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Samuel thought he wouldn't fall in love until college. That was his plan, anyway, but chance decided to ruin his plan and make him fall for the last person Samuel would ever think of falling for. Samuel Carter, a sophomore in High School, has always had plans to remain isolated until after college. But something happened that he didn't plan for. Tutoring. At first, he hates it because he's paired with his middle school bully, Trevor summers, but after a while, he begins to have feelings for Trevor and his plans are thrown off the table and into the void. At first, his feelings for Trevor were simple, but after every day spent with Trevor, Sam is thrown into a more complex feeling that he hasn't felt in a long time. Love. How does Samuel handle his new found feelings for Trevor? Will he accept them and confess to Trevor? Or will he not handle it very well and cut off all ties with his middle school bully?

Romance / Other
Nicole J. Binkley
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Chapter 1

“Samuel Carter. Please report to the Counselor’s Office immediately.” Said the lady on the intercom.

Samuel packed up his bags as he heard snickers all around him in the classroom. He exited the room without a word and left the other students to their rumors.

Samuel Carter was fifteen years old and a huge bookworm. He didn’t read novels like Maximum ride or anything like that. He read textbooks, he studied for tests and aced every one of them.

He had brown hair and green eyes and fair skin. However, he was pale from sitting inside the house. He was five feet, ten inches in height. but for a bookworm like him, when people met him in his classes, they were surprised to find that he didn’t have glasses which was portrayed by almost all the bookworms in the school.

Samuel opened the door to the Counselor’s Office and was greeted with several friendly faces. “Hello.” Said the lady at the desk, whose voice was high in pitch and was a bit annoying to Sam, but he didn’t show his annoyance. “Samuel Carter?” She asked.

Sam nodded and she began typing away again at the computer. “Your counselor is in his office. You may go.” She said. Sam nodded again and headed towards his counselor’s office. His counselor, Mr. Fisher, wasn’t there for any trauma unless there had been anything traumatic in the person’s life, but Samuel didn’t have anything traumatic happen to him. And hopefully that won’t happen at all. He thought. All the counselors were there for Samuel to let him know of any schedule changes, if there were any.

Samuel walked into his counselor’s office and he saw the man sitting at his desk with a smile on his face. “Good morning, Samuel.” He said. Sam sat down in the chair in front of Mr. Fisher’s desk as he replied. “Good morning, Mr. Fisher.” He said. His voice was soft and gentle, but it was also a bit monotone. The monotone took away some of the beauty of his voice.

“Samuel, I’m afraid the staff member that’s in charge of all student’s credits has lost one of your credits from your freshman year. She won’t even try to get it back until you redeem it somehow.” He said.

Samuel raised an eyebrow at the explanation. “How do I redeem my credit?” He asked.

“She suggested that you tutor one of the students that are currently failing.” Said Mr. Fisher a little reluctantly.

Samuel sat forward a little more. “Tutor? She thinks I’ll want to tutor?” He asked.

Mr. Fisher shrugged. “I already told her that you would.” He said. “I’m afraid that from now on, you’ll have to stay after school and tutor.”

Sam leaned back in the chair and wondered how he was going to manage his homework and tutoring at the same time. He realized that Mr. Fisher was dismissing him to go back to class. Samuel nodded goodbye after picking up is backpack.

He exited the Counselor’s Office as the bell rang, ending third period.

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