Falling For You

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Hey dad!

We wanted to take our time, take it slow and not rush anything. Yet one GPS accident, changed everything. During my vacation, the GPS took us into a really weird dark scary road. We believed we were going to die and in this moment, all I could think of was how I didn't get the chance to marry Wolf or even see him. It broke me knowing we ended before it started.

This is why it was no brainer that I had to set up a meeting with him. We had to rush things out because life is too short.

Now try to tell your over protective father that you met a guy online and want to marry him after knowing him for two weeks.... for me one day, but I will tell him two weeks as if this is going to make it better. He wasn't even convinced that I am grown enough. He thought I am 19 for fuck's sake.

Yet, it is time to put my foot down and just face my dad. Hey, I am old enough to make my own decision. I am going to meet this guy and I will marry him.

"So just try to explain to him that he is a really good guy and that I will never find anyone like him. Tell him that I will be miserable for the rest of my life if he doesn't let me be with this guy." I told my mother. What? Did you really think that I would face my father with this? Hell no. This is a man who lived his life peacefully because his baby girl who looks like she is 12 is against marriage and doesn't let any guy near her. It worked great for him because he didn't have to worry.

"Okay don't rush me. I just need to find the perfect moment to lay the news on him." She told me. Mum is the older version of me when it came to anxiety. She freaked out worse than I do even.

"Also mention that I am meeting him on the 28th." I added and her eyes widened. "Hey, don't panic. I have a plan. I will take my sister with me." I assured her.

"So both of my girls would be kidnapped by some random creep you found online?!" She gasped and I groaned.

"Mum, he is not a kidnapper. I am sure of it." I told her rolling my eyes. But what if he is? I am too small to fight him, he did say he is 6 ft 2. Shit. "His sister is also coming and we are meeting in a public place, it is going to be a casual meeting, no worries." I said and she nodded as she tried to breathe slowly. Wow, poor thing. I am stressing everyone out apparently.

I hid behind the door, trying to listen in. Now here is the thing about dad, if you don't get him alone and away from any distractions, he will not pay attention to a single word you say. This is why mum had the t.v turned off and sat alone with him without any of us around. I could hear her telling him about Wolf and I. Shit, his face changed. He was absolutely shocked. He thought he would never see this day come.

Now flashback goes to my older sister and how her husband turned into a piece of shit when they had been together for three years and here I am telling him I want to marry this guy after two weeks. Yeah, nothing to worry about at all.

I ran back to my bed when they seemed to have finished their talk. I looked at my baby sister, giving her a look that I am dead. Soon enough, he called my name and he didn't look happy at all. Is it too late to play dead?

"Oh, hi dad... fancy seeing you here." I chuckled nervously.

"Come in and close the door." He said. Oh great, he is going to chain me in the room and never let me out. "So tell me about this magical guy that you will never find anyone like in the world and decided to give up your family for?" He said and I frowned.

"Woah, wait. What are you talking about?" I asked him shocked. I guess my dramatic side came from dad not mum. "Dad, I am 25. I am not a child. It was only a matter of time before I find a guy I want to be with and this doesn't mean I am giving my family up." I pointed out to him.

"But we take good care of you and I get you everything you need. Why would you need some man for? You saw your sister, she is not happy." He said and I didn't know what to say. They were as traumatized as me from that situation.

"Just because she made a wrong choice, doesn't mean I will as well. He is a really good guy. He actually wanted to meet you first before meeting me, but I am the one who convinced him otherwise. You will sit with him after our meeting and I am absolutely positive that you will love him. He will never break my heart." I promised him. He better not let me down now or else I will never be trusted with any decision ever again.

"Alright.... I will let you meet this guy and I will be the judge of him after this meeting between you two when I see him if he is really a good guy or not." He said, caving in, and I immediately hugged him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I said happily. "I promise you that he will not let us down."

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