2 kings, 1 destiny

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The paths of two powerful Kings will cross... They have an ancestral hatred, fueled by a bloody past between Vampires and Lycans/Werewolf . But the discovery that they are fated mates will rock their world and change their lives forever. However, this discovery will awaken an old curse that will bring with it death and destruction. Can they be prepared for it? Welcome to the fantastic world of fiction! Enjoy reading, enjoy life, be happy! Attention! If you are under 18, do not read this story! (Not ready, come back later.) Erotic content warning. Read in moderation.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


“But who dares to threaten me with a war? A filthy wolf? A bearer of filthy vermin? Answer me!”

My advisor and supreme commander of my army looked at me searching his head for answers as he held that parchment in his hands.

“My queen, technically they are not werewolves but Lycans.”

“They are all from the same family! Just like the fleas and ticks they lodge in those greasy hairs! ”

I was really pissed off! How was it possible that a half-brick king dared to send me, queen of the vampires, a letter demanding my presence in his lands? In order to avoid a war? But what war? Our species were at peace since we agreed to fight alongside humans in their silly wars and signed a peace treaty between the three species, humans, werewolves/lycans and vampires. Subsequently we divided the world into two parts. The northeren hemisphere is our territory and the southern hemisphere is the territory of the werewolves/ lycans/ fleas and ticks! So, after all the effort of our ancestors, to receive a threat of war makes me possessed!

“Arthemedis, as my advisor what do you think our next step should be? A quick and deadly attack or a slow and tactical one?”

I see worry in your beautiful features. His dark eyes fixed on mine, his jaw clenched and the mountain of muscles tenses, tell me that he doesn’t agree. I watch him slowly rise from his seat in front of my desk,and walk around it until he is just inches away from me. I remain leaning back in my chair pretending not to be nervous about his proximity. His scent wafts into my nostrils and my brain short-circuits. I squint and arch my eyebrow questioningly. That six-foot-four vampire, light brown hair down to his shoulders and a perfect face, moves me in a way that scares me and he knows it perfectly well.

“Amelia, we can’t start a war against the Lycans. Although they are few in number, they are very strong, fast, intelligent, and then, they have the werewolves as their allies. It’s not wise to make a decision like that, we have to listen to them and find out what’s going on.”

I felt the warm air from his mouth on my left ear, where he made a point of whispering his opinion. Every hair on my body stood up, and I took a deep breath to process his words that had not yet reached my brain. Without a second thought I grabbed him by the jaw with my hand and pulled him toward my lips. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. Our tongues engaged in a sensual dance as our hands roamed our bodies desperately. In one swift motion with his arm, Arthemedis swept all the objects off my desk, that flew and crashed to the floor.

“Arthemedis...” - I spoke hoarsely with his mouth still locked on mine - “I’m not ready yet...”

After hearing my words I saw him close his eyes and sigh before releasing himself from my lips. Frustration and a big bulge between his legs was what was left of our make-out session. Although I felt guilty that we hadn’t moved on to the next step, I knew it wasn’t the time yet even though my body was desperate for his touch. It was as if my body wanted one thing and my mind wanted another.

“I’m sorry,“- I said ashamed.

“That’s okay, I’m used to it. Now I think I’ll clean up this mess. ”

It hurt me to hear his words but I didn’t say anything, I just helped him tidy up in the awkward silence that enveloped us. When we finished, I sought his embrace and rested my head on his strong chest. It was comforting and calming and let me think clearly about the issues that were bothering me. I closed my eyes and delighted in his hand caressing my head and his fingers that curled in my hair in a joyful playfulness. I looked up and stared at his calm and peaceful face with a smile on his face. He was about ten inches taller than me which made me feel like a damsel in distress and he was my fearless and protective knight.

“Should we talk to Lycan King?” - I asked with my face buried in his chest.

" I think so, my queen.” - he answered calmly.

Then so be it, we’ll see what that pile of fleas has to tell me.

“Find out everything you can about him, especially the dirt I can use against him.”

I winked at him with a smile, a little encouragement for my most loyal vampire.

“Of course my queen...”


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