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Heart of Diamond

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This is another typical romance between a boss and his secretary. One sunny day, Selena got lost on her way to a job interview until she found herself standing in front of a toy company where they are looking for a female janitor. In her interview, she tried to push her luck. As she opened the door, a young man suddenly shouted at her, asking for her to follow him instead of standing idly. "How rude," she thought. Unknowingly, her face was already mocking him with a grin. The same sunny day, pens and papers were all scattered on the floor of the CEO's office. Hans, alias Diamond, went lashing out upon hearing the confirmation of his engagement with one of the daughters of families in the underground society. "I will never get married," he thought. However, on his way out, one uncanny little girl was caught staring at him. A feeling of shyness rushed in. He can cover it with his words but who knows, whoever saw his ears red on both sides must be dreaming with eyes open.

Romance / Action
Farah Song
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Stone League

~ Peace is the coexistence of sanity and madness in perfect control. ~

When was it? Eight decades ago, many families suffered the onslaught of war. While it is a destructive force that oppress the weak and vulnerable, those in power who are tied into a different idealogy of peace has seen the opportunity to create an organization of families in the underground society.

They made ways to coexist with the normal society. Despite their illegal actions, they continue to live freely among us, unknown, unseen, unheard; out of control of the laws that govern the land.

A purge happens every decade to dismantle and renew the hierarchy of the underground society. Seven years after the purge where families lash out all their madness — the art of deception and alliance included, a battle of succession will begin.

The twelve families of organization leaders include Amethyst (12), Garnet (11), Tourmaline (10), and Zircon (9) in the low chamber; Aquamarine (8), Spinel (7), Emerald (6), and Topaz (5) in the mid chamber; and, Alexandrite (4), Sapphire (3), Ruby (2), and Diamond (1) in the high chamber.

This is where my role kicks in.

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