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By Penny Hall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


The door would be busted down as a man in a black ski mask would stand there, the husband would be standing in front of his wife as she would back up while holding her golden chain cross around her neck, in her mind she was praying to god for their safety.

Chapter 1

Sakura Aoishi

Age: 17

Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, slightly pale skin, round reading glasses hiding her large brown eyes. Her small frame is one of the reasons why she was bullied.

Personality: Mostly shy and quiet while most of the students would look at her strangely, works hard in school so she is always top of the class but because of this, a male bully would pick on her and force her to do his homework it was also the same way with three certain girls. To hide from them she would go to the library and read mostly.

Aden Jefferson

Age: Unknown but his appearance shows to be 18

Appearance: Light green hair, bangs long in the front and short in the back, crystal blue eyes and pale skin with a slim figure showing he is agile.

Personality: Stubborn, kind, protective, can keep his emotions hidden at all times. His partner always joking with him since he was in the same situation he was in.

Bio: Nothing much to say other than he’s an assassin who would go and assassinate humans who commit inhumane crimes whether it’s stealing, kidnapping or whatever. Either way, it’s committing murder so no one really understands why.

The door would be busted down as a man in a black ski mask would stand there, the husband would be standing in front of his wife as she would back up while holding her golden chain cross around her neck, in her mind she was praying to god for their safety.

“I’ll give you the count of three...” The gunman calmly says while taking the safety off and aimed it at the husband’s head.

“Leave us alone! We did nothing wrong! Don’t shoot him!” The wife screams taking a couple of steps forward, her brown hair hid half of her face before the husband would respond to her the gun was moved to her and she was shot in the middle of her forehead. His eyes widened while the gun barrel was placed back on his forehead, “You’re a sick person!” The husband sneered at the gunman then began fighting him, knowing the gun was loaded he tried his hardest to avoid getting shot. Having the gun aimed in the air the gunman would knee him in the stomach hard then kicked him over to the wall. A little girl was watching in horror as the gunman shot her father. She moved to the bottom of the stairs quietly, “W... why would you...?” She would simply begin to whimper then the barrel aimed at her as tears flowed from her eyes.

“Because, for my own reasons.” His eyes were that of a crazy person, she fell back and was trying to scoot away. As the gunman placed his finger on the trigger a blade was pierced through his chest. His eyes were filled with panic and fear as it was jerked out quick and hard. Blocking her face with her arms as the man fell onto the floor, looking up all she saw was a tall male figure. She was about to scream as the figure’s eyes softened making her feel somewhat... safe? Weird huh? his crystal blue eyes which stared at her intently was like he was trying to say, ‘you’re safe now’. Blinking as he disappears into the night, it took her a few moments as her eyes began to well up while hugging her knees. She lost the two most important people who she cared for the most...

The little girl was now seventeen years old, while walking down the sidewalk, it was nearing fall so she wore her cotton sweater with jeans. Her hair grew down to her shoulder blades as she wore her croquet hat over hair, in her hands she read a book turning the page once in a while. Gripping the collar of her sweater cold swept passed her making her shiver a little while running inside a building after unlocking it, the sign above would say ‘Book Store’ simple name not at all fancy or anything. Sighing she would take her hat off while bookmarking her page. Setting it over by the counter she tucks it under the shelf.

“Another day at the book store,” Sighing as she went into the back room to check the books which recently came in, “I guess I can start by sorting these away.” Setting them on the cart she would fill up the top row then began moving towards the tall book shelves which stood in front of her.

Far from the store a pair of familiar eyes would watch her from that very spot, wearing a baseball cap on his head as most of his hair was tucked underneath. Tilting his cap down slightly when locals would pass by smiling and laughing at each others conversations never noticing him. As he lifted his head up he got a smack in the back of the head. Quickly spinning around only to see his companion smiling sheepishly, “Yo, I just got you a coffee,” Hands the coffee out to him making him scoff snatching it while sipping slightly. “You still watching her? She probably doesn’t even remember you! Even if she did, you know what will happen if she found out?”

He would only glance towards him with one of his eyes, “She and I will be executed to death, I won’t let that happen to her, though.” Turning back around as he jumps slightly seeing she was staring at him then blinks. “We need to go.”

“Aaahh, she was looking again?” His friend mocks.

“Shut up.”

They both walked off and disappeared towards downtown as they jumped up a building and sat on the roof.

‘Having her find out would be the worst thing to ever happen.’ He would think while taking off the cap as his light green hair fell down on each side of his face.

She would blink seeing how the two men who stood there, it was about the third week that the same two men would watch her. Turning her head away she would finish putting away the last book then walked towards the desk sitting in the chair writing down some dates on the newest books that just came in.

Day went to night fast as she began locking up the book store, dusting off the counter she would slip on her coat walking out the front door then locks it. Feeling a hand touch her shoulder she froze not daring to move. The person gripped her shoulder harder then spun her around hard slamming her into the door, her head was pinned. Wincing as her eyes were squinting but she could tell who it was, the jock of her school who constantly bullied her.

“Were you hiding from me?” He demanded lowering his face close to her. “You know I get angry when you do that, nerd.”

“I-I-I w-wasn’t... h-h-hiding...!” Squeaking, gripping onto his large hand trying to pry it off of her head.

“Don’t lie!!” He roars lifting her up with just his hand, she yelps as tears began to slowly run down her face. Soon the pain lowered from her head to her feet back up to her head, very quickly she did a quick attempt for help while inhaling her last breath, “SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!” Screaming her loudest, soon darkness was caving in around her as she passed out her arms fell limply to her sides from his hand.

An echo of a scream could be heard as the two males sat there as the one who had light green hair lifted his head up slightly, “Somethings wrong!” Exclaiming while standing up then began dashing off of the roof having his friend chase after him, “Dude what’s wrong? What did you hear?”

“She’s crying for help!” Was all he said as he jumped down on the side of the building sprinting hard along the side of it. Pulling his hat up his crystal blue eyes would glow in the night while sprinting harder leaving behind his friend who was trying hard to catch up.

‘Damn, so he was this serious about that human girl? She’s no different from a normal girl... well except for the ones nowadays...’ An image popped up as he gripped his fists sprinting hard jumping onto the side of the building sprinting hard across it.

“Aden! Where did her cry come from?” Calling out to him as Aden glances back at him.

“The book store.” Aden calmly states but in his voice was filled with worry while he faced ahead jumping in the air landing quietly a few feet away from the entrance. Seeing a jock lifting her unconscious body up over his shoulder. Aden’s eyes narrowed as the jock turned around seeing him standing there, “What are you staring at?” The jock would belch glaring at him.

-dumb question there-

Aden sneered at him but instantly saw a weak spot.. mostly from the smell in the air, ‘he’s drunk, what the hell? Well this will be easy, at least I don’t have to kill him.’ Charging at him disappearing within a second taking the drunk jock off guard then appearing close to his face as Aden put a finger under his ear whispering, “Good night.” The drunk fell like a brick wall dropping Sakura to the ground. Aden looked over to her rushing to her side while his friend walked over just leaning up against a fence post having seen the whole scene.

“How is she?” He asked as Aden had checked for a pulse on her wrist. His eyes softened relieved, “She’s alive.”

“Aaahh, how a Romeo is to his Juliet!” His friend mocks making him irritated. “Saving his Juliet from the danger and having her in his arms, like in a fairy tail!!” He was dramatically swaying his arms like an idiot making Aden’s irritation rise.

“Shut up! Anyway, we have to get her home, I don’t want her to remember this jock knocked her out!” Aden exclaims, freezing instantly when feeling a small hand grip onto his shirt gently. Looking down he saw that she had woken up, her eyes were light brown behind her glasses with an expression of complete confusion, “W... W-Who’re... y-y-you...?” Yep, she was awake so Aden helped her up as she looks at the jock, her eyes widened in fear.

Aden reassures her by placing his hand on her shoulder.

“He’s unconscious, don’t worry he’s not dead.”

She would stare at him, nerves slightly calming down. Slowly nodding hesitantly, “O...Okay....”

-How will he explain this now?-

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