The Avalon Legacies Book 1 Legacy Forgotten

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Chapter 9

Ailis stopped at the bank and withdrew as much money as she could before heading north east, not looking back. She drove nonstop for more than five hours. She honed all of her energy to block her mind from intrusions. She made her first stop close to morning in a hotel outside of Gainesville. She didn’t know what the sun would do to her but she didn’t want to find out. Not just yet. She wasn’t even sure if she would sleep normally or like the dead sleep Kenneth slept. What if someone came in during the day and thought she was dead? She hung the do not disturb sign on the door and locked the top lock before lying down. She slept restlessly. She was dying inside. She knew she’d done the right thing but she could not make herself happy about it. Regardless of what her grandmother wrote in her diary Ailis did not want to believe it. She knew that she loved Kenneth. And now she was going to have his baby. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse. She cried until dark and then checked out and was on her way. She made stops at fleabag hotels all the way to California and collapsed as soon at she reached her mother’s house just before dawn on the fourth day. She was exhausted as the entire trip was spent blocking her thoughts so that no one would know where she was going. She slept the whole day and then headed to see her mother. She parked at the gates to the cemetery and walked to her mother’s grave. She stood there for a long while and then spoke to her mother with tears flowing from her eyes. “I just wanted you to know that when I pass if I don’t see you I will always remember you.”

She then heard her grandmother’s voice. “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” She asked. “Jesus Christ Abuela what else am I suppose to do? I’m a frigging vampire.” She answered out loud in an aggravated tone.

You carry his child.” Was the answer she received?

“Don’t start with that. He lied to me. You should understand, considering who he is.” Ailis said frustrated.

Just read the book then dear.” She heard.

“Oh My God.” Ailis said. “I am talking to a ghost.” She blew out a breath and went back to the car. When she got back to her mothers house she got the diary and sat down to read.

Alejandro Kenneth Nunez was my betrothed. He was a wonderful man and the adopted son of a conquistador. No one knew he was adopted. His mother was a man’s companion and was pregnant when Alejandro’s stepfather fell in love with her. He took the child as his own and no one else knew. For years after Beto and I fled Madrid I could feel Alejandro. I could feel his anger and his rage. I could feel when he made a kill. For years I thought I was being punished until I actually stopped to listen to his feelings

He was sad that I died and every kill I felt him make, was one of the vampires who attacked us that night. I knew he had not yet found Monolo. I later found that he had no idea the others were going to attack that night. Monolo was the miracle that Alejandro was telling me about. He thought that by becoming a vampire he would not have to leave me alone. He has spent the last 100 years tracking down and killing those who were there that night. He has only Monolo left. My little brother Julio was with the babysitter that night, and because of that, he lived. He is at our house that still stands. If you feel the need to get out he will welcome you. He is one hundred and two years old and has definitely seen better days but he will know who you are.

Ailis could not believe what she was reading. Kenneth was not responsible for what happened to her grandmother. Her breath caught in her throat. She killed him. That bright light she’d created. It had to have killed them both. Again, she felt like something had used her to kill again. If only she could take it back. She felt like she was going to hyperventilate. He did lie to her but she knew, he had no choice at first, she would have never believed him and after what she read in the beginning of the diary she would have run from him. She wanted to die. He was the only man she ever loved and she killed him. No. She thought firmly. Whatever this thing was inside of her killed him and now Ailis was going to have to live with the consequences of her lack of control.

She rolled over in bed and cried her eyes out until she felt numb from it all and fell asleep. She woke with a start a few hours later. There was someone in the house. She could feel them. She couldn’t tell who it was as they were blocking their thoughts. She grabbed The Twins from by the bed and tip toed down the stairs. She was shaking as she entered the living room. Someone grabbed her hands and took the guns. “You should know that’s not going to help.” He whispered in the dark. She willed the lights on and she looked up into Kenneth’s beautiful face. Tears burst from her eyes and she flung herself into his arms. “I am so sorry.” She cried into the side of his neck.

Kenneth was surprised. He thought that she would run when she saw who he was. But here she was in his arms begging for his forgiveness. She felt so right there that he didn’t care the reason. All he cared was that she was there.

“How did you know where I was?” She asked him looking up.

“I didn’t until a few hours ago.” He replied. “You were doing a great job hiding your thoughts.” He said looking down at her.

“I thought I killed you.” She said, looking down at her hands.

“You almost did.” Kenneth answered. “You are much stronger now than you were before.” Ailis looked like she was going to start crying all over again. “No don’t cry.” He said cupping her face with both hands. “I understand why you did it. Monolo made it a point to advise me that you knew who I was.”

She looked at him. “You don’t understand Kenneth.” She told him urgently. “I couldn’t control it.”

“Don’t worry love. We’ll figure out how to control it.” He told her. “It’s not like I didn’t give you a reason.” He said looking down into her eyes. “I just don’t understand what has changed your mind now.”

Ailis reached over and handed him the diary. “I read the whole thing and she explained everything.”

Kenneth took the book and looked down at it. “I don’t understand.” Kenneth said. “How could she know?” He asked to no one in particular.

“I am going to shower.” Ailis said. “You can finish reading that.” She said over her shoulder as she headed for the bathroom. Kenneth opened the book and began to read. It was odd reading Carmelita’s story. When he finished he just sat there staring into space. All this time he was killing his kind because of the tragedy they caused that night. Now he had one more left and he would be able to go home and forget all of this. His thoughts drifted to Ailis and the fact that she was in the shower. He could just imagine the water slicing down her perfect little body. What was he going to do about her? After he awoke and she was not there he was going crazy not knowing where she was or if she was Okay. He realized then that if she was alive, he would under no circumstances be able to ever let her go. He would just have to pay Collin a visit. He could get there and back before Ailis got out of the shower

Collin was sitting in his squad car outside of his house when Kenneth arrived. Collin was worn out. He’d been searching everywhere for Ailis. The last time he saw her was when she told him there was no hope for them. He went back to her house the next day and found it in shambles with police swarming everywhere. There was a fight and it looked like a fire as well. Ailis was nowhere to be found. There was a body discovered in the living room but it turned out to be a local thug who had a record for breaking and entering. From the looks of the place Ailis put up one hell of a fight.

When he pulled her bank records there was a large withdrawal from her checking account that morning but no sign since then of her and Collin was losing his mind. Kenneth caught up to him as he was heading inside. Kenneth called his name and he turned around. “Do I know you?” He asked.

“No.” Kenneth responded “But we have a mutual friend.” He finished.

“Who would that be?” Collin asked suspiciously.

“I am a friend of Ailis’.” Kenneth stated.

“Oh.” Collin answered. “Well, have you seen her? Is she okay?” He asked anxiously.

“She is fine. She went home with me after the break in.” Kenneth answered.

“You are him.” Collin stated. “The one she told me about.”

Kenneth did not know what he meant by that but he went with it. Collin unlocked the door and invited him in. Kenneth followed him to the living room and took a seat as instructed.

“So what happened?” Collin asked after he was seated across from Kenneth.

“I am not sure exactly, I came after she was already gone. From what I could see, someone broke in and all hell broke loose. I guess the idiot thought that as Ailis lived alone she would be an easy target.” Kenneth said.

“Wow. Poor schmuck had no idea who he was messing with.” Collin said with a smirk. “Well.” Collin added. “I will need her to come in for a statement. Why didn’t she just call the cops when it happened?” He asked.

“I caught up to her the next day and she was still not herself. I think that the asshole might have tried more than robbing her and she was in shock.” Kenneth answered.

“Oh.” Collin said sounding very weary. “I guess no matter how tough she is, deep down; she is still allowed to get freaked out.” He finished.

“Yeah I’ll have her come in and give a statement. I actually came to talk to you about something else.” Kenneth said changing the subject.

“Oh yeah.” Collin answered getting an uneasy feeling. “What’s that?”

Kenneth took a deep breath. “I know you are in love with Ailis but so am I. Trust me when I tell you that my very soul will not let her go. I know that you were at her house the other day as I saw you hugging.” Kenneth said bluntly.

“You were there?” Collin asked. “Yes but I left as I saw that she had made her choice. After thinking these past few days, I have realized that I won’t live without her. I can’t ask that you never see her again as it is her choice who she wants. I just wanted to come and make sure that your intentions with her are good.”

Collin drew in his breath. “Look I love Ailis with every breath in my body and probably will until the day I die but she made it perfectly clear, she had no feelings of that nature for me and sent me on my way.” He told Kenneth.

Kenneth felt the breath leave his lungs. She turned him down even after she knew that he left. “She did?” He asked.

“Yes.” Collin stated. “Apparently, she is in love with someone else.”

Kenneth really couldn’t breathe now. “So she didn’t choose you then?” He asked again just to clarify, as he still was unsure that he heard the man right.

“Yes.” Collin answered. “She turned me down.” He finished. “Now.” Collin said looking more serious, “What about you? What are your intentions where she is concerned?” He asked Kenneth bluntly.

“Trust me Collin I would die slow and painfully before I would ever see any harm come to one hair on her head.” Kenneth answered.

“Well.” Collin breathed out. “If I can’t have her at least I know that she is in good hands.” They said their goodbyes and Kenneth left with a promise to bring Ailis by in a day or two so she could give her statement. When he appeared in Ailis’ mother’s house she was still in the shower. Man he thought that’s a long shower. He was only gone about twenty minutes. He knew she needed to relax but he decided to check on her anyway.

Ailis did not know what to think. Here she was again, with Kenneth. What was she going to do? She absently reached down to rub her belly. She really was in a heap of trouble. She was a vampire and pregnant. She was so screwed. She didn’t know how long she stood there under the spray rubbing her belly but she had decided that no matter what she would not be walking into the sun. She could actually feel the baby’s little movements as her senses were now even stronger than before. All of a sudden she became very dizzy and tried to brace her self on the wall. She would have fallen if Kenneth had not been there that very moment to catch her.

“You are pale.” He said with urgency in his voice. “You haven’t eaten at all have you?” He asked her.

Ailis could barley think. “No I have not eaten.” She answered. Kenneth lifted her and carried her to the bed. He started to cut his wrist when Ailis panicked and reached out to stop him. “I can’t.” She told him.

He leaned down and kissed her on her forehead. “Yes you can.” He soothed. “Just trust me love this is what you need.” Ailis relaxed against the pillows and Kenneth took that as her okay. He sliced his wrist and placed it above her mouth. She took his wrist and began to suck timidly at first but as her strength came back so did her boldness. After she had taken enough she released his arm and he licked the wound to heal it. “I went to see Collin.” He told her. She looked up at him alarmed. He just smiled and continued. “I let him know that you are okay but you will need to give a statement.”

“Oh no.” Ailis said. “What will I tell them?” She asked panicked.

“I have that covered. After I woke I found a thug that had been arrested several times and placed him in the house. When the police went there, they assumed that the man broke into your house and you fought back in self-defense.” He answered.

“Where did you get the body?” She asked.

“Don’t ask.” Kenneth answered.

Ailis looked up at him just as a huge question came to her. “What about Monolo?” She asked. She knew the answer by the look on his face.

Kenneth took a deep breath. “When I awoke he was gone. My guess is that he ran. But he’ll be back.” She rolled over on her side and he joined her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “Don’t worry love. I’ll not let him harm you.” He said soothing her.

“I love you.” She said sounding like she was half asleep. Kenneth smiled. She probably didn’t know what she was saying but he liked to hear it all the same. Although after the conversation he just had with Collin, He had reason to have hope. Just before he fell asleep he thought he heard a very small heartbeat. He listened closer but it was gone. Weird, He thought but just that fast he was asleep along side Ailis.

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