Falling For You

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Cross my heart

When I was 12, there was a boy in my class who had a crush on me. He went around assuring everyone that I feel the same way about him. The second I rejected him and our friends found out, he immediately began spreading rumours about me. These rumours hurt me so badly and sent me into deeper depression. Ever since, I had vowed that I will never lie in my life, even if my life depended on it.

Yet that was a vow I had broken after meeting Wolf. I broke all my rules for Wolf. I wanted to do everything and give him all I could. I believed this is the right thing to do because he was my soulmate.

What shocked me was that I wasn't even guilty about lying for him. I thought it was okay to tell little white lies to make him look good, it is okay to hide things from my parents and I knew I would never regret any of it because I was ready to cut my chest open and hand him my heart in the palm of his hands if he asked me to.

''Your dad kicked me out of his office and treated me so badly.'' Wolf told me over the phone.

''Shut the hell up, he did not. He called mum and told us everything.'' I said as I smiled, rolling my eyes.

''Oh damn it, I wanted to mess with you a little bit.'' He chuckled.

''So tell me everything, what happened?'' I asked him excitedly. ''I want to hear it from your point of view.'' I said as I waited. I didn't know details from dad since he was on the phone with my mother, but she gave me the nod that it went great.

''Well, he let me park next to his car and sent a man to guide me to his office. I felt like such a VIP. We sat together and spoke casually. He didn't push about my ex, but I insisted on telling him everything. I just felt really comfortable with him. I felt like he was like my father in a way.'' He told me. I felt my heart warming up on hearing that. I actually told my dad not to ask about his ex or push it. I insisted that he takes it easy on him.

''What did he say about me?'' Wolf asked me nervously. ''Because I kinda made a joke when he asked me if I smoke and I said only weed.'' He added and I giggled. My dad actually liked a man with good sense of humour.

''I don't know the details yet, but so far they are good things because mum gave me the nod.'' I assured him.

''I won't believe a single word you say again, he is not really strict or as difficult as you made him. Whenever I need anything, I will just go straight to him instead of you.'' He told me teasingly. I was jumping up and down with joy because if my dad was this way with him, it meant he absolutely loved him.

''He is, I guess you charmed my dad with your jokes just like you charmed me.'' I said smiling although he couldn't see me. I took this as a good sign because if my parents approve then I made the right decision. ''Oh, dad came back. I will go hear the story from him and call you again to tell you what he said.'' I said excitedly. I forgot all about the tears this morning and the pain in my heart from trying to convince him to meet my dad. It all went well eventually and this is what mattered at the end of the day for me.

I sat down in the bedroom next to my mother as we both looked at my dad patiently. ''What?'' He asked me with a smirk.

''Come on, tell me what do you think? Tell me what happened!'' I urged him.

''I kicked him out, he is an awful guy.'' He claimed and I rolled my eyes. They were seriously making the same joke.

''Dad, I know this didn't happen.'' I said sighing.

''If he told you everything then why do you want me to repeat it then?'' He asked me teasingly. Because I liked bragging about how I made the right choice trusting Wolf. ''Well, he is a really good guy, very polite and handsome as well. He got green eyes, Kitten, did you notice that?'' He smirked and I blushed.

''Not really, totally went over my head.'' I grinned stupidly. "So you like him?" I asked him.

"Yes, I felt like I was talking to my son. He was a bit uptight at first and I did my best to make him feel comfortable." He told me. I couldn't describe how this was music to my ears. "I know I pushed this too early, but I had to. I know you will ask to meet him again and will make excuses to hang out with him, so I had to know who you are speaking to." My father stated.

"No, we won't do that. We had agreed to meet one time till it is official. He knows how having a first is very important for me." I explained to him our point of view.

"Kitten, I had never seen you act this way towards any guy ever throughout your life. I know for a fact that you will ask to see him again and again." He pointed out. I thought about it and knew that he was right.

"How come you will let me speak to him like this though? You never did that with my siblings..." I said confused.

"I felt he is a good guy. I trust him. He can take the time he needs and whenever the two of you are ready, you have my blessings." He told me. I was thrilled as I ran back wanting to call Wolf to tell him all about it. He nailed it.

"He absolutely love you. I feel so proud of you, Wolf. The way he spoke about you, it made me extremely happy. I can't even describe how proud I am right now. Don't let me down, please." I said hopefully.

"I cross my heart and I hope to die, I will never ever embarrass you with your family or put you in a difficult position with them. I will always make you proud, Kitten."
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