A Raven’s Proposal

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Ryan Raven was an notorious criminal businessman. Alison Silver was the golden girl, who still had dreams but they were all blocked by one thing.

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Chapter 1

Spite had driven me to this. I never thought it was possible for him to push me to this point. Words are as sharp as knives and one can only take so many to the heart before they are forced to make a change. He was meant to love me, care for me and support me. He wasn’t meant to bash me, degrade me and belittle me to the point I had no self-esteem.

I knew the only way to hurt him was to take away the thing he loved the most; his money- which has led me here, north side of Melbourne, in the dark alley streets where the criminals dwell in the shadows of the night.

I clenched my handbag to me tighter passing a drunken couple. This was the least safe place for a woman to be on her own I knew that but yet I was still here.

I turned the corner sharply and immediately I saw my destination; the brown door at the end of the alley, guarded by two overly muscled men.

This was it. I pulled on every ounce of strength I had and marched down towards them. A puddle slashed up my leg and water slipped into my high heels.

The men looked at me, as if I was prey.

“I have a meeting with Mr Raven.” I spoke with confidence and met their demeaning eyes.

They grunted but didn’t question me- which surprised me. One stood to the side and the other opened the door and I followed him in; with fake confidence.

Ryan Raven. He was known more commonly among the streets as The Raven. He had the looks that fired all women’s fantasies. That superior smirk of his that was often blasted across the newspapers when he once again wasn’t charged for a crime we all knew he committed.

He was the son of Hayden Raven; the man who robbed over sixteen banks up the coast; he had all police stumbling over the case for years. He was never charged for the crimes for the police never was able to put a case against him. The Ravens were like water, they slipped through the cracks of our legal system.

Ryan Raven had replaced his father, after his father died of cancer three years ago. Since Ryan’s take over, his ‘followers’ had grown. He had control over not just petty crimes but controlled many of the motorcycle gangs and was connected to drug trafficking, robberies and brothels.

He was the King of organized crime. At the mere age of twenty six, he had transformed the criminal world- to his own personal crime society; one which he was king of and ruled with a bloody fist.

I learnt everything there was about this man because I needed someone who didn’t care about justice and who was willing to take this opportunity.

My hands weren’t shaking and my heart wasn’t racing; in fact I had never felt calmer as I stared across at the notorious King Raven.

“Alison Silver. Why would a young, upstanding citizen such as yourself be wanting to have a meeting with me?” Ryan Raven looked at me with curiosity across his desk and placed his scotch glass down.

“I went to great lengths to get this meeting, so I didn’t come here to waste your time.” I said sharply while forcing a polite smile.

“I know you did. You also flashed around a large amount of cash.” Mr Raven dropped his head to the side. “Why are you here Miss Silver?”

“I’m here because I have an opportunity for you.”

“I don’t do business deals.”

“This isn’t a business deal. Like I said, it is an opportunity.; an opportunity for you to make a lot of money and barely have to lift a finger.”

He pulled himself up in his chair, and placed his elbows on the desk. “You have my interest Miss Silver, keep going before you lose it.”

“My father…” I paused. “My step father” I corrected myself. “runs a security system. It’s called the Ultimate mainly used in banks?”

“I’m aware of the software. I also am aware that it can’t be hacked.”

“My father created the program, he was the founder.”

“You mean your step father?”

“No my father created it but he died suddenly five years ago. My mother remarried two years ago and passed away one year ago which now leaves my step father running the company.”

“Does this have anything to do with why you are here?”

“Yes.” It has everything to do with why I was here. But I didn’t need to tell him that. “I can give you all the codes, programing of every safe that has that program running to protect it. But that isn’t all. My family’s fortune is locked in a secure vault in the Golden Arch Bank. I have everything you need to get into, take the money and get out; without being caught of course.”

He laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. “So let me get this straight. You’re here asking me to rob your inheritance.”

“I can make my own money. I don’t need it. All I want is to watch the one thing my step father loves be taken away from him and I need you to do it.”

For a few moments he was silent. His face was expressionless as he processed my plan.

“How do I know you aren’t setting me up?” His firer grey eyes locked onto mine. “How do I know that you aren’t some pretty little undercover detective that is trying to lock me away by offering the deal of the century?”

“I’m only nineteen, fresh out of high school. I would have had to excel quickly to already be a detective.”

“There is a saying. If the offer is too good, it is poison.” His words were sharp. Only now did I see the dangerous tint that flashed across his eyes, at the mention of someone betraying him.

“There is also a saying Mr Raven.” I moved to the edge of my seat, keeping my eyes locked with his. “That when opportunity is knocking, answer the door.” I took a deep steady breath “You can draw up any contract you wish, detailing my involvement and that I coordinated the whole thing and I will sign it. I don’t care because I know you won’t caught.”

I felt as if his eyes were piercing mine and able to see the inner workings of my soul.

I pulled a card out of my purse and placed it on his table. “Call me if you change your mind Mr Raven. You have until the end of the week, till I take this opportunity elsewhere.”

I walked across his office and my hand was on the door knob before his cool alluring voice drifted across my ears.

“Miss Silver’s I hope you understand the depth of this commitment you are making.”

I looked over my shoulder, meeting his warning eyes. “Your reputation Mr Raven is well known. I am well aware of what I am doing.”

Closing his office door I couldn’t know for sure if he would agree but I knew that if he didn’t- it was over. There was only one man in town that could pull this off and it was him. I needed him and I hoped that his greed for money would have him agreeing.

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