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A Queen For Ishmalak

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Chapter 1

Solaria— The land in the middle of the ocean that divided the known from the unknown, was dominated by the faeries. They are the most mischievous of creatures always up to no good but they were on their best behavior if you were a friend.

In the northern hemisphere of Solaria, there lived a young nymph in the mystic fields. The faeries only saw her every aurora and when they did see her they would party from morn till eve.

"Kamau, I wish we could relive a day till the end of eternity.", said the young fairy princess. The nymph frowned.

"Why do you say that Ashlikka?"

"I feel as though if I were to look elsewhere, you would disappear right before my eyes." The nymph felt bad, she didn’t know how to comfort her dearest friend. She could not say that she would stay with her till the end of the next day, because her friend was wise and would easily know she was lying.

"I am sorry my friend, if I could stay with you till the next day I would be overjoyed." Her friend looked up to her eyes.

"Then why don’t you Kamau? I will give you a place to stay in my palace." The nymph laughed at her friend’s statement.

"Ashlikka, you are the size of my arm do you think I would fit into your palace?" Kamau asked.

"I would build you one beside the lake then.We will have tea every morning and talk about everything we could possibly think about. In the afternoon we could pull pranks on the elves who live in the Southern region and in the evening we would stare at the Glowing Lake Of Possibilities and look out for our future." said Ashlikka, satisfied with the idea.

"You know very well how most of the faeries feel about me, Ashlikka. Your people hate me, only a few can even tolerate the idea of me and your mother would be livid if I were to even step foot in her castle."

"I already know that Kamau, but picture it. Doesn’t the thought of it just excite you?"

"It does. But only fools live in a dream."

Ashlikka drew closer to Kamau with a grin plastered on her face,

"Then why are you living in one right now?".

Kamau gasped and opened her eyes, she was nowhere in the mystic fields with her dearest friend, she was back home in the Kaufman planes- the land of the nymphs. Kamau got up from her hammock and went to the lake, she needed to take a bath to calm down.

"Kamau! Kamau! Help me please!"yelled Ashlikka. Kamau was frozen her knees were paralyzed. She needed to help her friend but she was overcome with fear.

"Kamau please!" Kamau stared in horror as Ashlikka was broken into tiny pieces by the masked creature.

"Ashlikka!"Kamau yelled trying to reach her hand out to her friend. It was too late. Ashlikka ceased to exist- her existence was no more as prophesied by the Akasha.

"Kamau! Get out of the lake." yelled Meana. Meana jumped in and pulled her sister out of the lake. Kamau cried in the arms of her younger sister. She had lost her only friend due to her cowardice and she couldn’t bare it.

"Kamau, maemana (Maemana-mother) is worried about you please stop behaving like this." Meana said to her sister. Meana didn’t know what was going on with Kamau. Kamau continued to cry in her sister’s arms.

"Kamau, you can confide in me, so please tell me why you are behaving this way?"

"It’s all my fault Meana, I am murderer." Kamau sobbed in her sister’s arms.

"Why would you say such a thing?"

"I am a coward, I could have saved her from dying."

"Saved who from dying?" asked a worried Meana


"Who is that?"

"My friend ­­­­­­­­­- the fairy princess." Meana was confused at this statement. If she could remember correctly it was known all over Solaria that the fairy Queen was barren and this had led her to become the cold-hearted Queen she was now. It was for this very reason that all the other races were at war with the fairy Kingdom.

"Kamau the fairy Queen does not have a child- she is barren." Kamau quickly rose her head.

"She is not barren Meana, she has a daughter named Ashlikka and is pregnant with another one as we speak!" said Kamau. Meana looked at her sister as if she had grown two heads. Meana placed her hand on her sister’s head.

"It seems you are coming up with something Kamau, come on let’s head inside I will call maemana." Kamau slapped her sister’s hand away.

"I am not sick Meana stop acting as if you don’t know what I am talking about! You have even met her before." yelled Kamau.

"Seriously Kamau, you must stop joking. Even if your friend really existed maemana will be furious to hear that you even came into contact with a fairy and even more if she heard you were associated with one."

Kamau didn’t know what was going on with her sister. Since the beginning of the early ages everybody knew that the fairy kingdom was not on friendly terms with the nymphs, because the first Queen of the nymphs had stolen the fairy Queen’s husband and later on he was killed by the Mother of the Queen of the Nymphs. But recently, the elders of the two races came to a conclusion that for the two races to progress and build a better future they had to let the past live in the past, and so they were now on friendly terms or at least most of them.

Kamau turned on her heels and headed to the forest. She needed to know what was going on. Something didn’t feel right, because Meana would never lie or even take a joke so far, it was so unlike her.

"Kamau where are you going?" yelled Meana running towards her sister. Kamau’s ears started to ring as she got closer to the forest, her vision started to blur and it was like all the energy in her was being drained away. She began to sway and before she knew it she was on the ground.


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