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Witch's Link - The Matriarch and the Alpha Part Two

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“I suppose I really don’t need an introduction if you’ve been paying attention to any of this story so far. But by chance you haven’t, I should introduce myself.

To the mortal world, humans, that is, I am Isabel Caldwell Wardwell. To the world I was born into, I am known as the Matriarch of the East Coast Coven of Witches and the Luna to the Blue Moon Pack. The largest and most strong pack on the East Coast, maybe even the whole world.

I was born a powerful witch with a lineage that goes back to the source itself. A prophecy, written by that source, says ‘One will possess the power to restore all others.’ That’s the gist of it, anyway.

Over the years, generation after generation, the power of our coven has faded. It’s been written that every seven generations, one powerful witch is born to reunify our coven and restore its power. This one person will be one of my grandchildren someday. Which one? I can’t see that clearly, but my instinct says that it is Samantha and not her twin sister, Karaline. They have been separated since just before their fourth birthday. It was necessary to keep them apart and their magic bound to protect them.

My beautiful daughter, Madie, and my firecracker of a granddaughter live with me since the passing of my dear Curtis.

Samantha is nine years old now and wants to be the princess in a play at her school. It’s almost the end of the school year and Madie wants to take her on a trip to Europe for the summer. I think that’s a great idea. Damen won’t like that, but he has no choice. Sam doesn’t know that Damen has been her guardian since birth. I think they are mates, but only the Moon Goddess knows right now.

Madie and Sam are in the city enjoying a girl’s pampered weekend. Usually, the manor would be empty and gloomy, but it’s a buzz of people coming and going. Since James has come back into my life, and I have accepted him fully, he’s been by my side almost literally. Protecting me from some kind of danger.

I am hoping that whatever this danger is, it will happen while my two sweet girls are away and safe.

Chrysa and Keith have been inseparable since she decided to stay here and help.

Whoa, wait a second. You don’t know what she said or what happened. Back up a bit. So, I think the last thing you knew was when Chrysa was about to reveal something. Okay, hold still, and I will just show you. That way, you won’t miss a thing.”

I think to myself, this won’t hurt a bit. What was the last thing I remember? Ah, yes. I lift my hand and swirl little symbols in the air, bringing a light of blue energy sparking in the lines I draw. As I continue, the room flickers from light to dark, light to dark, over and over again, like the hands of time turning back day to night.

“Imagine yourself in this room almost a year ago.” Has it really been that long ago? I ask myself.

“Take a deep breath and clear your mind as I paint the scene. I want you to picture me standing here next to this chair.” I stand up and face away from the couch and hold my other hand up just like it was that morning. I continue drawing the symbols and finish with the last one turning a bright purple.

“I was holding my hand like this,” I say, creating the energy field just like I had done to hold my Alpha, James, back that day.

“I was holding back Alpha James from attacking Chrysa. The poor girl was scared out of her wits.” I bowed my head, closing my eyes in grief, remembering how angry I had felt in an instant and the protector I am, rushing to the surface. Keith had done the same, picking up Chrysa and backing away from the Alpha as fast as he could.

“Are you quite done?” My stern voice was directed at James. He mind-linked both Keith and me.

“I am truly sorry. I let my anger and instinct to protect my Luna get the best of me. It won’t happen again.”

“Forgive me, Love?” he said aloud, melting my heart.

“Of course,” I flicked my wrist again, and the force field disappeared as if it had never been there. James stepped toward me and we embraced each other. Chrysa looked up at Keith, and they smiled lovingly as they stared into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, Chrysa’s face went blank and all color drained from her face as if she was remembering something horrifying.

She struggled to get out of Keith’s strong, loving hold as he let her down. She turned toward me and James. She looked like she was going to be sick. She closed her eyes and said one word….

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