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It is said, that there is a thin line between hate and love. If anyone knew how thin that line was, it was Tyler and Alexis.

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Chapter 1

Fearless Manuscript

Some people want it. Some people crave it. Some people just wonder. Some loath it. Others want to understand it. Regardless- when it comes to the underworld, you are scared or interested; and for those few who are born into it- you either cut cords or embrace it.

My father is a man that only sees grey. The whole world is grey to him. There is no right or wrong. Bad or good. There is only grey and when it comes down to it, he is guided by one thing- what he wants and how he is going to get it.

He doesn’t care that what he wants might be wrong, he doesn’t give a fuck if he goes about getting it in a way that would be frowned upon by society. That’s because he is a one percenter and proud to state out of society, and against the law they hold so dear.

Lewis Lawson and Anthony Hunter. They met in a maximum security prison. Both serving long sentences at a long age. Both sentenced at the fresh age of eight-teen and both serving the state for ten years.

They didn’t know each other. Never met once in their short life before prison.

Lewis was a trust fund kid, that broke every rule possible and his parents gave up on him when he turned twelve and was sent to another juvenile centre. He had just turned eight-teen the night the police arrested him- after they built a case against him for a year.

Anthony Hunter. The son of a drunk, and had to provide for himself. He got addicted to the drugs early and would do anything to get the money to get his fix. Those deeds he did, to feed his addiction, got him sentenced to a ten year in a maximum security prison.

Lewis had been in for one week, when he got a new cell mate. Anthony Hunter. Immediately there were signs of Anthony withdrawal from the drugs he lived for. Lewis wasn’t known for having a heart, he wasn’t known for helping anyone. Yet, he found himself helping Anthony.

Lewis had a reputation around the prison because he had basically grown up with half the men inside through the juvenile centre and the other half he had done business for. It there was one thing Lewis was getting at, it was making a deal- one involving money and crimes.

Took Anthony a year to get completely sober. And once he was sober, he decided he wasn’t going back to the junkie lifestyle.

For years the two shared a cell, sharing dreams, their love for motorcycles and what they were going to do when they got out. Didn’t take long for them to realize they wanted the same things- money, power, respect and a business- one that didn’t run according to the law.

And those were the founding bricks of The Devils Henchmen Motorcycle Club.

Within years of them being freed from prison they had chapters across the country, even extending international. They were living the life they want, on a back of a Harley, breaking as many rules as they liked and earning money, which was dirty- and in their eye’s, that made it better.

My father, known as Revenant in the biker world- had one hell of a reputation and his real name which no one dared addressed him as, is, Lewis Lawson.

I’ve never heard anyone call him Lewis, well a part from mum, who I was staring at right now.

“You know you are redefining the concept of a dysfunctional family, right?” I spoke to my mother who had an ice pack over her eyes and every curtain in the house closed.

Mum groaned but I had a feeling, she couldn’t even stand the sound of my voice right now. Dad was the Mother Charter President- which meant he is President of the founding charter of The Devil’s Henchmen. It meant a hell of a lot more responsible but most of all, it meant hosting endless parties for passing charters; and my parents never not once didn’t join in.

“Alexis!” Dad stomped into the loungeroom. “Why the fuck you still here!” He looked around the room. “Why the fuck are we in darkest?”

“Because you said try the new tequila” Mum sat up on the couch, her voice a hiss. “You set me up for this and don’t you dare fucking deny it!”

And here we go again, my parents entering another fight. I would admit we redefined dysfunctional.

I glanced at the manel over our open fire place. When I was ten, I stole my first handbag. When I was fourteen, I was sent to a juvenile correction centre and when I was sixteen I was expelled from high school. I was the fresh young age of eighteen, when I realized I wasn’t going to be a straight up citizen.

Mum and Dad’s fight burnt out and then Dad’s attention was back on me.

“Why are you still here? You were meant to be on the road hours ago! I said early start! I don’t class late morning as an early start!” Dad started laying into me.

The reasons why women and men are scared of Dad was obvious. He was rather large, sure he had muscle on him, but over the years his increase beer drinking was reflecting on his body. He had a bald head, and the long grey bread. He still had his youth piercings and tattoos which grew throughout his life. So yeah Dad was intimidating. His name didn’t help, being known as the Revenant for a outlaw motorcycle club.

But it was his tone, that really scared you. It could send you into a cold panic, fill your blood with fear and wanting you to be anywhere but being confronted by him.

“I’m surpised you are even up.” I gave Dad a smug expression.

“Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I can’t handle my liquor.” Dad’s words sharp.

I nodded my head “Well I slept in. Anyway I’m leaving now.” I picked up my bag off the ground.

“You sure you’re right with this?”

“Cruise in, find the rat that is feeding the pigs our business. It will be easy.” It wasn’t like dad to worry about me, so his question confused me.

“I didn’t mean that. I mean missing the big party this weekend; your mum is still bashing my ear about it.” Dad scrunched his face up. “If you want to leave next week I understand.”

I laughed lightly shaking my head “Business before pleasure, right?”

“That’s my girl.” He tucked me a smirk.

“Better hit the road.”

“Another thing, you aren’t riding. Take the car.”

“What?!” I was outraged instantly “You have to be kidding me!”

“Alexis it is out of my hands.”

I scoffed loudly “I’m better on two wheels then in four!”

“Take it up with your mother!” Dad wiped his hands of it.

“I will.” I muttered under my breath storming out of my room. “Mum wanna start explaining?” I looked at my mother who was all but passed out on the couch.

“You should know better than to yell through the house, especially after an event.” Mum took the ice pack off her eyes.

“Why won’t you let me ride out to snake valley?” I crossed my arms.

Mum sighed loudly “It’s a long ride.”

“I’ve done longer.”

“You’ll be by yourself.”


“So do you really think you should be bringing any more attention to yourself?”

I rolled my eyes “So this is about that?”

“THAT?” Mum twisted her head and looked up at me, her eyes open with shock. “I told you before Alexis, I want to keep you alive!”

“Mum would you please just trust me on this one? I’ll be fine and I highly doubt anyone important will know who I am.”

“Alexis you ride a custom motor bike. You are a target for your father and I. Every single one of our enemies knows who you are, and you riding that purple bike, only makes you stand out worse.”

I opened my mouth to argue back, but dad placed a hand on my shoulder and cut me off.

“She’s right Alexis. With things the way they are at the moment it might be best if you just take the hummer.”

I gritted my teeth, hating the feeling of giving in. I didn’t like backing down. I suppose I got that from my mum.

“Fine, but just so you both know I think you both are being over protective.”

“Noted.” Mum smiled, and closed her eyes again relaxing, now she had won the fight. “Are you leaving now?”

“I should, I was meant to be there around now.” I glanced at my watch “Seven hours on the road is boring in a car.” I grumbled, making sure they knew I wasn’t happy about this.

“At least we know you will get there safely.”

“Yeah, because driving a bullet proof car doesn’t bring attention either.” I added bitterly, not happy about leaving my purple beast at home.

“Stop grumbling and hit the road already.” Dad pushed me in the back, “Go on.”

“Fine I’ll see you in a week.”

“Make sure you tell Hunter knows I’m disappointed not to throw a few back with him.”

“Tyler right, he’s stepped up now?”

“Yes and you better be nice to him Alexis, he’s a good President and I don’t want to hear anything about my daughter giving him a hard time.”

Tyler Hunter was the son of Anthony Hunter, the co-founder of The Devil’s Henchmen. Anthony passed away a few years back. Dad still wasn’t over it and he had taken on Tyler like a son.

“Ok I won’t annoy your favourite President!”

“I mean it.”

I gave dad a quick wave before closing the door. His warning was going on deaf ears anyway. I would judge this Tyler for myself, and what Dad thought of him didn’t matter too much to me.

Dad was spending me down to do the paperwork, make sure everything is up to scratch, but I knew really he was sending me down to check up on Tyler; and to see if the rat feeding police information about club business was hiding out in Tyler’s Charter. Dad promised Antony he would look after Tyler.

He was sending me so that Tyler didn’t feel like the big MC was looking over his shoulder, not trusting his judgment. Trust and loyalty were two major things to them.


Long rides, I was used to- on a bike, not in a fucking car. I was already in a foul mood when I rocked up at the brick house.

I opened the wire door, and banged on black front door. It was late, and the garage that I was meant to show up at was tightly shut up for the night.

I went to knock again, when the door flung open.

“WHAT?” He yelled his dark grey eyes pierced with rage. The leather vest he worn, indicated that I had the right address.

“Tyler Hunter? I arched an eyebrow at him. His angry attitude, didn’t even take a notch of my confidence.


“I’m Alexis Lawson, you should be expecting me.”

His expression darkened “I was seven hours ago.” He gritted out, his eyes running up and down me, before stepping back and letting me in. “Just wait in there.” He nodded his head, in the direction of what looked like a kitchen.

I noticed a woman sitting on a couch in the open lounge room. Her arms were crossed, and I noticed the flood of tears streaming down her face.

“Fine.” I muttered, and followed his instructions. It looked like he had matters to attend to. I couldn’t understand some women.

They wanted the bad boy, then when they get him, they actually expect him to change. Then again I couldn’t understand why the guy went for them in the first place, don’t they know they are in for?

“I’m guessing that’s the girl you’ve been waiting for all day?” I heard a woman hiss.

“Yeah she’s late.” Tyler’s voice was rough and linked with annoyance.

I leant against their kitchen counter while their conversation flooded into the kitchen.

“Let me guess, you need to go?” Her voice was snappy.

“Danielle, would you just drop it?”

“Drop what Tyler?”

“I can’t do this right now.”

“Clearly, you have another female waiting for you. What a shock.” I heard the rattling of keys.

“Don’t be like that. Come on Dani.”

I rolled my eyes. I didn’t take Tyler as the begging sort of guy. Personally I would just let the female leave. My opinion of Tyler was dropping very quickly.

“I have to go to work.”

“I’ll take you.”

“And leave a stranger in our house?”

That’s it, enough with the heart to heart. My heels clicked on the wooden floor, as I walked out. “A stranger that can hear every word.” I placed a hand on my hip, and looked over at the loved up couple. “I’ve driven seven hours to get here, and as much as I have tolerated your heart to heart. I’m tired and just want to go to bed.”

As I spoke I just watched the woman’s eyes narrow at me. I never really make a good impression when it comes to girls.

“Then you should get the hell out of my house, and go check into a hotel.” Her voice was bitter.

I scoffed loudly, “More like you better show me where your spare room is.”

“You aren’t staying with us.” She spat then looked up at Tyler. “Is she?”

Tyler’s lips were tight, and it was clear I had really pissed him off.

“She has too.” Tyler shot me a dirty look, “I would throw her out if I could, but I can’t.”

I shot Danielle a ‘told you so’ look.

She made some weird grunting noise, “What a surprise.”

“Danielle.” Tyler spoke to her as she stormed away from him.

“Just stop it Tyler, I’m going to work.”

“I’ll take you.” Tyler followed her, and I side stepped out of their way.

“No stay. After all you can’t leave the woman who has just taken over my house.” She slammed the front door, right in Tyler’s face.

Tyler slowly turned around, his back was tense. “Down the hall, second room on the right.” He glared at me “Don’t fuck up anything, I’ll be back.”

I couldn’t help but think just how pathetic, he actually went after her. I walked up the small hallway. I could hear muffled argument outside, one question who that was.

I dumped my bag on the bed, and slipped out of my heels. Now just to let dad know I got here safe, and then to get some much needed sleep.

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