Phantom's beating heart

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His captivating smile, his adventurous personality, his bravery, his gorgeous looks, his playful flirting, and his protective tendencies. These are the things that drew me to Xander. He was everything I wanted until one day... everything changed. Xander the mafioso, AKA the phantom. I fell in love with him before I realized he was in the mafia, but I will stand by his side no matter what. I know what I signed up for. I now ride or die with a phantom and nobody can stop us.

Romance / Action
Arabella Cintron
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Out my window

“Stay back Kai. Do you hear me? Keep yourself hidden.” He says before he runs out of the hallway and into the living room of the mansion.

Shots ring out immediately and I watch in horror as I see him get shot.

“Phantom!” I yell in a panic as the bullet hits him and without a single thought, I air this bitch out with the automatic rifle I found on the ground earlier.

Bullets fly into the men who thought they could get away with hurting my man. As body after body fall to the ground, Phantom crawls towards his gun and takes the final headshot of the last man standing.

“Phantom!” I run to him and try to help him up.

“This place is set to explode. Get out of here now, Kai!”

“And leave you?!” I asked in disbelief, holding his face.

“You have to. I love you.”

“No! Get your ass up!” I yell with tears falling down my face and then a bright flash of light blinds me before he pulls me back.


Five months before:

Kai POV:

“I had that dream again,” I say as I wake up and kick the warm blankets away from me.

Xander sits by my window and blows smoke out of it before turning to look at me with that gorgeous face of his.

Xander is a sexy E boy with jet black hair, that’s buzzed on the side, chains on his neck, wrist, and belt loops. He has piercings on his ears, nose, and eyebrow, but no tattoos. His eyes are a warm hazel color, his skin almond, and his body is fit to perfection. Every once and a while I’ll see him wear a bit of red, but most of the time he is dressed in blacks, whites, and grays.

The girls at our college campus drool over him and I don’t blame them.

“You mean the dream where you wake up with shaking legs?” He jokes and I throw a pillow at him that he manages to dodge, and he cracks up laughing.

Last night, Xander texted me, begging me to let him stay over at my sorority house bedroom even though that is strictly not allowed. His reasoning was that he didn’t like the guys from his frat house, and he’d rather jump out a window than hear them talk about another girl they banged and how hot she was for them.

The frat house was two houses away from this one and I’ve heard of some weird stories of what goes down at that place. I wouldn’t want to live there either.

Feeling sorry for my best friend, I told him he could come over as long as he climbs up from my bedroom window and doesn’t get caught. That’s easier said than done considering Xander never gets caught when he’s breaking the rules, and probably never will with his luck and his nine cat lives.

“I’m talking about the dream where the gang of clowns chases me to try and torture me,” I tell him with a pout.

“You need me to jump in that dream of yours and kick their clowny asses? I’ll do it and you’ll never dream of them again.” He says in a joking way as he takes another draw of his weed but a part of me can’t help but feel warm inside whenever he says things like that.

“There were like five of them,” I tell him and he shrugs as cool as ever before getting off the window cel and striding towards me. He sits beside me on the bed and every time he is this close to me I somehow forget to breathe. When I do breathe, I smell his intoxicating cologne and fresh weed.

“I can take them, easy. Nobody will hurt my sugar cube, not even in her dreams.” And then he says things like that, which only makes me want to fall head over heels for him even more.

If I hadn’t known Xander might be leaving the state after graduation to become an engineer, I would have definitely dated him. But I know it’s not forever so I hold back from getting too attached to him despite how difficult he makes it with his consent flirting.

I smile at him and he winks at me before someone bangs on my door.

“Kai! Is Xander in there? I can practically smell him!” Xander’s sister, June yells through the door and Xander gets up quickly.

“God damn it, she’s got a beagle’s nose.”

“Where are you going?”

“Out the window.” He says and I quickly get up as well.

“Wait! The ladder is not up you can’t just...” He strides past me and jumps out of the second-story window and onto the trampoline he must have strategically placed there to make a quick getaway.

“Bye Kai! Don’t let my sister give you too much shit, alright?” He says and with a laugh, I nod as he runs off the property. I walk over to the door and open it. June is standing there with her hands on her hips annoyed.

June looks similar to Xander with her jet black hair and almond skin tone but their personalities are very different. Xander is free-spirited and a rebel, while June is more disciplined and cautious. Both are great people nonetheless.

“Hey June,” I tell her as casually as ever and she cocks her head at me.

“Where is he? He jumped out the window?” She asks and I sigh with a nod. There is no use in lying to her, she knows her brother too well.

“He’s going to get caught one day if he keeps pulling that stunt. If it were for me, I’d let him stay but you know this house isn’t mine or yours and we have to respect the rules or risk getting a strike.

“I know it’s just that...” I trail off and she nods as if knowing what I was about to say.

“You can’t say no to him. He’s your best friend, I don’t blame you, and he can’t seem to stay away from you ever since he met you two years ago. It’s not your fault. I’ll have to talk to him about it if I manage to find him.”

“Good luck,” I tell her and she laughs.

“Yeah, I’m going to need it with Xan. Are you hungry? The girls are making breakfast if you wanna join.” She says with a kind smile and I nod and return it.

“Definitely. Right after I get out of my PJs and brush my teeth.”

“Take your time.” She says as she leaves my bedroom and I quickly shoot a text to Xander.

Kai: (That was a close one.)

Xander: (June knows better than to think she’s going to catch me. ;p I’ll see you at the campus cafe for lunch, sugar cube.) Sugar cube is a nickname that he gave me a long time ago because of my sweetness and as corny as it is, it just stuck.

Kai: (See you there.)

From the bathroom I look out the window on this beautiful colorado springs morning. The backdrop of the mountains in the distance and the birds flying by look like something out of a movie. I've lived in colorado all my life but its beauty never fails to amaze me.

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