The Avalon Legacies Book 1 Legacy Forgotten

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Chapter 14

Ailis awoke with a start. She knew the instant something was wrong. She felt the rush of anger come from Kenneth for a split second before he closed himself off to her. She ran to the library where she knew her grandmother was. She burst through the door breathing heavily.

“I know.” Carmelita stopped her.

“Oh My God!” Ailis exclaimed. “What do we do?”

“We can do nothing.” She answered. “Wait and pray that they make it out alive.”

Ailis ran to her room. She wasn’t going to take that answer. She would not sit here with her hands in her lap and wait for Kenneth to be taken from her. These assholes have jacked with the wrong fairy, she thought angrily as her eyes began glowing an emerald green and the yellow flakes began ebbing and flowing with her raised heart rate giving them a shimmering emerald effect. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as her fangs sprang free. Carmelita sat down and smiled. She knew Ailis would think of something.

Kenneth drew his sword as he fully changed. He could feel his skin pull tight over his head and his fangs lengthen to the longest point. He felt the power that was the essence of the vampire surge through him. He was no spring chicken anymore but where the human species grew feebler with age the vampire grew stronger, fiercer and more agile. He ran into the mass of clanging sword and fallen ash. Where he’d first seen fifteen or twenty of them, he now realized there were more of them filing out of the interior of the compound. Someone must have alerted Monolo to their plans. Traitor, Kenneth thought darkly as his sword sliced cleanly through the neck of an oncoming vampire. Kenneth didn’t like killing all of these misinformed newbies but Jesus Christ, there were so many of them. He looked around and saw William staggering back from a blow to his side. Kenneth was there in a flash. He swung his sword over his head and watched it meet with the vampires’ neck. It was a clean cut and the vampire was ash before he hit the ground. Kenneth nodded his head to William as he moved on.

The fight seemed to last forever and more kept coming. He had taken out at least thirty on his own and there were still more. They were tiring fast. He knew they should have brought more people. These vampires were young and still not trained but there were so many, Monolo must be strategically changing his own army. It was no longer their worry to find the vampires before he had a chance to brainwash them. He was making his own. A vampire always has loyalty to its maker. Especially if they don’t know said maker is a lunatic. Ailis was the exception. She was born half vampire so all Monolo did by feeding her that last time was trigger all the vampire powers that were already in her DNA.

He turned when he saw a flash to his right a bit to late to deflect the blow to his leg. It hurt like hell and the vampire paid dearly for that pain. The cut was very deep. A little more and that bastard would have cut his whole leg off!

He was tired now from the physical exertion and he was quickly bleeding out. He needed to get the wound wrapped until he could feed enough to close it. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could last. From the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of the witches filing out into a line.

“Get back!” He screamed. Just then he felt the entire ground shaking. All fighting stopped as everyone turned to look at the women. Their hair seemed to blow back on an invisible breeze. Their eyes seemed to glow as they held hands. Kenneth felt the last of his strength going and he nearly fell to the ground.

He had the feeling they were using their powers to combine with his and the others of the force. Kenneth knew that something bad was fixing to happen. Monolo’s men walked toward the woman as if transfixed while Kenneth and his men backed away from them. The woman began to lift off the floor, floating. Just as Kenneth felt the last of his strength fading, Monolo appeared in front of his followers, flicked his hand and the witches tumbled to the ground as if they were puppets and someone had just cut their strings. They all got up cowering as Monolo glared at them. He turned to his men and glared before spotting Kenneth. He started walking across the compound toward him, knocking his men over to get them out of his way if they didn’t part quick enough.

Kenneth stood his ground as Monolo approached. When Monolo was toe to toe with him, he spoke to Kenneth. “I see you are not afraid of me Kenneth.” He hissed.

Kenneth crossed his arms over his chest and raised his eyebrow at his maker. “Should I be afraid of you Father?” Kenneth asked him. There was a sharp intake of breath all around them and then murmured whispers.

“Silence!” Monolo yelled never taking his dark look off Kenneth.

Kenneth smirked. “Bet it doesn’t look so good, Huh.?” Kenneth stated mockingly, “Having a progeny that can make up his own mind. Afraid my new brothers and sisters will get some ideas?” He asked, gratified when the whispers started up again. Doubt, Kenneth thought. The one thing that can take down a dynasty from the inside out.

“Silence!” Monolo warned evilly. He glared holes in Kenneth. “The fact that you are my progeny, my first by the way is the only reason I have not killed you. Even as you hunted down my brothers and killed them one by one, I knew why you did this. I knew that vengeance should have been yours and I let you have it with them. I protected you. I kept you safe.” He told Kenneth. “I am your maker, your father and you are my progeny, my son and I had such high hopes for you and look how you repay me.” He finished, glaring at Kenneth.

“You are not my father.” Kenneth spat at Monolo even as he tasted the lie on his own tongue. Kenneth felt the bond with his maker as any son would feel with his father and he knew, a little piece of him would weep for his father when the time came for his death but it didn’t change the fact that Monolo would still have to die. “You may have made me but you also took everything dear to me for your own sick sadistic game of control and manipulation.” He finished, disgusted he’d ever believed one word this liar ever said.

“It was no game.” Monolo told Kenneth. “Carmelita would have led you off your path. She had to go. I was protecting you.” He finished sounding sincere.

Kenneth couldn’t believe it. Protecting? He thought that killing Carmelita was an act of protection? Totally delusional, that’s what this guy was. Kenneth thought to himself. Powerful as hell but several cards short of a full deck. Shit, he thought exasperatedly to himself. Assholes, you could deal with. You could reason and be diplomatic with an asshole. There wasn’t shit you could do with a nut bag. “Well then. I feel sorry for you because it is you who has not chosen your path wisely.” Kenneth told him, letting him know he would never join him.

Monolo glared at him for a moment. This is because of that damn witch.” Monolo accused Kenneth.

“Not just about her.” He started glaring at his maker “It’s also about the fact that you lied to me and manipulated me. I was dying, leaving behind a fiancée who depended on me to take care of her. You took advantage of that, made me immortal and then took away every reason I had to live!” He roared at Monolo. “Now you want to know why I won’t join you.” He stated sarcastically. Yep, he thought. This guy is way the hell off the reservation.

Monolo’s eyes flamed red and his fangs sprang free. “Let’s see how your precious witch feels when all you have to bring back of her sisters is their empty carcasses.” He roared before turning and jumping at the women. Monolo was in mid air when Ailis appeared in front of the women, her eyes blazing along with her hair. She snarled as her eyes flashed and her fangs showed plainly. A moment of fear and realization crossed Monolo’s face a split second before Ailis whipped her hand out and sent Monolo crashing to the far wall.

Kenneth stood motionless, his mouth agape as Ailis stood in front of the women, vibrating with vengeance and satisfaction. Monolo was up and in front of Ailis snarling in a flash. Kenneth stepped forward to jump him but stopped short when Ailis turned her blazing eyes on him. He knew as soon as their gazes locked, Ailis was no longer in control of the Goddess. Shit. He thought frantically. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Do not worry vampire.” She told him in a booming voice that sounded nothing like Ailis. The voice washed over his body, leaving him with the feeling of inferiority. “Your Queen is perfectly safe.” She went on. “This insect is nothing for me to dispose of.” She finished evenly as she turned her eyes back to the still growling Monolo. “You think to challenge Your Queen.” She stated the fact to Monolo.

Monolo growled menacingly, his eyes blazing, his fangs exposed, and ready for a fight. “You are not My Queen.” He spat at her. “Morgaine was a wonderful Queen and look how they betrayed her!” He yelled emphatically.

Kenneth was confused. How the hell did Monolo know about Morgaine? Was he there? Did he know her? Ailis; Well, other Ailis just stood there and looked at him. “You of all people, Monolo should know not to question your queen. Let alone try to murder her people.” Other Ailis told him sounding bored. The other women looked on intently, not making a sound.

“What kind of Queen are you?” He spat out. “You don’t even know what you’re doing. You will never be as good as Morgaine was without me at your side.” Monolo roared before attempting to tackle her.

Other Ailis shot her arm out, punching through Monolo’s chest and wrapping her hand around his heart. Her eyes blazed green and gold into his red ones as Monolo stood stark still, gasping for breath. Other Ailis chuckled low in her throat. “She may not know what she’s doing yet but trust me when I tell you, I’ve had many bodies before Ailis and Morgaine and I will have many bodies after. It’s my job to make sure they can handle any situation without fear getting in the way.” She growled darkly in his face. “And I’m real good at my job.” She finished nearly whispering before squeezing his heart in her hand, ’causing him to gasp for air more violently. Kenneth had no idea what to do. Other Ailis was about to brutally murder Monolo and he knew Ailis wouldn’t be able to live with herself. Was this what Morgaine went through? He knew Ailis body and soul. She would never do this but it seemed this alter ego of hers had no problem killing senselessly. He had to stop her. But how? It was his duty, his legacy but how could he get through to her if he wasn’t close enough to touch her? He decided to do the one thing Ailis hated most. Treat her like a damsel in distress and hope it angered Ailis enough to bring her to the surface.

It’s Okay Baby.” He said to her through their shared mental link like he was talking to a hurt scared child. Other Ailis visibly flinched but ignored him and continued squeezing Monolo’s heart. “I know she’s too strong for you love.” He continued to coo. Other Ailis flinched again, this time releasing Monolo’s heart allowing him one huge gasp for air. She closed her eyes and shook her head as if to clear her thoughts. This ones for all the gold, Kenneth thought to himself. “Awe, It’s OK that your not strong enough baby. That’s what I’m here for.” He finished, holding his breath. Other Ailis jerked violently as her grip relaxed completely on Monolo’s heart, her hand was still inside his chest cavity and so he stood very still.

Ailis turned toward Kenneth. “Why you chauvinistic piece of...” She started. Kenneth beamed brilliantly at the fact that even though her eyes were still glowing, the voice she was yelling at him in was all her again.

Ailis” Kenneth growled at her through their shared mental link. “Calm the hell down. Look what you’re allowing IT to do.” He finished, effectively getting her attention.

Monolo made a grunting noise at that moment, causing her to notice him in front of her. When she took in his white pallor and noticed where her hand was currently embedded, she let out a shriek and ripped it out of Monolo’s chest. He wasted no time disappearing, half of his followers following suit. The others did not budge. Ailis held up her hand, watching the blood run down her arm. She looked at Kenneth with an expression of mortification and just disappeared. As soon as she disappeared, Monolo’s men who hadn’t run with him descended on the women. Kenneth and his men launched into action, blocking the women. Power reverberated throughout the room as the witches linked hands. All movement stopped as the women lifted off the ground. Kenneth felt Ailis’ power blending with the witches and knew, even though she’d temporarily lost control and had to leave, she was still lending the witches her power.

Get out of here!” He mentally sent to the others. As soon as they flashed out of the parameter there was a huge beam of light that covered the entirety of the camp. Kenneth could smell burning vampire and knew anyone who stayed behind was gone. As soon as he felt that it was safe, he and the others flashed back. The women were still standing side by side with their hands linked. Kenneth stepped forward.

“Stop!” The one in the center said with her hand held out. Kenneth stopped short.

“Identify yourself.” She said.

“We mean you no harm.” Kenneth started.

“We don’t believe you.” She stated sounding bored.

“We have come to help you.” He said. “We want to take you to a safe place. We have others like you that we have rescued and now protect.”

“We will not go with you.” She said with finality.

“We mean only to protect you.” Kenneth stated. The air grew still again and the women started to lift off the ground. Kenneth could feel his energy ebbing away at a rapid force. He looked at the others and could tell by their expressions theirs was going as well. “Try to leave” He sent out and he could also tell they were unable. This was going to hurt, Kenneth thought to himself. Just as he was bracing himself for impact, he felt strange warmth on his face. He opened his eyes and was amazed to see Ailis. Well an apparition of her at least. He guessed she’d not wanted to risk “poofing” again, as she called it. She was surrounded by light and all but floating! The women immediately fell to one knee and bowed their heads while Kenneth stood there, his mouth agape trying to think past the brightness of the light radiating from her.

Ailis looked shocked for a moment but recovered quickly. “Stand and face me Kiera. Swan of the Lake.” She ordered in a tone that Kenneth had never heard her use. The woman in the center that spoke to Kenneth stood.

“Your Highness.” She started. “To what do we owe the honor of your presence after so many years of absence?”

“I have a request of you.” Ailis stated.

“What ever you wish Your Highness.” Kiera answered.

Ailis looked at Kenneth. “This man was sent by me to bring all of you into my protection. Please do not kill him, for you would invoke my anger.” She said seriously.

Kiera looked quickly between Kenneth and Ailis, a shocked expression upon her face. She shook her head as she gulped loudly. She was probably remembering Ailis with her hand wrapped around Monolo’s heart. “Of course not Your Highness” Kiera answered.

“Good.” Ailis stated. “Then I will wish a safe trip to you all and I will see you at home.” She looked over at Kenneth. “You, hurry up.” She said on their private path of thought. “I find myself missing you terribly.” She winked and then disappeared. Kenneth didn’t have to be told twice.

He was getting the women to the edge of the compound to wait for the buses, when he heard a commotion in the cabin. He walked to the door and saw William trying to subdue a hysterical witch.

“What are you doing?” Kenneth asked.

“She does not want to go.” William answered.

“Let her be.” He heard Kiera say from behind him. He turned and stepped out of the way.

“What?” William stated.

“She has been with him.” Kiera stated with distaste. “She does not want to be with us. She wants to stay with him.”

Kenneth breathed a sigh. “Go ahead” he told William. “Let her be. It is after all her choice.” The witch jerked away and ran to hide.

On the ride back William’s curiosity got the better of him. “Why did you bow to Ailis when she showed herself?” He asked turning toward Kiera.

Kiera looked aghast. “We always bow before Our Queen. You do not?” She asked sounding horrified.

“We are a little informal with her.” William answered. Kenneth was listening intently.

“Why did she call you Swan of the Lake?” William asked.

“Because” she answered sarcastically, “that’s what I am.”

“I gathered that.” William retorted. “But what is Swan of the Lake?” He asked.

She looked at him as if he were an insect that needed to be squashed.

“Why Our Queen would seek the help of such Neanderthals is beyond me.” She stated and turned to look out the window. The rest of the ride was taken in an uncomfortable silence. When they arrived at the compound, the women filed out with looks of unease on their faces as they looked towards the two women standing at the entrance before them.

When Kenneth looked at Ailis standing beside her grandmother, he knew he would never be able to live a day without her. She was his world, totally and completely. The women bowed to one knee. Ailis cleared her throat, clearly uncomfortable with so many people bowing to her. “Please stand.” She stated. “You will find that I am here quite often. If you keep doing this then you will spend most of your days on your knees.” They stood and looked at her, waiting for her to address them further before they spoke. “We need to go to the conference room.” Ailis said. She waved her hand and Carmelita came forward. “This is my grandmother.” She stated “She will take you to the conference room.” The women bowed briefly with murmurs of Your Highness to Carmelita and followed behind her. Kenneth stayed in the foyer with Ailis.

Kiera waited until the rest were well ahead of her and peaked around the corner. She watched as Kenneth walked to Ailis and went on one knee in front of her. So, she thought to herself. He does know how to bow down before a queen. At least one of them has some manners. Kenneth reached up and placed his hands on either side of her obvious pregnant belly.

“So,” He said, nuzzling her belly with his face. “How is our daughter today?”

“She has been restless today.” She answered. “I think she has missed her father as much as I have.”

Kiera was at a loss. Their Queen was with a vampire. How could this be?

Kenneth rose and drew Ailis into his arms. “I was so worried.” Ailis said.

“Don’t be love.” He answered. “We both don’t like what has to be done, but what choice do we have? This is necessary for the survival of both of our races.” Kenneth spoke softly as he held both her hands in his. “Are you OK? Is the baby OK?” He asked her looking intently at her face.

Ailis hung her head in shame. Kenneth reached up, placing a finger under her chin to make her look at him. “I lost control again.” She said to him desperately. “What if I end up like Morgaine?” She asked him, panicked.

“You won’t.” He soothed her. “Look what happened today. I got through to you and you regained control.” He told her.

Kiera listened intentionally. Their Queen was having trouble controlling the vengeance of the Goddess. Kiera knew that was the piece all Queens held within themselves. It’s a great gift to be nearly the most powerful being on the planet; Kiera thought to her self, but only if you could control it. Morgaine was not able to. Their Queen needed help and no matter if she agreed with her present choice of company or not, Kiera would not fail Her Queen the way her ancestors had. She was brought back to the present by Ailis speaking to Kenneth.

“I know.” Ailis sighed. “I just wish I knew how Monolo knew about Camelot. I have a feeling the vampire race has more to do with this than even my grandmother knows.” Ailis stopped. She had a small smirk on her face. Kenneth started to speak to see what she thought was so funny but she held up a hand to stop him.

“Kiera” She said. “You can come out now.” Kiera didn’t know what to do. To be caught spying on The Queen. It was of the highest disgrace. She dreaded what punishment she might receive as she walked around the corner with her head to the floor. Kenneth grinned at her, angering Kiera. What right did this abomination have to smirk at her? “Kenneth.” Ailis said placing her hand to the side of his face. “Why don’t you go ahead to the conference room? Kiera and I will be along in a couple of minutes.” Kenneth kissed her on the cheek and headed to the conference room shaking his head and smiling to himself. His little witch was getting stronger than him.

Kiera stood looking at the ground. “Kiera” Ailis said. “Don’t look at the floor. You’ve done nothing to be ashamed of.”

She looked up. “I’m sorry Your Highness” she started but was stopped short when Ailis shook her head.

“Don’t apologize for wanting to know about the people who brought you here Kiera. There is nothing wrong with curiosity. Please from now on call me Ailis. I am new to the whole queen thing and don’t like the formality. Now I know you have questions but that’s why we brought all of you here. I have lots to go over. So why don’t we go to the conference room so I can tell everyone?”

Kiera followed Ailis down a long corridor, questions running through her mind. As they walked into the conference room, Kiera pulled up short at the sight of a large wood round table with about forty chairs surrounding it. Everyone was seated. There were witches and vampires alike. Kenneth was seated with William to his right. There were two seats next to him. Ailis took her seat and Kiera sat to her left.

Ailis began the tale of Arthur and Morgaine; she told them everything that she knew up to the part where Monolo learned by attacking a witch that was pregnant, the child would be born of both races. When she finished, all of the women just stared at her. Ailis let out a sigh. “Please” she said. “If you have questions ask.”

Kiera was the first to speak. “So” she said. “As we have all been attacked, our children will be born of both races?”

“Yes.” Ailis answered. All of the women began talking at the same time.

“What will we do?” One asked. “Will our children have to drink blood or stay out of the sun?” She asked.

“No” Ailis answered. “I can be in the sun just as any of you can. I don’t have to drink blood. The children will have the best of both worlds. They will be strong like the vampire but they will still be able to wield magic. They will be stronger and live longer than they would have as just one half of the race.”

William spoke up. “Ailis” he asked. “Why did you call Kiera Swan of the Lake?”

Ailis looked at him. “The Swan of the Lake,” she started “Is the second in command to the Lady of the Lake. She is to me as you are to Kenneth.”

“I am basically her servant.” Kiera answered.

“No.” Ailis stated. “We have no servants here. We are all equal. Kiera essentially carries out my orders in my absences. If something should happen to me and I do not have an heir or my heir is not of age to take over her responsibilities Kiera will be able to take over until an heir can do so.”

One of the women stood. “Do we have to stay here?” She asked.

“No” Ailis stated. “We hoped that you would like to join us but you do not have to.” Kenneth saw William glance at Kiera. He smirked to himself as he recognized that look in his eyes. “You do not need to make your decision tonight.” Ailis continued. “Marion, (She said as she gestured to the door where a young witch was coming in.) will show you to your rooms, sleep on it and get to know us, If you decide that you want to leave we will take you anywhere that you want to go.”

The women followed Marion out. After they left Kenneth turned to Ailis.

“Well.” He said. “I hope that they decide to stay.”

“They will” Ailis answered. “They may not understand now how after everything that they have been through they will be able to work with vampires. Give them time.” She said. “Let them get to know everyone and let them see that this is truly a good partnership.”

Dinner that night was strained at first but little by little the women began to relax. They were even willing to discuss what happened. The women left Kiera to do most of the talking. “Most of us are form villages north of Bath.” She sated. “So we have met before at celebrations.”

“I asked Monolo one time how he intended to have all of these women and didn’t expect anyone to recognize us. I shouldn’t hold out hope for that he told me, as even if we did escape no one would recognize me.” Kiera went on.

“So we are assuming the family members that weren’t killed had their memories erased. So even if we have surviving family we can never go back to them.” When Kiera had finished speaking, Ailis was at a loss for words.

“That’s terrible.” Was all she could say? She hated this man and his beliefs. She was glad she hadn’t killed him earlier, only because she really wanted to find his connection to Camelot before she did. She hadn’t realized how angry she was becoming until Kiera placed her hand over hers. “We have survived; Your Highness and you have saved us. Please don’t work yourself up on our account.” She told Ailis.

Ailis took a few deep breaths to calm her self. “I’m sorry Kiera. “I tend to get carried away sometimes. Thank you.” she told her Swan.

Kiera bowed her head briefly. “Part of my job is helping you with the control.” She told Ailis. “Kenneth may be able to snap you out of it in an emergency but I can show you ways to suppress Her vengeance so that you don’t lose control in the first place.” Kiera finished.

“I would appreciate that Kiera.” She told her, feeling genuine relief that she might beat this. As for Monolo, Ailis knew he was nowhere near done pissing her off. She couldn’t imagine knowing that she was pregnant with a child and the father, if he lived did not even remember meeting you. The rest of the meal finished in relative silence.

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