them, sliding them slowly down my legs. He had a full view since I didn't bother putting panties on after my shower. Talon licked his lips and stared into my eyes leaning in and kissing me again. This time his kisses started from my neck but with each one he traveled lower and lower down my body. Once he hit my thighs, he started by kissing them, then licking, and leaving small bites near my inner thighs. The sparks he was sending into my body had my senses heightened and I couldn't wait for him to finally taste me. Finally with the tip of his tongue he licked my aching clit, and I couldn't fight the load moan that filled the room at his sudden movement. My back arched as he kept his pace, just barely making contact as he flicked his tongue over my clit. I could feel the excitement building in my lower stomach and I was sure this sweet release was going to send me to heaven. Talon could feel me getting closer and my legs started to shake. His assault on my clit started getting harder and hungrier as he stared into my eyes. My moans a jumbled mess and the "Oh God" I screamed sent him into overdrive. He stopped eating my pussy long enough to lick his finger and slide it into my wetness before continuing to eat me. That was it, my body responded almost instantly as his name left my mouth.

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

My eyes snapped open to the sound of a truck backing up below my apartment. Confused I sat up quickly and looked around my room. It was empty. "Fucking dream" I cursed to myself as I flopped back down onto my bed. I laid in bed for a while going over my amazing dream and thinking about the beautiful man in it. I got up at 6pm and decided to get around for work. One more night and I had a 3-day weekend, well Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

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