Falling For You

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LoneWolf: Can we reschedule tomorrow?

Kitten13: Huh?

LoneWolf: I am supposed to get vaccinated tomorrow and I have to wake up at 9 am to run errands

Oh shit oh shit oh shit

I already told my family and if I told them he is pushing it then they will question if something was wrong and it is a miracle dad agreed in the first place so I didn't want him to have time to reconsider.

Kitten13: Come onnnnnn. We finally managed to convince them. Let's just push the time, but we need to make tomorrow happen. I don't care how you will look like after a long day. I just want to see you.

Now this is a fact. I have had series of nightmares about this meeting of all types of things going wrong. One was that he sent someone else instead of him to test waters. If I postpone this for another week, I will die from anxiety. Besides, he really didn't have to care about how he looks. If he came without a head, I would still find him the best thing in the world.

LoneWolf: I know, but I just wanted to have all the focus of the day on our date

Kitten13: Hey, it's not a date. We are just having a casual meeting to see if you like me in person as you do online :P

LoneWolf: Maybe you won't like me in person

I wanted to say, shut up you idiot, I fucking love you, but I couldn't give my first I love you easily like this. I had to draw the line and keep it as cool as possible.

Kitten13: I am sure I will, don't worry

"Are you still on for tomorrow?" My mother asked and I nodded nervously.

"What made you think we won't?" I asked her, getting kinda suspicious because she was just asking a simple question.

"Just checking, maybe he changed his mind or something." She shrugged. That woman has a sixth sense I swear.

"No, we are still on. He is actually excited about it even more than me." I told her smiling. She nodded and sat beside me, oh now we are going to have the talk.

"Now, I am sure he will insist on paying and so you shouldn't cost him too much money." She began to tell me.

"Don't worry, will order the cheapest thing on the menu." I assured her.

"Not just that, you will eat before you go so you are not hungry. Just order a drink and the cheapest drink you can find." She added. She honestly didn't have to tell me.

"Okay, but how will I explain that I am not having dinner with him? He is kinda expecting it." I pointed out to her. I guess she didn't think this far.

"Oh... well, right before you leave for your meet up, tell him that you just ate and you didn't know you were eating together." She said and that definitely made sense.

"If it all goes well, can he give us a ride back home?" I asked her.

"I will have to ask your dad, but we will wait till the end before you head back home so we wouldn't give him time to think too much of it." She said. Well played, ma. That woman is becoming mischievous like me.

Kitten13: I can't sleep. I am just super excited about tomorrow. We will actually see each other!

LoneWolf: I can't sleep either. All I keep thinking about is you and what we are going to do tomorrow.

LoneWolf: Let's just try to calm down and not freak out. I don't want you nervous at all tomorrow and if you ever feel anxious, just give me the signal and I will take care of you and distract you

Kitten13: Dude, I won't stress out at all. Don't worry. I am not even nervous.

LoneWolf: Riggght. I totally believe you. We will see tomorrow

Kitten13: You always act as if you know me better than I know myself, I got this.

LoneWolf: because I actually do

This guy is going to be the death of me I swear. I smiled because I just felt like I was on cloud nine.

LoneWolf: So what are you wearing tomorrow?

Kitten13: cashmere colour, we should totally match

LoneWolf: What the hell is a cashmere colour even?! Is that a real colour or did you just make it up?

Kitten13: I didn't make it up, it is like a shade of pink, but not pink.

LoneWolf: I don't think I have this colour or that I ever will have this shade. I was going to wear this purple shirt

Kitten13: Ohhhh, purple is one of my favourite colours!!!!

LoneWolf: I know, this is why I thought to wear it

Look at him being slick and smooth

LoneWolf: Why can't I pick you up?

Kitten13: Because I want you to be sitting there in the restaurant waiting for me and I walk in, slow motion, and we catch each other's eyes

I told you I am dramatic as fuck and it is only the beginning

LoneWolf: Can I at least drive you back? I won't feel comfortable you leaving alone with your sister at night

Kitten13: I am working on it, no worries.

Kitten13: You should sleep, you have a long day tomorrow before meeting me.

LoneWolf: I can't, I seriously cannot sleep. I am just too excited and time is just so damn sloooow. I want to see you now

Kitten13: Same honestly, I wish time would just go quicker... we are so good at playing hard to get I see

The time didn't go quicker, it was extremely slow that I could die and come back to life only to find it had been two minutes. I had set my alarm clock and jumped from bed once it rang, running around to get ready and panicking like usual. I kept watching the clock as it went by, feeling like it is running now.

Like oh, really bitch? Now when I am trying to get ready you decide to fly by?!

I ran to my phone once I saw his name flash. "How is everything going? Are you ready yet?" He asked me and I smiled.

"Not yet, almost done." I told him excitedly. "How is your day going? Are you ready for tonight?" I asked him grinning. I was going to see him in the flesh. This was going to be the highlight of my life so far.

"Yeah, you will have to order for us because I have never been to this restaurant before and I don't know what's good on the menu." He said and I was about to burst his bubble.

"Oh, I actually ate. If you are hungry though, you can definitely order something." I said. That was partially true. Mum was preparing food for us to eat before we leave.

"Are you kidding me? Absolutely not. I am planning to have dinner with you. You are going to eat with me. End of discussion." He stated to me firmly. Shit.

"I am not hungry. Well, how about my sister and I share a plate?" I asked hoping to reach a compromise.

"What are you saying? Each of us will get his own order, yeah sure." He said and I rolled my eyes at him although he couldn't see me.

"Wolf just listen..." I started to say.

"We are not meeting for the first time just to have a drink and then leave. We are having dinner together and then will have drinks. Also no one is sharing with anyone." He said and I knew I was going to be extremely guilty because it meant having to pay for four people which is too much because it is a fancy restaurant.

"Fine..." I sighed. "Now leave me alone so I can get ready!" I said teasingly. "Beauty takes time!" I added dramatically.

"You are beautiful in all your states."

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