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2 Kings, 1 destiny (Book II)

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After completing the bond of fated mates with her ancestral enemy, the Lycan King, to save her own life, Amelia returns home cursed and feeling betrayed and humiliated. Once at home, Amelia will discover the truth about herself, and will try to find a way to save herself from the curse that threatens her life. But then...darkness will come. Many will fall, Others will rise. Traitors will be unmasked, Truths will be revealed. And Love? Can true love win? Or is it destined to fail? **This is not a stand-alone read, you must read book 1 first.**

Romance / Fantasy
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Into the wolf territory.


The cold wind beats against my wings and runs all over my naked body. Flying is undoubtedly the greatest freedom that a living being can experience.

I try to fly only over uninhabited areas, bush and sea areas so as not to be seen, no species are prepared to see what I have become, neither humans or werewolves.

I’ve been flying for a few hours and I’m starting to feel a little tired. It’s already starting to sun rise and I think it’s best to stop, rest and feed myself. Honestly, I am hungry, very hungry...for blood. I think this metamorphosis intensifies my vampire side, I feel more hunger, more cruelty, more urge to kill, more hate and anger.

I salivate at the thought of warm blood from something alive, not the packaged stuff I used to drink, that can’t satisfy my hunger. I land in a forest near a town, all normal, lots of trees and bushes. A squirrel had the misfortune of crossing paths with me just when I was looking for something to snack on, poor thing, he got the scare of its life when it saw me. The poor thing had the brilliant idea of scaling a tree to get away from me. I was about to let it escape just for the originality of it, after all, the little creature thought that I , with wings of this size, would not reach him, but, you know, the hunger was too much! In a flash, I grabbed it with my hand! It struggled to free itself, I respect that, but I also respect my hunger. With one of my claws I gave him a small blow, not mortal, just so it would release a few drops of blood for me to taste, I may be hungry, but I don’t drink just anything! I lick the blood that has stuck to its fur and get some on my tongue. Fuck! Is the squirrel losing fur? Oh, my luck really doesn’t change! Anyway, i was able to taste it, it’s not bad, but it’s not delicious either, but it will do. I rip its head off and suck all the blood that gushes out abundantly, it tastes like an ice cream on a hot summer day. I get all smeared, but satisfied.

Very good, to start with.

The silence is unsettling, I hear a bird or two singing, but all very quiet overall. My bare feet step on some dry branches that hurt my feet, I think that finding some clothes and shoes will be a good idea too.

I return to my human form which I believe is the best for my current situation, being naked attracts enough attention.

I walk through the forest, always careful where I step, when I hear several different voices chatting animatedly. I crouch and walk slyly towards the voices, they were two completely naked men, a naked woman and two huge wolves, one white and the other black. Obviously they are all wolves, of course, I am still in flea and tick carrier territory. This is probably heavy hunting for me, not least because they are in highest number and are werewolves. I get ready to back off, when I hear a voice behind me.

“So, what do we have here? A spy?”

Holy shit.

I turned around, put on my best innocent face lost in the forest, and act scared. Yes, very scared.

I give my best smile, blink a lot, and shamelessly claim that I was lost to the blue-eyed, six-foot-one, undressed dark man. We all suffer from the same problem here, we have no clothes. He arrogantly gets too close to me and gives me a sniff, the addiction of these animals to sniffing people is annoying.

" You are not human, nor werewolf, nor vampire or lycan...what the shit are you, and why are you full of blood?”

Me? Shit? He must be stupid!

I move even closer to him, I’m taller than him, and whisper very close to his ear:

“I’m a little bit of everything, honey. Smells better. And as for the blood, well, would you believe me if I told you it was from a squirrel? I ate a squirrel, alive! Well, it was alive, but after I bit its head off, it died...” - I said very seriously and with regret before letting out a psychopathic laugh.

I don’t think he believed my answer, because he enthusiastically accompanied me in my laughter.

Before I realized it, I was already surrounded by the other werewolves, and the ones that were in wolf form, are now in human form, two more males.

“We have a fine specimen here for our alpha.” - affirmed one of the women with her breasts a little saggy and plenty of silicone on her lips. She could have added a little on the breasts and less on the lips and they would have looked better, I guess.

“Yes, he hasn’t found his mate yet, it could be her.” - said another male specimen .

Again that mate shit. That mention took my mind to Ramon, that filthy traitorous pig!

“My dears, if you pay a little more attention to other parts than my ass and tits, you will see that I have already been bitten by an animal, right here.” - I said as I pointed to my mark.

I hope my dear mate marks his beloved queen soon so this shit can get off my neck!

They all looked at my neck, finally, and widened their eyes in surprise.

“It’s the mark of a lycan! Shouldn’t you be with your mate? - asked the one with the silicone lips.

I shrugged my shoulders and grimaced.

" I ran away on our mating night, we fucked a lot, but he has a mate and I was over the equation.”

I let out another huge laugh, their faces were priceless, awestruck at my answer. I don’t know if they believed me, but I spoke the truth.

I was having fun with those jerks, but I was still very hungry.

" Well, if you already have a mate, you can’t be of our alpha, but you might want to join us to the pack house, it’s nearby and we can provide you with some clothes, a bath and food, you must be hungry, I suppose.” - said the dark man amiably.

And you suppose it very well!

The mens took the form of wolves and followed in front of us, then followed the silicone lip doll and lastly, me and the other more discreet she-wolf. She was very young, long blonde hair and very skinny. She walked more slowly and I slowed my rhythm to keep up with her. She, for the first time, looked me in the eye and then looked away, shyly, before starting a dialogue with me.

" Why did you run away from your mate? Was he violent to you?” - she asked with some nostalgia in her voice, which caught my attention.

Damn, she didn’t believe the answer I gave them? I wasn’t going to tell her anything, obviously, but something about her didn’t feel right, female intuition.

" No, he wasn’t violent to me, but other reasons brought me to it, such as him already being mated.” - I replied with the greatest of honesty.

She looked alert to the rest of the group who were distractedly walking on in front of us and talking animatedly. She was undoubtedly a bit distant from that group, she seemed disconnected.

“Run away.” - she whispered

Run away?

“Hmm?” - I asked softly, surprised at her scared attitude about the rest of the group.

“Run away! Our alpha will hurt you, and they know it.” - she said pointing to the group in front of us - ” You have a Lycan mate , he can protect you, run away, I’ll cover you.”

She looked at me with so many mixed feelings in her eyes, fear, sadness, terror and panic. Seeing her like that touched me, and I started to feel warm again, the metamorphosis wanted to start, but I couldn’t let it, not here and now. I took three deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. I needed to know what was going on, her behavior was not normal, not normal atall.

" Why do you say that? Why would your alpha hurt me? Why does it seems to me that you are afraid of your alpha?” - I asked confused.

From what I know, the alpha is the pack leader, the one who manages and protects the whole clan, so what’s going on here? Why does she look scared? She continued to look at the group in front of us, then at the ground and finally at me.

“He’s going to rape you...” - her voice failed and her eyes watered - “That’s what he does to all the women in the pack...”

Oh, the big motherfucker!

“He did that to you?” - I asked, trying to calm the anger forming inside me.

She nodded and showed me the bruises on her inner thighs, along with some abrasions.

“Last week, the night I turned eighteen. The alpha organizes a huge party for all the girls coming of age, everyone is present, including our parents, and at the end, after everyone leaves, he ‘starts our sex life’, as he likes to say. He takes away what should be of our fated mate...he is always the first...the alpha is always the first.” - she said in a tone of defeat and humiliation.

Hearing her words filled me with revulsion and disgust for that filthy alpha who used his superior position in the pack to rape innocent girls. And how could everyone join the party, eat, drink, have fun and know the fate of that child at the end of the day? How is it possible that everyone knows and condescends to this practice? The parents themselves know about this practice and everything is ok?

I have really lived all my life inside a protective bubble from all the evil that lives in our world. While I have been excessively protected, others have not had the same luck and continue without any protection, not even from those who have the duty to do so. They are left at the mercy of a smug and abusive alpha blinded by the power he possesses.

Oh, but this will end.

I’m going hunting today.


Hello Reader,

Thank you so much for starting to read book II !

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Lot of love,

Maria Clara de Andrade ;)

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