The Avalon Legacies Book 1 Legacy Forgotten

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Chapter 17

Monolo slept fitfully that night. He dreamed of Morgaine. He was standing at her feet on a hill in the middle of the daylight. He bowed his head to her. “I have failed you.” He said.

No you haven’t. She answered with a smile. “It is never too late.” She said with a knowing smile.

I still can’t find the answer.” He said.

But you have already found it.” She said. “You have just been so busy trying to see how you could use it to your benefit.” She was gone then. He screamed for her over and over again but she did not return. He heard someone calling his name. He woke with someone shaking him. He lunged on the person with full animal instincts. He woke on top of Marilyn fully changed. He could see in her face that she was very frightened. He jumped off of her changing back as he did so.

“I am so sorry.” She said getting from the bed. He could feel himself returning to normal. He risked a look at her as she was getting up to hurry from the room.

He caught her arm, once again feeling the current traveling through him. “Why are you here?” He asked.

“I... I heard you call out.” She stammered. “I thought you must have been dreaming. It sounded awful. I couldn’t bear it any longer.”

He knew it was a bad idea to place her in the room next to his. He had to fight himself every night not to go to her. He should let her go while he was still in control. Yet, he could not bring himself to do so. The centuries alone had taken their toll on him. For the first time, he was realizing that what he set out to do and what he’d done were two different things.

He was overwhelmed with feelings that he had suppressed long ago. Marilyn’s face suddenly changed and she looked wary.

“I am sorry to have bothered you.” She said. “I will leave you now.”

Monolo realized that he must have looked angry. “No.” He said. “Please, don’t go.” She scrunched her eyebrows in confusion.

“Please.” He asked. “Sit.” She sat on the edge of the bed where he had sat when the feelings threatened to overwhelm him. He said nothing for a few moments. He looked at her. “I have done terrible things.” He stated. “Unforgivable things, in the name of what I thought were my duties.” He continued, sorrow and shame washing over him. “I didn’t start out like this you know. I don’t even remember when I got like this.” Marilyn just sat there and listened. He averted his gaze to his lap. To his horror he felt tears well up in his eyes.

She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek. “Look at me.” She said. He obeyed. “What is it you want?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” He stated. “I wanted to fix all that had been brought on our people. I wanted to be the one to mend the indiscretions and allow everyone to go back to Avalon. But the longer I went not finding the answer, the more off course I got. I promised her when she died that she would not have to wait long to go back home. They can’t go home!” He told her urgently. “Do you know that?” He asked desperately.

“Morgaine, Arthur, all of them are stuck in some sort of everlasting limbo. Even as the veil closed, we were not allowed admittance even in death. They are stuck there waiting for me to fix this and I can’t do it. It has been eating at me for centuries.” He stopped and looked into her eyes. He did not see pity there only compassion and something else he could not define.

“I believe,” He started. “I have lost my way.” He finished as self loathing overtook him. He gave in at that moment. He cried like the child that he was when his promise was made. He cried like the child that he was when he lost everyone he loved.

Marilyn did not laugh at him or make any move to walk away. She simply pulled him into her arms and held him as he cried for all the things that he’d done and would now be forced to live with. She knew the road ahead of them would not be an easy one. But it had to be taken. The first part of her sacred duty was done. This was what she was here for after all. This was her station. She was and always should have been his loyal servant.

Monolo slept for hours, she was still by his side when he woke. She decided it was time. “I need to tell you something.” She stated and he raised his head and looked at her.

“Are you finally going to tell me who you are now?” He asked.

“Yes.” She stated. He listened tentatively as she told him everything. Her cousin was the Swan of the Lake. Her family had always served the Lady of the Lake and the High Merlin. In her family there were always two girls. She would have a girl to take her place when the time came and so would Kiera. That is the way it worked. They were the keepers of secrets, they were the protectors. Although she and Kiera knew that in the time of Arthur the Swan family did not protect, as they should have. They were jealous of Morgaine and did not see fit to help her when the time came. They saw that she was being taken advantage of and instead of helping; they stood by and watched hoping that she would condemn herself. But instead the Goddess saw fit to teach them a lesson and condemn the whole race.

Monolo sat there astonished, not responding for a few moments. “I knew we had been punished and that’s why we where no longer allowed in Avalon, but I didn’t know about you. So you are to be the second only to the High Merlin?” He asked. He supposed that was good. She’d do a great job of keeping The Merlin, whoever he was on the straight and narrow. Why did he feel so bereft?

She smiled at him. “Yes I am. When he is named that is. He will not be named until the punishment is over.” He felt elated and then saddened. “What is it?” She asked.

“I just feel so bad because I felt good that you would not have to leave as I can’t find the answer.”

She smiled again. “Don’t be. I can’t say that I would be happy to leave your side.” He looked at her. “We will talk of such things later. Right now I need to finish. Most of those who know the story do not know of the whole tale. The Goddess separated us to punish us. To show us why it is we should work together instead of plotting against each other. She went on. “If the previous Swans had helped Morgaine when they knew she needed it things would not have turned out as they did. It wasn’t just them either. All in Avalon were aware of what was being done to Morgaine and they all turned a blind eye. But since the punishment has ensued we have bickered back and forth throughout all the centuries instead of working as one.”

Monolo meant to interrupt her but was cut short. “Don’t do it.” She warned. “I know it was you who told the priests of the witches in Salem. It started the whole witch hunt, just as it was us who leaked the existence of vampires and sent people all over the world to hunt your kind. Both races are at fault here. We were supposed to be learning a lesson. Instead we kept bickering and fighting. The Goddess hurts to see us like this.” Marilyn finished.

Monolo cursed under his breath. “I should have known all along this was how to go about it.” He said.

“But you couldn’t have.” She stated. “How were you to know that a witch attacked while pregnant, could bare a child of both races. A child that would be able to bare a vampire’s child making the two races one again.” You only just discovered this.”

Monolo laughed a bitter laugh to himself. “I only found out through one of my many sins. I attacked Ailis’ grandmother while she was pregnant. Monolo hung his head, remembering the pain he’d caused so many. He had to make this right. I have much to atone for if that is possible at all. We must bring all of my men together. Most of them know nothing of this and I have quite a bit of explaining to do.” He was determined to fix all that he had screwed up along the way.

Ailis walked into the conference room with Kenneth where Kiera had requested they all assemble. When they were all seated Kiera addressed the room. “I am sorry to drag you all in here but I need to discuss this with all of you.”

William raised his eyebrow at Kenneth. “Do you know what this is about?” Kenneth asked.

“Don’t ask me.” William answered. “She hasn’t told me a thing.”

Kiera began. “I have spoken to my cousin, Marilyn. She is the one that would not leave the compound when you went to rescue us.” She directed at Kenneth. He sat with his mouth gaping open. “She had to stay you see. Monolo is her duty.”

Ailis sat up straight. “Wait the other Swan is the second to Merlin!” She nearly shouted.

“That is correct.” Kiera answered.

“No wonder he is so hard to defeat.” Kenneth stated.

Kiera let them know the entire story except one minor detail in which she felt that Ailis was not ready to hear. They sat in stunned silence for a few moments. She did add that Monolo does not know that he is the rightful heir to the Merlin status. “So what you are saying.” Kenneth started “is that Monolo wants to meet with us?”

“Yes.” She said. “I am to let Marilyn know where to meet. He does ask that you give him a days notice as he will be traveling by car.”

William corked an eyebrow. “He is using a car?” He asked.

Kiera smiled. “He is bringing Marilyn with him and would like to travel the safest way with her in her current condition.”

Ailis was stunned. Monolo was acting the gentleman. “That’s just crazy.” She said. Kenneth looked at Ailis. “Oh I don’t know about that.” He said with a chuckle. “Leave it to a woman to turn a man so completely inside out; he’s never the same again.” He finished, winking at Ailis.

She shrugged and looked at Kiera. “You may tell Marilyn that we will meet in Glastonbury tomorrow evening. Let him know that we will protect ourselves and he should understand as his past behavior dictates we should.” Kiera inclined her head and left the room.

The next evening, they were all waiting when Monolo pulled up. Morgaine had been left in the care of Stephen, the young vamp who was now in charge of guarding the children. He stepped out and reached up to help a young woman out. She had long blond flowing hair and even though you could tell she was nearly to the bursting point with child, she radiated beauty; she looked very similar to Kiera. They assumed this must be Marilyn. Monolo approached Kenneth and Ailis who stood in the front of the group. Kiera walked forward and she and Marilyn hugged.

William stepped forward. “You seemed like you hated her when we went to get all of you.” He asked.

She smiled back at him. “That’s what you were supposed to think silly. I couldn’t very well tell you that she had to stay. This was what was supposed to happen.” She told them.

Monolo looked at Ailis and to everyone’s shock, bowed. “I came to beg forgiveness My Queen. I have done terrible things. I did not start this path. I would like to have more time to explain but I am afraid I don’t.” He told her.

Ailis raised her eyebrows. Kenneth stepped in front of her. “So have you come to fight then?”

“No.” Monolo answered. “I am done with that. My only thought is to fix all that has been done. Marcus however;” He said looking apologetically to Kiera, “Has not stopped the old course of actions.”

“Marcus.” Kiera said with her hand to her heart. “He is dead.”

“I regret to inform you that he is not. He has been vampire for nearly nine months now.”

William stepped forward. Monolo held out a hand. “There is no need for that, it was not my doing. I found him before sunrise after he was changed. I took him home and helped him. He however did not take to the change very well. I am assuming he was not always a maniac and that was a recent change.” He asked looking at Kiera.

Kiera looked down at her feet. Marilyn spoke up. “He has always been like that. He beat Kiera and the children. He was nasty even before.”

Kiera had tears in her eyes. “He let you kill our children?” She asked.

“He wanted me to.” Monolo said “But even I couldn’t do that. I just wanted you to think they were dead. I thought it would make you help me. I realize now I was on the wrong path.”

“They are alive?” Kiera asked almost hysterical.

“Of course they are.” He answered.

“Does he know?” She asked.

“No he does not.” Monolo turned around as the car doors swung open and three small children bounded out. Kiera choked out a cry as they ran to her screaming “Mommy, Mommy.” Kiera was all tears and joy. “Mommy we missed you.” Her oldest Marissa stated. “Uncle said that the joke would only last a little longer and then we could go back home. He let us play outside and eat ice cream. Kiera stood and faced him with ice in her eyes.”

“I am sorry ma’am.” He said. “I did not realize how badly I had gone astray. I know you cannot forgive me for the pain I have caused but just to know that you have them back is enough for me.”

“I may never forgive you.” She stated. “But I can thank you for making sure that they were safe. You could have killed them and you didn’t. That’s enough for me.” She finished. He bowed to her. Ailis was stunned. She looked over at Kenneth and could tell he was stunned as well.

Monolo turned to Ailis and Kenneth. He looked troubled. “So that’s it?” Kenneth asked. “Everything is just OK and we forget everything that has been done.” He asked sarcastically.

“No.” Monolo stated. “I am afraid we have a big problem to solve right now.” Just then there was a booming of thunder and another vampire showed up.

Ailis did not know who he was but she found out soon enough. Kiera inhaled a sharp breath. “Markus,” She hissed between her teeth.

Markus looked at her and smiled. “Hello wife.” He spat out as if he were talking to an animal. He looked down at the children and then back at Monolo. “I see you couldn’t even kill them.” He said. “I knew you were weak.” He told Monolo. “You are just a weakling. All that time we spent planning.” He started “and this witch.” He said pointing at Marilyn, “comes along and changes everything. We worked so hard and all you had to do was get rid of Kiera and her offspring. They cannot survive. Do you not under stand that?” He asked. Monolo did not answer. “No matter, He said. I will remedy that shortly.” He stated as he walked toward Kiera and the children.

William jumped in front of Kiera and the children and disappeared, taking them; Ailis knew to the protection of Stephen before he quickly reappeared before Markus even had the chance to realize that they had gone. “Oh. I see.” Markus said laughing. “She has found herself another protector. No matter. When I am done here, I will find them and finish them.” They flew at each other. Just as they started to fight others appeared.

“They are the others who joined Markus when I told him we were going to work with you.” Monolo told them quickly as the spread out. There were at least fifty, if not more. Kenneth barley had time to think before they were all fighting everywhere. He cut down one after the other. Most of them were new and therefore not very strong. He glanced around to see William and Markus still fighting. He knew that William could hold his own so he focused on his task.

He could see Ailis standing to the side waiting. She never engaged in the fighting until she was very angry. He didn’t worry overmuch about her either. She could definitely hold her own. It seemed like forever before the numbers dwindled down.

Ailis was watching with interest. She would let the men fight. It was their nature to fight for what they believed in. She would just make sure, should she be needed, she was there. She watched Kenneth taking down one after another and smiled. Her vampire was so strong. Not as strong as she was but Ailis didn’t care. He was brave and honorable and loving and she was so glad she’d found him. Besides, no one was as strong as she was besides the Goddess. She watched William with Markus. He was doing OK but would not last much longer. Markus hit William with a devastating blow and he went to the ground. Markus was laughing.

“You should have known I’m too strong for you.” He stated. “Now, you will know that when I am finished with you I will find Kiera and the children. They will die screaming.”

Monolo came from nowhere and hit him in the chest with the palm of his hand. Markus flew across the yard and crashed into the side of the church. He shook his head and stood. “So,” He said to Monolo. “You have found new allies? They will not help you to succeed you know. You are a traitor and deserve to die.” They drew their swords and began circling each other.

Marilyn came to stand by Ailis. “How can you stand here and watch?” She asked Ailis. “While you know that our men need our help.”

Ailis looked at her. “You have to know they need to do this. They need to know that they can protect their own. Yes I could finish this for them, but men don’t like to think that they are weaker that their women. Don’t worry overmuch.” She told Marilyn. “I will not let this go too far.” Marilyn could not be still. She was afraid for Monolo.

Ailis could see that. Monolo was doing well holding his own. Kenneth was still steadily cutting through Markus’ followers. Monolo cut Markus down to his knees and was standing over him now. Marilyn could take it no longer. She wanted to scream to him to be careful. Monolo shook his head. Marilyn realized that she had been projecting her feelings unknowingly. “Marilyn,” He yelled. “I am in the middle of a battle here. Calm down.” She screamed as she saw Markus swinging his arm around. He was holding a dagger in his hand. Suddenly Ailis knew what Morgaine was trying to tell her. She saw Arthur saying to Morgaine, “I’m in the middle of a battle mom”

“Stop” She yelled. Her voice sounded all around so loud the ground shook. Everyone stopped and looked at her. She looked at Monolo for a moment. “Arthur,” She said. “You’re Arthur.” Kenneth was confused. Monolo stood still for a moment. Markus lunged at Monolo. Ailis held up her hand and he froze. She looked down at him. “Can’t you see I am busy?” She asked. “Stay put.” She commanded. Kenneth could see that this was all Ailis and not the Goddess within. She looked back at Monolo. “You are Arthur. You’re Morgaine’s child. I didn’t know what she was trying to tell me but now I know. She had another son after the fall of Camelot.”

Monolo hung his head. “I started out trying to find the answer, trying to figure out how to reverse the curse. I promised her that I would find a way when she died. That is how I became vampire. I thought that as I was already a witch and if I was changed it would successfully combine the two races. It did not work. I guess my desperation to find the solution drove me mad.” He finished sounding defeated.

Ailis lifted her hand to his face. “We are related.” She said. “You are my uncle. You knew that?” She asked.

“Yes.” He said, “I knew. All I was thinking about was mother and Arthur waiting in a void somewhere until I could find an answer and they could then ascend to their rightful resting place. I was desperate and do not deserve to be forgiven in anyone’s eyes.”

Kenneth was lost. This was Morgaine’s son. And he was also Merlin. He would never understand this stuff. Ailis explained to everyone that as they were banished from Avalon, when they die they cannot ascend to heaven so to speak. In the religion of the Goddess, when you pass, you ascend to sit beside her as a God like entity. As that is not possible, when they die they lay in wait until they are allowed once more to go back home. Kenneth understood now. He didn’t know what he would do if he knew that those he cared for were stuck in waiting somewhere. He was a vampire after all and was not a saint by any means. Ailis looked down at Markus. “We are not going to kill you.” She said. “We have better ways to deal with those like you now.” Markus flinched. He had heard about their jail. They lock you in a dark room and feed you only what is necessary to live and you stay there for all eternity. They have a justice system now and Markus knew he was screwed.

They were at the compound two days later. Markus and those of his followers that were left were jailed. Ailis was in the conference room with Kenneth, Kiera, William, Marilyn and Arthur (Monolo). They were all waiting for Marilyn who called this meeting to start it off. She spoke to Arthur. “Arthur.” She started. “I like that name better, don’t you?” She asked Ailis.

“Absolutely.” Ailis answered. Arthur was tried for his crimes but was given leniency as he cooperated with them now. He had community service for the next thirty years. He did not mind. He knew even that would not properly atone for all that he had done. His sentence was to work for the force for that time, doing paperwork for God’s sake. Still, he knew he deserved it.

“Arthur.” Marilyn started again. “I have something more to tell you.” Arthur looked confused. Marilyn looked at Ailis as Kiera stood and came to the front next to her cousin. “As you know, Kiera is The Swan of the Lake. She is Ailis’ lady in waiting.”

“Yes.” Arthur said unsure of where this was going.

“Well.” Marilyn continued. “I am the second for The Merlin. We are the secret keepers for the two rightful rulers of Avalon. You know this as well.” She went on.

Arthur hung his head. He knew, they were going to name the new Merlin and he would lose her forever. Marilyn put a finger to his chin and lifted it so that he could look into her eyes. Ailis came to stand beside her and he looked at her with apprehension. He was unsure of what was going on.

“Arthur.” Ailis addressed him. “Kneel before me so that I may properly ascend you to you’re rightful position among our people.”

Arthur was confused. Ailis smiled at him. “You are The Merlin.” She stated. Arthur’s eyebrows shot up. “You were always meant take to take the position after your grandfather passed.” Ailis told him.

Arthur sat silent for a moment. “I can’t believe this.” He finally stated. “If I am the Merlin, then why can I not after all of these years, figure out how to fix this?” He asked.

Ailis walked over to him. “Don’t worry. We are together again.” She said. “All of us will work together. We will find the answer. Do not worry overmuch. I know that Morgaine and Arthur will be patient with us. They know we will get it right this time.”

It was summer. The trees and flowers were in bloom. They were in Glastonbury at the foot of the hill where the final battle was held. Kenneth stood at the beginning of the isle waiting for Ailis to be escorted to his side. William was at his side as his best man. He was going to be married in a few minutes. He would have never thought it would feel this good.

Kiera came first and carried Morgaine down the isle. His daughter saw him and began to laugh at him. He smiled at her. She was so precious. He never thought that he would have a family. At last he saw Ailis appear with Arthur at her side. He walked her down the isle and stopped her beside him. She looked up at him and he knew he was done for. It didn’t matter how long they lived, what hell they went through, he would always love her.

The priest asked who gives this woman away. Arthur answered. “I do.” and he took his spot next to Marilyn. Kenneth almost missed the part where he repeated the vows as he was lost in her eyes. They said I do at last and he kissed her for all he was worth. There were cheers everywhere, Arthur stepped forward and shook his hand. “Congratulations.” He said and turned to Ailis. He hugged her tight. When he released her, he looked down at her. “You all saved me from myself.” Thank you. He said “for giving me back my humanity.” She hugged him again quickly.

“I am just glad to have family again.” She said. “And now we are all family.”

“Yes.” Arthur answered. “We are family.” Just then the wind began to blow steadily. Ailis took Little Morgaine from Kiera. She, Kenneth, William and Arthur turned and came face to face with Morgaine and Arthur.

Morgaine stepped forward and smiled at them all. “You have done it.” She said. “You have proven to the Goddess that you have learned you’re lesson. Even though you are currently two different races you have come together as one.” She stepped aside and Kenneth saw that the veil that had always been ever-present was now fading. It was beautiful. Fields and waterfalls as far as the eye could see. There were houses that looked like they were built in trees. They were immaculate. Even though it was night were they were, it was broad daylight across the threshold. All of the vampires took a step back.

“We can’t go in there.” Kenneth said. “The sun is out.

“Trust me.” Morgaine said. “All will be well.”

Kenneth looked at Ailis. She looked at Morgaine and nodded her head. He took a deep breath and said out loud. “Well here goes.” He stepped over into the sun. He held his breath and waited for the pain. It did not come. He opened his eyes. He could feel the warmth on his face. He could see the sun touching his body but no pain. None. He was speechless. He turned and signaled to the others and they all walked over. They all started talking at once. Morgaine held up her hand. “As a reward for all that you have gone through, the Goddess has restored all full powers. Each of you is once again complete.”

Kenneth’s breath left his body. Tears were coming from his eyes. (something that never happens by the way.)

“You mean I am human again?” He asked. “I don’t have to drink Blood?”

“No.” Morgaine answered. “You are Avalonian. You do not have to drink blood to survive any longer and you can wield the magic of you’re kind.”

Ailis hugged him tight. “You can go swimming in the sun.” She said, as she kissed him.

Morgaine walked to Arthur who bowed to her. She bent down and cupped his chin with her hand; “I knew you would do it my son.” She said.

King Arthur came to stand beside Morgaine and he spoke for the first time. “I thank you, my nephew.” He said and looked up at the rest of them. “I thank all of you. We are now able to go home.” He looked at Ailis. “Take care of them Ailis, Queen of Avalon.” He said “you and Young Arthur here will fulfill our dreams.” He looked at Morgaine nodded and took his place back behind her.

Morgaine looked at Arthur and hugged him. “It is time I went home. Take care of yourself my son.” She stood and walked to Ailis. She looked down and stroked the side of her great nieces face. “Take care of her Ailis.” Morgaine said. “She is meant for even greater things than her mother.” Ailis nodded her head. Morgaine turned and walked to Arthur. They turned and walked away. Within seconds they were gone.

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