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Cop Car

By sad_masquerade All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


Every guy wants to take a girl on a memorable first date, and Owen was no different. Good-looking and musically gifted, Owen had no trouble getting the gorgeous, but quiet Ava to go out with him. And when she suggests going to the airport to watch the sunset, he can't refuse. It was all unforgettable, especially their arrest by the police after they were caught trespassing, and neither would forget it for the rest of their lives. They weren't criminals, but they fell in love in the back of a cop car.

Chapter 1

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?” the officer said as he handcuffed me and walked me to the car. I glanced around and saw Ava being led to the same car. I nod and he opens the right back door of the cruiser and pushed me in, then nodded for the other officer to put Ava in next to me. He slammed my door and I turned in my seat so I could face Ava.

I looked at Ava and laughed before saying, “Your dad’s gonna kill me.” She looked at me and laughed before shifting in her seat.

She turned to the officer and flirtatiously said, “Hey handsome, do you think there would be any way for you to loosen these cuffs? They’re too tight and they’re cutting off the circulation to my fingers. Better yet, you could just let me and my friend go. I’m sure it would save you some paperwork.” She smiled at him and he slammed the door, unamused by her attempt to sweet talk him.

“Maybe we could make a run for it. It would be a good story to tell our friends when we get back.” she suggested when her sweet talk didn’t work. I looked at her and thought, You are crazy as hell. There is no way I’m going to do that.

“Nah, they’d catch us and give us a worse punishment. Let’s not push our luck.” I said then shifted in my seat when the two officers got in the front of the car.

She looked at the officers in the mirror and smiled at them before asking, “Excuse me, could one of you give me a light? My lighter is in my pocket and I can’t reach it, which you should know.”

I laughed, knowing that she hadn’t smoked a day in her life. The officer in front of me slammed his door and then we began to drive away. I watched as the blue lights reflected in Ava’s green eyes, and I knew she was enjoying the freedom she felt, despite the fact that we were going to jail. But I wouldn’t change anything, she had stolen my heart and it all began in the back of the cop car.

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