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One step away

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In a world where your life isn’t exactly yours, where mafia’s have the upper hand, A young girl, Nova Everleen, was faced with a deadly decision that would change her life forever. Standing on the edge.. Her only dream was to fly.. Losing everything wasn’t easy for Nova. Stepping toward the edge she was distracted by another that caused her to slip.. Will he save her? Or will he walk away like everyone else..? 

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

May 31st. 2022 There I was... One step away from the edge. It wasn't a very windy night, just a light breeze. I could quietly hear the cars pass just below me in the city. Standing on a tall building ready to jump... I took off my sweater, and let down my hair. The building was high, way above the ground. At least 75-76 stories high. I closed my eyes and let all the memories sink in. The tears rapidly escaped my eyes. All the bruises and scars felt relief from the cold air.

I remembered my childhood. "I miss you.. I'm on my way.." I whispered hoping somewhere in heaven, my big brother could hear me. He was always taking care of me..

***10 years ago***

"Happy Birthday Nova!!" My brother cheered. Today I turned 9!! My big brother Teddy and I are really close, we do everything together, and today he set up a surprise birthday party for me.

I was wearing a cute and puffy light purple dress with little teddy bears on it. My hair was curled and I had white flats on. He helped me get ready this morning before driving me to my favorite restaurant.

It was just the two of us. Mom was passed out drunk on the couch at home, and dad, well.. Dad was probably on another mission for the mafia or fucking another one of his hoes.. Ik I'm only 9 but I heard my mom talking about it.

We got to the restaurant and it was really fancy and cute. There were presents and cake on the reserved table for the two of us.

I hugged him tightly and thanked him before he pulled out my chair and pushed it toward the table after I had hopped on it sitting on the kid booster seat. He sat down in his seat across from me and the waitress came up to us asking if we would like drinks. I settled with a glass of sprite, while my brother had a mountain due.

A little later the lady came back with our food, as I sipped on my soda she placed down my pasta and fruit in front of me. I smiled at her and she walked away after placing my brother's steak in front of him.

It was a fun night, after dinner I got to open my presents and eat cake. Everyone in the restaurant stopped eating and sang Happy Birthday to me. I felt loved by him.

-3 hours later-

We got home and my mom was awake drinking on the couch with a pissed off expression. I walked in behind my brother. "Where the hell were you two?" She had yelled at us. "I took Nov's out for dinner to celebrate her birthday." My brother had told her. She looked mad and walked over to me smashing her bottle of wine on my head. I was in so much pain and shock I didn't even scream. I just stood there with tears down my face and blood streaming out of my head.

My brother picked me up while yelling at my mom. I couldn't hear what he was saying, I just remember him running up the stairs into the bathroom with me in his arms. Turning on the tub. Then, everything went black...

-2 months later-

Everything was fine and my brother had an apartment, he took full custody of me, because he was 19 and he was an adult now. He dropped me off at school and then left for work. I got to school, and it was a normal day.

Get picked on, end up in the nurse's office, get sent home, I know the drill.

It was about 11:34a.m and my brother had pulled up to my school barging in to examine my black eye. He helped me to the car and got into the driver's seat. Turning on the car, he backed out of the parking space and headed home. On the way home, I had a weird feeling in my stomach. Like something bad was gonna happen. I ignored the feeling and sang to the music on the radio, until I heard a loud bang. And saw a bullet Pierce through the window and shoot my brother in the head. I was scared out of my mind. He looked back at me and tried to carefully say "i-i lo..ve y-you.. S-stay sa..fe f-for m-me.." We swerved off the road after we had both blacked out..

***End of Flashback***

More tears began to spill from my eyes as I remembered my brother's death. It was today.. 10 years ago. He was 19 when he was shot in the car.. And here I am.. 19, 10 years later, ready to see him once again..

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