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A Tainted Romance

By explode All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

It was a withdrawing feeling that you just couldn’t explain. I slumped in the chair, looking up at the stage. I hated pack meetings, no correct that I loathed them.

My mum was hanging onto every word Alpha Harris was saying. Pack meetings always reminded me of school assembles. They were just as boring, and they both were held in a massive hall.

Falling in reverse was blasting in my ear. Mum had given up telling me to take them out. My eyes flickered to Zane Harris. He was sitting on the side of the stage next to his mother. Like always he was on his phone, not paying any attention. For an Alpha to be, you would think he would pay attention.

At least I have an excuse, I was getting out of here as soon as I was twenty one and free from any commit to this pack. Pity it was still four years away. My eight-teen birthday was this weekend and that was one year closer to my freedom.

I watched Zane crack a smirk, reading something on his phone. He had dark midnight black hair, which sort of did its own thing, spiking in every direction. He arms were heavily tattooed much to his parents disappointment I bet.

“Mum I need to go to the toilet?” I hissed in her ear.

“Make it quick Allie.” She shot back, giving me the famous annoyed smile.

This why I insisted on sitting at the end of the row, it gave me a quick getaway. I walked quickly and quietly out of the hall.

Instead of heading to the toilet I headed to the back door. This was the pack house, massive and overly impressive.

I slid the glass doors open and the night air was welcoming. Mum and I both knew I wasn’t planning on going back in. I would riddle an excuse like I got lost or something to her later.

I sat down on the first step and fished around in my handbag looking for something to eat. I was always hungry. I personally think mum staved me as child and now I was making up for it in my later years.

Just because I ate like a horse, didn’t mean I looked like one. I took pride in my slim figure, hell I worked hard enough at it. I ran every morning in human form and then every night I ran in wolf form.

“How about we make it ten.”

My head snapped up, seeing Zane talking in his phone and closing the door softly. Looks like someone is skipping the meeting.

“I know babe, but I can’t get away from the parents till then.” He sounded disappointed and then chuckled “Well I will keep that in mind.” He turned around, and his eyes widened just slightly when they landed on me.

I smirked smugly and turned back around to look out at the gardens.

“Look I have to go.” Zane muttered into the phone, and I heard it snap close soon after. “What are you doing out here?’ He sounded generally annoyed. God forbid someone hears his conversation.

“Nothing.” I took a bite off the bar I had found in my bag.

“You should be in the meeting.” He was now standing behind me.

I got to my feet, knowing I was going to have to go find somewhere else to get some privacy. “So should you.” I challenged back at him.

“I know you don’t I?” He frowned, trying to place me.

We had been part of the same pack since the day we were born. I had been in all his grades during primary school and we both go to the same high school and have had numerous classes together. But yet he still couldn’t place me.

He was most likely trying to work out if we had slept together or not. I dry wrenched at that thought.

“We go to the same school.” I informed him, which eased the confused look on his face.

“Oh, so you know me.” He said, with that cocky smugness that caused my blood to run with disgust.

“Just because we go to the same school and are in the same pack does not mean I know you. I simple have the awful pleasure of being in the same place as you.” I gave him a dry smirk before leaving him standing there, gob smacked.

Suddenly the idea of the meeting wasn’t that bad.

Zane’s Point of View

I hated no correct that loathed school. For one I hated having to spend time around humans and two, I hated classes. Sitting still and listening were two of my weaknesses.

“So I heard you scored the rose on the weekend.” Taylor gave me an impressed look, while grinning wide.

“Yeah, and she was fine.” I shot back, leaning in my chair at the back of the class room. Like always we had pulled the desks together, to form a long line. The teacher never said anything.

Emma Lawson was the first virgin I had done in a while and man had I had to put in some leg work for that. But she gave it up Saturday night in my room. I wasn’t just proud, I was smug about it.

“You know what they say nothing like a fresh rose.” Taylor winked.

Taylor and I were best buds and the one thing that consumed most of our conversations was girls.

“You know you boys are disgusting.” Ebony piped in, leaning around Taylor to look at me. “The poor girl would be waiting for your call.”

“I don’t call.” I shrugged it off. Hey she knew I was a bad boy, she knew I was player. She was stupid enough to fall for my charm so be it.

“They get clingy.” Taylor scrunched his nose up disgusted. “Has she been leaving messages?”

“Wouldn’t know gave her a wrong number.” I wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

I scanned the room and for the second time in the last hour my eyes landed on the brunettes

head. She was drawing something in the back of her notebook, listening to her ipod. She was paying less attention to the class than we were.

“Hey who is that chick?” I asked Taylor pointing to the brunette. She had given me a serve at the meeting Saturday night. When she said she went to the same school as me I thought she was lying, but sure enough she did. We even had classes together.

“Oh that’s Allie. I think that’s her name.” He frowned, thinking to recall something. “She um hangs around the Falcon twins.”

Chase Falcon and Blake Falcon- both nobodies who had bad attitudes.

“I’ve never seen her before.” I watched her still scribbling in her book.

“She’s not nice.” Ebony spoke up, “Like she is really nasty.”

That I could believe, she didn’t even think twice about ripping into me.

“Not to mention screwed up. Her dad left her and her mum here, they are like the packs pity case.” Taylor informed me of something I had no idea about.

“What her dad just left?”

“No he took his own life.” Ebony seemed to know all about it. “He killed himself, ran off a cliff.”

“Why do I not know any of this?” Seriously I was future Alpha surely I should be aware of something like this.

“Because and I quote ‘I don’t care about pack families personal problems’.” Taylor quoted me.

“What I’m not old and wrinkly leading yet.” I crossed my arms, watching her. What was she drawing?

“That’s why you don’t know anything.” Ebony pointed out.

“Why are you asking anyway? Are you into her or something?” Taylor was right on the pulse.

“No she just gave me a stray at the meeting the other night. I just wondered who she was.”

“She’s someone you don’t want to get involved with. I swear she has more attitude than the Falcon boys combined.”

“Don’t worry Taylor, you know I don’t like drama.” I sat back, pulling my eyes away and looking up at the board.

“So there are no parties this weekend.” Ebony sighed. “I really need a new guy, and how can I find one if there is no parties on!” She was generally disappointed.

Ebony was looking for any guy to take her mind off not having a mate. She had a plan in her little head, turn eighteen find her mate and settle down. When that didn’t happen at the beginning of the year, she got bored waiting and started sleeping her way through the ranks. She was as much as a player as Taylor and I. Nobody dared call her a slut, because they would have us to answer too.

The classroom door opened abruptly, and in walked King Dick also known as Blake Falcon. He was half an hour late and didn’t seem fussed by the glares from the teacher.

“Winters.” He grumbled slumping into the chair next to Allie. He looked at whatever she was drawing and chuckled.

That spiked my interest in her picture.

“Where you been Blake? Making me suffer English by myself, is mean you know.” She shot him a small smile.

They were positioned in the middle row, but I could hear every word crystal clear. Advance hearing did have some benefits.

“Chase blew the tire on the car and we didn’t have a spare. That eye is bigger than the other.” He pointed to her drawing.

She cursed under her breath and started to erase something. “So you walked. You would have hated that.”

“You don’t know how much.” He put his arm over the back of her chair; and leant back getting comfortable.

“You sure they are just friends?” I asked Taylor not taking my eyes off her. “They look a bit more than that.”

“Well if they are, they are the perfect couple, both as nasty and mean as each other.” Ebony piped up, speaking over Taylor.

Allie Winters you interest me, but I don’t do drama. I shrugged my shoulders, sighed and let it go. She wasn’t worth the time. I was wasting my time thinking about her.

“So this weekend, how about we head to the coast seeing as nothing is happening here?” I changed the subject. Taylor nodded in agreement and well Ebony was bouncing with excitement.

Just like that I stopped thinking about Allie Winter’s and started thinking about the trouble the three of us could get up to this weekend.

She was bathing in lust. Her sexual drive was high and it was sending me alive with fire. My wolf wanted to have some fun, nearly as much as I did. She continued to run her hands down my back, under my t-shirt. Her nails just leaving a mark, it was turning me on no end.

“Excuse me.” A snappy voice, followed by a pound on the locker caused me to break our kiss.

“What?” I sneered, clearly annoyed. Rachel was breathless, and pushed up against the locker- just how I wanted her. I was more than ready to take her, and here is Allie Winters standing with a glare on her face.

“You are in my way.” She spat each word at us. Her eyes flickered to Rachel, who was still struggling to get her breath back. “You know its third module Barbie? You are missing the gossip session in the toilets.”

Suddenly Rachel pulled her hands away from me, looking startled. “Sorry Zane, I have to go.” She pushed me lightly away from her, and I watched in horror to her walking away.

Rachel never pushed me away. Slowly, and painfully I glared back at Allie. Her emerald eyes were narrowed, and she was not afraid to glare just as hard back at me.

“What the hell is your problem?” I snapped. She had just costed me an easy pull!

“You and her being against my locker in my problem!” She snapped back, and forceful pushed me out of her way.

I watched her twirl her combination around before unlocking her locker. “Seriously you couldn’t just move the show up a few lockers?” She grunted.

“You better be careful Allie, or I might think you are getting jealous.” I watched smugly as she spun around quickly to look at me disgusted.

“Jealous, are you mad Zane?” She was honestly asking the question.

I noticed the pictures of her and Falcon boys glued to her locker door.

“Mad no, but I know a jealous woman when I see her.”

I was just stirring her; she had annoyed me after all I just wanted to annoy her back. Seeing that disgusted look on her face, was making this idea even better.

“Oh go die in a std pool would you.” She slammed her locker door shut, having already dumped her school books in it.

“Well if you are offering?”

“Oh you are disgusting.” She shouted over her shoulder before storming off down the hall.

I knew I had possibly pissed her off for the rest of the day and she would be sure to be walking around with that nasty glare on her face. For some reason that made me feel better about losing my possible pull with Rachel.

She ruined my afternoon and I had ruined hers in return.

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