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Sweet as Venom

By Simone Elise- explode All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 1

I was minding my own darn business when all hell broke loose. The yelling was followed by the slamming of the door. I was laying on the bench seat of the F 100, legs up on the window and reading a book. When the door swung open and I nearly tumbled out.

“Heck Gabriella what are doing in my truck?” Leigh caught me just in time before I tumbled out on my head.

“I was reading.” I scattered to a seating position, then took in the duffle bag on his shoulder.

“You had a fight with dad again?” I asked.

“Move Gabriella, get out of my truck.” He adverted his eyes- something he would always do when he didn’t want me to see the truth. “Now.”

“No.” I crossed my arms, putting my book down. “If you’re going so am I.”

“I’m going home Gabriella.”

“You are home!” I wanted to slap him with my book.

“If that is how you feel girly then you can fuck off as well.” Dad’s booming voice spoke from behind Leigh.

Leigh spun around, “Don’t talk to her like that.”

“I already told you to get the fuck off my property! Now take the brat with you.” Dad’s voice lingered with liquor.

But I didn’t care. I was taking my opportunity.

“Let me pack a bag.” I jumped out of the truck.

“For fucksake Gabriella!” Leigh yelled at my back as I bolted towards the house.

I hated living here. Sure living on the farm wasn’t ever that thrilling but when mum passed away three years ago dad took to the drink and he was never sober.

When he was sober, he was even worse to deal with.

I packed as much as I could in my pink duffle bag and gave the small room one more glance before leaving it and hopefully never coming back to it.

“I don’t care what you fucking do with the brat. Leave her in town for all I care, just fuck off the two of you!” Dad threw an empty bottle at Leigh’ truck- missing it just.

Leigh’s furious eyes locked with mine and I was quick to duck them and climb back into the truck.

It was only a matter of time till I became dad’s punching bag and I wasn’t waiting for his abuse to develop to that level.

This was my get out of prison card and I was taking it.

Leigh dumped the truck into reverse and dirt spun off in different directions.

“Fuck Gabriella- what were you thinking?” Leigh snapped beside me on the bench seat.

“I was thinking I wasn’t living there without you.”

“I’m rarely there.”

“I’ve noticed.” I gave him a judging look. “What were you thinking you could leave me there?”

Leigh and I had always been close. He was five years older than me, at the age of twenty three. When mum died he didn’t handle it will. Well who really knows how to handle such a lost? I sure as hell didn’t.

But Leigh’s way of coping was joining the local motorcycle crew. Everyone knew they were more criminals then motorcycle lovers. Still Leigh, who at no stage earlier in his life had shown love for a motorcycle, joined.

And I lost him.

He came home- sometimes.

Dad got angrier cause it meant he had to do more around the farm with no help. Till it reached the point Dad just gave up, trying to keep up with it all.

He let the farm slowly die to nothing.

Something that once was his pride and joy was now just a lot of dead grass and rusty equipment.

“You would have been fine.” Leigh grunted. “Now what the fuck am I meant to do with you. You can’t come back to the club.”

“Well thanks for overwhelming me with support right now.” I spat in his direction. “Really thanks Leigh. I get kicked out of home and you just make sure I know I’m just as much of a problem as I was to him, to you.”

He gave me a side way glance, clearly regretting his words.

“Wasn’t like that.” He grumbled.

“Yeah it was.” I glared out the window. “Just drop me in town. I’ll think of something.”

Which right now was nothing. What the hell was I supposed to do? I had no friends. I had no one to turn too. I lived on a farm in the darn middle of nowhere for most of my life. Hell I was even home schooled by mum.

“Like fuck.” He grunted and slowed down to the corner. “I’ll figure it out.”

That’s Leigh’s way of saying he had no fucking idea what he was going to do but it also meant, he wouldn’t give up till it was sorted.

I stared down at my pink duffle bag. Everything had happened so quickly that I had forgotten to grab the picture next to the side of my bed of mum and I. I regretted it instantly.

Was no way in hell I could turn back around and get it now. Dad was serious when he kicked me out- he didn’t want to see me again. He hadn’t wanted me around for years now.

Leigh use to say it was because I reminded him of mum.

I think it is because Dad turned into an angry drunk.

“I had nowhere else to take her.” Leigh argued with a muscular, tattooed, tall and intimidating man a few metres away from the truck.

I had driven past this place many years while living in Snakes Valley. It was hard not to stare at the barbwire fenced lot. It was supposed to be a working garage but not once had I ever since a car being worked on.

The tall large gates were wide open. Pity everything else about the place told you to fuck off.

There was a line of motorcycles to the right of the truck. My eyes kept being drawn to the shiny and highly detailed bikes.

I wonder if Leigh’s was as nice, as those.

He had never ridden it home- not once. Always came in the old pick up when he came to visit.

Maybe he didn’t want stone chips.

“She can’t stay here.” A rough and rather rude voice piped up into their conversation. “You should’ve known better.”

That’s it. I could stick up for myself.

I pushed hard against the door to get out and with as much confidence I could have I scrolled towards them.

“You know I have ears.” I crossed my arms, feeling not threatened by any of the four males.

Leigh turned around, seeming slightly pissed off to see me out of the truck. “Get back in the truck Gabriella.”

“Not happening.” I shook my head and eyed down the bikers.

My eyes were naturally drawn to the one in the middle. Slightly larger than the rest, muscular wise. He also stood with a dominating look on his face.

“Look I’m homeless. I promise to stay out of your way till I find somewhere that ain’t here to live. It’s not Leigh’s fault I ended up here. I got myself kicked out of home.” I explained the situation to my best. Still it didn’t seem to sway their judgement.

“Who the fuck is Leigh?” A man with a tattoo running up his neck asked.

“Me dickhead.” Leigh snapped at him, kicking the mans boot.

“Never knew that.” He fired back, looking actually impressed that he had learnt something.

I bet that didn’t happen often.

“Look, what’s your name?” The muscular dominating one stepped forward, locking his black soulless eyes with mine.

“What’s your name?” I fired back at him. I didn’t like his attitude or the way he spoke as if I was something under his foot- that he could squash easily.

The corner of his lip twitched into a smirk. “Girl you got a pair of lips on you. What are you sixteen?”

“Eighteen.” I corrected him. “And I don’t like being referred to as girl.”

“Well you won’t tell me your god darn name.” His eyebrows shot up. “So spit it out girly.”

“I don’t spit.”

Leigh pulled on my arm, “Pull your attitude in.” He almost looked scared. Of what? This man? Why?

Sure he looked threatening. But so did a pitbull.

“Fine. Your new name is girly. So girly what can you offer this club to pay for your board and bed?” The man didn’t seem to be holding a grudge against me.

“Well I don’t cook.” I said that one quickly.


“Fuck no.”

“Then are you planning on riding my men’s cocks?”

My mouth dropped open- how dare he! “Hell no!”

“Then you ain’t got shit to offer me.” He crossed his arms to make a point.

I took a step closer to him, staring up into those soulless eyes. What skills did I have? A skill that not every walking blonde had.

“I can work your books better than any old drunk man, you currently have doing it. I can make your dirty money crystal clean. So clean that even the FBI would be seeing their reflection, if they were to look into it.”

His mouth dropped- and it was his turn to be shocked.

“And how would you do that?” The man asked beside him- seeming pissed off. Perhaps I had just insulted the current book keeper.

“By turning this.” I wave my arms around the empty garage. “An actual garage. Not to mention purchasing businesses that you can actually run your dirty money through. Seriously, what are you doing with it now? Writing it all off as cash?” I scoffed.

But when the man’s eyes narrowed, I knew I had hit the nail on the mother fucking head.

“Clearly, you have this side of your business real fucking sorted.” I scoffed and uncrossed my arms.

“Gab, fucking shut your mouth.” Leigh made a point to pull on my arm to face him. “You don’t know what your fucking offering.”

“Yes I do. I’m offering to make their money clean. It’s not like I haven’t done it before.” I wasn’t stupid. I was far from it. Which is why I had a larger piggy bank than most. My brother wasn’t the only one that needed something to pass the time since mum passed.

Mum was better at it than I ever could be though.

You see since I was ten, I began to learn the ropes on how to deal with the stuff that dad found ‘fallen off the back of a truck’.

“You really can do what you are saying.” The muscular beast pushed the man next to him back in line and he closed the gap between us. “Because if you can, that would be really fucking handy.”

“I’m only as good as the money coming through.” I dropped my head to the side, studying him some more. “You keep the cash flowing and I’ll do what needs to be done with it.”

“How are you so smart for an eighteen year old?”

“Because I’m not your normal eighteen year old blonde cheerleader.”

“And why should I trust you when you won’t even tell me your name.”

“Why should I trust you, when you can’t tell me yours?”

“Look. She doesn’t know what she is offering. I’ll chuck her in a hotel or something. Seriously Saxon she’s running her mouth.”

“Back away Irish, seems your little sister knows the webs she’s spinning.”

“Irish.” I screwed my nose up and looked at Leigh. “Seriously. You got landed with Irish? Let me guess its cause of the luck of the Irish?”

“It’s because I managed to pull him out of deep shit before he got caught.” Saxon answered for me.

“Vote on the girl becoming the new book keeper.” Saxon threw over his shoulder.

All four guys looked at each other.




“Fuck it less work for me to do, Yay.”

Saxon’s eyes locked with mine “Yay.”

“Do I get a vote?” I stubbornly arched an eyebrow at him.

“Don’t know darling, if you get your way with everything then fuck it why not. So do you want to come dance with the devils?”

I looked up at Leigh- who was clearly unhappy with the idea.

But he would be. It meant me around more.

I turned, looking back at Saxon. “I always liked dancing, especially when there is a chance I could get burnt.” I put my hand out, “Deal?”

His large tattooed hand wrapped around mine. “Fucking deal sweetheart.”

Well then- let’s dance.

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