The Avalon Legacies Book 1 Legacy Forgotten

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Chapter 16

As Ailis descended the stairs, she could see the women doing all that they could not to allow Monolo’s followers to ascend to the second level. When they saw her coming they parted so she could pass. When she came to the bottom she turned and nodded to them and they closed their ranks.

There were ten vampires in a Semi circle around them. They laughed at her. “Awe…” One of them taunted. “The little witch thinks she can help.” They all had sarcastic expressions on their faces except the young vampire on the end who kept sliding looks sideways at the vamps taunting her as if the were crazy. Ailis could tell he didn’t really believe they could be trying to taunt her. She invaded his mind to find out what he believed. These guys are idiots. She heard the vamp think to him self. Monolo is a psycho for thinking he can beat this Queen. Ailis heard him wondering what the hell he’d gotten himself into.

Ailis smiled at them and began to speak to the room. Everyone stopped in their tracks at the first sound of her voice. It boomed throughout the compound. Kenneth and Monolo stopped and stared at her as well. Kenneth could barley catch his breath and he had lost a lot of blood.

“One chance” She said. “I will give you one chance to get out.” Her entire body was glowing. She was nearly levitating off the floor. Kenneth stared awe struck and quite proud of his little witch. He could feel the power vibrating through the room. The men directly in front of her started to laugh at her. Except the one on the end who had started openly staring at them like they were nuts. Kenneth shook his head. Are they stupid? They should just shut up, while they still can.

“We are going to enjoy playing with you.” One said as he stepped forward. Ailis raised one eyebrow along with her hand and all of them but the one on the end instantly turned to ash. Kenneth could tell now that Ailis was not alone in there. He could see no sign of remorse for her actions. She was all Goddess now. He just hoped that when this was all over the Ailis he had grown to love so deeply was still in there somewhere.

“Now” She said addressing the room again. “Get out!” She bellowed. The whole house began to shake and things began to fly around. Most of Monolo’s men took the hint and transferred themselves out. Only Monolo stayed.

He ticked his tongue at her shaking his head. “Ailis” he said. “I don’t see why you fight this. We are meant to work together. It is how she wants it. Can’t you see?” He finished. He started to step closer but Kenneth stepped in front of him.

“If you want to live,” Kenneth warned. “I suggest you do as the lady says.”

“She won’t kill me.” Monolo retorted. “She won’t want to ruin her only chance to fix this.”

Ailis looked down at him. “Who are you?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t worry about who I am.” Monolo answered. “I would be more worried about that lovely daughter….”

Kenneth cut him off mid sentence by lunging at him. His energy was fueled by pure rage. They were killing each other and he was fine by that as long as he took the bastard with him. Ailis saw from somewhere inside herself that Kenneth had lunged at Monolo. She knew that he would fight to his last breath. She was tired scared and angry. She could feel her control slipping. She knew that in seconds she would lose it completely and the vengeance of the Goddess would take her over as it had Morgaine.

Kenneth felt power vibrate thought the room and knew Ailis was past control. He sent a mental warning for all vampires in the vicinity of the house to get out. This was going to be bad and he knew it. Monolo stopped and for the first time looked like he may be worried.

“Ailis” He said. “You have to come with me. We are supposed to work together. That is the way Morgaine wants it.”

“Even if that is so,” Her voice sounded through out the room. “I believe you are going about this the wrong way. Don’t test me Monolo.” She stated. “I have more power than you do. I suggest you leave and think long and hard about what you have done over the years.” She went on. “I don’t know what you have to do with any of this, but I have the feeling we are suppose to be working together. I think it is you who have been mistaking as to what end this journey is supposed to have. You are right I don’t want to kill you. I want to help you. But know that if you give me no choice, I will wipe you from existence, weather Morgaine likes it or not.” She finished.

Kenneth watched. He was completely lost. What the hell was she talking about? Monolo seemed to be thinking about what she said. “I know I am not wrong in this.” He stated. “I have been trying to find the answer for way too long. But I need reinforcements anyway. I give the first battle to you, ma’am.” He said as he bowed. Then he was gone. Kenneth could not stand any longer. He fell to his knees and his world went black.

Ailis saw Kenneth fall and rushed toward him. William and the others flashed back in at that moment. William reached down and picked Kenneth up. “Take him to our room.” Ailis told him. She addresses the others. “Get everything back in order and turn in for the night. I doubt he will be back anytime soon. He needs to recover and build his forces once more. You all fought well tonight thank you.” Ailis was turning to follow them out when she heard a loud crack and turned to see the young vamp in the middle of the room, kneeling with his head bowed. The men rushed him as Ailis quickly read his thoughts. Please don’t let them kill me. I didn’t know he was crazy. He made me, how was I supposed to know? She heard him rambling to himself. “Stop” Ailis ordered to the men fixing to grab the vamp and haul him to his feet. They stopped and backed up a few paces. Ailis walked toward the vamp. “Look at me.” She ordered and he obeyed. He was young, Ailis could tell, still a boy but not yet a man. “What is your name?” She asked him.

“Stephen. Your Highness. My name is Stephen.” He rushed out.

“How old are you?” She asked the vampire.

“I’m eighteen ma’am. I mean Your Highness.” He answered.

“Just call me Ailis.” She told him. She looked at the men standing around him. “I have read him and he is safe. Get him a room.” She told them and looked back at him. “These men will take you to your room and I will talk to you tonight. I have a job for you to do to earn your place here.” She said and he visibly gulped. She chuckled. “Don’t worry. It has nothing to do with Monolo.” She told him and was glad to see him visibly relax. “Get some rest. I’ll speak with you tonight.” She told him as he followed the men out. Ailis turned and followed William up to her room.

William placed Kenneth down on the bed. “He has lost too much blood.” He said rolling up his sleeves.

“No.” Ailis said placing her hand on his arm. “That is my job now. You go to the attic and bring Kiera and my daughter to me; I know you must be anxious to see how she is.”

“Yes, of course.” He answered and nearly ran from the room. Ailis sat on the bed beside Kenneth. She pulled her sleeve up and bit into her wrist. She placed it to his mouth and when he did not drink right away she leaned down with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t you dare think of leaving me Kenneth” She said. “I will not allow our daughter to grow up without her father.” He did not respond. “Kenneth.” She said shaking him with her free hand. “Drink damn it!” His eyes popped open as red as blood and then he latched onto her wrist and drank deeply. When she knew he’d taken as much as she could give, she pulled her arm free and he continued to sleep. God I hope that was enough. She thought as it was all she could afford to give as her body needed time to heal from this night’s craziness.

William came in with Kiera following behind. She was holding their daughter in her hands. She came to Ailis and placed the baby in her hands. Ailis had tears in her eyes. “She is so beautiful.” She said.

“What will you name her?” Kiera asked.

Ailis sat for a moment. “I will call her Morgaine.” Ailis said looking up at them.

Kiera smiled. “I think she will like that.”

“How is he?” William asked.

“I think he will be fine after a resting sleep.” She answered. “He fought his heart out.” she continued. “As you all did. Were there any deaths?” She asked fearing the worst.

“Only Monolo’s men.” William answered with a show of bravado.

“Thank the Goddess.” Ailis sighed in relief. “I’m sure you both are very tired. Please. Go rest, it is near dawn. I will see everyone after nightfall.” After they left, Ailis sat a while looking down at Morgaine. She had dark hair and almost black eyes like her father. She was the most beautiful thing that Ailis had ever seen. “You would be so proud Abuela.” Ailis said and she could swear that she heard her laughing approval.

After feeding the baby, she could hardly keep her eyes open. She placed her in her bassinet where she continued to sleep and lay down with Kenneth. She was out in only minutes.

Kenneth awoke hours before dusk. He felt tired but pretty good other than that. He saw Ailis sleeping next to him. He reached up and moved some random strands of hair from her face. She was so lovely. He loved her so much. What had woken him up? He wondered. He didn’t sense danger anywhere near. He heard the sound again. It was an agitated cry from the corner of the room. He then remembered their daughter. He’d not even seen her yet. He willed the light on and climbed from the bed. He was nervous as he walked across the floor. He had no idea what to expect as he approached the bassinet. He peered in and caught his breath. He leaned over to pick the child up and she instantly quieted down.

“You have to be quiet sweet heart. Mama is sleeping.” He cooed at the child. She smiled back at him. “She has had a very trying night and needs her rest.” He sat down in the chair beside the bassinet and began to rock the child. He just looked down at her. He couldn’t help it; he was amazed as tears welled up in his eyes. This was his daughter. He had a child. It was his flesh and blood, the one thing he has resigned him-self to never having, and now look, he was a father.

“Are you OK?” He heard Ailis ask as she sat up in bed.

He cleared his throat. “Yes” He answered looking down at the child. “I am just happy.”

Ailis patted the bed beside her and he got up, walked to her and sat down but he did not give her the baby. She smiled and ran her finger down the side of the child’s face. “I have named her Morgaine. I hope you don’t mind.” She said looking up at him.

“Not at all,” He answered. “I think it’s a lovely name.”

Ailis looked at the clock. “It’s only three Kenneth. What are you doing awake?” She asked. “Are you OK?” She sounded worried.

“I am fine.” He said. “Morgaine wanted some attention so she woke me up. Isn’t that right sweet heart?” He said looking down at her. She cooed in response and grabbed a hold of his finger. He laughed.

“I am sorry. I didn’t hear her.” Ailis started.

“Don’t be.” He said. “I can get up with her. I don’t mind. You don’t understand Ailis. I thought I would never have children. This is the happiest day of my life. I have the woman I love and want to marry. I have my child”

“Wait!” She stopped him. “Did you say want to marry?”

“Oh yeah,” He said. “Hold on.” He told her while he placed the baby in the bassinet and reached into his coat pocket to take something out. He came back to the bed and got to his knees. She was still sitting up in the bed.

“Oh My God.” She said, suddenly feeling as if she couldn’t breathe. Even though she knew it was absurd as she no longer needed to breathe to stay alive.

“Ailis, I have known for the longest time that I am in love with you. I want to spend the rest of our days together, raising our children and our grandchildren. Please, please do me the great honor of being my wife.” He asked through his suddenly dry throat.

Ailis was crying now. She was so over whelmed. The only thing she could do was launch her self at him and kiss him more deeply that she ever had.

He laughed. “Is that a yes then?” He asked.

“Yes. Yes, my love, yes I will marry you. I love you so much and couldn’t see spending even one day without you.” She answered raining kisses all over his face. Just then the baby started crying. Kenneth got up to get her from the Bassinet.

“Bring her to me.” Ailis said.

“I can do it.” Kenneth said. “I really want to.”

“Well.” Ailis started. “She’s hungry and unless you are going to breast feed her you had better bring her to me.” Kenneth had a look of mortification on his face. Ailis laughed. “Bring her here and I can feed her. I promise I will give her back when she is done.”

Kenneth smiled and brought the baby to Ailis but he did not leave. He sat on the bed, draped his arm over Ailis’ shoulder and stroked the baby’s head while she ate. “You know.” He said after a while. “I think I might be jealous.” Ailis laughed and smacked his leg. “Wow.” He protested playfully. “That hurt. I’ll go take a shower while you feed her.” He said. “That way when you’re done I’ll take her while you shower.”

“That sounds good to me.” She said and Kenneth went to the bathroom.

Ailis came out of the shower an hour later and stopped in the doorway. Kenneth did not see her. She took the opportunity to just look at him as he sat on the edge of the bed, bare-chested and bare feet holding Morgaine in the safety of his arms. He was looking down at her with the most content look on his face. He was far from the vampire warrior she’d met and fell in love with but she thought she like this side of him even better.

Ailis walked over to him and reached down to take the baby from him. He looked up at her and smiled. “I can stay with her.” He said. “I don’t mind.”

Ailis smiled at him. “She is asleep. I thought I would put her in the bassinet.” He reluctantly gave her up; Ailis put her down in the bassinet and walked back to the bed. “Now” She said grabbing his hands. “The baby is asleep and we have awoken to early. Everyone is likely still asleep. What should we do?”

Kenneth’s eyes turned dark. “I don’t know, my sweet. What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s see.” Ailis started. “I feel the need to celebrate.” Kenneth stood and whisked her off her feet. He turned and placed her on the bed. Ailis giggled. She always felt like an innocent school girl with him. “Shh.” she told him. “We have to be quiet.”

Kenneth chuckled. “You had better get a pillow my dear, because I am in the mood to thoroughly love you this evening.”

“Oh really,” Ailis answered.

“Oh yes.” Kenneth stated. “You may not be able to move for some time.” He said winking at her. He then proceeded to make good his word.

Monolo was furious as he burst through the doors to his study. How could he have been bested again? He knew deep in his soul, Ailis was the key to everything. He knew Morgaine wanted her to work with him. But why wouldn’t he. He turned as he heard a sound in the corner of the room. Marilyn jumped up. “I am sorry, my lord. I did not know that you would be home.” She stammered. “I was just reading. I will leave now.” She went to rush through the door but he stopped her with his hand on her arm.

He was momentarily shocked when a sudden electrical charge shot straight up his arm. Marilyn jerked as if she felt it to. “Don’t go.” He told her though he had no idea why. “I mean.” He said running his hands through his hair. “I don’t mind if you stay here to read. The light is the best in the house.”

She inclined her head toward him. “Thank you my lord.” She said as she turned to resume her seat in the corner with the lamp. He went to his desk and tried to work on something. He had a difficult time as he could hear the blood running through her veins. He could smell her perfume. Damn if he didn’t want her more than he had ever wanted a woman.

Why he didn’t go and take what he wanted was beyond him. For some odd reason he actually cared what she thought of him. He leaned back in his chair and exhaled a deep breath looking at the ceiling. Forget it he thought. He would get no work done tonight. Not with her here. “Are you all right my lord?” She startled him out of his thoughts by asking. When he looked she was no longer in the chair but standing in front of his desk.

“Yes. Yes.” He said. “I am quite fine. I’m just tired. What are you reading?” He inquired about the book.

“Just a story” She said evasively.

“I gathered that.” He said raising his eyebrows.

She looked at the chair beside her. “May I?” She asked gesturing to the chair.

“Of course.” He said. She sat and looked at him. “The book is the story of a man who is charged with murder. It is his tale and account of all that happened.”

“Oh. I see.” He gathered. “I guess that he was falsely accused and he’d done nothing wrong?” He asked.

“No.” She stated. “He did kill whom he was being charged with killing. Although I have not finished the book, I am beginning to think that at least he thought that he had good reason.”

Monolo raised his eyebrow. “I find it hard to believe that you would agree with anything being killed.”

“I don’t normally but the man who was killed did awful things to his daughter, his killer was her brother and he felt it was his duty to his sister to do what he did.”

“Wow.” Monolo said. “Why is that forgivable?” He asked.

“I don’t presume to make a choice that is not mine. It is not my place to condemn a person for what he does. That is between him and his God.” She said. “I have seen a great many men and women driven to do horrible things in the name of duty and honor. I don’t think that makes them bad men, I just think that we all lose our way sometimes.”

Monolo cocked a brow. “Are you speaking of anyone in particular?”

“No my lord, I was just speaking in general. She answered and went back to reading her book.”

Monolo took out his files and maps on Arthur and Merlin and began to look for another clue. He was so exasperated with the centuries of looking for an answer that seemed to always elude him. Marilyn stood up and came around the corner of the desk. “Why are you always so frustrated?” She asked. If anyone else had asked the question he would have probably killed him or her.

He let out a heavy breath. “Have you ever looked for an answer for so long you started to think there really wasn’t one to find.” He asked.

She smiled down at him. “There is always an answer.” She said. “You just need to know where to look.” She sat next to him. “Why don’t you tell me about it? Maybe I can help. After all whom would I tell?” She asked.

He thought about that for a moment. He turned to the maps on the table. “Have you ever heard of Camelot?” He asked.

“Of course.” She answered.

“Have you ever heard of what happened after the veil was closed and all who lived there were banished?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said. He was surprised. Most people did not know anything after that.

“What do you know?” He asked.

She smiled for a moment. “I know that where there are now two separate species, witches and vampires, there used to be only one, a whole species that lived in Avalon together.” She said.

“How did you know that?” He asked suspiciously.

“Don’t worry about how I know. Someday I will tell you who I really am. For now, be content that I have chosen to share anything with you.” She told him bluntly.

“Why did you?” He asked.

“Because I know who you are.” She stated. He looked puzzled and then she spoke his name. Not the name that so many know him by, but his real Christian name. His mouth fell wide open.

“Did you know the whole time?” He asked.

“I suspected. Yes.” She answered. “But I was not sure until I just spoke it.” His face turned dark. “Don’t worry, my lord.” She said as she placed her palm on his cheek. The dark look faded from his face. I shall not reveal your secret to anyone. Her thumb stroked his face. “Ah...” She breathed. “I had so hoped that you would have realized the error of your ways by now. I have been ready for so long to take my rightful place.” She lowered her head and brushed a feather light kiss to his face. “I am very drained my lord. I would request to go to bed now, if it would please you.”

Monolo was speechless. He had no idea what to say. He was dumbfounded. “I suppose that would be fine.” He managed to say. She smiled at him, stood and left the room closing the door quietly behind her.

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