The Avalon Legacies Book 1 Legacy Forgotten

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Chapter 3

Kenneth sat at a table, hidden deep in the shadow’s of the bar watching Ailis talk to the vampire bartender. He’d left her angry. She had no right telling him what to do. She had no power over him. But after he’d fed, (not killed, just fed), he was calmer and able to think more clearly. He’d realized maybe he’d overreacted a bit. He was over one hundred years old and his own master. He didn’t take orders from anyone. He needed to play nice with her, no matter what. There was something strange going on here and he intended on finding out what. There was no way she would co operate if he continued pissing her off. If he hadn’t blown it already, that is. He’d just gotten to her house when he’d seen her haul ass on her motorcycle. He’d followed her (flying of course) to a club not more that than five doors down from the scene of his last execution. She’d parked in the back and hopped off her Harley. Good God, what seeing her hauling ass down the road on that beast had done to him. This woman was nothing like Carmelita. She was tough as nails and could probably kick a few asses but she was also funny and sensitive at the same time. He’d prayed she wasn’t too pissed at him.

She’d hugged the vampire at the back door whose name, Kenneth learned, was Tito. His first instinct was to rush over and rip out the vampires’ heart. He was glad he didn’t as he could tell pretty quickly that they were friends and nothing more. His interest was peaked when they started talking about him. The urge to kill the vampire came over him again when he heard him tell Ailis that the vampires would take care of Kenneth. He nearly rushed the Cuban until he heard Ailis stick up for him and tell Tito that he only killed scum. Kenneth’s heart made a strange little lurch in his chest and he almost thought it might start beating. It quickly ceased and hardened when she stated that he was delusional for thinking that he was helping. He was helping for God’s sake! He’d taken a serial murderer that no-one had been able to catch for three years out of this world. He deserved a medal dammit!

What did he care what she thought? Stupid Vampire Witch, whatever she was. He was Kenneth Alejandro Nunez. He did whatever he wanted, however he wanted dammit! His conviction wavered when he heard the bouncer express worry about Kenneth bringing unwanted attention to the local vampires, as well as the comment about at least attempting to hide the body.

He’d not thought about the risk to any of the locals if their species were to be found out. He’d left the bodies to be found on purpose. Maybe he’d been going about this wrong. When Ailis and the bouncer laughed as if they were mocking him, Kenneth nearly came unglued. How dare this meaningless nothing jest at his expense! He’d had to stop and calm himself. She’d never trust him enough so he could find out what the hell happened to Carmelita and if she was dead or not. And if she was, why had he felt her earlier. He knew, even though Ailis denied it, she’d felt her grandmother’s presence as well. He had to get her to talk, he thought as he listened to her assure the vampire bartender that he wasn’t after vamps. He felt another pang of guilt at realizing he’d never once taken into account, the repercussions his actions might cause these innocent vampires to suffer. He felt even worse when he heard Maya express sorrow that Ailis was stuck with arresting a suspect for this. The humans want a murderer caught. Ailis had to figure out how to explain this without exposing the vampire race. He saw her chug a double shot like a pro and lean her head back in an effort to relax. Her neck was exposed at the most delicious angle. His fangs sprang free at the same time his partner decided it was time for him to have some fun. He was immediately ashamed of himself. Well, almost ashamed anyway. Here he was finding out that his every action was making her life hell and all he could do was lust after the poor woman. What the hell was wrong with him? He asked, not expecting an answer.

She stood up and unbuckled a gun belt at her waist before handing it to Maya. It carried two very large Glock 9mm’s. Kenneth’s fangs descended once more and his partner grew even larger. Those where some big damn guns she was carrying. So far tonight, he’d discovered that she wasn’t human. ( Well not entirely anyway. He just couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t sense what species she was. ) She maneuvered her massive Harley with ease and looked sexy as hell on it and she packed more heat than Rambo. This woman was an enigma. Was the tough Girl all an act or could she back it all up? Kenneth had always been drawn to tough girls. He liked being able to protect a woman but at the same time, he wanted his woman to be able to handle herself so he didn’t turn into a paranoid schizophrenic all the freaking time. He tended to worry a lot since Carmelita’s death. Partly the reason he’d stuck to one night stands all these years. He was on a mission and didn’t have time to worry about a woman. In this case, his woman could probably take care of herself. His Woman? What the hell was he thinking? She would never be his woman. He needed her for information and that was it. If what he was thinking was right, he’d spent the last hundred years avenging a death that didn’t need avenging. He just needed Ailis for whatever information she could give him and possibly whatever pleasure she would allow him to take from her. He wanted or needed nothing else from this confounded woman, Right? When she peeled off her leather jacket, revealing long perfectly toned arms and her perfect pair of breasts that threatened to burst through the tiny day glow pink tank top she was wearing, Kenneth forgot he didn’t need air to live and began heaving rapidly for breath.

Ailis turned around as she heard her name being called from behind and spotted Michael approaching her. She waved happily. Michael was gayer than a two dollar bill and she loved him to death.

“Ailis! Girl, don’t you look tasty.” He exclaimed in his normal flamboyant way. “Girl, you are fierce. Rawrr.” He mock growled.

Ailis laughed out loud. “God I missed you Michael.” She told him as she hugged him tightly. Suddenly, the club went silent and the strobe lights came on. People started filling on to the dance floor. Ailis’ blood pressure started to rise as the beginning beats of 2 Live Crew’s Me So Horny came booming through the speakers.

“Oh Girl. That’s my jam!” Michael said turning to her with a devilish grin. “How about we go show these babies how it’s done girl?” He told her extending his hand to her.

“Why the hell not.” Ailis answered as she grabbed her tumbler and downed the remainder of her fourth double shot of bourbon before slamming the glass down on the bar. “You coming?” She asked Maya as April had just come to take over for Maya.

Maya gulped her own Bourbon before walking around the bar to take Ailis’ hand. “Absolutely, let’s have some freaking fun.” She answered happily.

Ailis turned back to Michael and took his offered hand. “Lead the way toots.” She laughed at him. Ailis couldn’t help moving along to the music as they headed on to the fog filled dance floor. There were people everywhere moving to the music as if they were the only ones who existed here. Ailis loved the low bass of this particular song. It added to the already eerie glowing eyes and smiles of the dancers which seemed to add an air of urgency to the dance. The three of them allowed the music to guide them. Ailis had always loved music. When she danced, it almost felt as if she were drawing power and energy from those around her. She’d always danced. Even now, not being able to come out for so long, she’d put on her headphones and dance around the house like she was in a club for an hour or more everyday. She couldn’t live without the music.

Micheal’s boyfriend, Shawn, arrived and before they knew it, the two were dancing off by themselves making the rounds. Ailis couldn’t have cared less. She was entranced by the music empowering her. Another young vampire joined them and they danced with him a bit.

Kenneth was about to lose all self control. He was fine when Ailis and Maya were dancing with the homosexuals but this new young vampire was a totally different story. He was enjoying Ailis’ body pressing against his way too much. He was nearly losing his mind already. What with her body moving to the beat and her perfect breasts being thrust out occasionally as she simultaneously rolled her hips, Kenneth felt as if he would catch fire at any moment. Her waist length mane of hair glowed in the black lights looking like living blue flames falling around her face and down her back as she moved to the very sexually charged music. Her bright pink tank, pants and even her boots looked to be molded to her body. A body that looked like it was made solely to please her man. Him. Kenneth shook his head. He wasn’t her man. He wouldn’t be for long anyway. He’d have that, whatever she was before this was all over with, but that was as far as it went. He wanted information and sex. That was it.

When the bass dropped low as well as her hips and she brought them up with the beat to thrust into the Baby Vamps, Kenneth was next to the dance floor before he’d even noticed he’d moved. He barely managed to restrain himself from jumping into the middle of the fog filled mob of people and ripping the newbie vamp’s head off. Thank God he was currently invisible and no one saw him suddenly appear next to the dance floor. He really was getting careless, he thought to himself harshly. Get a hold of yourself, Information and ass, that’s it.

Ailis’ face turned his way as the Baby Vamp spun her around and Kenneth thought he saw a flash of recognition in her eyes, but the next time her face came into view it was normal. He must have imagined it. She turned her body around in the vamps arms and put her arms around his shoulders.

Before Kenneth knew what happened, Ailis and the Baby Vamp were kissing passionately. He nearly forgot where he was as the urge to kill overtook him for the third time tonight. “Mine!” flew through his thoughts Unbidden before he got hold of himself. What the hell was wrong with him? Kenneth thought frustrated. He’d been alive for over one hundred years and he’d never felt this depth of raw possession of anything or anyone, let alone a woman. He wasn’t even possessive of Carmelita and they were to be married. This didn’t make since. He needed her for information but as far as anything else, he was starting to think he didn’t need to go there. This; whatever she was Kenneth was seeing was dangerous as hell and he needed to stay away from her until he could control himself. With that thought, he forced himself to leave the club.

Ailis was having a great time. She was pleasantly, but not overly, drunk. She was dancing in front of Hottie Vamp while Maya was dancing in back and having a fabulous time. She looked up and for an instant, thought she saw Kenneth standing beside the dance floor with his arms folded across his chest looking pissed as hell but when she blinked, she didn’t see him. Damn that man. She thought angrily to herself. She was supposed to be relaxing not conjuring up images of the very thing stressing her out. Ailis turned in Baby Vamp’s arms, looked up in to his eyes and smiled mischievously. She knew how to fix that, she thought to herself before kissing him long and hard. He kissed her back passionately as they continued their dance, never missing a beat and Maya still dancing behind. He was very enthusiastic and Ailis thought for a moment about taking him back to her place so that she and Maya could have their way with him. They’d done it with others a couple times before and it’d been fantastic. Maya was her best friend after all and Ailis wasn’t a prude. She’d grown up in California for Christ’s sake. She had some steam to blow off and judging by the size of the erection that pressed into her as Baby Vamp grabbed her ass and crushed her against him, he would assist in that area nicely. A vision of Kenneth’s brandy colored eyes, dark smooth skin and luscious kissable lips awoke her libido. Her core came to life and she suddenly wanted to take a man, any man right there on the dance floor. When she popped her eyes open and saw Baby Vamp, the feeling fled immediately, leaving her insides feeling raw and iced over.

“Shit.” She hissed and stepped back.

“What.” Baby Vamp asked looking confused.

Ailis smiled her most nonchalant smile. “Nothing big boy, I just need a drink after that. Be back.” She told him patting his chest before looking at Maya. “You think you can keep him occupied till I get back?” She asked Maya with a grin.

Maya smirked at Baby Vamp and he winked at her. “I think I can handle that.” She responded slyly.

“Be right back.” Ailis told them smiling as she turned and headed for the bar. She veered to the left and walked down the dark back hallway, past the dirty disgusting restrooms and out the back door. Good, she thought to herself noticing Tito wasn’t there. She needed some freaking air. She leaned her back against the wall, tilted her head up and breathed in deeply. This was so not happening. She couldn’t even pick a sex god newbie vamp without thinking about Kenneth. What the hell? She thought huffing an exasperated breath. She kissed that vamp like it was her last day on earth and felt nothing until she’d thought of Kenneth. He was a murderer. She was a cop. There were laws for Christ’s sake. She knew enough Vampires to know that they didn’t need to kill in order to feed. That made him a murderer. His lips came into her thoughts again. “Bastard.” She fumed out loud disgusted with herself.

“I hope you weren’t talking to me.” A voice came from beside her and she popped her eyes open. Right next to her, leaning an arm on the wall like some high school jock talking to a cheerleader or something was a blond headed pretty boy vampire. Jesus, they sure are taking over around here. She thought to herself.

“Who the hell are you?” Ailis asked rudely. She did not have time for this shit.

The vampire leaned into her and sniffed her slowly. “I know what you are.” He told her seductively. “We are going to have so much fun together, you and I.” He purred.

Ailis suddenly felt like an animal being inspected for slaughter. Evidently, she was passing some sort of test she was pretty sure she had no desire to pass. She shoved at his chest and he stepped back allowing her the chance to get her back away from the wall. They were now standing facing each other, while their backs faced each end of the alley. At least now, Ailis could move a bit if need be.

“What are you talking about psycho?” She asked defiantly.

“I’m not turning over this lusciousness. I’ll keep you for myself.” He purred as he reached out and squeezed her left breast to the point of pain. It was a gut reaction, Ailis didn’t even think about it. She pulled back and gave him a right hook to the left side of his face. The vamp stumbled back, his hand to his face. He righted himself and looked at her. His left cheek bone healed where she’d shattered it as she watched. “Damn. That actually hurt like hell.” He chuckled before his face turned serious. “You will pay for that Your Majesty.” He said menacingly. Before Ailis knew it, he was right in front of her. He pulled his right hand back and hit her in the sternum, causing her to fly backward through the air toward the back of the alley. She called the twins to her as she flew and they appeared in her hands just as her back slammed into the wall with a painful thud. As she slid down the wall to the ground, she unloaded both clips of silver bullets into the vampire. They caused him to jerk with each impact but that was it. When her butt hit the ground, she ignored the pain everywhere and jumped back up to face the vampire

Kenneth was about six blocks away when he felt an excruciating spike of pain shoot through him just as he heard two Glocks being unloaded. He appeared at the entrance to the alley just as Ailis was standing up and tossing the spent Glocks to the ground. The Vampire was standing with his back to Kenneth, several holes lacing his midsection from the bullets. He was brought up short by this sight. She sure knew how to use those cannons. Shit. There went his partner again.

The vampire laughed. “Stupid woman, those won’t kill me.” He told her evilly.

“They may not kill you.” She started, angering Kenneth when he could detect no fear in her voice. She was crazy. She would be killed. This was a very old, very strong vampire. Should he risk her seeing him to help her? She would be pissed if she knew he followed her and he would never find out about Carmelita.

The vampire charged her, making up Kenneth’s mind for him. He’d launched over, still invisible but not before Ailis had kicked out her right leg hitting the heel against a dumpster and swinging her leg around kicking the vampire right in his chest. Kenneth stopped short, amazed. Instead of flying backward like Kenneth expected the vamp to do, he just stayed upright as if in shock.

“They didn’t stop you.” Ailis told the vamp. “But they sure as hell slowed your ass down long enough for me to kill you.” The vamp choked and turned to ash, falling to the ground at Ailis’ feet. Ailis lowered her leg and Kenneth saw a small, thin wooden stake protruding from the heel of her boot that shot back in as she kicked the dumpster again.

The back door flew open and Maya jumped out in a hurry holding Ailis’ Jacket and her empty gun belt. “Jesus Ailis. What the hell happened?” She asked, shocked at the scene.

“Asshole tried to attack me.” Ailis answered as she reached out and took her jacket and gun belt from Maya and put them on. She wrapped her hair up on the top of her head before walking over, picking up each gun, reloading them and then putting them away.

“Guess you don’t feel like the Baby Vamp anymore.” Maya told her as Kenneth waited impatiently for the answer. Why the hell he cared was totally beyond his comprehension. Information, he firmly reminded himself.

“Na, I wasn’t that into him.” She answered to Maya’s astonished face. “Think you can handle him by yourself tonight?” She asked with a grin.

By herself? Kenneth thought. As opposed to what? He thought a second before he got their meaning and his partner shot back up. God dammit. He thought. Why couldn’t he have missed that part of the conversation?

“No Problem.” Maya answered eagerly. “But you better call me in the morning.” She ordered Ailis wagging her finger at her like a mother hen.

“Will do.” Ailis answered hugging her before turning and walking to her bike. As Ailis got on her bike to leave, Kenneth turned to leave as well. He was shocked by all he’d just seen. Ailis had taken down a vampire all by herself. She hadn’t even flinched. Maya hadn’t even flinched at her best friend killing one of her own kind outside her club. Maya had acted like it was par for the course when it came to Ailis. She could never pull one over on him but his respect for her was growing all the same. He shook that thought off as he heard her Harley roar to life. His earlier thoughts were right. He needed to stay away from her for a while. Just until he could control himself

Ailis didn’t realize how drunk she was until she was in her garage and climbing off her bike. She lost her balance causing her to stumble against her grandmother’s car. She giggled to herself at her drunken state. “Well. well,” She said out loud to the empty garage. “A police officer driving home drunk, from the bar at one am. If that’s not hypocritical, I don’t know what is.” She said rolling her eyes. “Oh well. At least I made it.” She continued to the garage. “I’ll promise never to do it again later.” She joked as she wobbled into the kitchen door. Once in her room, she changed and crashed onto her bed on her stomach.

Kenneth came unbidden to the front of her mind. “God Damn it!” She screamed and growled into her pillow. She couldn’t stop thinking about the asshole. He was arrogant, self serving and annoying as hell. She’d only seen him in person once but it was as if she’d known him forever. Some deep, hidden part of him called to some deep, hidden part of her. She knew she’d been feeling him for months. They were always feelings of loss, anguish, remorse and utter loneliness. Those were the feelings which called her here in the first place. When Ailis received word that her Grandmother died, she’d had no intention of coming back. Her mother told her that her grandmothers, stories weren’t real. She told her they must never use their powers. She used the Salem witch trials as an example of what humans do to things they are afraid of or don’t understand. She grew up believing her grandmother’s stories of King Arthur, Merlin, Witches and Vampires were the ravings of a woman driven insane by Alzheimer’s disease. Ailis spent most of her life agreeing with her mother. Then Ailis caught a vampire murder case shortly after joining the force in California.

At first, she didn’t know what was doing it. It took her nearly a month and fifteen bodies before she started thinking maybe her grandmother had been right all those years ago. That was when she’d started using her powers again. She knew if she was going to catch this thing, she was going to have to learn how to use them. That was also when she’d started feeling Kenneth. At first, she’d thought it was the murderer she was feeling. She couldn’t understand how this thing was brutally murdering people and yet, she felt remorse and sadness in waves. Ailis had assumed the monster had a conscience. When she’d finally caught up to him, she’d learned she was wrong. Nearly dead wrong.

The creature was evil incarnate and thoroughly enjoyed torturing her for the better part of two days. Ailis always considered herself a tough chick but the things that evil prick did to her, nearly broke her. She nearly gave up fighting and just let him kill her. She resigned herself to her fate until she’d felt Kenneth’s sorrow and anger again and realized the feeling was coming from closer now. She’d finally caught the vampire serial killer off guard and bested him. Barely but she’d killed the bastard. Her first in a long line so far and Ailis wasn’t sure it was going to slow down anytime soon. Ailis explained away the murderer being reduced to ashes to the others down at PD by telling them she threw gasoline on him and set him on fire. They believed her and she spent the next two weeks in the hospital recovering from her injuries. Promising she would never let her guard down again and allow herself to be surprised.

Yet, that’s just what she’d done tonight. She’d been so distracted with how Kenneth was frustrating her, she’d allowed the vamp to sneak up on her and she’d had to kill him. She hated killing. No, that wasn’t true. Ailis thought morbidly. She’d loved killing that bastard, just as she’d reveled in watching the last bit of life drain from the prick that had tortured her. She still wasn’t sure how the hell she’d killed that one. She’d been so pissed off, she’d gone blank and when she woke, he’d had a shocked expression on his face before he’d said “I know what you are now.” and crumbled to ash at her feet. This reminded her of the vamp earlier, saying those exact words. “What was she?” she wondered, remembering Kenneth asking her the same thing earlier. She was really pissed at his arrogant ass. How dare he pull that stunt earlier? What the hell was he trying to prove by ripping his wrist open in front of her? What did he hope to accomplish? Was he trying to prove to her that she was as much of a monster as he obviously was? He was a murderer, she reminded herself. There is no figuring out why they do things. They just do them. She felt a little pang of guilt at the thought. He was technically a murderer but she didn’t feel that way. The people he killed deserved to be killed. Her problem was, she wasn’t sure how different from him she was.

Both times she’d been forced to take a life, she’d felt powerful, satisfied and vindicated in taking those lives. The first time, it was like another force took over and did the deed for her but tonight had been all her and she’d not felt one pang of remorse for the evil she’d snuffed out and that scared her to death. Was that how Kenneth felt when he killed? She wondered before slamming the door shut on that thought process. She’d only taken life when forced to protect her self. She’d have to figure out some way to stop Kenneth but other than that, she was nothing like him and wanted nothing to do with him. She thought as she finally drifted off to sleep.

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