The Avalon Legacies Book 1 Legacy Forgotten

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Chapter 2

When Kenneth awoke, his first thought was of Ailis. He quickly went out to find some dinner to keep his mind on something besides her. He found a great candidate; a large round man in his forties, the worst of his kind. He seduced young girls with promises of puppies and new clothes. As much as he wanted to, he could not bring himself to kill the bastard.

He took what he needed, erased the jerks memory, added a little something to make sure he didn’t continue his dastardly ways and then left him wandering around looking for the nearest monastery. Serves him right, Kenneth thought to himself. Spending the rest of his life in the service of monks should help him to see the error of his ways. What was wrong with him? Usually he would have just drained the asshole and been done with it. He convinced himself that it was just the fact that he wanted information from Ailis and if she was running around everywhere looking for clues in his murders then he couldn’t interrogate her. Yeah that was it, right? He had no idea how to even interrogate her. He couldn’t keep his mind focused enough to ask the proper questions. He could hear her calling him but he still needed more time to prepare. He had been walking on the beach for about an hour when he felt her walk up behind him. He turned and eyed her suspiciously.

“What are you doing here?” He asked shocked because he had never allowed anyone to sneak up on him before.

“I was looking for you.” She replied quietly.

“How did you find me?” He asked. “You didn’t even know what I look like.”

“I didn’t have to, you were preoccupied so I slipped in and took a look around.” She answered.

Kenneth’s jaw dropped open at the thought that this “human” could enter his mind without his knowledge. He was beginning to think, she wasn’t very human after-all. Why could he not sense what she was?

She looked up at him and cocked her head to the side examining him. “Yep, Kenneth suits you all right.” She said a bit too sarcastically.

He had to gather his thoughts before he spoke. His brain was in a fog and he didn’t like this at all. Better he get the information he needed and then wipe her memory. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

She looked at him like he was daft. “I already told you. I was looking for you.”

“No” He shook his head. “I mean what are you doing in Miami?”

She turned into herself looking puzzled. She then looked back up shrugged her shoulders and said “I don’t know either.”

He was exasperated with this woman. She never told the truth. Well she was only telling a half-truth and he knew it. He tried to slip discreetly into her mind and was promptly pushed away, Not only by her mind, but also by the glare in her eyes.

“Don’t do that again.” She said crossly. “My thoughts are my own.”

“I would say the same for me.” He retorted back.

“How else was I supposed to find out where you were?” She asked all too innocently. “Besides I didn’t see what you were thinking. I just saw what you saw so I would know were you were.”

“Asking would have been a good step.” He answered sarcastically.

She cocked her eyebrows at him. “Then I would not have been able to observe you being yourself. I am a detective after all.” She answered with a wry chuckle.

So she was spying. He thought to him self, feeling a bit too satisfied for his liking. He liked the fact that she wanted to look at him. “How did you know it was me?” He asked.

Ailis would have known him anywhere. She didn’t know why but it seemed that she had met him before. She answered with a swift “I just did” But that was untrue, she knew the minute she saw him walking forlornly into the wind.

He was tall, really tall, At least six foot four or five. Ailis had to crane her neck to look into his eyes even at her overly tall for a woman, five foot ten. Ailis thought that was just delicious. Ailis never wore heels because then she had to look down to most men and she hated it. It made her feel like a freak. Ailis could tell she would fit real nicely in his embrace. His skin was like his voice. Dark and smooth like honey. Stretched tight over what she could tell, even through his clothes, were hard defined muscles. She could see herself enjoying the feel of that smooth dark skin all through the night. He had shoulder length hair that fell in front of his eyes way too appealingly. Oh god and what she could do with that flowing hair. He reminded her of an eighteenth century warrior, which got her to wondering how old he really was. She was broken out of her trance by Kenneth asking a question. She jerked up and her vision cleared. “I’m sorry.” She said a little embarrassed. “What was it that you said?”

“What did you want with me?” He asked again wondering where her mind was at just then.

She shook her head to clear the fog that suddenly surrounded her brain. This man was dangerous. She needed to get back to business. She straightened up as if to use her full height. He thought it amusing and was interested to hear what she had to say if it took that much preparation to say it.

Okay. She thought. Here goes. “I’d appreciate it if you would stop eating my citizens.” She blurted out, ashamed that her voice shook a little. He stared at her with his mouth open for several seconds and then burst out laughing. Ailis was angry now. “I don’t see anything funny.” She snorted.

Between laughs and trying to catch his breath, Kenneth blurted out. “I don’t eat them.”

“You know what I mean.” She retorted.

He sobered up and looked down at her. His giant size loomed over her, but in the most delicious way. “Stop that.” She chided herself.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” He asked seriously.

She breathed a large sigh and tried to figure out what she thought she could accomplish by coming here. He was a vampire for crying out loud. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt her grandmother’s presence and she jerked her head around to look behind her. She saw nothing but still felt her and was comforted by the feeling.

Evidently, Kenneth felt it as well because he tensed up for a few seconds before leaning close to her face and whispering ever so menacingly “She can’t help you. You know that, don’t you?” The heat from his body enveloped her and she chastised herself for enjoying it.

Kenneth knew the presence when he felt it. It was Carmelita, she was calming her granddaughter. “What did she want? Where is she?” He reached down and grabbed Ailis’ arms in a tight grip.

“You’re hurting me.” She shot back.

“I know you felt her too, I saw your face.” He growled.

“Let go!” Ailis nearly screamed.

He obeyed although he had no idea why. He didn’t answer to anyone. “Where is she?” He asked again.

Ailis was confused. He couldn’t be talking about her grandmother. “Who are you talking about?” She asked.

“You know very well who I am talking about” He snapped. “Carmelita, were is she?”

Now she was very confused. “My grandmother, what are you talking about?” She asked irritated.

“Yes your grandmother! I felt her here. Where is she Damn it!”

Ailis was starting to get frightened so she backed away from Kenneth. “My grandmother is dead. She died six months ago.” She told him lowly. She saw flames in Kenneth’s eyes and turned to run as fast as she could.

Kenneth was amazed. She ran so fast. Not as fast as he did but definitely three times as fast as a human. With little effort he caught up to her, nearing her car in an alley and grabbed hold of her arms. “Stop running,” He yelled at her.

She looked up at him and her eyes flashed a light glow of red behind her pupils. “Let go.” She said in a low voice.

He let go then and stared at her aghast at what he had just witnessed. “What the hell are you?” He asked.

The flash had disappeared and she was back to normal.

“Let me go.” She stated.

“No. I won’t.” Kenneth was not about to let her go, not after what he’d just witnessed. “Now answer my question. How could you possibly not know? You can’t go into your twenties and never have realized.” Kenneth asked.

“What a stupid question that is, I am human of course.” Ailis answered angrily.

“Yes I can see that part of you but the other part is definitely not human.” He didn’t want to frighten her by saying what he suspected the other part to be.

“You are being ridiculous.” She stated and turned to leave. This guy was crazy. Kenneth held her arm to stop her.

“Have you ever craved blood?” He asked directly. She scolded him with her look.

“Of course not! I am leaving now. You are insane! I could have worked with the fact that you are a vampire and with the fact that you kill people. At least, as long as I kept finding that they were the most despicable scum of the universe but I absolutely cannot forgive the fact that you are totally insane.” She said leaning in to throw her over shirt in the front seat.

Kenneth was furious that this little slip of a woman dared to talk to him like that. He decided to prove it to her. No matter how much it frightened her. Right now he didn’t give a damn. He reached his wrist to his mouth and ripped a hole in it. Blood automatically started to pour out. In his anger Kenneth tore the hole too big and felt the life force draining from him too fast.

Ailis knew that he’d made a mistake also and lurched forward to grab his wrist. Covering it with her hand while desperately reaching inside her car for the over shirt she had thrown into the front seat. She removed her hand and wrapped the shirt around tightly to cut off the flow of blood. She was in the middle of chastising him for being so completely stupid, when the sensation hit her. She had only felt this a few times before and never this strong. The last time she felt it, she was examining a particularly gruesome crime scene. A man came home and found his wife in bed with the lesbian woman from next door, lost his mind and cut them both to pieces before going back to work the next day as if nothing had happened. That scene was horrible. There were shredded pieces of women everywhere. Blood soaked the ceiling of the little townhouse and ran in eerie patterns down the walls.

When she’d first seen the mess, she’d remembered thinking she was amazed that a mere human had done this. She’d have guessed a demon had done it. Not that she knew of any. She didn’t know if demons where real but you never knew. She’d been at the scene less than a minute when the sensation first hit her. She looked at the blood running down the dirty dingy white walls of the townhouse and had the word “Yummy” suddenly fly through her thoughts at warp speed. She remembered being horrified and attempting to ignore it. The feeling threatened to overtake her two more times in the twenty minutes it took her to look over the scene for any obvious clues and get the hell out of there. She’d not felt it again before now. She felt it first in her stomach and then in her mouth. It was suddenly watering uncontrollably and the small incisors on either side began to lengthen. That had never happened before. She pressed her lips closed to hide the evidence.

What the hell was happening? Her head began to swim and she jumped into the car and grabbed the wet naps from the front seat and began scrubbing the blood off of her hands. Shit, this was not happening. She just could not face this right now. When she got the urge under control she looked up at Kenneth who looked rather pale. She jumped out of the car and helped him to stand.

“I’m fine” He chuckled, Just a little weak. I need to feed.”

Ailis let out a large sigh and looked up at him. “Please don’t kill anyone.” She begged quietly.

That angered Kenneth far more than her denying what she was. He looked down at her darkly, “Don’t presume that you can tell me what to do.” He said quietly and seemingly with no emotion at all. Then he was gone.

Ailis slammed her car door and huffed as she sat down. She tapped her hands against the steering wheel as she tried to calm herself. “Forget this shit.” She huffed out loud as she started the car and headed for home. It was only nine thirty. Super early and she needed a drink. Hell, she’d needed one for over a month now.

Forty Five minutes later, Ailis was dressed in her typical skin tight black pants and tank top. Only now, instead of the combat boots she wore knee high black suede boots with six inch spike heels. She may have been a bad ass homicide detective but she was twenty two and it’d been months since she’d been out. She was craving a good time something fierce. Maybe, I’ll take home a biker or something. She thought to herself, hating that Kenneth’s face came unbidden to the front of her thoughts. Now, Ailis was not promiscuous or anything but even she agreed that from time to time you just needed to blow off a little steam. And sometimes that required a man.

She very rarely did this but when she did, Ailis was very picky. They basically had to be perfect. She would have definitely taken Kenneth home had she met him in the club. Shut up! She scolded herself for the completely unprofessional thought. She shook her head in disgust as she straddled her nineteen sixty five Harley Davidson, put on her helmet and flipped the visor down. First a drink, then a man, she thought as she took off toward Kraze. She blazed into the employee parking lot behind the club and cut the engine. She took off her helmet and climbed off the bike heading for the back door. It was opened before she got there and Tito, the biggest most steroid infused gorgeous Cuban Ailis had ever met stood there grinning at her. “Hey Tito” She greeted him with a smile.

“Ailis; my pet. It’s been ages.” He greeted happily as he wrapped her in a bear hug. Ailis laughed and hugged him back. Tito had been like a big brother to her since she’d come to Miami, probably because he was Maya’s older brother.

“Sorry Tito.” Ailis apologized. “This murder case has kept me busy.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about it.” He answered questions evident in his tone as well as his expression.

“Yes. It’s a vampire.” She answered his unspoken question.

“Mierda!” Tito cursed, dragging his hand through his hair in an act of frustration. “That’s all we need is some rouge running around slaughtering people bringing us unwanted attention.” He went on sounding worried. “Do you know who?” He asked her.

“Yes.” Ailis answered truthfully. “But you know I can’t tell you who. It’s an open police investigation.” She went on. “I can tell you he’s not local.” She finished.

“Police Investigation” Tito responded, disbelief evident in his tone. “What can the police do?” He asked. “Nothing, that’s what. They don’t even know what’s doing this!” He finished answering his own question.

“I know that.” Ailis answered. “I have no idea what to do.”

“This should be handled by us.” Tito told her matter of fact like.

“It’s complicated Tito.” She told him and he raised an eyebrow at her. “He’s only killed rapists, murderers and child molesters.” She went on. “I think in some delusional way, he thinks he’s helping.” She finished.

“I can’t say I don’t agree with what he’s doing. Less garbage in the streets as far as I’m concerned but there is better way.” He answered. “Attempt to hide the bodies for instance.” He finished sarcastically.

Ailis laughed out loud. “You’d think that was a given.” She answered. Tito laughed at their shared mockery.

“Alright, In with ya.” He told her. “Maya’s working the bar for another hour, so go stow those two big ass cannons of yours and go have a good time.” He finished.

“Not the twins!” Ailis protested playfully poking out her bottom lip. “Awe, come on Tito, you know I feel safer with ’em.” She play pouted.

He laughed at her. “You know you get into trouble with those things. I don’t need you blowing off someone’s head just ’cause the poor drunk idiot decided to grab your fabulous ass. Now stop playing and stow those guns. Maya’s been complaining about never seeing ya.” He told her in a firm big brother tone.

Ailis shook her head and chuckled to herself as she walked up the dark back hallway past the payphones and the restrooms that she’d never dare use for fear of what she might catch. Tito and Maya did the best they could to keep things from getting out of hand but people did what they were going to do in the restrooms. It’s not like that they could video them or anything. When she stepped out of the hallway into the main part of the club, she was facing the main dance stage. It was about sixty feet by sixty feet and currently had about three hundred or so people dancing their asses off under the black lights to a very techno rave song.

Ailis liked all kinds of music in moderation. She could easily get lost in Beethoven just as well as she had no problem being in the middle of a giant mosh pit. There were tall tables surrounding the dance floor and all the walls were black with day glow paint splatters all over them. Everything glowed in the black light. Peoples’ clothes, their teeth and even their eyes giving the place and it’s inhabitants an eerie netherworld feel that Ailis absolutely loved. She heard her name called and turned to her left to find Maya jumping up and down waving from behind the massive bar, her day glow yellow tank blazing under the many black lights. She walked over and Maya hugged her over the bar top. “Good God girl, what’s it been like three months? What, are they doing, slaving you out down at homicide?” She asked jokingly

“I landed the bloodless murder case.” Ailis explained.

Maya’s eyes grew large. “Anybody we know?” She asked her fear evident on her face.

Ailis reached out and placed her hand over Maya’s. “Don’t worry. He’s not going after vampires, just human scum.” She tried to soothe her friend. “It’s a cop nightmare. Not a vampire headache.” She finished.

Maya looked relieved for a moment before her features softened. “I’m sorry Ailis, you are the one who has to figure out how to solve this and still keep it under wraps.” Her friend told her. “I know what you need.” Maya said holding up one finger, indicating that Ailis should wait right there. She came back and placed a large tumbler of honey dark liquid on the bar top in front of her. “Bourbon, Straight up.” Maya stated with a satisfied smile.

“Thank God.” Ailis said as she brought the tumbler to her mouth and gulped the entire double shot. The liquid burned a delicious trail down her throat and settled in the pit of her stomach, warming her insides. Ailis closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she savored the feeling of oblivion coming on. She opened her eyes, reached to her waist to retrieve her gun belt that held her two twin Glock 9mm’s. She never went anywhere without the twins. She handed the belt to Maya who stood holding it while Ailis took off her jacket. Maya stowed both items behind the bar and returned to Ailis.

“More.” Was all Ailis said and Maya handed her another double shot. She savored the feel of the liquid sliding down her throat. This was exactly what she needed; Great music and the ability to not give a fuck for a few hours. The last few years of Ailis’ life had been hell and she was only asking for a few hours for God’s sake.

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