Falling For You

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First lie

I kept replaying his words in my head and it made life so easy. I trust this guy. I trust him with my life. I couldn't help but waking up with a smile every day because of his existence.

I opened my eyes and noticed my mother sitting at the side of my bed, looking concerned. "Your dad wants to meet him." She simply said and my eyes widened.

"What do you mean meet him? It is too soon. We don't want to rush anything." I said getting panicky. I didn't want to scare Wolf away or make him feel trapped. I wanted to just make him feel comfortable enough, giving him the space to make his own decisions when it came to this relationship.

"He is just concerned, he is still not comfortable with the idea of you wanting to marry a guy you met online. He wants to see him in the flesh and judge for himself if he is worthy of you. I thought to give you heads up so you would know what to do because he won't let you continue this if he doesn't see the guy for himself." She explained to me and I just felt this rush of blood in my head. I felt like I couldn't breathe.

"Mum, he can't just to do this. Why can't he just trust me? He is a good guy. It is just weird because it is too soon and Wolf's dad is abroad anyway so he cannot really do anything when his father is not even in the country yet. What are they even going to talk about?!" I said frustrated. I hated when plans would change. I just hated it.

"Kitten, you don't exactly have the best judgement when it comes to people. You always think they are good and then they hurt you. This is huge, this is someone you decided that you wanted to marry. Your father just wants to know who is this guy. Just talk to Wolf, I am sure he won't mind. He is a good guy." My mother said and I nodded.

It didn't take long before dad called on me. He informed me exactly what mum said. "You said before that he wanted to meet me first before he does anything with you, so I don't think he would mind.'' My father reminded me. He did say that, but why did I feel like he would change his mind now. "I just want to know if he is playing or if he is serious. If he really means it, Kitten, then he won't have a problem meeting me." He pointed out and I nodded. "Yet if he says no, then I don't want you to speak to him again."

"It's not that, he just wants his dad to be there so it would be more serious and official." I tried to make excuses.

"When is his dad coming then?" He asked me and I am sure I blushed.

"Next year." I mumbled and he shook his head.

"Alright, then you don't have to speak or talk to him till next year." My father said and I blinked my eyes.

"I didn't ask him yet, I am sure he wouldn't mind. I just.... I will tell him, okay..." I said and left the room.

I don't know why did I feel this way, but I just did. I knew Wolf wouldn't like this. I knew he would feel pressured and that he has nothing to say to him yet. I know he said before that he would meet him first, but why was I scared now?

"Wow, you are actually calling me. Your dad is not home?" Wolf asked me. "Woah, are you crying? What's wrong?" He asked me concerned since I was sobbing on the phone before saying anything.

"My dad wants to meet you. He said he wants to see the person I am talking to. It is not an official meeting or anything, he just wants to see you and talk to you. He said I can't talk to you unless he meets you. I just want you to know that I will wait forever for you. I am not going anywhere. I will wait until you are ready even if it took months or years." I said as I cried hysterically.

"Just calm down, we can handle this." He said trying to comfort me and stop me from crying. "You just surprised me. I don't mind meeting him, but I need to plan this out. I have nothing to say to him now. I don't want to do this without having my family present as well with me so we would all get to know one another, but what will I say now?!" He told me and my heart sunk.

"He doesn't want to talk about us, he just wants to see who I am speaking to. He doesn't need anything from you or any plans. All he wants is to see who I am talking to and he is going to hold everything else official for whenever we are both ready." I said perking up. Maybe there is hope after all and we don't have to go downhill.

"I don't know... I have anything to say to him right now." He said getting cold feet.

"Wolf, I swear he doesn't want to talk about us. He just wants to know what type of guy you are. Just go meet him and let him see how amazing you are and that you are indeed a good guy and not tricking me." I told him. Now I had to convince Wolf to meet my dad just like he told me he would before, but now it was different because he wasn't so confident anymore.

"I just need to think about it more." He said hesitantly. My heart sunk because this is not the same response I got before. Before he told me he would meet my dad before he even would see me in person, now he was telling me he didn't want to meet him yet?! What was I going to tell my parents? That he said no?

"Wolf, please... it is just an informal meeting. You just go there and introduce yourself and nothing will happen." I pleaded him.

"Today? I don't think I can do that... just let me think about it." He told me and my heart was beating fast, but not from happiness, but from fear.

"Why not? Just go there and talk to him casually. If I told my dad that you are thinking about it and will try to put him on your schedule, it will give him the wrong impression and ruin everything. Please, just go today, please, you don't have to talk about us, you will just introduce yourself, that's all." I was literally begging by now.

I knew my father was scared and he was concerned about who I am talking to. All he wanted was to know I am safe.

"Fine.... I will do it, but not tonight. Try to make it next week." Wolf said. It seemed like it had been forever of going back and forth, trying to convince him. My heart sank because I had to tell my dad that Wolf was the one setting the time which would make it seem as if my dad is the one meeting him and not Wolf going to meet my dad. Yet I was desperate... I would have to work with what I have.

I immediately went back into the room, trying to think of how am I going to approach this. How am I telling him to fit his schedule to meet Wolf?

"Dad, Wolf wants to meet you. When would be a suitable day? Next Saturday?" I asked trying to find a time next week.

"He agreed?" He asked me surprised.

"Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't he? He said he didn't mind and that he wanted to actually meet you first already, so it is not a problem. Just set the time and date and he will be there." I said. Little white lies to make him look good wouldn't hurt anyone.

"Hmmm, I see. He can meet me by the end of this week then. Wednesday or Thursday." He told me and I nodded.

Kitten: Dad said you can meet him Wednesday or Thursday

Wolf: No, I am not free on these days....

Kitten: What am I supposed to do?! Just tell him that you are busy and can't meet him?!

He is killing me right now. I felt like my heart could just burst out of my chest because I was extremely scared. I didn't want to lose Wolf. I just couldn't lose him.

Wolf: Okay, I can meet him tonight, but after 8 because I am not free any other day.

"Dad, he actually doesn't want to wait. Once I told him, he said he wants to go see you tonight, can he?" I asked him and he was surprised once again.

"He is a real man!" My mother said smiling. "You made a good choice, my dear." She told me and I nodded nervously.

"Yeah... I can meet him tonight."

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