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A Queen For Ishmalak

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Revenge is the hope of a person on a lost course. By getting revenge on a foe they end up on the right course but, they gain nothing because in the end nothing changes. All remains the same. She wants revenge, she wants to avenge her friend, but for her to get revenge she needs great power and with great power comes immense pain and endless torture. Kamau needs Ishmalak the Demi-god who once dominated half of the ethereal world but how can she find someone who's existence is a question and unknown.

Romance / Fantasy
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A long time ago, beyond the large ocean that separated the known from the unknown, even before the creation of Adam, there lived a wondering being —Not a man for he wasn’t bound by flesh, but a being because he existed.

Where did he come from? From which god did he descend? Nobody knew. He roamed the surface of the earth and kept guard of all that God created. Some say he descended from heaven to serve God’s purpose, some say he was a fallen angel banished from the imperial abode —he had the beauty befitting one and his broken wings which was not made of pure white feathers proved them right. The only proof of his existence was held in the records of the Akasha— a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, emotions, and intents that had taken place in the past, in the present, and in the future, of all entities and life forms. Only those with the purest hearts, the blessing of the Almighty Creator could be granted access to it. That is why, the existence of Ishmalak the survivor of God’s wrath, the forsaken angel and the self-made god who sought to dominate the corporeal world was, is and shall remain unknown.

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