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Desperate For Him

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This story is set in a village!❤️ Kathiravan- Twenty-nine years old. A self-made billionaire in the business world with undeniably handsome features. He is a stone-hearted, hard-headed, anger-driven, rude, and as well as a dangerous person. More than that, he is highly educated and has a sharp mind which is why people double think before engaging in a clash with him! Rukmani- Nineteen years old. She is beautiful by heart. At present, she has completed her second year of college in biotechnology, and is living her best life with her mom and dad in a small village. When these two humans met each other, attraction instantly blew up! Not to mention those sparks that flew through their body. Ah...the weirdly good feeling. Short story!❤️

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Chapter 1


I rush up the stairs of the temple, giggling, as my little cousin brother Yadhav tries to chase after me with a scowl on his countenance.

Why the scowl? You would ask. Well, the reason is, I had twisted his cheeks with my fingers for fun, but I guess I had done it quite painfully.

Which is why this little devil is coming after me right now.

"You can't escape from me!!" he shouts, and I turn around swiftly, sticking my tongue out, seemingly further heightening up his childish resentment.

Quick as it is, I start to skip the stairs and within a few seconds, I stood at the top of the treads, seizing my ragged breath.

Twirling my body, I glance at Yadhav who was so many steps away from where I had stood. "Oiii!" I laugh out as I let out a boisterous noise in a mocking way.

"I'll definitely catch you!" His voice was an octave lower when it passed into my ear. "Sure you will! Till then, I will be worshipping god!!" I yell back and smile widely before making my path into the temple.

I silently wander towards one of the god idols and began to pray while closing my eyes and uniting my palms together. After I was done worshipping all gods, I went on a hunt to find Yadhav as he hadn't shown up yet.

On the top stairs, I saw him sitting at the edge, his back was facing me as I approach him quietly.

"Yadhav Kanna"(an endearing word) I coo lovingly and place my hands on his shoulder. Unexpectedly, he swirls to encounter me and bite my fingers, stimulating a high-pitch scream to ring out of my brims.

Such a cruel little guy!

I sat there, wailing as I glimpse at his bite marks. "Cry baby!!" He initiates to laugh staring at my sobbing face. My weird manufacturing defect is this crying! I weep for simple things. But I don't certainly care much about it cause my parents are gems.

They rarely had render me cry. Other than Yadhav, the thing that gives job to my lacrimal glands is the serials!!! Doesn't matter which genre it is.

I still remember mourning at the time of watching the Ramayana drama when Seetha decides to get away from Ram. Though I already know that she was going to do the same, I couldn't resist bursting into a series of sobs.

That scenario was so emotional to me, however, my mother was about to throw hands at me for tearing up at such things.

"Ayyyaee how long are you going to cry? Sun is already setting down! We should go back to our house soon" he tugs my other hand and I nod, standing up and stepping down the stairs along with him.

Once we were on our way home, Yadhav gave me a disapproving look and shake his head. "God, why are you still crying! I'm sorry sorry sorry. Please don't cry" he begs with a pleading expression.

"You should have done that earlier" I wipe away my tears and flash a wide grin at him, in return, he just slaps his palm to his head, probably done with my antics.



How was it guys?😘

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