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Meeting Once Again

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This is a Story of A young Lady called Pearl. She lost her Mother at Birth and Staying with Grandma. Cultists invaded their House and was Raped till she passed out..... To be Continue....

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Chapter 1

Maria was selling Alcoholic Drink at the Motor Garage,while her Daughter Peace do help her hawk within the Motor Park,the Life was so hard on them that to feed is always difficult.
Maria Lost her Husband at War Front when peace was so small,she relocated to another place when the Burden is too much on her and Decided to be staying in Ghetto close to one Motor garage,she gather Money to start selling Alcoholic Sachets Drink.
Peace Found their New Environment difficult to adapt to, but along the line she decided to be of help to her Mother, she will carry some Alcoholic Sachet Drinks to Different places within Motor Park and within their Ghetto.
Peace is a Very Pretty Lady with Charming Body and Lovely Face,no man can resist the power of her Beauty, but she use to turn them Down.
After when they have spent all the Money for their Alcoholic Business on Feeding and settling some Bills,they ran out of Cash, Maria decided to Take Fast Loan which she have to pay Back within Few Weeks.
They started Buying and selling with the Money again after one week of no profits, Maria was depressed and Peace asked her what exactly is the problem, she explained everything about The Money they loaned ,Peace assured her Mother that she will struggle to Raised the Money.

One Day Peace was Busy selling The Alcoholic Drink when she saw those people that loan her Mother Money,they were taking one of their Debtor to the Motor Park to go and Beg and be singing, seeing this really made Peace to sad and she left the premises to one hiding place to cry,while she was crying one Man Approached her and asked her what happened to her and she explained everything to him,the man promised to always be of help to her and her mother, she was so Glad that she went home to narrate everything to her Mother and Maria was Glad.

Peace see this Man as their God sent,but this Man want something else from her.
The Man is the Coordinator of the Motor Garage where they are selling Alcoholic Drink.
The Name of this Man is Benjamin, popularly known as Ben in their Motor Park.
Ben Rented Another Apartment for Peace and her Mother away from the Ghetto and asked them to quit selling Alcoholic Drink.
Things Began going on well with them on till one Day......
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