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Trust fund baby

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Chapter three


I was arranging my clothes into the closet when I heard the door opening and some heavy footsteps.

Grabbing the ornamental candle stick holder from the bedside drawer,I crept slowly to the corridor,ready to defend my home from a home invader.

My heart was thumping a mile by the second.

At the edge of the corridor which allowed me to see into the kitchen and still keep me hidden,I saw the outline of a man,a naked man.

“I will only be raped in my death” I quietly assured myself,with a loud war cry I swung at the back of the man.

Thwack,the candle holder landed heavily and squarely on his back.

“Arrrghhh” the naked man screamed and dropped to his knees “What in the name of bollocks is that!!” He yelled.

Rosa rushed in,wait Rosa?

“Miss Arizona?” She whispered in recognition

“Rosa” i mumbled.

“Rosa,call the police” the home invader commanded

“Yes call the police,wait what?”

“This thief assaulted me” he pointed at me

I looked at the naked idiot labeling me. He not bare butt,He has a short on,if it can be labeled a short.

“Some guts ye have there,you bloody shameless home invader”

He scoffed and rose to his feet “me,a home invader? That is rich coming from you. Who the fuck are you and what gives you the right to protect this house and also label me an home invader?. Rosa,is my back swollen?,it stings” He said it all in one breath.

I folded my arms,the candle holder firmly secured in my hand “You should worry more about your supply of oxygen than your back”

“It is quite swollen sir”

If looks could kill,I should be dropping down dead as of this moment. “you witch” he took a step towards me before rosa panicked and got between us.

“Stop it!!”

I was already brandishing the candle holder as a defensive weapon again.

“Armand,this is miss Arizona. Miss,this is Armand,your co owner”

“What!” We both exclaimed

Rosa was a local who helped us in taking care of the summer house while we were away,she babysitted me a few times and I adore her. She was more like a family to us.

“The house was sold?” I asked incredulously.

“Your father wanted to sell the house but he was only half the owner”

“So she is the other half,are you also interested in selling?” Armand asked

“I should be asking you that. It was grief that probably made my dad take that rash decision but I am getting the full ownership of this house back”

“Yeah right” he scoffed

“Excuse me!,this is my home. Why would you want an outdated beach house?”

“Business” he said it like duhh

“There are other buildings… he cuts in “already bought them” he arrogantly replied

“I thought this was a sought out place,why are people selling?” I was baffled

Rosa and Armand shared a look,Rosa gently grabbed my armed and steered me to the kitchen “Are you hungry?,miriam has always asked of you” she changed the topic.

Miriam was rosa’s daughter.

“How has she been?”

“Good,won’t stop yapping about her boyfriend” she said with a disgruntled look on her face.

I smiled and sat down on the kitchen stool,noticed grocery bags on the kitchen counter.

They probably came back from groceries shopping.

“How about I whip up something,Armand please put on a shirt,your arms are distracting” Rosa said with a flirty chuckle,He grinned and flexed it.


“If limp noodles can be distracting” I mumbled not so quietly.

He sidled up to my left side,clearly disregarding my personal space and said “I don’t know the kind of noodles you have been eating but go ahead and touch it” he shove his biceps under my nose “they are way far from limp and soft”

“Please move your biceps away from my face” I said in calm voice “Unless you don’t mind excruciating painful bite marks on it” I warned him.

He burst out laughing “still as feisty “ he said and strolled off.

I arched an eyebrow at his back then turned back to rosa.

“How long have you known this bloke?” I quizzed Rosa as soon as he was out of the kitchen

“A while” she brought out grocery and started arranging it.

“A while,I want a time frame”

“Why?” She opened the fridge and put the drinks inside.

She has to be joking.

“Why?” I repeated dumbfounded “I will be sharing a roof with him since he co owns the house,so I am sure he will be sleeping here.I will like to know if he is an axe murderer or a serial rapist”

She paused what she was doing and replied “I know him quite well so you have nothing to be afraid off. In my own opinion,he is the one who should be afraid” she chuckled and continued arranging the fridge.

“Ha funny,What does he do to be able to afford buying beach houses on this part of the town”

Housing was quite expensive on the part of the town our house is situated.

“Land developer?” She shrugged

“Are you asking or telling me or you were being sarcastic?”

She smiled and came to my side “you haven’t changed” her eyes got teary eyed as she gently pats my hair “you look just like your mother” I smiled back.

She was quite close to my mother,she treated her like a younger sister.

“How have you coped all these years?”

“One step after the other” my eyes started stinging

“You should have come back earlier” she tearfully admonished

“So many happy memories here” I choked out,she dropped her hand from my hair and rubbed my shoulder.

“The more reasons to have come back sooner” she hugged me as the first tear dropped from my eyes.

After fighting cancer painfully for two years,my mother died and I became numbed to most things.

The last time I saw Rosa was at my mother’s burial,I was dry eyed and devastated.

Seeing her comfort me like a mother would do to her child,opens the barely healed wound.

“Shhh,it is okay” she gently pats my back “how is your father doing and where is he?” She asked

“The last time I heard from him,he said something about going to India with mum”

My dad is currently traveling the world with my mum’s ashes. She always wanted to travel the world after I left for uni.

I just got accepted,when she became sick.

“I am sure he is doing fine. You shouldn’t be worried about him” she pulled back and wiped my face.

“Go splash some water on your face,i will start cooking”

I stood up to go do what she commanded.

After washing my face in the bathroom,I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I looked tired and burdened,but there was a little spark in my tired and dull eyes.

Maybe coming home was just what i needed.

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