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His Only

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Klaire Winchester is an innocent girl who runaway from her home town because she's been betrayed by someone dear to her. her family... Friends know her as Klaire Winchester but in Mexico she's known as someone else, a Jewel to be precise, she has her entire life planned after Graduation but because of one single night at a club she must face reality and accept her fate, specially if it's where the Mafia King has fallen for her innocence, he let's down his guard and takes it slow with her, first getting her trust and then her love, he falls for her so hard that he doesn't realize her slipping under his nose, with a help of an ally, after her stunt she finds out some disturbing information which will change her body and soul, will she keep it or get rid of it? read to find out. if you're so impatient you can find the book on Wattpad under my profile, MikielaW15 and read it a few chapters ahead. enjoy reading.... Mikiela W.

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Waking up to her 1 bedroom apartment with a small stumble Klaire jumped out of bed forcing herself to the door that banged loudly, she opened it, not bothered to ask who it is or put on some shorts as she was only in a oversized shirt which reached up to her mid-thighs.

“Jesus Klay! what took you so long?” Amy pushed Klaire to a side walking into the room and plumping on the couch, Klaire locking the door joined her on the couch flipping through the channels,

“no good morning? or Hi Amy would you like some breakfast?” Amy tries to impersonate Klaire who looked at her not saying a word, with a large sigh Klaire got up going to her coffee machine to get her friend a coffee,

“here. Now what do you want Amy?” she asked handing Amy the cup of coffee, “atleast I get a coffee” Amy mutters sipping on the coffee as she lets out a ‘mhh’ at the sweet taste,

“So-” Amy starts keeping her cup on the table and turning to face Klaire fully, “I got a hot date. and I mean like a 100 out of 10 hot date. he wants to meet me tonight at Chery’s but my big ass boss Samuel decided to give me a night shift today because of some big mojo guy showing up” she got down to her knees in front of Klaire which started to freak her _Klaire_ out.

“could you please take my shift tonight. I promise to give you 70 percent of tonight’s salary and you get to keep all the tips” she joins her hands holding them up above her head in a bowing manner,

“Hell no!” Klaire screams getting up, “that place you call restaurant is nothing but a place for people to get fucked up. I will never go to a shitty place like that. NEVER!” she says swinging her hand side to side as she walks to her room, Amy hot on her tail,

“it’s just tonight. please Klay. this date means a lot. you know how hard I had with Gary” this took something out of Klaire. Gary was Amy’s boyfriend once upon a time. when they broke up after 3 years of dating Amy was left heart broken she spent all her nights drinking in Klaire’s apartment, and had a lot of sleepless nights.

turning to face Amy who is in tears Klaire brings a small reluctant smile grabbing Amy’s hand in hers gently,

“Alright I will take tonight’s shift. but you need to bring me back my favorite from Chery’s” Klaire demands, Amy’s eyes lit up with happiness as she attacks her friend in a bear squeezing hug,

“thank you! thank you! thank you!” she screamed happily, “one more thing” Amy adds as Klaire was starting to regret taking up on her offer, she rushed to the kitchen grabbing the bag she had brought with her when she came over,

“Samuel insisted we wear this for tonight cause of this VIP bozo” she pulls out another bag handing it to Klaire, Curious, Klaire opens it to find a really short dress, it hardly covered anything, with only strings holding the dress together,

“I am not going to wear a fucking slut’s dress Amy!” she booms tossing the dress aside, Amy picks it up laying it down on the bed,

“how about 80 percent of the salary. you know tonight’s shift is so important I got Samuel to agree with me and give me 1000 dollars just for tonight, meaning you would get 800 dollars just for one hour of serving drinks” she says in a rather mono type tone, like she sang a song of harmony, Klaire thought about it for some time,

she is running low on money to pay for her tuition and 800 dollars would be more than enough to last her for the next few weeks, and there was no way she was going to call her father and ask for money,

she stopped talking with him when he packed her off to Italy 6 years ago, with a fake identity just because Klaire turned out to be a girl and not a boy like her younger brother, she sighed deeply enough to catch Amy’s attention knowing Klaire is going to agree,

“Fine. 800 dollars with my favorite meal from Chery’s. But I will not go braless just because of the outfit” she says holding the dress up to reveal the holes it has,

“deal” both of them shake hands in agreement with Amy leaving shortly after going through the agenda for tonight’s shift.


Klaire opened her apartment door throwing her bag to one corner and herself on the comfy bed, she was exhausted and didn’t have any energy to go for Amy’s shift which started at 10.00Pm. but she made a promise and Klaire never broke her promises, ever.

she got up walking towards the drawer that had her undergarments, selecting a matching pair and fitting on the dress which was her size, surprisingly.

the skin tight dress had a very deep cut on her chest, anyone who took a closer side look could see her tits. and she hated it, it had cuts on both side, the closure she got from the dress was on her womanhood, even her boobs where half seen because of how deep the cut is.

she felt disgusted by the dress, she wanted to rip it off and wear a hoddie and jeans but she couldn’t cause once again,

she made a promise.

looking at the mirror as she applied on her makeup she noticed a small spot on her neck, she rubbed her hands against the spot revealing her birth mark, the only proof she had that she was his first daughter,

Klaire inherited a lot from her father, his green eyes, his exact same birth mark, his brown hair, though in order to keep her deep secret hidden she had to change a lot of things when she moved after high school,

her hair is a blonde with a few highlights of brown, she wears contacts because with her green eyes she looks just like her father, no doubt, and finally a very expensive water-proof concealer to hide her birth mark, putting on her brown contacts from the container she locks up her apartment getting into a taxi and driving off to the so called club/ restaurant.


“this is why I hate that women!” Samuel screams in his office alone with Klaire, not only did Amy plan everything but she didn’t tell Samuel about her shift being covered by her friend, Samuel glanced once more at Klaire, his eyes roaming every inch of her body until he sighed,

“ugh. you’ll have to do” he says walking out of his office heading straight to the dressing room where the rest of the ladies got ready, “ladies meet Klaire. she’ll be covering for Amy” he looked towards a brunette pointing his finger at her, “Eva I need you to keep an eye out for her”

“sure thing Samuel” Eva replied with a sincere smile, Klaire nodded at her once finding the table that had Amy’s name on it, taking the over-sized fur coat she had worn coming here she hung it on the side of the mirror checking her makeup once more,

“Alright Ladies! let’s get our tables straight for tonight” a women called out, chairs creaked with everyone standing and half circling the women in charge, she read out lists of names dismissing them to go serve their table until it was only Klaire and Eva along with another one,

“Klaire you and Marco will be in-charge of filling their appetizers and drinks. Eva and Geo, you know what your supposed to do right?” the two women nodded in response, “the rules are simple, don’t speak unless it’s important like an order. they have booked the entire second VIP floor for themselves and don’t forget, their big shots. 4 men meaning 4 bottles of the finest wine we have in the cellar. Marco will help you when you get upstairs Klaire. now go and don’t you dare mess this up or else you’re fired!” she barked with the three women running up stairs,

Klaire met up with Marco and went through with him who get’s to serve what, they had already ordered meaning Klaire just needed to serve them and she could leave, she was only needed till the VIPs left and then her shift is done,

taking the trey from Marco which had the VIPs Starters she entered the room taking a good glance around the room, it was indeed a hall but empty, a light music is heard in the back ground but everything else was dull,

one large circular table is placed in the middle with 4 men seated around it, two on each side, Eva and Geo were entertaining the men on their laps, while poll dancers and strippers did their work on the small stage placed in front of the table, diverting her gaze to the floor Klaire approached the table keeping the plates on the table,

as Klaire replaced the empty plates with the filled ones she felt something or rather someone grip her ass tightly, she took her trey hugging it as she jerks the hand away walking out dramatically, she didn’t get far when she was jerked back by her wrist,

“Now, Now, sweetheart, no need to be all cranky, come and join us, I’m sure you can let off work to hang out with us” he gestures the rest of the men seated around,

all the men chuckle looking at Klaire with lust when they already have lap dancers doing a better job, she starts to shake lightly as this wasn’t apart the plan, everyone around the table laughed a loud at the jokes given by the man standing next to Klaire while only one man sat silent, his eyes not moving Klaire’s,

“Aye! Ric! how about her? it’s time you got some new flesh around you besides that potato head you call Su-” he couldn’t complete his line as he was brutely cut off by Ric ,

“ENOUGH! we are here for business Norm. leave the girl alone and take a sit before I make you” like magic Norm’s grip on Klaire disappeared and he sat down straightening his suit once more,

Klaire left the room immediately only to be met by Samuel on the other side of the door, she closed it to face him straight, fear evident in her eyes,

“Your shift ended 3 minutes ago Klaire. your payment in on my desk take it and leave” he tells her, Klaire nodded going straight downstairs as she didn’t waste a second grabbing her coat and money running out of the club and into a taxi parked outside.

Just when she thought the worst was finally behind her...

End Of Chapter

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