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The crime rates in Niyah's city begin to increase and she somehow gets caught in the middle of it. Secrets are being kept between her and her friends, will Niyah be able to contain her guilt and keep her curiosity at bay when she comes face to face with challenges that may affect her relationships.

Romance / Mystery
Jessica C
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Thank you for choosing to read Inevitable.

Author’s Note:

It has been a while since I have written anything fictional. The last time I wrote something fiction was over 5 years ago on a different account. However, I created a new one for a fresh start, I’m 20 years old now, my writing style, my likes and dislikes have definitely changed, as they of course would.

I wrote this book in a genre I haven’t written in before so hopefully, you all enjoy it. Leave me comments and if you enjoy it, leave it a vote, I would really appreciate it as it will let me know that there is at least someone out there reading and enjoying my work😂.

Also, the story description is not the best and does not reflect the book or the intentions I have with it properly just yet, so if you see that change, it is because I will be tweaking it as I go along to better fit the sense of the book. I’m a bit rusty.

Meet the Characters (in order of mention):

Niyah Williams | [N•eyeah]: A 21-year-old Pisces and University graduate.

Lina Smith | [Lee•na]: A 21-year-old Leo in a long term relationship with Michael Moore, best friend of Niyah Williams, also a university graduate.

Michael Moore | [My•kull]: A 21-year-old Libra who was adopted at a young age. Also a university graduate.

King Anderson | [King]: 23-year-old Sagittarius who gets away from the city and moves back to his smaller home town.

Dexter Fernández | [D•eh•k•s•ter]: 22-year-old from South America. He is a university graduate with a Business degree.

I hope you enjoy, J.
Copyright©2020, Jessica Ceita. All Rights Reserved.

This story is fiction; The characters and events described and portrayed throughout this book are fictional.

Any similarities to real people, living or dead, are coincidental and not intended by the author. This story may talk about sensitive topics and contain some descriptions of physical and emotional violence that may trigger some. Please read at your own discretion.

No part of this book may be reproduced or stored with expressed authorisation by the author.

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