His Chamber's

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It was a tragedy that brought them together but it was convenience that kept them together. A story of love, forgiveness and passion.

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Chapter 1

His Chambers


Scarlett’s Point of View

Chapter 1

Song: Amazing Grace by Shawn McDonald

Life is defined by moments, small ones, big ones- they all help shape your life. Details, small and big, help define you as a person. Events also frame the life you create; as well as people- yeah people leave the biggest impact on the life you create. The contribute you to it, help you build it.

I was thinking of all the people that had got me here. I wasn’t going to lie and say I had a huge supportive family- I didn’t. I didn’t have aunts or uncles encouraging my achievements. Hell my parents weren’t even really there.

Still right now I was thinking of people. Not family. But people- in general that had helped shape my life.

A hiss of pain came out of my mouth as he twisted my wrist, to the point I was surprised my wrist hadn’t broken. Any second I was waiting for my bones to snap from the pressure, he was applying.

My eyes went to Andy. He had been my pharmacist for years. I had discovered his chemist on a late night after work, being out of my anti-depressant. I couldn’t find one chemist open and then when I googled looking for a chemist, Andy’s Pharmacy was still open. It was after eleven at night that I rocked up here, in the middle of summer and he had no air conditioning.

I remember our first conversation clearly. It was about pricing. He had only opened his pharmacy that year and he was trying to undercut his competition. Little did he know I had a lot of information when it came to his area of business.

So I ended up spending hours here helping him price his medication, and undercut all the big chains. The very next day I started to redirect business his way.

I remembered our first conversation and tonight we had our last conversation.

I stared at his lifeless body, slumped over the counter and blood dipping to the floor.

The eyes flashed back to the man clearing the shelves of the drugs into a black plastic bag. He had just cleared the last shelve and I knew what was coming next.

They weren’t wearing masks. They had come in here with every intention of killing everyone in the shop and leaving no witnesses.

I saw the tattoo running across the man’s forehead. I had no idea what it stood for but I was guessing he wasn’t debating on whether to kill me or not.

“Don’t forget the till!” The man that had me pinned on the counter near Andy, yelled.

I turned my head, and just as I did, I saw someone walk past the stores window.

Oh my god- please no. Please don’t let them come in.

I took a sharp breath. I never believed in god. But right now I was praying to some higher power above me to not let someone else die tonight.

Just as I finished praying. I heard the store door open and then close. The men’s attention went off me and the till and on to the door.

I couldn’t see whoever it was, and the men were shouting for whoever it was to come out.

But all I heard was silence.

No one came out.

They waited a couple of minutes and there was only more silence. I think they had accepted they misheard it. I was actually thinking the same because no one appeared.

“Alright Dave, kill her. I don’t want to cart her around all night.” The man that had cleared the shelves before now was barking orders at the one holding the gun on me.

He let go of my wrist and I was quick to get up.

My wrist was aching, and my other hand went to it. I slowly went to back away from the men approaching me.

“Pity she’s beautiful too.” The guy named Dave lowered his gun and had a calculating look on his face. “Maybe we could have some fun before we kill her.”

Suddenly an early death didn’t scare me. What could happen next- that fucking scared me. My eyes went wide and my back hit the wall. I couldn’t back further away from them if I wanted too.

Rape. Rape I couldn’t do. Early death sure- I made peace with myself years ago that I would die early.

I had no one to protect me. I had nothing to grab and swing at them.

“I agree but if she has a bullet wound she won’t fight as much.” The man that seemed to be giving orders and not taking them, pulled his gun back up and aimed for me.

I would not close my eyes. I would face my death with open eyes. I waited to see where he was going to aim for, and I would move to see if I could somehow make his shot, life ending and not just wounding me so I would lay still when they raped me.

Just as I was sure he was about to pull the trigger, Dave and him dropped to the floor. It was like they had received electric shock or something. I looked down at their bodies as they shook in pain- both cursing and hissing.

I looked up and there he was.

I didn’t understand what had happened. I was just staring at the man, that was lowering his gun, looking at me calmly.

“You’re ok. You are fine. Just stay calm.” The man slowly walked towards me.

My eyes were on him as he approached me. But then ‘Dave’ sat up, and I saw it out of the corner of my eye- and then my attention was on him as he reached for his gun.

“The bitch is dead. And so are you.” Dave wasn’t threatening he was serious. “I will find her, and finish what I started tonight.” He wrapped his hand around the gun, pointing it at me. I took a sharp breath in, I always knew I would die early in life.

Then Dave dropped back to the ground, this time a bullet wound between his eyes. Just as the other guy sat up, and tried to go through with their threats, he also had a bullet wound between the eyes.

What the hell just happened?

My eyes went off their bodies and on to the man. “What...their...” I pointed at them. “Their....” I couldn’t form words suddenly, I just stared blankly at the man and then the bodies.

He killed them.

My blood started to pulse faster, so fast, that my mind was throbbing not being able to process what was happening. Dead bodies were on the ground. Andy the man I have known for years, was slumped over the counter, dead.

“Ok, I know you are scared right now, but I need you to look at me not them.” The man’s voice was gentle, soft, like he had been in this situation before. My eyes darted off Andy and on to the man approaching me. Who the hell would be in this situation before? How could he want me to be calm?

How did he know I was scared? I started taking sharper breaths in, feeling my heart rate sky rocket. Oh my god. I can’t breathe. I wasn’t scared- I was terrified. My hand went out for the wall, trying to find something to help me keep standing. But instead of helping me stand, my hand was just siding down the wall, as my legs collapsed under me.

My knees buckled and I was going to face plant, when his arms swept me off my feet, taking all my weight.

I didn’t even realize I was crying, till my vision become so blurry I couldn’t look at the man’s face. My body went from a state of numbness to- complete melt down within seconds. I had no idea who this man was, but I was sobbing so hard into his chest.

I couldn’t wrap my head around what just happened, only small details were sinking in, like Andy being dead. My friend. And slowly my body was overcome with emotions- emotions I never usually expressed. I also kept control over my feelings- but right now, in the safety of this man’s arms, I crumbled.

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